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I Love A Grey Mouse

Fitness club frolic with small chested babe
A good three years ago I joined one of these fitness clubs in order to shape up a little and get rid of the start of a slight paunch and put a little muscle on my legs. I was in for a surprise as quite contrary to my expectations I liked the training sessions right from the start. That´s why I have been doing this very regularly and today I can feel it in my bones and muscles and I can see it in the mirror that it has done me a world of good. What´s even more, it has changed my outlook on life and it has given me an acute and very pleasant consciousness of my body and it´s needs.

But that is not what I was going to tell you about, I am just trying to set the scene. This fitness club has a wonderful set of saunas, whirlpools, steambaths etc. and on the roof top it sports a huge beautiful swimming pool that extends partly to an outdoors roof terrace. To take a shower after the training and to dive into that pool that is always nearly empty when I go in the morning gives you a sense of pure luxury. On top of that the whole sauna- and pool area is visited by all the guests in the nude which creates an atmosphere of nice and easygoing leisure and freedom.

One morning I got to talking to a lady in her mid thirties who seemed very nice. While we talked standing up shoulder deep in the warm transparent water the peculiarity of that situation got to me - I stood no more than two feet from a lady I had just met and we were both stark naked. The thought provoked an immediate erection which she could have noticed in the transparent water had she looked down at me. I turned a bit to the wall of the pool hoping that she wouldn´t notice it. When she said goodbye I watched her swimming to the steps and from where I stood I had a good view of her as she climbed up the steps on to the platform where she tried to reach for her bathing slippers with her feet. She really was a sight to behold. She was rather slim with very small breasts but quite prominent brown nipples over small dark aureoles. Her hips were beautifully rounded and she had long perfectly shaped legs; where they met I could see a very pronounced mound which was crowned by a small tuft of dark pubic hair. In angling with her foot for one of her slippers she lost her balance for a short moment and had to grab for the handrail. That´s when I had the most beautiful glimpse. Standing on that platform she had a huge sunlit window behind her and my eye level was nearly exactly in line with her crotch. In her efforts to reach her slippers she had spread her legs a little bit and against the brightly lit window behind her I saw two well-developed, totally hairless pussy lips which tapered backwards and curved to meet her buttocks of which I also saw a short curving in the counter light. When she turned round she had the most perfect apple-shaped behind I have ever seen.

A little later we met again at the pool restaurant where we shared a table, now both demurely clad in our bath robes. We talked animatedly and she seemed to be quite drawn to me. With my estimated 20 years senior to her it looked as if she developed some confidence towards me and she started to tell me about her problem of finding a partner. It appeared that at the age of 36 she had had few and brief experiences of partnership only. The reason she gave was that obviously nobody wanted to look at what she called some "grey mouse". At that I started to protest and I told her that I found her to be very sweet and attractive. She said: "Attractive ? - Me ? .... skinny as I am, flat-chested and with that plain face?" But I could also see that some colour had risen to her cheeks which turned into a deep blushing on what I had to say: "Listen, my dear, when I look at you I see a sweet face with bright eyes with little sad lines around the mouth; and when I looked at your body up there on that platform at the pool I was simply delighted by what I saw, a delicate body with long shapely legs and a flat stomach, with round hips and a beautiful ass, with small breasts but very promising nipples. And I also noticed that you are shaved down there which shows you care about yourself and you have some idea about how you want to appear - sorry to be so descriptive but I did get a good look at you and I certainly enjoyed it!" At that she had to swallow hard and then she whispered, blushing even more if that were possible: "I am not shaved, it´s natural. I have very little body hair, in fact just a little fluff in my armpits and that little tuft on my .... down there!". "Lucky you," I sighed, and that broke the ice. We both laughed at each other and she gripped my hand and said: "I am going into one of the whirlpools, come join me!" and with that we left the restaurant and went down to the whirlpools.

