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I cheated my husband

I was as mad as hell enjoying this stranger fucking me on my way to the store.

These days I´ve become into a fan of erotic stories and my hobby has been to read them as much as I can.  But I´ve seen some  are made up or fabricated.  That´s why I´ve decided to open a new mail account, a secret one, for I´m married and I don´t wish to be caught by my husband, and write a real one based on what happened to me recently.

To begin with, I´m married and I´m living in Mexico City.  I´m 25 now, 1.55 tall, slim.  My body isn´t a gorgeous one, but my buttocks are really big, this is out of question.  I have straight, long hair.  My hubby loves seeing me with my cloths very stick to my body.  That´s why he keeps on buying panties for me, only to enjoy taking them off me, sliding the panties down my legs slowly until I´m completely naked.

On one ocassion, we went out for a drink with buddies at a well known bar downtown.  On that particular day, I was wearing black pants, sandals and a yellow shirt which gave a good view of my beautiful breasts with a top tied to my back only by a bow as thin as a spaghetti.  My back was completely nude.  

It was midnight at the restaurant and at this time my hubby was still busy playing domino game with his buddies while I was drinking at a table.  After a few shots I was already pretty drunk and dizzy.  Then I decided to ask my hubby for a dance because music turns me on,  he refused to,  so there was a chance with a guy who was the brother of a woman who worked in the same office: My hubby was her boss there.  Well, we danced a couple of songs together.

The dance  area was one in the centre of the hall and it was very small,  resulting in people getting too jammed with little chance for moving around.  I still wonder how we managed to get thereto  where  we were dancing now.

As we danced, I began to notice  another guy who constantly bumped into us and when he did so he teased my ass as well.  This turned me even more and I lost all sense of where I was or if my hubby was around, but alcohol, the place too hot, made me feel comfortable and again I became more excited.

My husband  caught glance of this and  as he noticed what was happening to me, he turned nervous, very jealous.  After all, I judged there was nothing wrong with playing the game straight.

My dancing turned into more provocative and I could see my hubby with the corner of my eyes but he could not see me anymore.  By now people had  decided to make a wheel dancing at the centre of the hall and soon a guy in the back was getting  too close to me, so close that we always made contact with each other, enough to feel his dick brushing against my ass.

It was a very hard cock, so this turned  me on to the limits. I was not aware of what I was doing or thinking.   There came the moment at which the human wheel began to spin and this guy kept his distances away from me -we would rest our  hands on the person's shoulder in front-  but I always was close to him  to find out how hard he was.  This realization excited me more. I quickly made a mental scrutiny of my chances to be fucked right away; they were so inadequate that the only thing left was to gain control  over me to diminish anxiety so I´d no longer continued with this.

Once we were back to the table, I told my hubby about the necessity for getting a telephone card right away because I had no more credit left.   I had to  use my cell phone to call my mom and learn about my son, how he was doing, and so on.  My hubby was a little lazy to get up and drive me to the store, so Louis volunteered to give me a ride there.

We were already riding in Louis´car, very serious while driving, so I "accidentally" brushed his leg with my hand to notice   the bulge inside his pants that grew harder and bigger in size.  I was completely out of control;  I began to touch his penis over the top of his pants. He moaned at this but didn´t give a response though.  It felt hard, throbbing and I began to get the zipper  down his pants, very slowly, then began to play  with his dick over the underwear.  He lost composure and began to touch my tits  on top of my blouse in response.

Some blocks away from the street we were now, I believe there was a park surrounded by dark lonely streets.  We found one  which  turned out suitable for parking there without being bothered.  He tried to kiss me but my only obsession was his big piece of meat, his dick pounding in my hands as I squeezed it, with fingers wrapped around that big rod.  I couldn´t resist any more and I could not help looking at him in the eye, and proceeded to do my job.   His dick had a very wet head due to pre cum.  I licked it very gladly while I teased his balls. I played with it using my tongue, kept teasing its head, and alongside the shaft too.  He teased my ass and began to slide his hand inside my thong, touching everywhere. 

I can´t tell for how long we were like this, but a moment later he let out a loud moan and began to cum into my mouth.  It´s something that I wouldn´t do normally,  to slide dicks into my mouth and suck them but I was like a dumb now, cleaning it throughly.  I even licked some cum drops which run down his thighs.

I thought:  "Well, I´m done with this and we should resume our trip to the store".  But I was damn wrong, for I began to feel the urge to piss, and this would delay us more.  I knew there was a church around  here, and I didn´t comment anything about this new discovery.  I headed to one of the corners of the alleys around the church to piss.  My pants were down now and I told Louis to keep an eye so no one would come and see me urinating.  I had my back turned to him to have some privacy.

At the moment I stood up to compose myself, I felt somebody taking me from the back and forcing  me to lean against a wall, facing him.  I felt a dick hard against me.  I tried to resist but it was of no use, for he had already put it inside me, so  quickly, with a single stroke.  I was too excited fucking a strange, in the public.  I liked it more than ever and I was already mad, like crazy.  Despite his dick wasn´t  too big, I was too turned on only by  the thought of having it  within me.

He stroked me furiously while teasing my tits. My hand touched my cunt and then moved down to his balls.  I kept balance with the other hand leaning against the wall.  Suddenly, he let out another loud moan and I could tell he was about to cum.  I didn´t hesitate in removing the dick off my pussy,  got down  and began to stroke his dick, alongside  from the balls and I also licked it´s head and sucked it until it touched the back of my mouth.  He then began to cum on my breasts and face, too. 

I used my tongue to clean all cum off my tits,  staring at his eyes. I think this guy was thinking this was not true, it was like a dream.  When I was over with my cleansing, we composed, and got back to the place.  While driving he asked me to do it again as we had another chance.  Well, I love my husband and I´m not willing to cheat him again. But it will be with a different guy this time!!




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