I finally meet my online friend

By justalilfun

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Online friends become lovers
It was a Tuesday morning. I had slept in and so at 9:50 am I was just getting out of the shower. I heard my phone ring it was a text message. I read it; it is from you, my online friend Christine. It reads, “I am at the pie van, do you still want to meet?”

Jesus, we had chatted online about you coming over, but I thought you were kidding. It was just talk' winding me up, and getting us both horny. Now you’re here, well just 2 kilometers away.

I reply with, “Hell YES!” Then add my address, and even directions, not that it is hard to find me. I dress and as I do I hear the car door close. My heart pounds, it isn’t meant to be like this, it is just sex, why is my heart racing?

You knock on the door, I answer. You look amazing, and I invite you in. Before I even close the door, we kiss. Our tongues explore each other’s mouths as our hands explore our bodies.

I lead you to the lounge room, and sit you on the couch. I remove your shoes, and then kiss you once again. Gently squeezing your firm breasts as we kiss. I then kiss you along your cheek, down to your ear and lightly nibble your earlobe. You let out a small moan of pleasure.

I work my way down your neck to your shirt, then down to the first button. I undo it and kiss the newly exposed skin of your hot body. Repeating with each button till they are all undone. I slide my hands inside your shirt and kiss my way up your stomach, between your big boobs, and up your neck to your lips once more. As we kiss, I slide your shirt off your shoulders and cast it aside.

I kiss my way down your stomach, keeping eye contact all the way down. Stopping at your belly button, I slide my tongue into it, and wriggle it around tickling you. Then continue on my way down to your jeans. I slowly undo your belt, first the button, and then the zip.

Then you lift your hips off the couch and I slide them down kissing and sucking your thighs as I do. I drop your jeans to the side, and kiss my way up your legs. I place a kiss on your left thigh and then your right. Lightly sucking, trying not to leave any marks for hubby to find.

As I kiss around your knickers, I breathe in the sweet aroma of your velvet mound. The scent is very alluring, and it takes all my might to continue on up to your breasts, and mouth without just eating you right now.

As we kiss once more, I gently massage your breasts as you run your hands all over my back. I then kiss your breasts through your bra, running my tongue over the soft lace, I suck on your nipples too.

You tell me to get your clothes off now. So I kiss your mouth and undo the clasp of your bra. I slowly release the tension and slide your bra off. My eyes widen, “Wow they are big.” I think to myself. You giggle and tell me, “Suck them, we both know you want to.” I do as instructed. I kiss and suck a circle on your left breast, smaller and smaller circles as I go.

Finally I reach your nipple, I lightly touch the tip of my tongue on it, and circle around it lightly wetting it as I do. Then I blow across the nipple, and suck it once more enjoying how hard it feels in my mouth. I blow across it once more, as I look into your eyes. Then I suck your erect nipple into my mouth and flick my tongue over it hard and fast, as you let out a low moan of pleasure.

Then I turn my attention to your right breast, and nipple. This time I go straight to your nipple. I lightly touch the tip of my tongue on it, and circle around it, again lightly wetting it as I do. Then blow across the nipple, and suck on it again, enjoying how hard it feels in my mouth. I blow across it once more, the whole time looking up to your eyes. Your hands are on the back of my head, pulling me into your bosom.

I then tell you to come and lie on my bed, face down. You ask, “What are you going to do to my ass?” I respond, “Do as you’re told, and lay on your front!” You lay down and I straddle you. I kiss your cheek, and work my way down your neck, across your back, and down your spine to your knickers.

I swiftly pull them down, but not off. I spread your hot ass cheeks and lick your date.

Then, just as swiftly I pull your knickers back up. You yell, “No, pull them down! Take them off! I want you to fuck me.”

I roll you over, and kiss and suck my way around the edge of your lace knickers. Then kiss your mound through the soaked lace. I can taste your nectar; I want it. I want to eat you so bad. So I slide my tongue under the lace, and then grip it in my teeth. Looking up into your beautiful eyes, I pull your moist lace knickers down until I get to your knees. Then take them off by hand.

