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I finally got my 10.

Never really having ever been with an extremely attractive woman, here is my story of when i was.
I picked her up, she was gorgeous, 20, a brunette, about 5'2, no more than 100 lbs, a tiny woman. Easily the smallest I had ever been on a date with. Im 25, 6'1 and 220 lbs and I usually dont try to judge a woman too much on looks, but it was so nice to actually go on a date with one as attractive as her.

We drive to my apartment. Getting ready to watch a movie, we lie on the couch. I break the awkward tension by asking her to come here so I could hold her. I wrapped my arm around her and held her close, occasionally running my fingers through her hair, and running them up and down her arm. Finally after about 30 minutes of a movie, I couldnt take it anyomore, I had to kiss her. I put my hand to her chin, and she knew exactly what I wanted. We began kissing softly, my lips caressing hers, so soft and warm. I slide my tongue inside her mouth, twirling it around hers and she softly bites my lower lip.

My heart is pounding. I slowly begin caressing her body, pulling her against me with my strong arms while we kiss, her breaths quickening with mine. I squeeze her tight little ass and begin to kiss down her neck slowly, gently biting down but not hard enough to cause any pain. I moan as pull her against me closer, my cock throbbing against her thigh. I slide my hands up and down her sides and than begin to squeeze her breasts and slide just my fingertips under her shirt to brush them across her nipples. I could feel how hard they were, so I started kissing her stomach, nice small soft kisses all the way up and pulling her shirt up as I worked my way towards her nipples. I than started tracing small circles around her nipples with the tip of my hot wet tongue, than engulfing her nipple in my mouth I sucked on it while I flicked it with the tip of my tongue, all the while squeezing her ass and holding her against me tighter, my arms flexing against her. I then tried sitting her up, but instead she straddled one of my thighs, and I could feel how warm her pussy was, so I didn't contest. I started kissing her again, I could hear her breathing as fast as mine, soft moans occasionally escaping her lips.

Finally I picked her up and held her by her ass, and brought her into my room while still kissing her. I laid her on my bed on her side and slid my hand down to her belt line. I gently traced the tip of my fingers just under her belt line, from hip to hip, her hips writhed, aching for my touch. I undid her pants button and slid my hand under and began to slowly rub her clit in small circles while still kissing her and moaning. I slid a finger inside her, she was already very wet. It just made my cock throb even harder.

I wanted to be inside her so bad, but I wanted to taste her first. I kissed down her stomach again, nice and slow, than slowly slid off her pants gazing at her wonderful legs. I slowly kissed and nibbled my way up her thighs, teasing her, and than kissed small kisses all around her pussy until finally taking my tongue and running the full length of it across her clit, nice and slow. I than slid a finger inside her making a "come to me" motion, hitting her g-spot while I sucked on and licked her clit. I did this for about 10 minutes, feeling her hips writhe against me, her moaning, grabbing the back of my head pushing it against her harder. I needed to be inside her right now.

I kissed up her body and with a fluid motion as soon as I kissed her lips again my cock was sliding inside her. I moaned, it felt so good finally being inside her tight wet pussy. Sliding in and out, nice and slow at first, grinding myself against her clit as I slid deeper and deeper inside her. Than I started fucking her nice and hard and fast while kissing her, she definately liked this, her moaning got even louder and she gripped me harder and dug her nails into my back. Normally I dont like any pain but god this was sexy, she almost couldnt control herself.

I could feel her thighs tightening around me as I fucked her harder and faster kissing her and sucking on her nipples every so often. Than I grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass (I knew this would give me a better angle to her g-spot) and slid my cock inside her while I placed my thumb over her clit. I did my best to keep rubbing while thrusting in and out of her, but finally just told her to rub her clit for me, and she happily obliged. I could feel her pussy clamping down on me, it felt so good. Every inch of my 8 inch cock sliding in and out of that pussy felt incredible. I wanted to feel her cum. I fucked her harder and faster making sure I was getting the right angle when finally I saw her arch her back and felt her pussy clamp down....god it felt so good, I just kept fucking her harder and faster and she came for what felt like 3 minutes.

Lastly, I bent her over and slid my cock inside her from behind, squeezing her hips tight as I pounded into her. I could see her grip the sheets of my bed out of ecstasy and it only turned me on even more. Seeing my cock sliding in and out of her pussy from behind and squeezing her ass and watching it bounce against me while I squeezed her hips made me cum pretty fast. I pulled out and came all over her ass. It was incredible. After we were done and got dressed I definately noticed I needed to wash my pillow case, but I didn't mind, and she told me her legs were tingling.

I can't wait to see her again.

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