The one I liked best, because it has the strongest jets was quiet right now and nobody was in it. So we draped our bathrobes on the rack and went in at which the jets promptly started. When I asked her how she was getting along with herself without a partner she first gave me a look of puzzlement but then she understood and smiled. She seemed to give herself a little push and said: "I´ll show you." With that she went on her knees and turned to the wall where she seemed to search something. When she had found it she turned her face to me and smiled triumphantly. She had positioned her crotch so that one of the jets was directed at her pussy and I could imagine how a pulsating stream of water was parting her pussy lips massaging her clit. Very soon she had a look of rapt attention and sucked in her underlip and when she started to moan softly I boldly cupped her ass with one hand and with the other I caressed her nipples which had grown to enormous size and hardness. When her orgasm hit her she convulsed in my arms and I held her tenderly while she rode it out. She had unconsciously grapped for my cock which gave me a delicious thrill. Now she blushed again, let go of my cock and said "Thank you!". "My pleasure" I said, and "so, you masturbate!". Again that characteristic hard swallowing before she said "Yes, what else can I do?". I told her "for a change, you could ask me to share your pleasure or you could ask me for some cunnilingus." "What is that?" she asked and I couldn´t detect any sign that she was leading me on. So I looked straight at her and said in a soft voice but very matter-of-factly: "That´s when I explore every nook and cranny of your pussy with my tongue!" At that she gulped again but she screw up her courage enough to say in a faintly wavering voice: "Oh, do people really do that?" to which I lied: "I don´t know about other people but I would indeed like to do that to you - among other nice things!" She gave me a long searching look and seemed to debate something with herself. Again she gave herself that little push I had noticed before and said: "I would like to persue this a little further but perhaps we could go somewhere else for more privacy?" I agreed and we each went to our locker rooms to dress and meet in the lobby. When I showered again my cock was half erected and silvery threads of pre-cum from my earlier excitement dangled from it with each bobbing. I washed carefully and after drying off I treated the glans and prepuce to some thorough massage with a good skin lotion. I wanted my cock to look nice and the foreskin to form a thick smooth collar behind the glans when she next looked at it.

When we met in the lobby she told me that she lives in ten minutes walking distance and she invited me "for a coffee" to her flat. Nothing could suit me better and so we picked up my car and were in her flat in no time at all. As I didn´t want to spoil anything, and because she really was a dear I tried not to be rash and had she sent me on my way after coffee I would have gone, knowing that we will meet again. Her flat was a two room affair with a nice kitchen. She made it a point to tell me which is the bathroom and I had the feeling that she wanted me to go in there and have a look. That´s what I promptly did and I really had to whistle in my surprise. Her bathroom was real big with a huge washstand and a nearly wall-to-wall mirror with integrated lighting. The bathtub was a big halfround affair in a corner and it had various fittings and jet nozzles so I could imagine that this was not just a bath tub to get clean in. There was a glass-encased shower cubicle in the other corner and the WC behind some half wall. The fittings and tiles were all in good taste and it was evident that most of the money for this flat had gone into this room.

I washed my hands and when I joined her I complimented her on that wonderful bathroom. She seemed very pleased and I said in an off-hand way: "I can also see that you do not have to rely on the whirlpools in the fitness club for your .... recreation". On that she giggled in the most charming way before she clapped her hand on her mouth. Over coffee we made small talk but somehow it all circled around themes of love and romance and her fate of being without a partner. Once I unconsciously touched her hand at which she jumped but then she smiled and said: "I´m sorry, I didn´t want to react that way but your touch was like a little explosion to me - but a pleasant one", and with that she took my hand in hers and rubbed my palm with her fingers. When she continued blaming her plainness for her problem I told her: "Listen, I have a good mind to take you by your ears in front of that magnificant mirror in your bathroom and point out your beauties to yourself!". This little inward push that seemed her sign of making up her mind came again and she said "Yes, why don´t we?". She got up, took off her shoes and socks and I did the same. Instead of me taking her by the ears she took me by the hand and we went into the bathroom.

