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I Love My Bestie Part Three

I wonder who's under the mask?
"Another glass of Diamond Sauvignon please."

"Coming right at ya mate."

Corey stared on through his mask as the bartender poured yet another glass of the dark liquid into his glass. He sat quietly as music pulsed on behind him, the crowd swaying with the rhythm. He nursed this one drink, being his fifth, and he could feel the incessant buzz of drunkenness warning him to slow down before he was consumed by it. He marveled at the beauty of the wine as he swished it around in his glass. 

"How did I become so lonesome?"

He already knew the answer, and downed the wine to prevent it from resurfacing againwith no such luck.

"I'm afraid."

Corey thought of the dozens of times he was approached for a study date, conversation, or even a simple question, and how he always managed to shy away. He remembered the countless times he let his friends go on to a party without him and how he went to the gym for the sake of not being alone. Now he wasn't antisocial, he just didn't like social occasions. But he yearned for them. There came many times when the sudden need for companionship, the need for someone to talk to and laugh with, and to hold became overpowering. When these times came, alcohol filled the void, just as it was doing now. . .

"One Sapphire Martini please. Dirty and two olives love," said a voice next to him.

Corey turned to the source of the melodious sound and nearly fell over at the sight of the beautiful woman that sat beside him. She was gorgeous! He stared into his empty glass but stole quick glances of her long, shapely legs leading to her strapless dress. It was a deep amber that perfectly accentuated her curves and her bust. He was amazed how round and full her breasts were to be able to sit in that dress sans brassiere. She had the kind of hair that just made you want to run your fingers through it. The glitter from her mask was falling onto her face, and as she swayed to the music it was as if she were shining in the light, adding to the bewitching effect she had upon him.

The bartender set her drink in front of her and he must've been staring too long. She noticed and she turned to smile at him. Corey attempted to turn away, but her smile had him transfixed, and pulled at the corners of his own lips. She winked and turned to her drink. Corey blushed and dropped his head to his own, but he couldn't help stealing glances at the goddess beside him. He observed as she called for drink after drink and the glee she felt after each glass. She then reached into a hidden pocket in her dress and felt around. 

"Ughh. Dammit," she said flustered as she pulled out her car keys.
"How about the next one's on me?" Corey heard himself say.

"That's so nice of you love, but I really don't want to inconvenience you!"

"You'd be inconveniencing yourself running all the way to the car and back. On me okay?" What am I doing?

"Thank you hun, you're so sweet!" she told him.

Corey didn't know if it was the alcohol, but he had no idea as to what compelled him to offer her a drink. She seemed to light up with the offer and she touched his shoulder as she thanked him. He felt a jolt of electricity run through him and his felt himself warm to this girl. 

"Why is such a hunk like you sitting here all alone at this bar?" she questioned him as she munched on another olive.

"Why is a hottie like you sitting all alone at this bar?" he fired back.

She pointed the toothpick with half an olive at him and smiled. "Because I'm, as the Americans say, a freshman at QUT. And by the looks of you, should be in the third year of tertiary," she teased.

"For your information Freshie, I'm a sophomore, as they also say," he said with an indignant smirk.

She laughed at his attempt to seem bombastic and important and Corey eventually ended up laughing with her. Corey drank well into the night with this stranger, and she eventually ended up laying back into his arms.

Corey could see and feel the effects of the alcohol on her. She became even more friendly and bubbly, definitely more relaxed. She sat in his arms and popped off her heels to reveal her perfectly manicured toes. She allowed him to run his fingers through her curly hair as she rested her head on his shoulder, and laughed as he popped olives into her mouth. She suddenly sobered and looked at him quietly.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I don't know why, but I feel like I've known you my entire life," she told him.

Corey couldn't deny the mutual feeling, it was there, that total security they both held in each other's presence. "It really does, doesn't it."

Maybe it's the alcohol.

Suddenly he felt her soft foot rubbing his leg through his pants. He instantly blushed as she gently massaged his shin with her foot. He saw her hand running up and down her thigh, exposed by her dress which had ridden up. Now the alcohol was really setting in. He began to trace the delicate outline of her collarbone, massaging and venturing deeper as his finger soon sat in her cleavage. Corey was pleased when she smiled. 

"I like that," she said as her face lit up into a smile.

He continued on without any inhibitions and outlined her plump breasts, and watched her shiver as he circled her nipples.



Corey's hand quickly fell to his side. He could see that she was both shocked as she pulled on her heels and pulled him enthusiastically to the middle of the dance floor. She placed her arm around his neck and entwined her fingers in his. His hand tentatively found its place in the small of her back. Now she could see him clearly. He was built tall and muscular, with sun-bleached blonde hair falling over his mask. She easily fit into his physique, snugly placing her head on his shoulder. 

"They think we're a couple!" she whispered into his ear with excitement.

"I don't blame them," he whispered back "We were acting like two fools back there."

She laughed that beautiful laugh again and smiled that perfect smile. The smell of her hair was intoxicating and he buried his nose in it's lush scent. 

She started to discreetly lick and suck on his neck, and he felt her heartbeat racing as he pulled her closer to him. It was no hidden fact she was becoming aroused, and she let him know.

