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How'd that happen conclusion

The plan revealed
When I awoke the next morning and got off the bed I was greeted by a sight I'll never forget. There before me were three puffy pussies, six bountiful breasts, and seemingly uncountable shapely arms and legs, all entwined in such a combination that it was hard to be certain which body part belonged to which body.

If I had only a modicum of artistic talent and the right equipment I would have put such amateurs as Rubens to shame.

Unfortunately, although it was an extra large bed, with one small, one medium, and one extra large model female, I couldn't see how I could join them. So I girded my loins and, with a plaintive sigh, left them to sleep it off.

After having breakfast in the kitchen with the ever present Frederick, and checking the guards, I stopped at Jack's. He was still asleep, and I didn't have the heart to wake him in my usual manner. From there I went to Sara's headquarters shack to see if there was word from the guard she'd sent to Tom. I hadn't expected there would be this early, but I'd hoped. There wasn't.

Having nothing urgent to do I thought I'd see if I could find out anything. I went home, saddled my horse, and rode out the east road. I'd ridden quite a few hours when I glimpsed in the distance a large group of men approaching me. I immediately pulled off the trail into a patch of thick brush and dismounted with my rifle handy. This was not a good time or place to meet a group of men that you didn't know.

As they started to pass one of the first I saw was the little bastard that had tried to collect bounty on me. Shit, if I shot him now I'd have the rest of them on me like flies on a cow pie. I did give a grin when I noticed one of his arms was wrapped in a bloody bandanna. As the rest strung by I saw not a few led horses with bodies tied across the saddle. This must have been quite a gun brawl.

I waited a good long time to see if there were stragglers before I continued my journey. I again went some miles before I saw a lone man coming. I was pretty sure I could handle one. When he got closer I recognized Miguel, one of Sara's men who had taken and returned my pistol a couple days ago.

We both pulled up and exchanged questioning looks, but I got the jump and asked, “What the hell happened Miguel, I saw the remains of their party go by, how is our side?

“ Not bad, senor Sam, a few gunshot wounds but nothing serious, we really smoked them. They were a pitiful bunch, no strategy at all, just rode up and shot, they thought there were just a few men and would have no trouble killing them. It was a good thing you had Buster send us.”

“ Tell me how you got so many of them and so few of you were hurt. They were really shot up. I only saw a few that weren't hurting.”

“ When we met with senor Tom we sent a man back with a spyglass to watch the trail, and when he saw them coming, rode back to us. The men with the wagons put themselves in position so they could duck into cover when the shooting started.

We split up to be on both sides of the trail but hidden in the brush, following the wagons. They didn't scout or anything but just rode up and started shooting. We had them from three sides, and they panicked, some tried to run, some tried to get to the wagons, and some tried to shoot it out. The last group are the only ones who got away clean, I think. We all respect a brave man and let some go.”

“ Thanks, Miguel, you go and report To Buster, I'm going to see Tom.” I continued until I saw the wagons, stopped and waited for them. I didn't want to ride towards a bunch of stirred up men who might take it that I was attacking all by myself, Tom recognized me and rode forward on his horse.

“ Great gallopin' gophers, Horace, am I ever glad you sent those men out to meet us or we'd all be crow food by now. How'd you know to? I knew those jokers in town were a mean bunch of crooks but I didn't think they'd try to kill us.”

“ It's pretty complicated, Tom, I'll tell you while we ride in, let's get going, and remember, my name here is Sam, or you'll have people looking all over for a Horace.” The thing he was mostly interested in was how Sandra was. Good old horny Tom. I did manage to get his mind off of her long enough to apprise him of the developments in town.

We made it to town and the warehouse, where we unloaded the wagons and inventoried the contents. I was extremely happy to see that Tom had been able to procure some of the new explosive called dynamite that was just being introduced in the States. This product would receive a lucrative welcome from the mine owners. This and the superior tools should make us quite wealthy. It also gave me an idea that only my devious mind could conceive.

After we posted guards around the warehouse we went to our house and went to bed as it was quite late after the day's troubles, and had tired us. When we woke, dressed, and broke fast, Tom an I first went To Sara's shack where I introduced him. It was quite amusing to see his awe of this sexquisite, abundant sized lady and I, again, had to keep reminding him to shut his mouth.