When she saw us together in full length in that mirror she reached for the light switch and dimmed the lights to the lowest level; the room was practically semi-dark and she said that she had to get used first to seeing somebody else with her in that mirror. Then she took off her jeans and the light sweater she was wearing and she stood in sheer white panties of that loose fitting French type with some lace trimmings. She was not wearing a bra but some tight fitting bustier of soft material that showed the small bulge of her breast with her nipples again well-defined through the thin cloth. She gave me an enquiring look and even in that semi-darkness I could see that she was blushing. I said "I think we need to go a little bit farther than that - will it help you if I also .... ?" At that she nodded and watched while I took of my pants and shirt and stood in my small and tight-fitting wine-red briefs that clearly showed a good bulge in front already. What happened then was quite a surprise for me. She came close, embraced me and planted a short firm kiss on my lips before she turned away again and pulled her bustier with one swift motion over her head. She hesitated a split second, then gave an involutary shrug and calmly pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Before I could say anything she turned again to me and simply stripped my briefs off my loins so that I could only step out of them. "Now we are even" she said "and you can tell me what you see!".

I reached for the light switch and undimmed the lights. Stepping behind her I looked over her shoulder into the mirror while, for now, being careful that my fully erect member would not touch her. I put my hands on her hips and slowly stroked them up and down and in circular motions toward her stomach. Slowly I widened the circles and she let it happen and enjoyed the sensation of that soft massage. "Look what fine specimen of a girl you are" I said, "with a flat tummy slightly rounded only and with the most adorable dimple for a navel; and look at that narrow waist from which your hips flare out in a generous curve, surprising in somebody of that overall slimness, but that´s thanks to your beautiful little ass", and with a deft motion I turned her sideways so we could see her in profile. I placed my right hand on her belly and with my left hand I stroked down her back following the inward and outward curves of waist and buttocks. "See that wonderful line" I said, "It´s something to die for, and you think you are not attractive?"

When I resumed my circular stroking motions I included her little breasts and she started to shiver a bit but from her face in the mirror I could see that she was enjoying this with mounting pleasure. Now I said: "Look at your sweet little titties, how they seem to really bulge out now, and your wonderful nipples - what size and colour they have aquired now. I guess when you are fully aroused they will be hard as marbles and wonderful to tongue". With that I slowly and delicately let my fingers pass one after the other over her big nipples causing them to get still bigger and harder. Her shivering had increased a bit more and I stepped closer to embrace her from behind which pressed my cock right alongside the cleft between her buttocks. She did not mind at all, on the contrary she leaned back and made small bumping motions with her hips against me. Her face was flushed and she watched us intently in the mirror. When she turned her face to look back at me I pressed my mouth onto hers and when I opened my lips and let my tongue slide delicately over her lips I was instantly met by her tongue and felt that wonderfully rough surface exploring my lips and tongue. Our kiss seemed to last endlessly and all the while I massaged with gentle pressure her breasts and felt her nipples grow to their final size and hardness. When we stopped kissing we smiled at each other in the mirror and giving a playful little push to her breasts I said: "See what I mean? Yours are the most wonderfully expressive titties I have ever seen. Your nipples are huge and it´s sheer delight to look at them and touch them." At that she turned round, gave me a long lingering kiss that sent a fresh wave of heat through our bodies and souls, then she turned finally round, came into my arms and pressing against me, clasping my buttocks with both hands she whispered: "Let´s go to the bedroom". I put my arm around her and when we walked to the bedroom we felt our hips move under our hands and we both relished to feel that little swaying of our buttocks.

