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I pick dare!

Some Bad joke!

Around Christmas time the spirit and the mood is perfect to organise these little private evenings with your friends . You know what I mean , you invite around 4 to 8 people , and you play some funny but mostly naughty games , like there is strip poker and spin the bottle , and lets not forget , the most favourite game all time :

Truth or dare ! Who hasn't played that before ? Having to tell the truth to those annoying private question , confessing to your best friends , or dare something , to prove you are not a chicken ? Yes , I guessed so , we all know what I am talking about .

These games are most fun when the weather sucks , raining or snowing , wind blowing hard , so mostly we play these kind of games with friends on the winter evenings . And last year would be not different . So me and my partner , his name is Erik , invited 2 other couples to come on over that evening . It wasn't raining outside but it was cold , very cold , the wind blowing through your clothes . We took care of the drinks and the snacks and around 6 in the evening they arrived . The evening always starts with drinks and snacks , talking to each other , getting comfortable . Mostly a few drinks later the first game starts . We decided to start the evening with playing truth or dare .

We took place in the couches in our living room , nice and comfy , the lights dimmed , music playing softly in the background . Yes , the mood was set .

Me and some friends are playing truth or dare .

 And when its my turn I say "dare" . And they dare me to be a real prostitute for one evening . So I really have to dress like a whore , go out on the street and give men sex for money . I wasn't allowed to take any money with my when I went out on the streets and I had to show them how much I earned to prove it .

 First I was having doubts about it but after a while I decide to take the bet . The next day I get ready to start my day as a real prostitute . I put on this very short black skirt , a string , black thigh high stockings , no bra , a very short tank top showing lotsa cleavage and nice latex boots that reach just above my knees . I am wearing lotsa make-up . When I look at myself in the mirror I am surprised . What I see is a real cheap whore .

The next thing I do is get out on the streets . My friends dropped me off at a whore neighbourhood . So there I was , leaning against a wall in a street where all the prostitutes were walking and trying to get some clients . I was really nervous . It was pretty cold too . After an hour a car stops in front of me and he opens his window . He signs for me to come to his car and so I do .

 He was a normal looking guy , somewhere age 38 and he asked me how much for a blowjob . I told him 30 dollars . I really did not know how much I should ask . He nodded and opened the door and I got in his car as we left .

A few seconds later he tells me to open his pants and suck him off .

 I looked surprised and said : " Now ? "

He told me : " Offcourse , come on , what are you waiting for ! " . So I opened his pants and moved my hands into his pants to get his cock out . It was not hard yet . I looked at his cock , nervous . Suddenly I felt his hand grabbing my head as he pushed me on his cock fast .

" Suck it off bitch ! " He said .

I started to suck him off , feeling his cock harden inside my mouth . He kept holding my head down while I sucked on his dick . I was very nervous cause he was still driving the car . After a while I felt his cum shooting inside my mouth as I had to swallow it all .

"Yeah slut , swallow it " . It felt discusting actually .

 He gave me the money and dropped me off at the same place where he picked me up . So there I was again , back on the streets with my first money earned as a whore . My mouth still tasting like the cum he just shot inside . I was hoping my friends would pick me up soon so I could go and shower . But the night wasnt over yet .

Again a car stopped and I went to him . The man told me to get in the car and I did cause he said he would pay me whatever I wanted . This sounded interesting .

He drove to a dark alley and we got out of the car and he leads me into and old building . There was an old matress on the floor . He started to move his hands all over my body as he kissed me . I guess he was around age 44 . He ripped down my skirt and panties and pushed me down on the matress .

 " Spread those legs you slut " . I opened my legs fast .

"Yeah I am gonna fuck you , you little bitch " . I was scared now .

He unzipped his pants and took them off , together with his underwear . While he sat down in front of me he grabbed the edges of my thong and ripped it off fast . He got in between my legs and pushed his cock fast inside me .

Got this hurted cause my pussy was very dry . I let go a loud scream . His hand slapped me in the face as he said :

Shut up and take this you fucking whore ! .

 He started to fuck me brutally . My back was moving up and down the old matress each time he pushed his cock deep inside me . He was moaning and sweating and calling me all kinda names . Sweat started to drip onto my body from his head . I felt so slutty and humiliated . He kept fucking me hard till he came inside me . He got up and threw some money to me .

" There you go slut , seek your way home " .

 And he left me there . Damn what a situation . I tried to look decent again , but looking as a whore , decent isn't really the right word . So I got out off the building and starting walking again , finding my way back to that hooker street .

I arrived and placed myself against a wall and I looked on my watch , it was about 3 hours ago when my friends left me here . I was wondering when they were going to return cause I really wanted to get home quick . 40 more minutes went by till I decided to go home on foot . I didn't care it was a 20 minute walk cause I just wanted to be at a safe home so I started walking . About half way my trip a car stops next to me and opens his window . I look to the car and ooh my god I was so ashamed to see somebody who lives in my street .

 'Is that you Amanda ?' . I started walking faster , the car speeds up .

'It is you , what are you doing here , come step into my car , I'll take you home' . So I stepped into his car .

 This man , married , 2 kids , almost 40 years old started driving as I was so ashamed , I didn't even dared to say something . He kept looking at me , staring at my legs , up to my cleavage .

'What where you doing out there if I may ask , Amanda ? ' .

'Uhm , nothing Sir' . He smiled cause he knew I wasn't just out for a walk or something . This guy lives in an apartment close to us , an apartment with an underground garage . Suddenly he drives down the underground garage and pushes the button to close the gate after we drove in . I looked at him wondering why he done that .

 'Well Amanda , I am gonna do you a favour by telling nobody about this little incident , but you gonna do me a favour too offcourse' . The bastard , I could smack him in his face right that moment .

'So why don't you get out of the car with me and bend your little ass over on the hood of the car' . I got out and I walked to the hood of the car , bending over , resting my chest on the hood as I looked at him , still sitting in his car . He opened his door and walked towards me . As he is standing behind me he lift up my skirt , putting it around my hips .

 I was pantyless cause I left them behind in the old building cause they were ripped . He smacked on my ass and laughed . I heard how he unzipped his pants , dropping them down . He placed his already hard cock against my pussy and slowly slid it inside , still wet from the previous sexual harassment . He started moaning , moving in and out as he grabbed my hips to pull his cock deeper inside me .

This fucking asshole wasn't gonna get away with this that easy and I slowly started to scratch his hood with the rings on my finger while he didn't notice it . He kept on fucking my pussy , pulling hard on my hips . He must have been out off sex for months cause he was surely taking his time for this . His pace started to quicken and I felt he was gonna cum . And just when he was gonna cum the bastard got his cock out and blew his wad all over my back . My skirt and tank top , soaked in cum by this fucker ! I was boiling inside . I would smack his face if I didn't know better .

'Ooh sweetie you were good , but I gotta go now , my wife is waiting with dinner , see you Amanda ! ' , and he left off .

There I was again , trying to remove his stinking cum and walking back to my home . When I arrived , my friends were waiting in the living room . I walked in , their mouths dropped open when I threw the money on the table .

' Oooh my god Amanda , don't tell us you really did it ! ' . I looked at them and asked them what the meant . ' It was all a joke , we dropped you off , and we drove a block to pick you back up and tell you it was just a joke to see how far you would go . But when we got back you were already gone , we been looking for you ' .

 I was shocked and said : ' I think I gotta throw up' , and I ran to the bathroom

After a very humiliating day we decided to not play this game for a while They still couldn't believe I really done it . My luck that my partner and I are into swinging so he didn't really got mad over this . But still , an experience not to happen again if it was for me .

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