We also made plans as to where she should station her men the morning of the party. I wanted them to be well hidden before the opposition sent anyone around to scout our precautions. I instructed them to bring food and drink with them as they'd be concealed for quite some time. Frederick had made arrangements with the neighbors to harbor them inconspicuously.

We then went to Jack's house where I woke him snorting and cursing me very proficiently and thoroughly for awakening him with a gun cock. Tom stood there in admiration of Jack's blasphemous vocabulary. After his usual visit to the privy he had quieted down some.

“ Alright, Sam,” he grumbled, “What do you want now in the middle of the night.”

“ It's not the middle of the night, Jack, it's the middle of the morning. I swear, you probably have forgotten that the sun comes up in the East, you haven't seen it for so long.”

Jack gave a snort and answered, “What the hell do you know about it. I see it every morning on my way home.”

I grinned and relented, “Okay, Jack, I see your point. Get dressed, we have to go over to Sadie's and finalize plans. You remember Tom, don't you?”

“ Sure, how are you, Tom. I hope, now that you're back, that you can keep this wild man from waking me up all the time in such a stupid manner.”

After Jack had done his morning wash up we proceeded to Sadie's where Tom was astonished that we would be welcome in an edifice of such magnificence. We entered where Tom walked into a wall when he stared around at the furnishings. We made it to the glass room with no fatalities.

I introduced Tom, “Sadie, I'd like to have you meet my good lifelong friend and partner, Tom Gallaway. Tom, this the Marquessa Montemayor, our hostess and good friend. Tom, shut your mouth when you're not talking.”

After a gracious welcome to Tom by Sadie we sat and went over our preparations. Seems we had everything covered as well as we could without a crystal ball except for one thing, “Sadie, could I hire your gardeners to do some digging.?”

Sadie countered, “Sam Ash, I've told you repeatedly that you have free rein here to do whatever you think needs to be done,” and then, “Frederick, take Sam to the gardeners and then bring some refreshments, of the liquid type.”

Tom then went over to Sandy and gave her an envelope. Upon opening it she gave a shriek and announced, “Our money, Look Jas, it's all here! How did you get that bastard to give it to you, Tom?”

“ I blackmailed him, Sandy,” he replied. “I found enough on him to put him away for years. We set up a meeting to exchange your money for the proof on him, but he tried to have his cake and eat it too. After we met and exchanged he left, but immediately returned with a couple gunnies to take back the money. None of them walked away, I had some boys waiting too. If you want to send flowers it's probably a little too late.”

“ Oh Tom, you darling man, I'll make it up to you somehow. Folks, we now have enough money to cover those options if we want to.” She threw her arms around Tom and gave him a resounding, very long, kiss. I think I knew how he planned to have it made up to him.

Jack, Tom, and I went around the neighborhood, instructing the gardeners where we wanted fairly small holes and trenches. They marked them for when darkness would fall when they would dig them. These were all in places where assaulters would hide or congregate, like behind trees or bushes, behind sheds or house corners.

These would be where very small charges of dynamite, so as to not damage any buildings but would play hell to anyone hiding there. The trenches were for fusing which would run back to Sadie's. One old, falling down shed, was where we wanted a larger charge where it was logical a group would gather. Now all we could do is wait for the night of the party.

The next days were hellish. Did I think of everything? Could I have done something more? What haven't I thought of that would turn disastrous for us? I was even celibate. Then, the day before the party I got a message to go to Sadie's. I hurried there to find everyone together, even Sara.

As I entered the room I could see everybody else was apprehensive too. All except Sadie, who sat there as calm as ever. She looked at me and said, “Sam, I know what's going on, and I waited for you to tell everyone. That group of thieves has been trying to break the mine owners and take over the mines. There has been big finds in the mines but the owners don't know about it. It seems that some of the miners have been paid to re-bury any good veins they discovered until the mines were lost to the venomous miscreants. That's why those options have become so valuable, if the original owners retain control, and why the owners needed money from our option payments.”

I was so mad I almost stuttered, “Why those dirty sons of bi...uh, never mind. That's probably been why they've been selling them those defective tools, too. Just to slow them down. They think if they can hurt us, or maybe kill some of us, we wouldn't be able to pick up the options.”