The shades in her bedroom were drawn but they were cream coloured and the daylight was barely dimmed. When we entered the room I lifted her off her feet and placed her gently on her french bed which was covered by a soft blanket. I got to my knees beside the bed and kissed her languidly on the mouth. She replied my kiss with open mouth and darting tongue and we engaged in an intense tongue play that put us both soon on a level of delicious excitement. Then kissing her throat and shoulders all the way down to her chest I eventually put my mouth on one nipple while caressing her other breast with my cupped hand. And she cradled my head in her arms sighing a soft moan of contentment and stroked my head and shoulders. I let my tongue brush slowly and with some pressure over that surprisingly big nipple savouring the taste and texture of it. Her stroking of my head and shoulders became more intense and I played her bud now with quick tongue brushings alternating with rolling my tongue around it and letting it deftly flick over the edge of my tongue. Her nipple seemed to grow in my mouth and it felt as if it had a life, and an urge by itself.

Her breathing with little moans got faster and more intense and her whole body seemed to tense and become increasingly restless. As always, I enjoyed these signs of mounting excitement immensely and I could feel in myself already that familiar wave of excitement which tells me that I am on a near identical rhythm with this sweet woman I was caressing. I have often thought about that curious way in which the increasing excitement of my partner in love sparks and increases my own lust. When I changed places with mouth and hand to give the other nipple it´s due she dug her fingers - with short nails as I was to appreciate a bit later - into my back and on my first tongue strokes she let out a long shuddering sigh. My free hand quickly stroked down her stomach and settled on her fleshy mons with that endearing tuft of dark hair and I began to knead it with thumb and fingers alternating between soft stroking and firm pressure. She responded to that with opening her legs widely; she planted her feet flat on the bed and lifted her hips to meet my stroking, caressing, kneading hand and now she whispered between breaths: "Show me your cunni thing, please!".

In one quick motion I kneeled on the bed between her legs, reached under her buttocks and lifted her hips clean off the bed so that she came to rest with them against my chest with her back supported by my thighs and when she opened her eyes wide in surprise my fingers were already deftly stroking her nipples and she looked into my smiling face framed between her thighs and her whole pussy area just below my face. She smiled back at me and said: "Oh, how nice and comfortable!". And that is exactly what it was - comfortable both for her and for me. She practically rested on her shoulders but was supported against my body and for me it was easy to balance against that slender beautiful body of hers. Now she was watching with great intent while I put my mouth to her mons venus which I started to work on with firm tongue pressure, or putting my opened mouth completely over it sucking in strongly as if I was going to swallow it. In between I let my mouth go to one side and licked the inguinal area, that sweet fold between thighs and abdomen which at her had a very soft, silky skin through which my tongue could feel the blood pulsating in that strong vein running underneath it. I alternated now between left side, mons and right side with strong tongue movements, lip kneadings and suckings and all the while I could look into her face and watch how the excitement started to wash over it, again shortening her breathing with soft moans. I let my mouth wander to the uppermost part of her inner thigh and my tongue ran from there below her pussy over the dam - that short area of skin between the pussy lips and her anus - to the other thigh and her breathing and moaning increased audibly while she spread her legs even more and tried to push her lower parts closer to my mouth. Now I concentrated my tongue play there and gave her strong brushings from the anus to the lower ends of her pussy lips. Her excitement increased still more and she said something but wasn´t quite coherent anymore. Her eyes had started to glaze over and her face was contorted into a mask of agony - but her body movement spoke different; she was rocking her hips on my chest and little whimperings came from her mouth. Now I put my mouth to her pussy and let my tongue loose on the outer labia which on a first tongue thrust parted and revealed her inner labia which were fleshy, dark red and only little wrinkled. As my tongue rapidly and with strong pressure roamed her inner pussy lips up and down, in and out her whimperings got louder, her panting was frantic now and with a strong movement of arms and shoulders she pushed her pussy even more into my mouth. Eventually I put my tongue directly on her clit which now felt big and fleshy and I circled it with my tongue and rubbed over it and when I rolled my tongue into a little sheath and encircled her clit with it she went absolutely wild. Her moaning got louder and her breathing was now a series of quick short gasps interspersed with little cries. Her body writhed very strongly and I had to get a better grip on her hips. In releasing her breasts I feasted my eyes on her enormous nipples that were dark red and stood like big beans on her small breasts; the aureoles had darkened and bulged out. I got her buttocks into a firm grip and started to suck in her clitoris so I could chew it with my lips at which she let out a series of screams which then slowly died away to small whimpers and sighings while a wonderful sex flush of crimson colour quickly spread over her whole upper body.

