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How'd that happen 4

Adventures of a traveler
These stories are meant to be read serially.

I woke with every intention of following my last thought last night to get things organized and re-start our journey.

And I would have too, but I looked next to me on the bed at the gorgeous naked lady and thought “Well, it is still real early, and I don't want to rush into anything. And it looks a little rainy outside. Besides, I don't hear Tom and Sandra rustling around yet. They probably need more rest, so I think I'll just lay down aside of Jasmine for a few more minutes.”

An hour and half or so later I got to my feet, dressed, poked Jasmine and declared “You can't just lay there, girl, haven't you any getup and go? “

Her reply was a little muffled what with all the bedclothes up around her head, “I may not have much go, but I sure have a lot of cum to clean off me, so leave me alone”

So, I banged on the wall and yelled to Tom to get moving. Seems he already was if I could believe the bed springs squeaking.

Anyway, by the time I got the team all hooked up, and my horse saddled, the late rising trio showed up and we went to get some breakfast. There was a small disturbance in the restaurant when the town constable came in and wanted to know about a shooting last night. Our table was getting a lot of funny looks from the other customers 'til Tom kind of glared around and they suddenly got real interested in their food. Not getting any answers, the constable stomped out.

We finally got moving to the edge of town where we parted company with Tom. He was going East and we were heading West. Doggone it, it must have took half an hour or more for Tom to say goodbye to Sandra. He was all over her with those mooncalf eyes and I swear he was drooling. He didn't look too good either, sort'a peaked like he didn't sleep well or something.

We were moving pretty good finally and gained quite a few miles the first day and for a couple days after that. Seems the ladies wanted to get to Sante Fe pretty quick too, cause I didn't get any encouragement to a fewsuggestions I made so I concentrated on making the best time we could.

I did get a little chuckle when I suggested that one of them ride a saddle horse for a while to lighten the wagon They tried it for a while, but insisted we get a side saddle if they had to ride. Didn't take me long to figure out why I wasn't gettin' any whoopee for a while.

We were makin' good time what with getting up early and camping late but we were getting short of food. The staples we had plenty of, such as flour, coffee, salt, and beans, but our meat was gettin' real old real fast. So I started hunting after doing my usual morning scout.

I had just shot a nice deer and was cleaning it when a couple Indians rode up. They were peaceful and we didn't need all that meat so I gave them most of it. We couldn't eat it all 'fore it went bad and they had family somewhere around.

They were happy and we got into a sort of conversation. They knew a little Spanish and so did I so we got on pretty good. They told me to watch out for a couple of gunnies in the area that were robbing folks as looked weak. They had killed one Indian who was alone but wouldn't take on two or more. This got me a little skittish so I packed up the meat and started back to the wagon road.

I must have been less than a mile away when I heard a shotgun go off. I'd left a loaded double barrel shotgun with the ladies, just in case.

I dropped the meat pack, drew my pistol, and spurred my horse. By the time I got there it was pretty much over but the cussing from Jasmine and the sobbing from Sandra. Lordy, that girl could cuss, I almost blushed.

Seems like these two hombres had rode up kind of gentle like until one of them grabbed Jasmine and pulled her off the wagon. She hit the dirt and backpedaled away from their horses. Sandra had had that short-barreled shotgun all the while hidden by her skirt on the wagon seat. She upped with it and gave each of them one barrel, she thought, and blew them off their horses. With the shot spread from that 10 gauge shotgun she probably could have taken out half a regiment.

I could see we weren't going any farther today so I helped Jasmine up on the wagon and told her there was a stream about a quarter mile down the trail an she should go there and set up camp while I cleaned up here and retrieved our meat.

I scavenged what I could from those buzzards and dragged them back off the trail into some bushes. The wolves, coyotes and their brother buzzards would find them easy once they started to ooze a little.

We now had two more rifles, a couple old pistols, two saddles, two more horses and still no side saddle. Life is cruel, sometimes.

When I reached the camp site the girls were just sitting there, huddled together. Jasmine was trying to soothe Sandra. I could see that nothing was set up, but I didn't begrudge them a little time to settle down. I took care of the horses, then scouted up some wood, and started a fire. I ended up cookin' and cleanin' up too.

