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I Met An Old Friend

An unplanned meet at a National Trust House

I liked going to historical houses and places of historical significance and I suppose that is why I was a member of the National Trust. It had something for every mood. Today, I just wanted to get away. Things had not been going my way so I just wanted to escape and wonder around having things to do so my mind didn't start thinking about things and this particular place had everything. Nice gardens and woodland walks to get lost in and a fantastic house with labyrinths of rooms and things to see. It also had a fabulous coffee shop with the most amazing cream scones.


I parked my car and walked to join the line of people waiting to get in. As I waited I looked at the woman in front of me. She had lovely long blond hair which fell over her shoulders and stopped just above her lovely slim waist. I admired the shape of her ass I thought how nice it would be to bite playfully. Her legs were fantastic and the short skirt she was wearing definitely allowed me to admire their shape. Her over all look reminded me of a woman I used to work with. I never really wanted to get involved with but she would of definitely been an acception. We were both involved at the time and although I would not of been able to refuse if she had asked, I was unable to take that risk. We had many a laugh and used to flirt like crazy, I often thought about her and wondered what would of happened if the flirting was acted upon.


"Hello, long time no see." The comment snatched me back from my thoughts, I looked up and this looked right at the woman I used to work with. I told her that I was just admiring this wonderful woman in front of me and that she reminded me of her and she laughed and said with a wink "After all this time, still flirty aren’t you"

"Well I just don't want to give up trying." I replied. She blushed moved forward with the queue. "You here with anyone?" I asked.

"No, thought I'd just get away from it all." She replied

"Me too. Its good to leave everything behind every so often isn't it"

"Oh yes," She said. "You fancy sticking together?" She asked then added "I understand if you don't and just want some time for yourself."

"No, I'd love to" I replied, "It will be nice to catch up and.." I paused "well spend time with you." She smiled and said

"Cool, I'd like that too. We always had a laugh together, Be nice to pick up that again"


We both went in and chatted and caught up on what we had both been up to and what we were doing. The morning went by really fast and having decided to walk around the gardens we were both hungry and talked out. We made our way to the cafe and continued to talk and laugh and, gladly, flirt with each other. It was as though we hadn't spent any time apart the way we just picked things up again. "You know people always asked me how you were when you left" I told her.

"Really," She said "Why did they ask you?"

"They thought we were an item" I answered "Must be all the flirting we did" I continued with a wink

"We were terrible weren’t we" She said laughing.

"Hmm, naughty but nice" I said

"There was one time I actually wanted to drag you off" She said almost casually without looking at me.

"There was more than one time I thought about it, especially on nights" I chanced. She turned and looked at me. Her eyes searching mine. "Why didn't we?" She asked shaking her head, realizing that we both wanted to but didn't.

"I suppose we couldn't and didn't want to ruin what we did have." I said

"Well we don't have those restrictions now" She said. I looked at her and we started to communicate something without using words. I leaned forward and kissed her lips for the first time. I had often wondered what her kisses were like and I was not disappointed. Our lips met slightly parted and we shared a minute bit of tongue and we tasted each other. It was like electricity passed between us and we moved away slightly and looked at each other in silence although our smiles was loud enough for anyone watching to hear.


We sat down and ate our lunch talking constantly about the thoughts and desired we had had for each other when I commented that I still did. We talked about some of the opportunities we had let go by. I started to wish we were alone as the conversation and just looking and hearing her was getting me going. I wasn't going to mention this fact but changed my mind when I remembered how our keeping quiet got s both nowhere despite our desires. After telling her she smiled at me and said "Well this day is still young and I hope not to end this day without at least another one of those kisses" and with that she winked.


We left and went into the house. I grabbed her hand gently and we walked through the ground floor of the grand house both enjoying the beautiful architecture and furnishings but both thinking of enjoying each other in a passionate and intimate embrace. We made our way up to the first floor and had to walk passed a roped off corridor which went down a short distance before turning left. She pulled my hand so I stopped and I turned to see her looking down the corridor then looking at me. I knew exactly what she was thinking and I looked around to see if anyone would see is. Seeing it was all clear I pulled her quickly under the rope and along the corridor and darted left where we paused. The corridor was empty and there were several doors which lead off was walked quietly to the first one on the right and I put my ear to it and listened. All quiet, so I turned the handle hoping it was unlocked. The door quietly swung open to reveal a beautifully restored bedroom with the main feature being am oak four poster bed. We looked at each other and smiled. We kissed and we could feel each others heart beating and excitement.


Our tongues danced together as our lips moved in time with a song only we could feel. My hand caressed her back and I pulled her in close so I could feel her body tight against mine. I felt her hips push into me and realized that I was aroused and my hard penis was sticking into her. Her hands came round to the front of me and she gently rubbed at the bulge in my trousers. I breathed deep as I felt her touch and whispered "So long I've waited for this" She looked at me and smiled. I then moved swiftly and swept her off her feet and then lay her on the bed. I then stood up and looked down at her, looking at the gorgeous curves from her ankles to her bright eyes staring back at me. I touched her calves and run my hand gently up her legs and under her skirt where I grasped hold of her small, silky knickers and carefully pulled on them. She helped me by raising her hips, allowing my to slide them off.