She couldn´t see my mouth as it was still buried in her pussy but I smiled at her with my eyes and she smiled back and I simply loved that girl. She was so sweet and helpless in the grip of her orgasm and I felt an immense nearness to her, much more even than my tongue in her vulva could signify. A strong wish to please her, to care for her came over me and I continued working with tongue and lips on her pussy and clitoris. When she realized that more was to come she gave me a broad grin of happy anticipation which turned to questioning big eyes when suddenly my own orgasm hit me and let me grip her even firmer while I ejaculated a strong hot stream against her back. After a moment of sinking spirit I realized that I could now go on as my feeling of acute love and tenderness got even stronger and I knew that there was a long time to go yet for my next climax, long enough to lift my love to several further orgasms if she was ready for it.

I resumed my tongue play and after lifting her hips yet a bit higher for better access to her clit I put my hands again on her breasts and passed my fingers over her nipples, twisted them tenderly between thumb and forefinger and my tongue now again roamed her pussy lips and tried to get as far into her as it could reach. She gripped my hand and kissed it and sucked my fingers and watched what she could see of my face again with mounting pleasure. Soon I was back with my tongue on her clit and now it was much quicker that she started to gasp and whine and scream. This time I didn´t have to watch myself as a new climax for me was a long time off, so I could concentrate entirely on her reactions and I tried to make the approaching next orgasm to last as long as possible for her. When it came it was a lot more intense than the first time and it lasted much longer and this time she let really go with screaming and writhing. At it´s peak she gripped my head firmly between her thighs and a stream of ejaculation came into my mouth and changed the way she tasted from slightly bitter to lightly acid or even sweet. The amount of liquid she produced was enormous. My face, breast and shoulders were drenched same as her ass and back and the bed. While she recovered I kept licking her pussy. She said: "I´m sorry, I think I peed on you", and I took my mouth from her sweet pussy and told her: "No, you didn´t - you just had your first ejaculation. Now don´t worry, just concentrate on that wonderful feeling you have and try to loosen up more when it comes again shortly".

