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I Love A Rainy Night

A rainy night leads to hot, steamy sex.

She had a thing for younger guys, her motto being, "get them young, train them right".  She met Bruce at work, but he only worked casually, picking up shifts when he needed to, which wasn't often.  He had another job and lived and worked 90 miles away. 


He was about 10 years her junior, divorced and had a little girl whom he had on weekends when he wasn't working. 


He asked her out for coffee one evening after work, and it was well past 1:00 AM when it started to rain heavily.  He had ridden his motorcycle int and he was not looking forward to the 90 mile trip in the rain, in the dark.  


She told him that he was welcome to stay at her place, she had a guest room, and it was no trouble.  He took her up on her generous offer. 


What she hadn't planned on was passion and hot, steamy sex.


She gave him her address and went to the car and he to his bike.  They got to her apartment, and she gave him towels and soap, a spare toothbrush and a razor for morning.  She showed him the washer and dryer and told him to feel free to launder his clothes if he liked.  "Ah, that would be great, but if I wash my clothes, that doesn't leave me anything to wear for the night.  I, ah,. . ."


"Oh for Pete's sake, we are both nurses, and if you want to sleep in the buff, that's fine with me, put your stuff in this bag and I'll throw it in the washer and dryer for you and it will be ready by morning."


"Well, if you're sure you don't mind, it is kind of embarrassing, having you do my laundry", he said to her.


"Look, that bath sheet is big enough to wrap yourself in after your shower, and you can go straight to your room.  No problem.  Okay?"


She took the first shower, and got ready for bed.  He went into the bathroom and put his damp clothes into a bag for her and she started the washer.  She tried hard not to think of him standing in her shower, the warm water cascading over his fit body, but her mind wandered there anyhow. 


She was in bed when he poked his head into her room, to thank her once again.  Oh my God, this man had a broad chest with a tattoo, and one nipple was pierced.  He also had a 6 pack abs, that wouldn't quit and a fine sprinkling of dark hair that led to points southward.  She couldn't help but stare.  "You're welcome.  It's no big deal, you can take me out for breakfast in the morning!"


"It's a date, and we'll take the bike if it's not raining!" he said enthusiastically.


Now, she had a fondness for short, satin, nightgowns.  She awoke well into the night and tried to turn over in bed, only to be met by a solid wall of chest and God, was that his cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass.  Yup it was, she decided as she wriggled back just a bit and felt it twitch.  His arm was draped across her body and his hand possessively cupped her breast.  How long had they been curled up like this, like lovers?


She patted his arm, in an effort to arouse him, "Uh, Bruce, wake up!"  It took more than one try to get him to wake up, but finally he was awake, and there were more than a few moments of awkwardness, to say the least, more on his part than on hers. 


"Crap, I must have got up to pee and wasn't fully awake and came into your bed instead of the guest room", he explained. 


"Hey, no worries" she assured her guest, trying to ease his embarrassment at what happened.  "It's actually kind of nice, waking up in your arms", as she tried to ignore the fact that he had an erection that was making itself known.  "Say is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?", she teased him.


"Well, actually Anne, I find you very attractive, and well. . ."


"Bruce, the feeling is mutual, so what are you gonna do about it?"


He didn't need any more of an invitation than that, as his hand found the hem of her short nightie.  His had rested on her thigh for a few moments before making its way up her rib cage under the satin nightgown.  He cupped her breast in his hand and ran his thumb over the nipple, causing delicious sensations she could feel right down between her legs.  She moaned in delight at what he was doing.


Her moans encouraged him and he continued with the foreplay.  He kissed her, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, jaw.  He whirled his tongue around the folds of her ear and whispered to her, "I want to taste you everywhere, Anne" as he nibbled on her earlobe.  He kissed her neck and upper chest.  He massaged one breast and toyed with the nipple while he took the other nipple and areola into his warm, wet mouth and suckled it gently.  He kissed his way down her abdomen, and ran his hands down her rib cage to stop at her hips. 


He settled himself between her legs that were spread wide open for his enjoyment.  The smell of her hot, wet sex was enough to make his erection swell even more, uncomfortably so, but he was bound and determined to give her the lip service he was so good at.  With his thumbs, he spread open the fleshy outer labia and found the flower that bloomed within.  He kissed her there and his tongue snaked out and found the hood that covered the hub of her desire.  He pulled the protective covering up and there it was, the very center of her womanly desire, swelling and becoming erect before his very eyes.  He touched the tip of his tongue to her, and waggled it to and fro, and she all but exploded into his mouth.