I then started to kiss her legs making my way slowly up. Her legs started to open letting me kiss closer and closer to her pussy. I caught the scent of her pussy. I breathed deep the aroma then couldn't wait any longer and moved towards her vagina. I gently ran my tongue across tasting her juices. I felt her body tense and her hands came down and touched my head as though in encouragement. I pushed my tongue harder against her hole and I felt it sink deeper into her and I felt her start to squirm as I pushed my tongue in and out, running it along her folds. I circled her clitoris and occasionally flicked at it sending her writhing and causing her to push my head deeper into her groin. Her juices now flowing onto my mouth I stopped briefly to lick my lips, savoring her love juices before pushing my tongue deep inside her and letting her grind against my mouth while she came. Her body shuddered and her climax came in waves. I felt a small gush enter my mouth and swallowed it all down, tasting her climax.


She stopped pushing on my head and gently encouraged my up towards her where she kissed my wet mouth, tasting herself as we kissed, our tongues caressing and fondling in each others mouth. I felt her hands move down and undo my trousers. I felt the pressure of my clothes disappear as she freed my penis from its confinement. Her hands caressed my hard shaft and her eyes opened wide as she felt the size. She smiled and gently moved it towards her still wet pussy and whispered "Oh, I know I am going to enjoy this" She had no sooner said this when I pushed against her and felt my cock slide inside her. We both gasped at the sensation and I held it deep inside her feeling the warmth and moistness surrounding my member. I then slowly gyrated against her, grinding the base of my penis against her clitoris. She moaned in pleasure and I began to move my erection out of her. She looked at me with her big eyes and I smiled and kissed her gently and then began to slide it back in, her eyes closed slowly as I maintained this movement.


I felt her hips start to move and we got into a rhythm, or bodies writhing , joined and glistening with perspiration. We kissed gently, our tongues playing together and we looked into each others eyes. Silently communication passed between us, our passion, our longings and our pleasure evident in each others eyes. She started to move her hips faster and I reacted accordingly, feeling her wetness lubricating our union. I moved my head to her neck and started kissing it gently. Her head lolled to one side, allowing me access. Her rhythm changed and became more erratic as I gently bit and sucked and kissed her neck. I felt my orgasm stat to build and tried to hold it back but I felt her start to shudder under me and heard a low moan as she started to come. I continued and my body tensed as I came, ejaculating my sperm inside her. She wrapped her legs tight around me and pushed against me as I thrusted. Deep, deep inside her I climaxed and there we stayed for a while kissing and touching each other in silence.


We suddenly became aware of our surroundings and quickly got dresses and tidies the bed that we a used. We carefully left the room and before turning the corner to get back on the main route I stopped and kissed her. Then we quickly made our way back ducking under the rope.


We walked around the rest of the house a lot quieter than previously and both felt as though people knew what we had just done, but also aware they hadn't a clue. As we made our way back downstairs and through the old kitchen I whispered in her ear "I can still taste you." She looked at me and smiled and said "I can still feel you" and quickly rubber my groin. I looked around and saw no one there but my nervous reaction made has laugh. "Just checking" I said in my defense.

"So was I" she replied as she touched me again, this time feeling my hardening penis. She raised her eyebrows and said to me "I know just the thing for that" Then lead me back along the corridor which we had just walked along. With no one near she ducked under a stairway and I followed. I found myself stood in the corner under the stairs, my head inches from the ceiling and she was already starting to crouch down in front of me. My head started spinning. All of a sudden I found myself here with her wrapping her lips around my erection. I looked and saw that no one could just walk past and see us I began to relax. I felt her running her lips over my glands and the down my shaft. Her wet warm mouth caressing it while her tongue massaged it as she moved it in and out. I ran my fingers through her hair as she licked at my shaft and moved lower to gently suck my testicles. I could feel my climax building and I guided her mouth so she could slide it into her mouth again. She knew what was coming and started to suck on my hard cock and lick it as it went in and out of her mouth. My hip started to gyrate so she placed her hands on me ass and encouraged me to thrust my erection into her mouth. It was not long before the first spurt erupted into her mouth. Then another and another, she swallowed it all as I came fully into her. Completely spent the licked at my penis as it started to soften as though making sure she hadn't missed a drop. She stood up and turned as I zipped up and I stopped and took hold of her. She turned to me and I kissed Her. She was hesitant at first then began to relax and aloud me to taste myself off her tongue and we kissed. "Well that was horny" she whispered as her stopped. "That was fantastic" Is corrected her.


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