And off we went again. I just couldn´t get enough of her pussy, her nipples her contorting face and her ever changing ways of expressing her pleasure and lust and she didn´t seem to get enough of my tongue at her pussy, her anus, her clit and my hands deftly stroking and kneading her breasts, her nipples, her thighs and buttocks. This time she was very quick to climax and she was ejaculating again and her screams of lust seemed like sweet singing to me. When her orgasm started to subside I made an enormous effort with very quick and strong tongue brushings on her clit and finally I sucked it into my mouth that I thought I might hurt her. But if it did she didn´t seem to feel it because she had another orgasm before she had come down from the very last one and to me it seemed endless although it may not have lasted more than half a minute. Then she gasped, "Let me go, please", and I released her on to the drenched bed. She reached for my arms and pulled me down onto her where she kissed me long and deep exploring my lips and mouth with her tongue. She licked my whole face and ears and finally she pushed me onto my back with surprising strenght, crawled on to my chest facing away from me and took my cock into her mouth, licking the glans, playing with her tongue around the foreskin that had rolled into a thick roll behind the glans and let her fingers deftly but without hurting me play with my balls. All the while I had that sweetest of pussies directly before my eyes, hairless, pink with outer labia fully opened and inner labia engorged and red, pulsing with life and lust. Between them her thick fleshy clit with it´s tip protruding very visibly from the hood. Her pussy looked to me like the most beautiful flower, moving and quivering with the movements of her ass. Now I gripped that whole flower in my hand, squeezed it tenderly, and gave it a little pull. At that she looked round at me and I said "Let me put my cock into your pussy, and please, stay on top and take as much time as you want". She turned round to face me on her knees between my legs. She took hold of my cock with one hand and rubbing some of my precum to my glans she pulled back the foreskin entirely, put her index finger on to the glans and carefully swished back the foreskin over the glans so that her finger was halfway covered by it. That´s when I was glad about her short clipped fingernails. Now she grabbed my foreskin between thumb on the outside and index finger on the inside and started gently first to shake my cock which caused a very pleasant sensation on the glans and along the shaft right down to the base. She laughed at me and said: "When I saw that thick roll of foreskin I had wanted to do that right away, it feels wonderful as if my finger is a part of your cock", and with that she gave it a series of very fast and strong shakes that sent waves of pleasure through my whole lower body. My penis has always been a point of pondering for me. Not that it gives me any problem to perform - on the contrary, I seem to be prepared all too often. But then, it isn´t too big, rather average I would think with a good sized glans though, and a complete foreskin that normally covers it fully and opens up a little bit only when fully erected. But this fleshy foreskin is very flexible and I can easily retract it to free the glans completely; when it is left that way it forms a thick collar right behind the glans and I think that my partners usually enjoy that little extra padding quite a lot. But my cock has another little peculiarity - it has a fairly sharp bend upwards a short distance away from the base. When I stand upright an erection on me won´t be at a right angle or similar as it would normally befit a man of my age; it would be sharp upwards and bending so that it is nearly parallel to my abdomen. It does not hurt or give me any other problem but it looks unusual and seems to be the result of something called Peyronie. That, I guess, is the main reason for me to be concerned about my cock. But soon after it had developed in this way, a couple of years go, I learned that it is a great G-spot teaser and any woman with a strong susceptibility in that area will find that out right after my cock has entered her, especially when she is on top of me in an upright position.

None of my partners yet had used my foreskin to shake my cock by the ears, so to say. We both laughed and enjoyed the pleasant sensation this little playfulness gave us. But then play seemed to be over and even in this situation she gave herself that little inward push that I have come to love so much. With a sweet serious expression on her face she straddled me, gripped my "resisting" cock with a ring grip around the base and set the tip against her pussy. There she brushed it back and forth between her inner labia for a long time as if hesitating to "eat" it. She moved her hips back- and forward and from her face and the way she handled my cock I could see how much she enjoyed to be the active part. I wanted her to keep the initiative and I enjoyed the obvious pleasure she took in her game. She concentrated completely on what she was doing only giving me a little smile of triumph sometimes for which I could have kissed her. Then - little push again - she slowly sank on to my cock relishing every millimeter. All the while she made some slow hip movements to accommodate the bent shape of my cock and from her face I saw how she felt her way with her pussy around it until it was all in. Her face had expressed so many feelings during that process that I felt this sight alone was worth anything and it added to my immense pleasure and arousal.

I had put my feet flat on the bed so that my love could find some support with her arms. Now she nearly sat on me with my cock inside her and for some time we both didn´t move at all. We smiled at each other and enjoyed our intimacy, our exhaustion and our nearness. Then I concentrated on my lower region and sent a strong muscle contraction to my cock. Her hips seemed to rock forward, her eyes opened wide and a little scream of surprise came from her opened lips. I smiled sweetly and she said: "Can you do that again, please?" I gave her one more "shrug" to which she responded with an even brighter smile and with a quite strong contraction of her pussy which sent a jolt of pleasure up my body right to the brain. So, without any other movements we engaged in a contest of muscle contractions. Each of my cock movements was answered by a pussy squeeze. After some time we were both moving our genitals in a very quick rhythm and while I could feel my excitement rise I was far from climaxing whereas she took the full force of my penis movements fortified by that penis bend straight at her G-spot. It was a breathtaking sight to see her towering upright on top of me with those tiny dark-tipped breasts on which her now huge nipples were even more prominent, a sexflush covering her body, now glistening with sweat, her face contorted into that expression of agony that I knew so well.
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