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Hydro Massage Therapy

For That Special Someone. . . Because You Let Me
Brock always loved to see new members walk through the door of the gym. This new member was no exception. She was extremely nervous though. Oh, he was sure she did not think it was showing, but it was. The tightness in her muscles as she worked her upper quadrant gave her nervousness away. She was also self-conscious about her body. It told in her face as other members came close to her. Her eyes followed the ones that passed her and he could see her thinking. Stacie Lee wondered what all of them were thinking of her.

In retrospect, he could tell Stacie Lee was wondering if she had done the right thing by joining. He could tell by looking in her eyes that there was an underlying reason as to why she did. He had seen that look so many times on many twenty-one year old young women who had walked through the gym door. She was no exception. She was trying to come to grips with something someone had said to her and she thought joining the gym would satisfy the feelings from what was said. But Brock could also tell she had another motive. Somewhere deep inside her, she knew that she had actually joined the gym for herself. She was going to stick with it. Brock could read it on her face.

Stacie Lee was already quite attractive. Oh, it was a given that she had a few extra pounds, but not all women were perfect. Not all men were perfect either. With her working out the way she already was, she was only going to perfect that already hourglass figure.

He watched as she moved the equipment around her. Her body actually conformed to each piece of weighted dosage she chose to pop those veins out on her extremities. Her normally styled hair was pulled and clipped back to keep it out of her face. A headband adorned her forehead to keep the sweat away. She had chosen shorts that hugged her buttocks and showed the curves of her slightly tanned legs that were a little meatier than what usually came in the gym. That was alright though. They gave off a whole different view than the normal tanned ones that walked through the door. It was quite refreshing actually.

The tee shirt that Stacie Lee wore was loose, but not baggy, and the sweat soaked marks already staining it conformed to her normal sized breasts each time she moved forward, sticking out her chest. Brock saw this as normal because she was not large, but not small by no means. She was in the middle. Her girlie hands would cover them with no problem; which led him to believe a man's hands, specifically his, would cup them perfectly. It was easy to see that when she lost the weight from the working out, they would obviously get perkier. That did not mean he would not want to see them now. He would jump at the chance.

Brock knew he had to meet this new member. He wanted to know more about her. There was something she gave off that drew him in to her aura.

He walked over to the elliptical where she was now putting her energy. She gave him a shy smile as he approached. The way her mouth curled at the sides was one of the cutest things ever.

“Hi,” Brock said, “You’re new here, right?”

She removed the ear buds from her lobes and said, “Come again. The Beatles overpowered you.”

“Ah, do you need my ‘help’ by any chance!” Brock replied with a laugh. “Sorry, I had to do it. That was too good to pass up. I said, you’re new here, right?”

“Actually, ‘It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night,’ and yes, I am. Only my second time here.”

“Well, I am a regular. It’s nice to have you on board. I’m Brock by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Brock. Stacie Lee,” she replied as she stuck out her hand to him.

Brock took her hand and shook it. Stacie Lee’s hand was nice and warm and so soft; almost like running his hand over fine velvet. He was sure the rest of her body felt the same.

Brock let go and said, “Well, I’ll let you get back to your workout, but don’t hesitate to find me if you ever need anything. I’ll be glad to, um, ‘help in any way!’” He walked away with a chuckle and Stacie Lee smiled.

Brock actually slipped off to the corner of the gym to a hidden place where Stacie Lee could not see him. He was so awestruck over Stacie Lee’s actual beauty, he just had to watch her a little more.

As Brock watched Stacie Lee from the secluded spot he chose, he saw all her muscles pop out under endured stress. The veins in her neck showed prominently as her blood flowed throughout her body. Her body was moist with sweat, making it shine as if she had applied body oil to it. Stacie Lee was more beautiful than she gave herself credit.

Stacie Lee was not stupid. As she worked her muscles, she knew that Brock was in the corner watching. She could feel his eyes on her. It was something a woman had built inside. Stacie Lee wondered if Brock could see through her facade she often kept hidden. Could he see that inside, she was actually a roaring lioness just waiting to be released? She wondered if she would always hide behind a curtain most of the time thinking she would never find a man that would accept her for who she really was. Or rather, one that would invade her private entrance that only she has ever seen.

