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How'd that happen3

Manipulations of a traveler
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The next morning I was barely able to get off the ground. It seems something else did come up and I was able to cope with it. Barely. Those ladies almost did me in.

This morning I felt like I might not make it so Sante Fe if this kept up. After thinking about that for a while I smiled to myself and figured, what the hell, if it happens I don't make it I can't think of a better way to go.

But we really had to get moving so I gathered some wood, started the fire, got some water from the creek, and woke the ladies.

While they made breakfast of leftover duck and beans I hooked up the draft horses to the wagon, and got my personal horses ready. I also had the other three horses and saddles sorta willed to me by the dearly departed sons of bitches that tried to kill me. I dearly wanted them departed is what I meant.

I knew we'd hit a pretty good size settlement sometime during the day. I could probably trade the horses and saddles for some decent draft animals for the wagon. The ones we had were crow bait but were only meant to go far enough to get rid of the ladies.

We also needed supplies and different type clothes for the womenfolk so I figured we'd probably stay at least overnight and leave the next morning. Somebody once said something about the best laid plans.

Turns out they hit it right on the button.

We actually made pretty good time after I hooked two of the extra horses to the wagon with some rope and we sighted the town about the middle of the afternoon.

Our first stop was the livery stable where I proceeded to do a little horse trading while the females went shopping. I didn't do too bad even though the livery owner had card cheat for a father and a swindler for a mother.

My next stop was the tavern where I looked for the man I hoped to meet and, sure enough, he was there. His name was Tom Gallaway and we have been friends since we were kids. He's a rough looking gent about two inches shorter than my 6 foot 5 but about an ax handle wider. He had shaggy, dark brown hair and a full, but trimmed, beard, in contrast to my lighter, almost blonde hair and mustache.

“Where in hell have you been” he yelled, while handing me a beer.

I took a good swig and said “ I had a little trouble down the trail. I'll tell you about it later, but how did you do in Sante Fe?”

“I think we're set up with those mining guys pretty good. Did you bring the money?”

“Enough to get started and then some. When you get back home the rest will be ready and you can start buying.”

Just then Jasmine and Sandra walked in. I thought Tom was planning to swallow his beer mug, his mouth was hangin' so far open.

“Uh, this is part of the trouble I was telling you about, Tom. Tom. Tom. Wake up Tom and shut your mouth, you're causing a draft. This here is Sandra and Jasmine. Ladies, this Tom Gallaway, a friend of mine. Girls, you know you shouldn't be in a tavern, it's not lady like.”

“Up yours, Horse. I've been in bars before and probably will be again” piped up Jasmine. “When we get to Sante Fe we'll be all ladylike but now I'm thirsty.”

“Tom, shut your mouth again and get us a table.”

All the tables were being used but Tom glared at a couple town folk and they decided they weren't thirsty anymore and got up and left.

After we got the drinks all arranged and sat down Tom leaned over to me and muttered “Horace, what in hell is going on? Are you taking these girls to Sante Fe?”

“What did you call him?” shrieked Sandra.

“I called him Horace, that's his name, isn't it?”

The bar rang with peals of laughter from the girls and even more when they saw me blushing.

“Alright, alright, have your fun, but if you call me that I'll spank your bare butts.”

Somehow that threat didn't seem to scare them much. In fact, I saw some glimmers of interest in their eyes.

Anyway, things calmed down and I explained to Tom what was going on with the girls and to the girls what Tom and I had going.

We were going to sell mining supplies to the mine owners. We could get them from home and sell them for cheaper than they could get them from the crooks that were shipping them in from Mexico City. Tom had taken samples out there which were much better quality than the sharpsters were selling..

Suddenly Tom sat up and said “ I forgot to tell you, Bully Brannigan is here in town and I think he's waiting for you. He's stilled pissed off about you whipping the shit out of him. He was never beat before and he says you took advantage of him being drunk. I'd keep your eyes open 'cause he's a backshooter.”

“Hell, I was just as drunk. He's mighty strong, but he's slow as hell. Most of his reputation is from scaring people with his size and beatin' up other drunks.”

“Well, you be careful, Horace, or Jasmine and I will have to take care of him” Sandra said as she leered at me.

“Don't call me that. Yeah, the two of you could probably screw him to death. You damn near did me. Tom, close your mouth again. Did you get me a room?

“Sure, but what about the ladies, where are they going to sleep? The hotel is full.”

“Well, you and I will bunk together in your room and they can take mine.”

The girls smiled at each other sorta' funny but didn't say anything.

We sat there for quite a while, having drinks and talking, and we all got a little tipsy. Maybe more than a little. When I noticed all the lamps were lit I called a halt to the party and we left the tavern and started for the hotel.

We were walking up the street and had passed an alley between two buildings when I heard a pistol cock. It's not a sound you mistake, especially when it's behind you. I spun and drew, but he got off a shot that tore a groove through the top of the muscle on my left shoulder.