After dinner we were just talking kind of quiet. Sandra had quieted down some but was still shaking. Turns out, she had never even pointed a gun at anyone before, much less kill two men.

I swear, I was only going to try to soothe her a little myself. I went over and sat down beside her and put my arm around her. She went berserk. She grabbed me, flung herself on top of me and started grinding her pussy into my groin. I heard once that when sudden death occurs people want to experience life. I guess fucking is about as lively you can get. It sure beats any other way I can think of. I did notice that Jasmine took herself off somewhere. I guess she figured Sandra needed this now.

After the first go round which was pure hog grunting, sweat pouring, groaning, moaning, screaming animal fucking with me driving hard and Sandra humping up to meet my every stroke, I had to take a break or I'd have passed out. From past experiences I've learned that's looked down upon by one's sex partners.

Thinking back on our former gymnastics I was amazed at Sandra's physical strength as she would bounce us clean off the ground with her bucking. For a while there I thought I'd have to put my spurs on. I also realized how mentally frail the girl I held was. She was still shivering some, and I knew I hadn't caused it. She was still shook up about the killings,

I think she knew what I was feeling as she looked in my eyes and said, “Horse, thank you, I needed someone to be close to” and gently kissed me.

I tried to be gentle too as I returned her kiss. Unfortunately, my dick had not got the message and started to rear it's head up again. As we were cuddled up real close I'm sure she knew what was occurring, but certainly didn't seem to mind. She reached down and lightly held my cock, stroking it now and then, until it reached it's full potential, whereupon she accelerated her strokes while clutching firmly, but still quite gently.

I quickly realized this was not going to be the rough, raw, balls to the wall, fucking we had previously engaged in, but more like making love. I welcomed the feeling as I had grown increasingly fond of these smart, beautiful women I was traveling with, and also knew how much I too had been disturbed by the close call they had. It also helped that they were some of the horniest creatures I could imagine.

As we lay there increasingly passionate in our caressing each others tongue, cheeks, and neck with our own, I tentatively started to stroke her breasts lightly. This soon led to my alternately licking and sucking them. I took as much of one as I could in my mouth, sucking lightly while running my tongue around and around her nipple. This seemed to suit her satisfaction by the sobs and whines she was producing to the world. From there I proceeded down her tantalizing body, licking and kissing as I progressed until I reached her inviting, golden enshrouded pussy.

Spreading her legs slightly I kissed and licked slowly up both thighs until I reached my yearned for objective. Instead of my usual diving in head first, I lightly nibbled and nipped on her outer lips until I had a hard time following her movements as she was gyrating and bucking accompanied by her howling and whooping at the top of her voice. Every pig in ten miles much have been wondering if this was the dinner bell as I'd heard hog callers that would have been put to shame by comparison.

When I finally spread her lips to reach the grotto of my desires, of course, my cum, from previous endeavors, flowed out. I thought to myself, “Huh, so that what it tastes like. Well I'll just recycle it and use it again when I get the chance.” I went about my task of licking, slurping, nibbling, and probing with my usual ardor. I'm afraid I did get carried away when I started licking and sucking her clit as I had to put both arms around her waist to hold her in place so she didn't bounce into the fire.

While all this was going on she kept grabbing me and dragging me closer to her. What I finally figured out, she was trying to spin me around so she had access to my cock. I was most heartily happy to comply with her wishes. Now where as I had been trying very hard to be gentle and loving she didn't seem to be of the same persuasion. She actively attacked my member with her mouth, lips, and tongue with all the vigor and determination of only the most dedicated athletes. This inspired me to increase my efforts to try to match the fervor she was applying to my dick. Whereupon, after a while, both of us came to a thundering climax almost simultaneously.

As we laid in each others arms, panting and blowing, Jasmine reappeared and laid down beside us. She was panting and gasping a little herself so I figured she'd been peeking. As all three of us laid it seemed to me there a deep feeling of peace and bottomless affection for one another.

With that, I fell asleep.

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