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This is a story I wrote a while ago, there is a part two if anyone wants to read it!

I am sitting at my desk, when the phone blips a new text. It simply says hurry…or I will start without U. I make my excuses and leave.

I arrive at your apartment and knock on the door, not really knowing how sexy you will look. Had you started without me?

You open the door. “That was quick,” you say. I look at you, wow you look fab, stockings, black bra and knickers with a loose grey sweater which is low enough that I can see your great looking tits inside your bra.

We kiss, tongues eager to touch, and feel each others mouths and lips. My hands pull you hard against me while cupping your soft arse; you push against my hardening cock, fuck you feel good. You push me back until I hit the wall behind me and then hold me there rubbing your pussy against my leg. I can feel the heat from it warming my thigh, I can now smell the sweetness of your wet hot juice.

The kiss breaks and you lead me to your bedroom, candles are alight around the room which only adds to the sexiness of the situation. You lay on the big bed, the sweater no longer covering your sexy lacy knickers. I undress to my underwear and lie beside you. My hands are eager to get at you, all of you, your sexy body, but before I do anything I have to taste you, so I slip my hand inside the waistband of your panties and my finger easily finds your hard clit and then slips into you while you let out a little moan. Fuck you are wet, maybe you did start without me.

I pull out my hand and put my finger into my mouth to taste you, you try to kiss me, and you want some too! You taste so sweet, I have to have more, so I slide down the bed kissing your exposed belly on the way down, then pull the lace panties to one side, and just look at your pussy. I need to taste more of you and you need my tongue on your clit, so you pull my head hard against your pussy and hold it here while I lick and suck you. Pushing back against my held head only turns me on more and my hard cock is pushing hard against the bed. Fuck I want you.

You break the silence. “I want to suck your cock… you know how turned on I get when I suck it.” Fuck how could I resist? I move back up the bed where we kiss hard again until you move down to my hard cock. You pull down the front of my pants to just below my balls and set about sucking my cock like you have so many times before. Bloody hell, it feels as good as it did the first time. There is nothing like knowing that you are getting as turned on as I am while you suck and lick my now very hard and hot cock deep into your wet mouth.

FUCK, I have to have you, I have to be inside your wet pussy feeling you heat surrounding me!! I push you off and on to your back, and stand and remove my pants while you remove you bra and sweater. I then remove your panties, the sight of you now naked on the bed only makes me what you more. I lie on top of you and slide deep inside you all the way until we touch all over, your clit pushing hard back against the base of my cock. The heat and wetness of your pussy feels so good around my cock, but I have to fuck you, so I pull out before pushing hard back inside you again looking down to see you open and take my hard cock.

We keep this up for a while, you pushing back against me as I push harder and faster inside you, but I have to taste you again, I can’t get enough of your taste. I pull out and move down your body until my face is back at your pussy, licking all your juices which now cover your hot pussy. You call my name, then you call it again, then you tell me you need my cock back inside you.

Fuck I want you to come all over my face but I also want to feel you pussy tighten around my 

cock as you come. You now beg me for my cock. “I want to come on your cock.” How could I not? I move back up your body until my cock is back level with that wet hot pussy that I have to fuck again. I look down as I feel your legs wrap around my back and pull me back to you, back inside you deep inside you.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, make me come on your cock.” The grip of your legs pulling me deeper, harder, faster inside you, your hands are now around me too, pulling my arse, pulling me harder into you. “Fuck me, fuck me, I’m coming.”

I feel your pussy grip my cock like a vice. “Fuck I am coming too,” I say as I explode my come inside you, joining your juice deep inside you, mixing with yours, making a sea-tasting combination that I know we will share soon.

I lie there still, our two sweaty bodies together, my cock held in your wetness while we regain out breath, then slowly my cock slides out. I know it will be replaced by your fingers and we will kiss and suck them clean together…but as you slide your hand down towards what is our after-sex dessert you say, "How about your fantasy? Would you really like to live it out?"

As we kiss around your juice covered fingers, I say, “Yes, please.”

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