There crouched Bully. Damn, but that guy was monstrous, and also must have worked real hard at being ugly. He must have been damn near seven feet tall and weigh somewhere around 400 pounds. I'd beat him bloody once and the only thing that saved me was 'cause he was so muscle bound he might not have been able to wipe his own ass. At least, that's how he smelled.

That little wound on my shoulder didn't hurt my right hand none and it had my pistol in it. He was cussin' a blue streak at me while I pumped slug after slug in him but stopped real quick when I got him in the brisket. When he hit the ground I could feel the ground shake beneath my feet.

I looked around to see if there were any friends of his around but the whole street was deserted. I should have known, he didn't have any friends. It's funny how a couple gun shots can empty a street quite quick

I wasn't hurt real bad but you'd have thought I was hit with a cannon the way the ladies were acting.

Sandra tore a big chunk off her dress and shoved it on my shoulder. It kind of exposed her from the waist down and I did notice Tom with his mouth open again gawkin' at her, probably because she didn't have any under clothes on. Jasmine seemed to know what to do as she took the cloth and made a compress for me.

Well, we all kind'a staggered to the hotel and up the stairs to our rooms. We got some water as Jasmine insisted she'd take care of my wound in one room which left the other room for Tom and Sandra. I wasn't hurt so bad that I thought that was a bad idea. The whiskey might have had something to do with it.

Now, here's poor old Horse, gun shot and drunk, in a hotel room with a beautiful woman.

Well, what do you think happened? You're probably right. What with the whiskey pain killer and Jasmine gently washing the little wound,which wasn't very deep, I felt fine. But she also insisted in washing the rest of me too. I don't know why she fussed so as I had washed pretty thoroughly just a couple days ago. Women!

Anyway, It kind'a ended up in a mutual wash up, which I really started to enjoy a great deal. Have you ever been washed down by a drop dead dazzlingly gorgeous woman and got the chance to return the favor? I hope to smile it was all new to me and my dick was standing tall and proud.

I thought this might be the time to show my easier side so I gently enfolded her in my arms and lightly touching her lips with mine found her mouth slightly open and her tongue peeking out. It progressed from there to some great tongue dancing and on to some serious tongue wrestling. I had to take a deep breath and as my chest expanded I could feel her breasts flatten against it. That's a mighty seductive feeling to have.

We sort of slid over to and on the bed never letting go of one another or stop kissing each other on the lips, on the face, on the neck, on the ears and wherever we could find a blank spot.

Once we were horizontal I could expand my field of search Trying to gently caress her tantalizingly soft breasts with my callused hands and licking her nipples seemed to inflame her more as she reached down and grasped my member. She gave a little growl and started kissing down my body.

I'd never had my nipples sucked before, but I wholeheartedly endorse it. From there she slid farther down, giving little kisses and love nips, never letting go of my dick and stroking it, until she was eye to eye, so to speak.

I guess I'm not an expert on blowjobs as I've never given one but I've received my share and they usually come in three different varieties, good, better, and best. Well, I found a fourth. The licking, sucking, corkscrew actions, humming, throat massaging and I don't know what all, she had my butt jumping and bouncing off the bed until finally I couldn't hold back anymore. I tried to pull her off 'cause the way I felt I was afraid I'd blow a hole in the back of her neck But, she wouldn't have none of that. She took the whole load. I don't know how that little woman got my whole cock in her mouth but it must have gone a good ways down her gullet, and that's where she took it.

She came up off of there, a little red faced but smiling. If I had grinned just a little wider my ears would have fallen off.

I was still quivering and trembling from the preceding actions but reached down, pulled her up and tried to express my appreciation by giving her a flurry of licks and kisses anywhere I could find an available spot, but ending on her sweet pussy. I've always enjoyed eatin' pussy but this warm, moist buffet of honeyed juices drove me almost maniacal as I licked and probed it. The increasing volume of her gasps and whines told me I was doing something right, when with a loud groan she climaxed, shaking and shuddering.

I hadn't lost all rigidity in my nether regions and the revelry of the last action had fully restored me.

So, after a short interlude of regaining my breath, and getting a nod from Jasmine, I picked her up and lowered her on my upright manhood. Now, as we were taking it slower and easier, fully enjoying the sensations, we became more aware of the hellacious pounding on the wall between our room and Tom and Sandra's. Their headboard was about to come through that wall and attack us with flying splinters.

I yelled as loud as I could. “Tom, can't you act like a civilized person and keep the noise down?” This was followed by voices from the other wall, the ceiling, and the floor below us seemingly commenting on the bellows and hullabaloos that had come from us in the last time period.

Well, it quieted down to just bed spring squeaking from time to time from mine and Tom's rooms 'til I dozed off while thinking, “We've got to get serious and get this show on the road.”

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