Brock watched as Stacie Lee slowed the elliptical to get off. When she stood, her sweat soaked clothes hugged her hot body tightly, showing her hourglass figure perfectly. Her tee shirt stuck to her body and her hand-sized breasts projected nicely in round formation. Stacie Lee took the towel from her bag and wiped the loose beads of perspiration from her face. She then concentrated on her arms and then hung the towel around her neck. Before she walked away, she took the clip that held her hair back and let it down. Her hair did not fall far, for it was rather short, but long enough to get in the way of a workout. She threw what held her hair back into her bag, picked it up, and walked to where the hydro massage beds were located. Stacie Lee was ready to relax after a strenuous regimen.

Stacie Lee chose one of the rooms housing a water filled bed and entered. She slung her bag down beside it. Even though she was in a secluded room and alone, she looked around. In her mind, she wanted to make sure it was just her. Satisfied, Stacie Lee grabbed the bottom of the tee and pulled it up over her head, revealing the gray sports bra that held her breasts close to her body, but yet, still let the shape of them show through what she was wearing. The shorts were next. She slid them down her legs until they hit the floor. Now in nothing but her undergarments, Stacie Lee wiped herself down one last time with her towel, let it fall to the floor, and climbed up into the soft feel of the hydro bed.

Brock had made his way into the locker area to retrieve his belongings. He had all intentions of taking a shower, but heard the hydro massage bed next to the lockers come to life. He knew that Stacie Lee was in it. He sat on the bench wiping his perspired body and wondered. Stacie Lee was in the room next to him and was winding down. Brock could not help but picture her laying there in some form of undress. He was positive Stacie Lee was not naked. She did not look the type to be that daring.

Stacie Lee started the jets and set them to run from the back of her neck to the bottom of her calves. She closed her eyes as the powerful pulses began to manipulate her tight muscles. The precisely timed jets moved slowly down her body, fitting to her body's shape made into the malleable softness in which she lay. The jets of fluid pounded over her shoulder blades, through the small of her back, and over her full round posterior, and finally over her calves. It was one of the most relaxing things Stacie Lee ever felt.

She felt the pulses even more as the massage moved back up her body. This time, Stacie Lee felt the jets penetrate the center of her back working her spine in rhythmic motions. All of a sudden, she felt her body give into the water hands that consumed her and from impulse, she moaned.

Stacie Lee's moan penetrated the wall which Brock was behind. He smiled because he knew the tone of that moan. It was not just one of relaxation. It was also one of a sexual sound, but he bet Stacie Lee did not even realize it.

Brock was wrong however. Stacie Lee knew the sound she made. Even though she was still a virgin, she knew the sound of pure stimulation. She had experienced it enough with the toy that sat in the drawer of her bedside table. Stacie Lee had pushed it into her pure pink hole many times to know the difference.

Now Stacie Lee wondered if she dared do something that excited her even more. Just thinking of the hydro massage jets touching her pussy through the cotton panties she wore had deep feelings of hot release running through her. The thought of the pulsing action on her clit made her body shiver with desire. But she pondered, should she really turn over?

The urge got the best of Stacie Lee. She leaned up and touched the computer screen to set the jet in a stationery position right below the small of her back so when she rolled onto her stomach, the jet would be aimed at her line of twenty-one year old maturity.

Stacie Lee slowly turned her body by rolling to her left. She felt the still jet follow her roll along the curve of her hip. Even that felt good. The anticipation of feeling the jet on the top of her puffy mound excited her even more.

The minute Stacie Lee was face down and the jet of water pulsed through the thin hydro mattress onto the top part of her slit, she curled her fingers around a part of the hydro bed's soft covering and let out words she normally would never ever say. It felt so amazing to her, it was something she could not help.

"Oooooohhhhhh. . . f-f-f-f. . . sssshhhhiiiitttt!" She bellowed and writhed in the pulsing feeling.

There was an instant flow of sexual moisture at the first pulse. It dampened her erotic vertical lips with precision. The feeling was so intense, Stacie Lee dug her nails deeper into the softness of the hydro bed to the point she was scared she would puncture a hole and would be flooded with more than what was exiting her pink spot.

Stacie Lee moaned more and more as the vibrations of the jet brought her love knob out of hiding. She ground her sexual middle into the pulsing jet harder and felt her body give into the waves enveloping it. Sounds exited her mouth and reverberated on the walls of the room. Hearing the echoes of her own stimulated voice made her shiver and Stacie Lee yearned for more.