"I'm feeling so hot right now..." she said with power of Aphrodite herself.

Corey blushed. Hard. He thanked God for the mask that hid his upper face.

"I'm not wearing any panties," she said nonchalantly as she nibbled on his earlobe and outlined his pinna with her tongue, all the while breathing heavily into his ear. It was one of the sexiest thing he had ever experienced. She was on full sex mode, and every time her body touched his, he looked forward to moans.

"You're really making me wet," she said.

Her hand dropped to his chest as she pushed herself into his body and slowly gyrated her hips against his crotch. Corey felt his cock not just grow, but spring up. his arousal awakened something primal in him.

"I hope you're going somewhere with this," he told her.

"Should we?" she inquired with a devilish smile.

He grunted as his hand fell down to her ass as they ground into each other. As the first song ended, more people crowded onto the floor, and he subtly moved them through the crowd, working his way towards the back. He gently pushed her against the wall and kissed her, hungry for her. Her hands pulled him onto her until he was pressing her into the wall, with no space between their bodies. His hands ran up and down her waist as his lips did their work. She began to suck on his bottom lip and he began to moan in response. She opened her mouth and his tongue ventured cautiously into her mouth. Her tongue met his with feigned interest, lightly tapping the tip of his tongue, and then pushing it back into his mouth. He loved the sounds of her quick and short breaths as she was getting more turned on by the second. He ground his now fully erect penis into her pelvis, evicting moans and squeals of pleasure.

"Yes," she said between breaths.

She was restless against the wall, squirming under him as she moaned. She opened her mouth for him again, and her tongue swirled around his, her mouth never finding enough of his. Their masks restrained them from going full out, but they didn't remove them. His hand found her breast and began to massage her nipple through the thin fabric of the dress, inciting more and more moans from her. His other hand snaked its way under her dress, but she then pushed him off of her. Corey stood there shocked.

"Not here baby," she said between quick breaths

Corey registered what she said and brought her over to one of the curtained couch areas in the back of the club. He quickly found a vacant compartment and drew the curtain.

Corey could tell she was excited by the thrill of having sex in the club, protected only by a thin curtain. She turned off the lights and pushed him onto the sofa, lustfully pouncing on top of him. His hands were all over her as he ripped off her mask and his own and threw them onto the table. He quickly unzipped her dress and was kneading her ass while she hungrily kissed and sucked on his muscular neck. She undid his tie and shirt while on top of him, and ran her fingers through his growing chest hair as he ran his fingers through her hair. She clutched at his chest in desperation, aggressively grinding her pelvis into his. 

"Uhmm . . . ooohh. . . This feels soo good. . ."

He easily turned her over and got on top.

Corey brought the dress down to her stomach and immediately started on her pert nipples. He had never seen breasts like hers. They were so round and firm, but also smooth and supple like her ass. She moaned on and on as he made his descent downward along with her dress, exposing her soaking wet muff. He burst out in a deep, throaty laugh at the site of her shave.

"What?!?" she replied alarmed.

He ran his finger through the happy face shaved within a heart design on her pubic mound.

"Oh!" she said before laughing herself.

Corey decided to catch her unawares and dove in between her legs. Her vulva was puffy and glistened with her natural lubrication. She yelped in surprise and pushed his head in deeper. He loved the wet atmosphere and the faint smell of baby wipes.

She squirmed and bucked as he reached places no one else ever did. His thumb kept her clit in constant play, further heightening her arousal. He licked, lapped, and nibbled anything and everything that was down there without taking a breath. She was taking in extremely short breaths and he felt her body tremble and tense for orgasm.

"Fuck yess. . .Eat me good. . . yy-yy-eeesss. . . unhhh. . ."

He continued his destruction and she began to jerk under his tongue, but he held her by the hips firmly as she careened into orgasm. Throes of pleasure washed over her in ridiculous amounts as he continued to eat her out.

"You went down on me!" Was all she could muster between breaths as she came to.

Corey smiled.

"That was the most amazing thing I could have gone through."

"You think that was?" he said with an amused grin.

Corey removed her dress from around her ankles and took off his pants. He put his cock in her mouth for only a second, knowing he would lose himself in the gratification if he allowed it. He grinned as he wondered if she could take his cock after having an orgasm from simple head.

He was dead wrong.

Corey was surprised at the warmth and the pressure of her pussy, and right there only halfway in almost blew his load. His eyes closed and he could feel the familiar contractions, but he quickly pulled out. 

"Yea big boy!" She teased him.

He laughed and he prepared himself this time. He pushed in slowly and groaned with the pleasure from her wet slit. She closed her eyes as he finally reached bottom. He began to thrust in and out, pinching and tugging her nipples in the process. She was lost in it all and so was he. Faster and faster he worked, his mind focused on blowing up inside of her.

"Ooooh fuck yesss! Fuucckk meee, fuck me right! Ooooh!"

The sound of her dirty talk fueled him on, pound after pound he groaned as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Mmmm,, you gonna cum in my wet pussy? Hunh, baby? Go ahead and fill me up."

