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I Hope You Come Again

She was there for the dance, and he for the Vixen.
He went in knowing what he would find. She went in for a good time. The music was pumping through her as bodies pressed hot and sticky against her. She was there for the dance. And he for the Vixen...he could see her in the crowd of black masked bodies moving to the heavy beat. She was the only one in red. Her mask, her gown, her fiery hair. All of it the scandalous sign of pure sex and satisfaction. And that is what he came for.

Her body swayed with the music, the tempo sexual and intoxicating. Her arms flew above her and suddenly two arms engulfed her. She smirked as she pressed her firm buttom against the body. Male. Hard, muscled, male. He instantly was aroused, his cock pressing against leather pants and satin gown. Her breath caught as he pulled her closer, their bodies meshing on the dance floor. He ran his hand in the slit of her gown, stroking the soft skin on the inside of her thigh as they move to the music, his cock becoming more and more painful as it pushed against its leather restraint.

She slipped out of his grasp, her green eyes shining provacatively as she stepped away from him and through the crowd. He followed knowing he is getting what he wants, what he craved for so long. She led him to the dark hallway, and instantly he grabbed her hair and kissed her. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs around his waist as he pinned her to the wall. Satin, skin, and breaths entangled as they kissed, their tongues plunging and playing with the others. His hands ran over her body, kneading her ass and her breasts before stripping her shoulders of the thin strap that kept up her dress.
He paused as he watched it slide down her torso, exposing her large bust and her beautiful pink nipples. Immediately he viciously started rubbing them, making her moan with pent up sex. She wanted it just as much as he did. He leaned down and licked the now hardened nipples before returning his mouth to hers. The Vixen wanted so much more than that. She unwound her legs from his waist before kneeling in front of him, her satin covered leg running between his as she got down in front of him. Her hand slid down his muscled torso until it reached his waistline. Green stared up at him as she unbuttoned his pants, the zipper moving so slowly to finally release his stiff cock from its restraint.

Her red nails wrapped themselves around his dick, stroking it gently as she watched his face as his lids dropped and his mouth opened with a sigh. Her lips slid over the tip, her tongue flicking the tip before plunging her mouth over his erection. She watched with those green eyes the satisfaction that spread over his face as he moved his hips gently, sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. He brought himself close to climax with that mouth before pulling her to her feet, allowing the rest of her satin red dress to slip from her body, exposing her hot wet pussy.

A finger brushed over her silky smooth stomach, following the line from her bellybutton to the naked lips between her legs. That finger slid inside the wet folds, stroking her as his lips invaded hers. He kissed those red lips until she was moaning from his touch. He held her against that wall and plunged his fingers deeper, stroking and rubbing until she cried out, her hot juices dripping from his fingers. Her green eyes passionately stared at him as she lied down in the hall, spread her legs, and gave him a knowing look that he wanted to be in her now. In her hot embrace as he brought her the pleasure he so craved.

He laid down over her silky body and instantly penetrated her hot pussy. For the Vixen, she was tight, and he had to wait so she could adjust to his size. He watched as the pain slowly faded from her eyes, and pleasure quickly lit the emeralds once more. He thrust forward and she gasped. He smirked before pulling out of her until the tip was almost out, then he plunged forward again and again. In and out. In and out. Her gasps built to cries and he brought her to climax again. He rolled her over so she was on top, then sat her up, his dick pushing deeper this way. She rocked her hips forward and back as he lifted her, pushing himself in and out of her. He was tempted to reach up then and take off her mask, exposing her for who she really was, but he didn't. Not then. Not when he was so close to cumming from the Vixen.

She knew how to move as she rode him, rocking and thrusting against his dick. He finally came, letting out a primal roar as his muscular form flipped her to the floor before taking out his cock and letting it squirt on her. It landed on her chest and her torso, her gasps sounding as the hot liquid slid slowly down between her legs as he watched the white cum slide to her sex, claiming her as his. She sat and looked up at him, his cum still pooling between her thighs, a smirk on her lips. He dressed in his tight black shirt and leather pants, his eyes never moving away from her green gaze. With a voice of honey and hot sex she speaks to him with the smirk plastered to her red lips.

"I hope you come again"
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