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I dream of Gennie

A story of two who met on-line and actually did something!
I met "Gennie" on-line at a big social site.. I stumbled across the "I want you to write me a 10 word story" category. The reponses are supposed to be exactly 10 words. I really like this category and reponded to Gennie's story.

We had the usual on-line "courtship". Exchange of messages, comments, emails, texts, photos, and had a few "vitual dates".

Gennie has a suspicious husband. He likes to fish, but calls to make sure she's not playing around. Don't see how he thinks he's keeping track of her, she has a cell phone, she could be anywhere. She could be on her knees with her pretty mouth stuffed with my cock. All I would have to do is tap her on the head and hand her the phone. "Yes dear, I'm just beginning to eat my dinner now, can I call you back?" See how that works?

I wanted her to meet me in Las Vegas for a long weekend but was having a hard time convincing her. Part of it was her being coy, part because we wanted to time it to one of her hubby's fishing trips. We did finally arrange it and met in Vegas. The first part of this story is written by Gennie. The second part is mine.

Gennie's part of the story -------------

Walking over to the sofa and kneeling down on the cushion just to the side of you. I lean in and begin to swirl my tongue around your ear. You make quick work of removing your clothes knowing how horny I am. My hand rubs your chest and begins to head south until my hand grabs ahold of your hard cock. I stroke you several times gauging your response. I watch as your eyes roll back in your head. Your head falls back against the sofa cushion, as you let out the slightest of moans and try to keep your breathing in check.

I shift up onto my knees and take the crown of your dick into my mouth. My tongue laps up the precum that is evident right before I drop down and lick the full length of your shaft.

You let out a soft moan as my head bobs up and down your hard cock as you grip the end of the sofa cushions until your knuckles turn white. After working your dick with flicks of my tongue, deep throating you, I bring you closer to your climax. As you reach that point you grab my hair to let me know you are about to release. Not moving from my position, I swallow every last bit, not missing a drop.

After getting our bearings, we both stand with you wrapping your arms around my waist as you bite and suck my sensitive spot just below my ear. With goosebumps moving down my body, I grind my ass into your already hardening cock.

We make our way to the bedroom, but before I can climb up on the bed, you push me hard onto the top of the mattress with my naked ass popping up. Just then I feel your hand as you spank my ass and I let out a small moan. Not happy with my response, you swat me again harder sending a loud moan from my mouth and juices seeping from my pussy down my thigh.

Happy with this response, you drive your hard cock into my waiting pussy. A deep moan escapes me as I feel you buried inside me.

You bend over me and bite down on my shoulder blade causing me to push my hips back into you, causing you to go deeper. Grabbing a fistful of hair, you pull my head back as you pound my pussy with strong forceful thrusts.

My moans signal my nearing orgasm as you continue to plunge deeper and deeper into my hot wet, dripping pussy.

My legs begin to shake, my breathing becomes more labored as my pussy begins to clench around your cock. I scream "Fuck,... so good... that's it" as I begin to orgasm.

Feeling my juices on your cock and the pulse of my pussy you finish not far behind.

We move to the center of the bed, catching our breath and get ready for round two.

My part of the story ------------------

Dear sweet Gennie, I loved that, but you would have to be very, very good to make me cum in your mouth, I have fantastic control.. Let's assume you are that good, now my turn.

You finish draining me, I have to pull your greedy mouth away, it is too intense! What is it woman? Are you suffocating and my balls contain oxygen? I pull you up on top of me, caressing all of you. You kiss me hard, your tongue still active and searching. I taste myself.

My turn, I roll you over on your back, you resist, a hard slap on your pretty ass convinces you who is in charge. You relax and submit, still squirming. I kiss your face and eyes, I cannot wait to kiss your pretty throat, you arch your neck and let me have my way, as if you have any choice. I spend an eternity just memorizing your pretty throat and neck. You relax a bit, soft moans escape your mouth.

I tell you, "Baby, just relax, this is going to take me quite some time." You relax and just caress my hair and face. You let me enjoy all the sweet woman flesh I've been craving since we met. A wet trail to your gorgeous breasts, I devour each in turn, and go back and forth. I leave not an inch unloved. I kiss underneath your breasts and move lower to your tummy. I'm just gettting started, but you are becoming impatient. I remind you who is "robbing this train"! You whine a little, but relax. I kiss all parts of your pretty tummy.

"Turn over, turn over now!" I command! I kiss your entire back, and move down to your beautiful ass. It is almost a massage, very firm. I enjoy those beautiful mounds. The back of your legs recieve their share of love. I ask you to roll over, you hesitate; I have to remind you who is boss with a couple of stinging slaps on your pretty ass. They redden; I don't care. I will kiss them and make them better later.

You roll over and slightly spread your thighs. I move to within a fraction of an inch of your creamy pussy. Not so fast. Other areas must be shown love before the pussy is thoroughly worshipped. Your hips, tummy, thighs, all recieve my loving. Occasionally I will breathe or just lightly lick little select spots around your pussy.

I want to enjoy every moment with you and I want you to remember this for the rest of your life.

We have Candi on the CD, "Lily was here", on repeat. It will play over and over. I lick from the bottom of your pretty pussy to the very top, teasing you. You pull my head in and I begin in earnest, you have waited long enough. I kiss your pussy inside and outside, every inch of surrounding flesh is worshipped. You are flowing and taste heavenly.

I tougue fuck you in time to the song, and worship and suck your clit, bringing you close for quite a while then backing off. I take the two middle fingers of my left hand and gently slip them into your sopping wet, hot pussy. I find that special little spot just inside and give it some special attention with my fingers and tongue. Your clit and sweet pussy lips are not neglected at all.

Your movements tell me you are on the verge of a massive orgasm, the first of many. When you cum, I increase the pressure on your G-spot and ease off your clit. You must cum many, many times before I am satisfied and nourished. Then we really get down to some serious fucking! Ready, Baby?

Finish of trip -------------------------------

We finished our trip to Vegas, we stayed at the Luxor, drank, gambled, ate like pigs, fucked like rabbits, held hands, were in love for a few days together. Stolen candy is always sweeter!

We plan to cruise to Veracruz, Mexico next month. 6 days, 5 nights. How did we manage this? A travel agent friend of mine owed me a favor. With her, I arranged for the hubby, as a sweepstakes prize, to recieve a week long, all expenses paid fishing trip to northern Canada. The only access is by float plane, once a week, no cell phone reception. She gave me a smoking deal, she's a sweet gal. Clever, no?

Now my sweet Gennie can relax and concentrate on giving me as much of that sweet pussy as I can possibly consume!

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