“Fuck that looks delicious, do I eat her now? No kiss her, make her wait a little more. Make her enjoy the lead up to having her sweet pink pussy eaten.” I think to myself.

I once again kiss your soft lips, and squeeze your breasts, and tweak your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Down your neck again, and kiss and suck your hard erect nipples. Nibbling gently on your nipples. “Eat me, stop teasing and EAT ME!” You scream, pushing me down to your womanhood.

I kiss my way down to your sweet, wet pink pussy. I kiss, lick and suck you all around without actually touching your lower lips. Then I poke out my tongue, and gently run it up your soft velvet labia. Then again, this time I push my tongue a little deeper into you. Then a third time, as far as I can push my tongue into you, enjoying the taste of your nectar all the time.

I suck your inner labia into my mouth and run my tongue over them looking up as you squirm on my tongue. I slide my tongue inside you, and wriggle it around working my way closer to your hot little love button. I then circle my tongue around your cliotris, you gasp deep as I suck on your clitoris. Then I start to hum, the vibrations tingling your love button. I reach up and grab your hands putting them on the back of my head and press slightly on them. You must be able to feel the waves of pleasure building, because you pull my head deeper into your pulsing pussy. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

I open my mouth just in time for you to cum, your sticky nectar floods into my mouth. I drink it down, enjoying the tangy taste and do my best not to waste a single drop.

“Wow you taste so good Christine.” I whisper, not sure if you hear me or not.

I push back against your hands, and you let me up. I kiss you on your mouth, your cum still on my chin, but you don’t seem to mind. You start to rip the clothes from me, peeling them off like a woman possessed. “That was good, now fuck me. Fuck me Daniel, I want you inside me now.” I grab a condom, but before I can even open it, you’re sucking my cock. Reluctantly, I push you back and roll it onto my rock hard rod.

“I want you on top, ride me baby. I love a woman on top.” You climb on, and slowly slide up and down my cock. I can’t resist you and your tight wetness. I thrust in and out of you from underneath. We kiss, and suck each other’s faces. I push you up, squeeze your breasts together and suck on your nipples, nibbling them and trying so hard not to leave any love bites on you.

Our breathing hastens, I am trying hard not to cum before you. But it is so hard when you are so hot and working your tight wet pussy so masterfully on my cock. Yet somehow, you manage to cum first. Your juices flow out all over me, as your pussy spasms on my rigid cock.

I pull you down onto me, and hold you as you regain your breath. You then say, “Your turn.” Before I know it, my cock is in your mouth and my god you are good. I feel my orgasm building, “I’m cumming! Christine, I, I ‘m gonna cum in your mouth!”

“I’m cumming.” You squeeze my balls gently as I spurt into your mouth, not spilling a drop.

We slump together on my bed, and after we regain our breath, I ask, “When do you have to leave me?” “I better go around 1:30.” You reply. I set my alarm clock and lay beside you. We lay there cuddling, my hands softly exploring your back, and you drop off to sleep.

Before I know it, the alarm buzzes. Darn, it is time for you to leave. I suggest a shower for two; in the shower you wet yourself down. I start to lather your body with soap. I play with your breasts and nipples, and caress your entire body. With you all covered in soap, I soap my hands up till they are really frothy. I tell you; “Face the wall and open your lovely legs.” You do, and I start to rub my hands on your sweet womanhood and cute ass. Rubbing your pussy faster as your breathing increases, “Cum for me Christine. Cum all over my hands.”

With just a few more strokes you cum on my hand. With a big smile you drop to your knees and start stroking my cock. We wash the soap off, and you suck my hard cock once more. Slow and steady to begin with, circling your tongue around my knob. Teasing, pleasuring me at the same time. Then you start to suck me harder and deeper into your warm mouth. So expertly done I cum in no time.

We wash and dry each other and you dress and leave.
We have huge smiles, are now drained sexually and very satisfied – well I am.
I may not have rocked your world, but I am sure I gave it a good tilt.

After you leave, I think to myself, “Will I see you again? Or will it just stay online? It is up to you, but I hope so.”