Brock sat on the bench in the locker area listening intently. Immediately, his thirty-nine year old cock jumped and before he knew it, his full erect five inches was raging in his shorts. He was proud of those five inches that God had given him. Brock had never had any complaints from the three women he had been with so far. He had learned to compensate for his lack of length. He was sure that he would have no problem pleasing Stacie Lee; which is what he intended on doing.

Stacie Lee was now straddling the jet of the hydro bed, rocking her body over so the full length of her virgin split as it conformed to the beating rhythm. Feeling the jet run over the length of her private notch, pulverizing her outer and inner labia with perfect beats, Stacie Lee began to shiver something fierce. Her teeth were chattering as the intense feeling in her body grew larger. The overwhelming waves that flowed through her were coming to a head and she was not going to be able to hold off the inevitable much longer. Stacie Lee had to let it go.

As she felt the muscle constrict deep inside her now drenched chasm, Stacie Lee paused, stopping her erect clit over the jet, and let her orgasm go. It was unlike any orgasm she ever felt. Powerful and body consuming, the orgasm overtook her and she came like she had never before done. She felt the warm liquid of her core exit her virgin pussy in spasms that left her panties soaked all the way through.

Stacie Lee hit the computer screen to immediately stop the hydro jet. She collapsed on the bed, panting heavily from letting an orgasm she had never experienced go. The reeling feeling of ecstasy surrounded her body and Stacie Lee wondered if her orgasm would feel the same during sex.

Something told her that would happen shortly.

Brock stood and his shaved smooth few inches poked out his workout shorts prominently. It was actually aching to be released. And with Stacie Lee in the room next to his, it did not make it any easier, especially with the vocalization she had been making.

Brock really wanted to whip out his hard-on and stroke it slowly, but he could not take that chance. He was actually in a public area of the gym and somebody could walk in and see it. Not that they could not miss it now. It was easier to cover an erection when it was not totally exposed however.

He held his composure and let his hard five inches rage in his shorts. It was all Brock could do under the circumstances. That was until he worked up the nerve to enter the room where Stacie Lee was sexually stimulated.

Stacie Lee finally drug herself off of the hydro bed. She was still in the plateau phase of self-pleasure, so she was moving a little slow. She stood still beside the hydro massager just until her knees were not shaking anymore. When she was able to support herself, Stacie Lee looked down between her legs and saw the dark damp spot of her panties. It was literally dripping with her inner core. She glanced over to the hydro mattress and saw the glistening damp spot she had formed upon it. Stacie Lee snickered.

She could not help feeling herself through her panties though. Stacie Lee had to feel the gooey mess she had made. She wanted to know what cum soaked panties felt like. Slowly, she slipped her hand between her legs and ran her fingers through the puddle of her cotton blended undergarment. It was slick and still hot. Not only was her cum still hot, so was she. Stacie Lee made herself shiver as her finger felt the contour of her pussy lips through the woven strands that hid it. Again, a slight moan exited her lips followed by an, "Oh God."

Brock heard that "Oh God" through the wall. He could not stand it anymore. He had to be in there with Stacie Lee. He had to show her what she had done to him.

He stood up, his short cock still hard as a rock and walked to the door of the room that held Stacie Lee. He was hoping that she had forgotten to lock it.

Brock put his hand on the handle and prayed. He was in luck. The knob turned slowly in his hand. When it stopped, Brock broke the seal of the door and entered on his tippy-toes.

Stacie Lee, with her back turned to the door and her fingers caressing her puffy sexual lips through her slick coated panties, never heard Brock enter. All she did was bite her bottom lip and moan softly as her finger ran over her private spot.

Then Stacie Lee turned around and gasped as she saw Brock standing there. Shock set in and she could not move or even open her mouth. She just stood there. Stacie Lee did not even attempt to cover herself in any way. She had been caught. However, her eyes drifted to the tent in Brock's shorts.

Brock smiled as he saw Stacie Lee's eyes close in on his five inch erection. He was actually happy it had drawn her attention. As she was looking at his attentive state, he could not help but notice hers. The dark wet spot on her underwear made his hardness jump.

"Well, I see I am not the only one aroused," Brock said as he pointed to the spot between Stacie Lee's legs.