She screamed and writhed on the bed, bucking her hips up to his face, wanting more of this delicious torture. 


He gladly complied, sucking he clit into his mouth.  He gently inserted two fingers into her waiting, wanting canal and stroked them in and out.  He could feel her cervix and would rub at that knob of flesh.  He turned his hand upward, and found her G-spot, and fingered her there until she was wild with want and wet with desire.  He gently pressed his other hand on her lower belly, just above her mound, as he rubbed her G-spot and sucked her clit. 


"OH GOD, DON'T STOP, PLEAASSSE, DON'T STOP!" and with those words she flooded his face with her slick, sweet nectar.  He drank from her fountain, that she so willingly offered, but she wanted more. 


"Oh God, Bruce, I need you in me now, FUCK ME NOW!!!"


He moved further up and settled his cock at the entrance to her hole.  He rubbed his tool up and down the slit, at the moisture that was gathered there.  His bulbous glans was once again at the opening of her canal.  He slowly, steadily pressed himself into her, and when he was in, thrust into her up to the hilt.  Her cunt muscles gripping him and sucking him in even more as he pounded into her. 


Their breathing matched their sexual workout, and their hearts were pounding in their chests.  It was not long until the climax they both sought overtook them and they were lost in a rush of cum, mingling together.  They stilled and enjoyed the wonder of their joined bodies.  Their honey flowed around his cock, still filling her, and seeped out of her and down her perineum. 


He collapsed on her, and they lay like that for many moments, savoring in the ripples of aftershocks that tingled through them. 


They were both off for the day, and in their post climactic lovers' chat, they decided that they should go for a day trip on his motorbike.  It was a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide, the ultimate in a touring bike, or so he told her.  "Come on, Anne, let's get out of town for the day.  Better yet, neither one of us has to work for a few days, pack a bag, and lets go to the national park.  I can stop at my parents farm on the way for a change of clothes."


She had never ridden on a motorbike before, and was excited at the prospect.  The bike was the ultimate in comfort as she settled onto the passenger seat behind him, and wrapped her arms around his waist.


The ride was smooth, smoother than she would have thought possible.  She couldn't help but smile at the thought of "boys and their toys".  Not to mention the movie line, "I feel the need, the need for speed", which took on a whole new meaning as they hit the open highway. 


Nearly three hours later they were at the park in the northern part of the province.  The park boasted a huge lake, cold clear, water, and some of the best fishing and camping in the province.  It also had one of the finest 5 star hotels in the country and a championship golf course.  Of course, the only thing they were interested in was the hotel and 24 hour room service. 


As they were checking into the hotel, she whispers in his ear, "Hurry, the buzz of the motorbike has left me hot and horny, and I need something more between my legs than the seat of the Harley!"


He laughs out loud when he hears this, and tells the clerk that they are newlyweds and on their honeymoon.  The clerk smiles and winks at them. 


They get to the room, and they are frantic with desire for each other.  Clothes are disposed of in record time.  Naked, hot flesh, against naked, hot flesh, fill them both with an erotic desire neither has felt in a long time.  He is hard and throbbing for her, and she is dripping wet and nearly vibrating for him. 


She kneels on the bed, and lifts her hips to him.  He runs his hands over her voluptuous ass and slips fingers into her hot, wet pussy.  He wants to make sure she is ready because he is bigger than ever before. 


"Hurry, I need it all now", she pants with excitement. 


He grasps his cock, and guides it to her wanting, wet love tunnel.  It slides in without effort and he begins thrusting.  She moves her hips in time to meet his thrusts.  She is desperate to come, and begs him to tend to her clit.  His hand slides off her hip and down to where the center of her pleasure is.  His finger slips into her labia, she is wet and slick and his finger glides over her button.  It doesn't take much on his part to make her cum and she gushes copious amounts of her slick, sweet nectar over his hand and cock.  His own climax sends ribbons of hot jism deep into her womb and they yell out each other's name at the same time. 


She collapses on the bed, panting and gasping for air.  Her heart is pounding like it will fly from her chest.  Never has she been so completely exhausted from a sexual encounter as she is now. 


He lays down on his side, and pulls her to him and the cuddle in the contentment both are feeling, saying nothing, and wait for sleep to overcome them.  There will be more sex, but now, sleep is all they need or want. 


To think that this all started with coffee on a rainy night.

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