Deeper and deeper he ventured, laying on top of her as he slammed his penis in and out. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass was so erotic, and he enjoyed it coupled with her moans. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust her self onto his spear every time he flew in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned directly in his ear, fueling him to work harder. He loved the feeling of her breasts jiggling under his chest after each thrust. Her nipples bore into his chest as he lay on top of her.

"Ooooh yes baby! Fuck me hard and fast, fuck this tight little bitch's pussy."

"Fuck yes! Shit I'm about tooo comee!! Ohh SHIT! FUCK YES! Ooonhnhnnhh!"

"Uuuuunnhhh. . . unnhh. . .UNH!" Were the sounds of the final wet thrusts.

She screamed as she again bucked under orgasm. He was surprised as he felt her cum shoot onto his penis and out onto his pelvis. He never had sex with a girl who squirted before. The fact that she knew how to squirt charged him into a frenzy. He fucked her as hard as he could until he could feel the familiar contractions building up.

"Fuck this young pussy! Fucck meee,, fuuucckkk meee!" 

"Ohhh I can feel it. . ." He told her.

"Fucckk yess,, give it to me,, deep inssidee of mee!"

She tightened the grip of her legs on her waist to get him as deep as he could inside of her. She matched his thrusts wildly, yearning to feel his sperm deep inside of her. Corey pounded a few more times than abruptly stood on his knees between her legs. He grabbed her legs and pulled them roughly towards him as he shoved his pelvis forward as hard as he could. The penetration was unbelievable as he reached deep in her pussy and blew his load inside of her. He was blind sided by the pleasure and he began to jerk himself. His knees buckled and he fell on top of her again.

"Unnnhhhh yea. . . Fuck yes," he said with the last couple of thrusts.

Neither of them had ever experienced sex so awesome before, and she was hungry for more. She eased out from under him and started to suck on his limp member. She sucked him off as if it was her last in the world. He moaned in delight as she worked his dick into her throat and out again, all the while fondling his balls. He was soon erect again and she pounced onto him, reverse cowgirl.

The view from the back was just as fantastic from the front. Her ass was just so plump and fat and he loved he way she gyrated as she rode him. He generously spanked her ass and she began to fuck him even faster. Corey held her by the waist and guided her up, down, and around onto his cock, grabbing her breasts forcefully ad tugging on her nipples when he wasn't spanking her. He could tell she was getting the most out of this but he didn't mind. She loved the feel of him smacking her ass while she rode his dick and still held the ability to rub her clit and pull on her nipples. She rode his dick with a maniacal frenzy as his previous load covered his dick and made her vagina slick, all the better to ride him.

"Ohhhh fuckk yeess!! Fuck, fuck fuck fuck!"

She was pounding and grinding hard onto his thick cock. Her breasts were flopping every which way as she rubbed her clit furiously. She was having the fuck of her life, and she thanked God she didn't go this way before she made him cum. He was lasting longer than last time, the best for her. She went on for more than 15 minutes, before he finally held her by the waist to begin the final pumps. His dick just felt so right inside of her, as if it was made for her! He started to grunt under him.

"Thats right, cum again deep into my pussy,, I want more!!!"

"Fuck me baby,, yes! Just fuck fuck fuck fuck! Fuck my cum filled pussy! Oh shit, yes! Fuuuccckkkk meeeeee!" She exclaimed.

She began to slam down hard onto his penis, encouraging him to hit home. The sight of her round ass, her sexy moans, her breasts flying, the feel of her warm pussy, and his cock covered in both their juices did it all. On the fourth descent, he threw himself up and shot another load deep into her glorious sheath. As he did, she could feel another orgasm coming up and began to ride him with terrifying speeds before he went completely flaccid.

"Oh fuckk yeess! Yesss! Fuuccckkkk! Uunnhhhhnnh!"

She paused as she squirted viciously all over them before falling backwards into his chest. He gently rubbed her sore pussy lips as she caught her breath. She shakily stood up and licked up the mess of cum that sat on his pelvis. She swallowed it all with grin and then back on top of him, kissing him passionately.

"That was so amazing," she said in a quiet voice filled with awe.

"Yes it was," he replied.

"I don't know why but I feel as if I've fallen asleep on you before," she told him as she gave him a cute little hickey.

"I do too. It's the strangest feeling of deja vu."

She lay there for another 10 minutes before she finally got up to clean up. Corey found a box of ice with a bottle of Merlot in it and dipped his undershirt in the melted ice below. They both took turns sponging each other with the freezing water and she giggled as he cleaned her off. Soon they were both dressed and placed their respective masks on their faces, they kissed for another minute and stepped out of the compartment laughing in each others arms.

In a whirlwind of red, a cute redhead flew onto her in distress.

"Where you been girl? I've been waiting for you forever! You have the car keys and don't forget we need to get home before 1:30," she told her.

"OK Sass, let me say bye to, wait, I cant believe I never got your name!" She exclaimed with genuine shock.


"It's-" He started to reply before the bass overtook everything and a crowd of people came running through them to get to the dance floor.

"C'mon Al!" said Sarah as she tugged on her wrist.

"Wait Sass!" she said in futile attempt as she lost him in the moving power of the crowd...

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