The day of the party we again gathered at Sadie's with our dress clothes just before noon. The black suit I had tailored especially to hide my pistol in a shoulder holster and my hide-out gun concealed where still handy to to grab. No one ate much at lunch because of the butterflies in our stomachs.

During the afternoon, Jack, Tom, and I checked and rechecked our preparations while the ladies were busy making sure their share of the festivities were right. After a small snack in the late afternoon we went to our rooms, washed and dressed, and waited for eight o clock when guests should start arriving.

Upon the hour I, as acting host, and Sadie, as hostess, waited in the hall to greet the attendees. While waiting I admired the furnishings, everything was spotless and shining from vigorous polishing from the staff. Of course, no one wanted to arrive first so we waited until close to nine before the first arrived, fashionably late. I'll bet the carriages were lined up on the side streets waiting for someone else to arrive first.

The first were close friends of Sadie, and close behind some more friends. Soon the trickle of people arriving turned into a flood of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Within a short period of time the reception hall was crowded with people, most of whom we hadn't had a chance to greet personally.

Then Sadie announced, “Please, let's not stand here in the hall, please feel free to enjoy my home and hospitality, let's go in.” The rush for the food and booze was on.

One of that crowd was my old pal, Umberto Garza, who didn't say anything, but honored me with a broad sneer, as if he knew something I didn't. I fervently hoped he was wrong.

The party progressed very well, with conversation among groups, the waiters passing snacks and drinks, and the banquet table being constantly replenished as the contents disappeared. Everyone seemed to be having a grand time, even the group of scoundrels who had formed their own clutch off to the side, close to one of the halls that led to the rear of the house.

When Sadie's large grandfather's clock started chiming out midnight we heard a flurry of gunshots outside, which raised consternation in the house as most of the people started rushing here and there, searching for their loved ones.

The rogues in the corner drew their concealed firearms and looked for their victims, but the gun and knife toting waiters that Jack had arranged for quickly approached them. Surprised by the unanticipated confrontation, they panicked and ran down the hall, followed closely by the waiters. We heard a few gunshots but they soon faded in the distance. We later learned most of them had escaped through a rear entrance, but not all.

Of course Tom, Jack and I had been prepared for something happening, and grabbing rifles that had been handily concealed, rushed outside. The guards around the house had been prepared for something to happen, and had escaped any injuries from the gunfire. As the hired gunmen rushed the house they were caught between two devastating fields of fire, one from the house, and the other from Sara's concealed men. They sought shelter wherever they could, usually where we had our little dynamite charges placed.

I crawled over to the fuse ends that had been labeled for the locations of the charges. I lit a cigar and peered around the stone fence I was behind. We were still getting intermittent shots from the other side and could see their muzzle flashes when they fired and when I did I lit the corresponding fuse.

A guard came and told me that the crowd that had escaped the house were in the old shed where we had planted a large charge. I could hear them. They were rallying their men for a concentrated charge to break our defenses. I lit their fuse.

It took a while for the fuses to burn to the charges, but I wasn't in a hurry. More of their men ran to the shed. After a few minutes the first went off with a loud crack, not much louder than a gunshot, but It lifted the thug that was hiding there quite a ways in the air, and when he hit the ground, didn't move.

Soon more went off, and there were quite a few flying gunmen. The shed occupants figured out what was going on and started to come out of the shed in a bunch. Too late! The gardeners must have put in the whole rest of what was left of the case of dynamite I'd brought. Pieces of shed and pieces of scoundrel rained down for quite awhile. That broke the siege as whoever was left slunk away pretty quickly.

One of the first bodies I came across was the little shit that had tried for bounty on me. One of the next was the upper part of Garza, without the sneer.

When I returned to the house the party was still continuing, but much quieter. Sadie had reassured everyone that the disturbance was over. I corralled the mine owners to a back room where they heard, from one of the conspirators we'd captured, what had been going on in the mines and who was doing it. They were elated and assured me they would honor the options for part ownership. As if they had a choice.

People started departing and it was only an hour or two when our group was alone again. Sadie told the servants that tomorrow was soon enough to clean up and we all left to our rooms. In the hall outside our rooms we all bid each other goodnight and entered ours.