Stacie Lee turned blood red and not just in the face. She felt the blush consume her whole body. This was the first time a guy had ever before seen her wet. She was not just wet, but soggy. Stacie Lee did not know what to say.

Brock began to walk over to her. He was so taken by her curvaceous body. He just wanted to feel every inch. His fingers longed to feel the contours of her outer shell and know that he was sending tingles up and down her spine.

Stacie Lee stared at Brock as he approached. His erection bounced with each stride. She began to get nervous and shake because she had never been this close to a man all aroused. This was new to her and she felt embarrassed.

Brock reached out with his hands and said, "I've been wanting to do this the minute I first saw you," and he felt the curves of her hips all the way up to her breasts.

Stacie Lee closed her eyes as she let his hands grope her slowly. It felt so good to her to be wanted by a man. It felt good to finally feel like a real woman. But how would she tell him it was her first time? Stacie Lee contemplated not telling him. But would he be able to tell?

She then felt her body be pulled in by his arms. The warmth of his body felt like nothing she had ever felt. She could not describe the sensations rolling through her body at the moment. All she could do was fall into his embrace. Then his lips fell over hers.

Brock caressed Stacie Lee's tender sweet lips with his and tasted her hot desire. He could feel her body melt into his as he cradled her delicate features in his arms. Stacie Lee's body was ablaze with sexual emotion. They both moaned into each other’s lips in unison.

Stacie Lee was feeling things she had never experienced. The feeling overwhelmed her with shivering that started deep within her gut. She was trembling as Brock began to play with getting her sports bra off.

"Wait, please..." Stacie Lee said and pulled away from him.

Brock looked at her confused, but saw the raw nerves on her face. He knew then he was in the hands of a virgin. It told on her face like an open book.

"Don't be scared Stacie Lee. I'll be gentle."

"Oh God, you know don't you?"

"That this is your first time?"

Stacie Lee looked at him and shyly and flitted her eyelids a little and said, "Yes."

"It's okay. Trust me."

"But Brock, what if..." Stacie said and looked down, ashamed of what her next words would be because she knew they would sound inexperienced. "What if you don't like what you see when I'm naked? I'm scared you won't want me and run out the door."

Brock stood back and said as he took off his shorts and exposed his five inch erection, "Stacie Lee, you see this?"

"Um... Yes," she said and felt another flush flow over her as she stared at his smooth shaven erection.

"Does this look like I want to run away?"

"Um... No," Stacie Lee countered.

"Well, does my lack of length make you want to run out the door?"

"No, Brock, it doesn't. I like what I see."

"Then Stacie Lee, don't be scared to show me. Trust me, you are all a man could want... And more." Brock said with a very reassuring tone.

Stacie Lee was comforted by that tone and slowly brought her hands up to her sports bra and pulled it over her head. She paused a minute to let him take in what she had revealed of herself.

Brock stared at the tender handfuls with which God had blessed Stacie Lee. They were perfectly shaped and very suitable for hands. The highlights though were her soft slightly puffy pink nipples. Aligned perfectly in the center of her alabaster round frontal lobes, the colors of her skin blended naturally to create an intimate picture. But this was real, and Brock was glad he was there to enjoy it.

Once Stacie Lee was comfortable, she slipped her hands between her skin and the elastic waistband of her cum drenched panties and slowly pulled them down, careful not to expose too much until she leaned back up. When she did and she saw Brock's eyes taking in her now exposed body, she felt relief. Relief of finally letting a guy see her naked.

Brock's short cock pulsed as he viewed the well-manicured darkness that surrounded what was between Stacie Lee's stems on which she stood. It had been a long time since he had seen a woman keep her pubic hair exactly where it had always grown; however, it was refreshing to see it trimmed neatly to a length that satisfied her. The quarter-inch that lined Stacie Lee's perfect folds of flesh accentuated what was hidden between her vertical line of lust. Brock loved how everything sexual about it was hidden behind a dark well-trimmed soft down that covered its plumpness.

Stacie Lee had only seen one other live erection in her twenty-one years, and that one was considerably larger and was covered in natural pubes, but not Brock's. She had no idea that men shaved too. She thought his shaved smooth cock was beautiful. Being hairless gave it character. As for herself, she never could bring herself to shave her pussy smooth. Trim it closely was all she could ever manage. She thought her private area looked better that way.

