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I Missed You...

"Jer, I'm home baby," Marisa yelled, closing the apartment door and throwing down her bag. She walked into the kitchen in confusion, not finding her boyfriend in the living room either, she headed towards their bedroom; shrugging off her jacket and kicking off her shoes along the way. 

"Jeremy?" Marisa called, opening their bedroom door, and then stopping in her tracks. Jeremy was sitting naked on the end of their bed, holding his hard cock in one hand and facing the door.

"I missed you," he said, smiling at her and rubbing his cock, "Come suck it," he demanded.

Marisa felt herself getting wet and gave him a sultry grin back, slipping out of her dress and walking toward him in only her bra and panties. She dropped to the floor between his legs, wrapping one hand around his massive cock and holding his balls with the other hand. Marisa hungrily licked his entire length and swirled her tongue under the head.

"Mmmm," she moaned, loving his taste. Jeremy smirked and put his hands on her head, pushing her down all the way and making her gag. She looked up at him with watering eyes as she kept choking, her spit leaking all over him, until he removed his hands and let her come up for air.

"Fuck yeah, baby. Keep sucking me off, mmm. My naughty slut," Jeremy moaned, pulling Marisa's hair back and holding it, as she continued deep throating him.

"Yes Jeremy, I'm your naughty slut," she gasped, smacking his cock against her tongue between every word.

He placed his hands behind him, leaning back a little and panting. He didn't think he could keep watching her, she looked so sexy that it made him want to cum right then. Looking back down at his girlfriend, Jeremy pulled her head up off of his throbbing dick.

"Bend over the bed," he commanded.

Marisa stood up slowly, but Jeremy wanted her now. He grabbed her hips, forcing her over the bed and ripping down her panties as she threw off her bra. Jeremy pushed her head down onto the mattress, using his other hand to pin her hands to her back. He kicked her legs apart while she moaned like a bitch in heat, then he bent down and gave her soaked pussy a hard lick.

"Oh Jeremy, I need you now," Marisa cried out.

He let go of her head and grabbed his dick, rubbing it between her pussy lips agonizingly slowly, making her shake and moan. He put both hands on either side of her head, leaning over her and whispering into her ear.

"Tell me how badly you need me, Marisa".

She could feel his cock resting against her pussy as she tried to find her breath.

"I need you so badly Jer..." She breathed.

"Tell me who's pussy this is?" he taunted, kissing her neck.

Marisa panted, "Yours, Jeremy, this is your pussy. All yours. My pussy is all yours."

Jeremy grunted in satisfaction, pulling her head around so he could kiss her as he lay his stomach against her back and slowly started forcing himself inside her tight cunt. She was so tight and wet that he felt lightheaded with pleasure. Marisa's body twitched and squirmed underneath him, her breath coming in short gasps as she let him have his way with her. Jeremy kept thrusting harder and harder inside of her, hearing her scream when he rammed into her all the way.

"Fuck baby," he groaned, "This pussy is mine," he punctuated every word with a hard thrust, as she kept crying out for more. He could feel himself getting close as her pussy started to clamp down tightly around him.

"Harder Jer," she pleaded. He obliged willingly, ramming against her g spot and feeling his balls hit her clit.

"Fuck Marisa, I'm gonna cum inside you babe," he moaned, just as he felt himself lose control and fill her with his cum, causing her to orgasm hard around his cock.

Jeremy stayed inside her, catching his breath and then pulling out and watching his sticky cum leak out of her tiny pussy. She moaned appreciatively, as he rubbed his cum over her flesh with his cock, then rolled onto her back and pulled him down onto her for a kiss.

"I missed you too Jer," she giggled.

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