As I laid there on the bed for an hour or so, still all charged up from all the excitement, I wondered if I'd be able to sleep at all, when there was a soft tapping on the door. When I opened it, there stood Sara in a thin robe. She whispered, “I couldn't sleep and wondered if you were awake too.”

I replied, “No honey, I couldn't either after all that hullabaloo. And right now feel like I never will.

Would you like to come in and keep me company.”

As she walked in she said, “Yeah, I would, I'm still shaking from all the disruption and finding out it's all over.” I closed the door a little forcefully, maybe to emphasize to myself that I had this beautiful woman in my room.

We immediately fell into each others arms and passionately kissed, the she looked up at me, and in a low voice, asked, “Sam, do you have anything else you want to teach me tonight about fucking?”

I replied, “Why yes, come to think of it, there are a few things I have been remiss in teaching you, Would you like me to tell you or show you?”

With that, she picked me clear off the floor and threw me on the bed, and following me announced, “If you don't show me, and right quick, I'll have my uncle scalp you, now start showing.”

I don't know about you, but when I'm told by a gorgeous woman of that quantity and quality to do something akin to what she is ordering, I'm more than happy to comply.

As we quickly stripped ourselves of the odds and ends we were wearing I heard other hall doors opening and slamming. Seems like Tom, Jasmine, Sandra And Jack couldn't sleep either.

Sara and I were caressing each other while having a good old tongue wrestling match, until I slipped lower and licked and suckled her magnificent breasts, biting her nipples with my lips and teasing them with a light kiss. Her breathed quickened to a series of soft panting as she arched her chest against my hungering mouth. I slipped lower, probing her navel with my tongue while rubbing her mons and inciting her clit.

I slipped even lower and finding her legs already spread, kissed my way up her inner thighs to find she was already humping up in anticipation of what she was yearning for. But suddenly she exclaimed, “No, wait a minute.” and pulled me up to her, and continued, “The girls taught me something.” and turned me onto my back.

She then spun end for end and laid on me, presenting her pussy to me again, and devoured my dick in her warm, moist mouth. I was surprised ,but not paralyzed, as I attacked her pussy with all I had, which must have been enough, for in a few minutes, she drenched my mustache with some very tasty juices as she climaxed.

I was trying very hard not to come yet, but it's hard to think about a rodeo while feasting on a warm pussy, and soon I shot a creamy load into her craving mouth, most of which I could hear her swallow.

She came for the second time right after my explosion. She spun around again and we shared a very creamy, open mouthed kiss.

We snuggled together for some time exchanging kisses and caresses, when she changed her caresses from my upper body to my cock and scrotum. Then came a period of who could come up with the different positions. She rode me cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, and a few more I may have forgotten in the ongoing bedlam. I found out she really liked doggy style, and I considered anal, but thought I had to save something for her next lesson. We fell as asleep in each others arms.

It would be negligent of me to end this story here, not letting you know the long term fate of the people in this story saga.

Sadie lives for many more years in good health but succumbs to a bad cold that turns into pneumonia. As she has no heirs, she leaves her entire fortune to Sara, Jasmine, and Sandra, with the stipulation that they continue and expand her charities. Whiskey didn't help her cold this time.

Sara and I had an, on again, off again, sexual relationship for a few years until she meets a huge, half Indian, half Mexican, fellow that is the bastard son of a wealthy Mexican. When his father died, he as the only living relative, inherited it all. They marry and I am best man, and continue to be friends of theirs and their many children.

Sandra and Jasmine become very wealthy from their mine ownership. Sandra continues to live in Sadie's, now partly hers, edifice and becomes the grand dame of the town. She never marries but become notorious from her many dalliances with the men in town. She could care less about their opinions.

Jasmine does marry. The hotel manager, Emilio, finally talks her into it and they have a very happy life together, although Emilio does lose a certain amount of weight from the activities that Jasmine puts him through.

Jack had an unfortunate ending. With age, he got rheumatism, and lost his dexterity with cards. He was hung by a rowdy group after being caught double dealing. He was a good pal and I miss him.

Neither Tom nor I ever marry, but continue in partnership and become one of the largest importers of, not just tools, but many different lines from around the world. With my share from the mining stock I too become quite wealthy and never have a problem attracting comely women. It's been a good life but I often wonder,

How'd that happen?

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