Stacie Lee did not flinch as Brock moved closer to her and once again pulled her now naked body into his equal one. Again, he kissed her while slowly cupping her right breast with his hand. Immediately, the slight pink puff that circled her nipple hardened, as well as her nipple itself, and she moaned from instinct. Instantly, she also felt the moisture fill her sexual crevice. The emotions inside her began to run rampant. Stacie Lee loved the feeling. Brock heard the gasp exit Stacie Lee as his short erection pressed into the fleshy fissure between her legs. The warmth of Stacie Lee’s hot inner liquid covered his hard shaft as it lingered inside her slit. As he slowly massaged her right breast with his hand, he could feel the pulse of her pussy release more wetness. Stacie Lee was making it easy for when it came time to penetrate her virgin lips by lubricating not only herself, but also his hard five inches. The moment was almost near.

Brock began to grind his pelvis into Stacie Lee. The slide of his erection through her sexual partition was invigorating to him. Stacie Lee moaned as she felt his hardness glide through her wet opening. She loved the warmth of him there. The only time she ever felt anything slide between her pussy lips was either her finger or her smooth vibrator. His erection was so different with its hard ridges.

"Oh God, I've never been this wet. My virgin pussy is quivering with dampness at the thought of you inside it," Stacie Lee said with erotic gasps.

Brock so wanted to just plunge his smooth short hardness into her right there where they stood. It would be so easy for him to do so because he could feel Stacie Lee's hot pink opening pulse at the base of his shaft as he slid it between her plump folds of skin. He chose not to since it would be her first time. She needed it to be, well, normal. Instead, Brock chose to lift Stacie Lee up by her ass and lead her to the hydro massage bed.

She could not help but wrap her smooth legs around Brock's body as he carried her to the massage bed. Stacie Lee could feel the thick head of his erection at the entrance of her body. She could tell that Brock was doing all he could do to keep from piercing her pure pink pleasure place. Stacie Lee knew he was holding back for her.

Once Brock had Stacie Lee back down on the hydro bed, he felt her legs fall open and his body slipped between them with ease. She was inviting him to take her. He looked into her face and he saw the nervousness. He could see Stacie Lee did not know what to expect.

"Just relax Stacie Lee, let the moment happen. Trust me, you're ready." Brock said as he stroked the side of her face with his thumb.

Stacie Lee smiled at him and said, "I know."

She wasn't lying. She had never been more ready. She was soaking wet, her pussy was quivering, and she never wanted anything more in her life. She wanted to beg Brock to just put his short length right into her, but she did not want to seem eager. It would happen when it happened. And it was about to happen.

And it did. Stacie Lee let out a loud sigh as she felt Brock part her sexual lips with his erected head and found her pulsing opening. With a bite of her bottom lip and a soft audible "ooommmpppphhhhaaaa," Stacie Lee felt Brock's hardness slowly enter her moist orifice.

"Mmmm...oooooh...gaaaaawwww," Stacie Lee sighed gibberish as inch by inch, she felt Brock slowly push his hard cock into her body that had only seen vibrations. This was a hundred times better than that. The warmth of his cock, even as short as it was, was a feeling she could forever get used to feeling.

Brock felt Stacie Lee's tightness consume him as he slowly entered her depths. His firm five inches sunk all the way into her damp crevice where he paused before making any other move. He may not have been as long or even as thick as most other guys, but Brock knew how to compensate and he could tell Stacie Lee was feeling it, even if it was her first time.

For the first time in her life, Stacie Lee experienced what it felt like for her pussy to feel full. The empty space that had always been between her legs would never be there again. It was now gone with Brock inside it. Even after this moment was over, Stacie Lee knew the full feeling would stay with her.

Brock's back arched as he finally pulled out of Stacie Lee's pink sexual lips. The tightness of her had loosened to the point her where her body felt comfortable with having him inside her. The warm walls of her wet cavity slid gracefully along his short ridges as he pulled out. Her body conformed nicely to the soft lining of the hydro bed as Brock thrust slowly into her. He felt her labia wrap tenderly around his hard organ as he sunk deep inside her again.

Stacie Lee laid there, scared to move in any way, and let Brock pound her body the way he wanted. Each time he pushed his erection into her, a moan exited her horizontal lips that she could not help. She also felt the flow of more desire coat him inside her more and more. Her body was filling with shivering waves that came in bursts as Brock quickened his rhythmical strokes. Each time his body slammed into hers, Stacie Lee could feel his hot hardness go deeper because her legs had widened to the point they could not spread anymore. She never knew she was that limber until this moment.

