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I Finally Do It

I finally decide to fuck my teasing neighbour
I Finally Do It

She was there again, lying naked on a blanket in her garden with her legs apart and her shaven pussy looking so, so inviting. I have seen her lying there many times, secretly looking up to my window, checking to see if I'm looking and most times I am, kneeling with my hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it as I imagine what it would be like to fuck her. Today though, I wasn't there when she looked.

"Shhhh," I said quietly as I disrobed and knelt between her still open legs.

My hands held her legs and caressed them gently, running up along the outsides and returning down on the insides, carefully avoiding her pussy as she moaned softly.

Emboldened, I edged further between her legs until my face was directly above her smooth pubic mound and I could see the first traces of her fluids seeping from her as my hands stroked her hips. Leaning forward my mouth made contact with her belly button and my tongue teased it and the surrounding skin as she begin moving slightly.

Travelling up her body my mouth reached her soft, small breasts and I sucked her right nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it, feeling it move between my teeth as I slowly caressed her breast.

My cock was rock hard and brushing against her abdomen, leaving trails of precum as it moved across her skin and I felt her pelvis rise in an attempt to feel it press harder against your body.

Sliding my body back down her now aroused one I lay between her open legs, resting my head on her mound, taking in the aroma of her arousal as my fingers stroked her outer thighs. My tongue snaked from my mouth and began tracing lines across her mound, teasing and arousing her further. Her moans and rising chest showed how aroused she had become and I knew she wanted more and wanted it now, but I waited. I've waited so long for this moment and I want it to last.

My fingers slid down the insides of her thighs and her legs opened wider, bending at the knee, giving me more room to tease her. I ran my fingers down the crease where her body and legs meet while blowing on her slit, all the while savouring the moment.

I gently traced a finger down her now wet slit and across her perineum making her sigh loudly. Back it came but I stopped at her slit and slid it between the lips of her wet vagina as my head lowered until my tongue touched the engorged nub of her clitoris and I felt her shake and cry out as her pent up lust was released.

Giving her no respite I slid two more fingers into the wet depths of her pussy, twisting them as I slide them back and forth while pressing my tongue hard against her clitoris, pressing and rubbing it against your pubic mound, building her once again to the verge of orgasm. As I glanced up her body I could see her mauling her breasts and pinching her hard, erect nipples.

My cock was twitching between my legs and leaking a steady trail of precum over her blanket as her pelvis pressed hard against my face as another orgasm tore through her body.


They are the first words she has spoken.

I asked her what she wanted, knowing full well what she now desired more than anything.

"Please fuck me. Please put that cock of yours inside my cunt and fuck me."

I asked why I should after she'd teased and tormented me all summer by sunning yourself like this.

"Please. I'm sorry for teasing. Please fuck me. Shove that cock of yours inside me and fuck till I hurt. Please.”

I looked down and saw her juices flowing freely from your pussy and bent to kiss it, my mouth gently brushing her flushed lips, making her cry out with both pleasure and frustration.

I rose and took her ankles in my hands, lifting them so they rested on my shoulders. I held the bulbous purple head of my throbbing and leaking cock against her hole, feeling her pressing as hard as possible against it as she attempted to get it inside her.

I looked directly at her eyes and watched them roll into her head as I shoved seven inches of hard, blood and passion engorged cock into the wet depths of her cunt. I kept still for a moment, savouring the feeling of your wetness wrapped me; a wetness I never imagined to enjoy.

With long slow strokes my assault of her pussy began, feeling the crinkled walls of her cunt stroking my cockhead as I fucked her. Then I began speeding up until I was fucking her hard and fast, telling her this is what happens to cock teasers when the one who is teased takes control.

Her juices were splattering my body whenever our bodies crashed together, coating both of us in a fine glistening film.

Then I feel it building inside of me; the point of no return where my seed is squeezed from my tightening balls, flowing quickly along my tubes, stopping only at my prostate, but only for a second, for now, mixed with my seminal fluids it sped up my cock as I told her I was coming.

"Cummmmmmmmming, cuuuuuuuuuuuummmming, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu."

I cried out as ropes of spunk pumped from my cock, filling both her pussy and womb until it finally stopped and I collapsed by her side, my cock leaking what is left of my fluids over the top of her thigh.

As we lay there I looked up at her house and saw her husband at the window and knew he had watched us fucking and from his movements I knew that he was wanking himself as he watched.

He was still looking as I slid three fingers deep inside his wife, coated them in the mixture of our juices and slowly slid them into my mouth as I looked directly at him. As my fingers left my mouth I saw his face contort and I knew that he had also come.

Happy with myself, I kissed her juice coated mound, stood, dressed and walked, without speaking from their garden.

By the time I reached home and my bedroom, her husband was naked and, kneeling, with his head between her legs, licking and sucking my spunk from his wife leaking pussy as she hold his head in place.

As I wonder how many times he stood at his window, waiting for me to take the bait my eyes are drawn to his naked form and my cock grows once more as I take in his smooth, pert arse cheeks rising into the air and hard cock dangling below him.

My hand slowly begins sliding along my cock as I look and imagine.



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