Brock felt his full balls slap against Stacie Lee's pussy as he sunk all the way into her dripping cleft. The slurping sounds they were making echoed in the room. Her moans came quicker and were now more shallow and vibrated on his body as their bodies came together. Suddenly, the Stacie Lee's moans turned to little whimpers. Something was happening. Brock knew what it was.

Stacie Lee sounded like a lost puppy as the sounds came out of her mouth. She could not help it though. Brock had slammed into her erect clit and sent tingles throughout her hot body. The feeling was much more condensed and much more powerful than when the jet of the hydro bed was pounding a rhythm upon it. It was because of also having something hard inside her wet pussy along with the slapping of his body upon it. Stacie Lee knew she was on the verge of her first sexual experienced orgasm and it was going to be like no other she had ever felt.

Brock could tell Stacie Lee’s body was about to explode. He could feel it on his hard five inches buried deep inside her. The whimper that was exiting her mouth came quicker. Her vaginal muscle began to tighten around his hardness with each insertion he made. It was bringing him closer to his own orgasm as well. He was ready to release his seed inside her. There was no way he was going to pull out. Stacie Lee needed to experience true sex in its purest form.

Stacie Lee could not hold back any longer. She felt her body begin to shake. The spasm was consuming her at a fast rate and she needed to let it out. She could not even warn Brock and just hoped he was ready for her explosion. If it happened like it did over the jet of pulsing rhythm, her core would flow all over his erect penis inside her and there was nothing she could do about that.

Brock felt his balls constrict and move up into his body as they readied to release his cum inside her hot canal just as Stacie Lee was about to release hers upon him. It was going to be mutual. Brock could feel the timing being just right. This was going to be a first time that Stacie Lee would always remember.
Stacie Lee held her orgasm as long as she could. She took a deep breath and as she released the tension that Brock had built up inside her, she exhaled slowly. Her pussy pulsed as her cervix constricted to and fro pushing her hot core out in an even flow of slickness that fell all over Brock's hard five inch erection. Her body shook from pure pleasure as her orgasm left her panting. The shaking stopped though from shock of feeling the pulses of his cock move up and down.

"Brock are you..." Stacie Lee said then looked at his face. His expression said it all. Plus, the veins popping out in his neck was a sure sign. Not only that, feeling Brock's cock pulse strongly against her soaking wet walls, she knew he was cumming inside her.

When Brock was done, a grunt escaped his lips and he propped himself up with his arms, straddling Stacie Lee's upper body where her breasts formed perfect perky peaks. They looked at each other. Brock saw pure elation on her face at first and then her expression change. Brock knew something was off.

"Oh God, it's warm," Stacie Lee said as she finally felt the trickle of his cum flow inside her and pool at the base of her vaginal canal. She now knew why she had not felt spurts. Brock was an oozer.

Stacie Lee felt Brock's now soft cock pop out of her freshly broken-in pussy. As it did, she felt a little of her leftover arousal seep out and pool on the hydro massage bed where her self-pleasured cum had landed earlier.

There were no words between Brock and her as he got up and to his feet. Stacie Lee laid there for a second before she began to move. Brock had moved closer to the door and was about to exit it to let her ponder what had just happened, but he looked back at Stacie Lee instead.

She stood there and the short strands of darkness that covered her tender line of freshly fucked beauty, glistened with her core. Stacie Lee stared at Brock's now even shorter soft smooth state and saw how his skin shined with her core on him as well.

Stacie Lee glanced at the hydro massage bed and saw the moist spot again upon it. She saw Brock's eyes go to it also. They smiled at each other and Brock turned around and exited the room.

Stacie Lee began to clean the bed with the spray the gym provided and then herself. As she put her clothes back on and proceeded to head for the door, she looked back at the hydro bed where Brock took her purity. When Stacie Lee turned around, she chuckled as she opened the door and exited.

Two hydro massage therapy workouts in one day, Stacie Lee thought as the inner laugh ended and she made eye contact with Brock as she walked through the gym to the front door.

Stacie Lee knew she would see him in the same room tomorrow for more hydro massage therapy.

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