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I Remember

Tags: one night
A short I did to see how I was at erotica
Oh, I remember you.

And I know you remember me, that secret night, the one night you let your desire flow free.

It's a smoky bar, and I'm sitting nursing a drink when you and your friend come in.

I spot you right away. I admire all of your qualities, don't get me wrong. However, what strikes me is the depth in your eyes.

You and your friend get a drink, and then sit at a table. That is the first time your eyes fall into my hazel stare.

My lips part in a smile, and you manage to return it, although a little shy. Throughout the night you dance and drink and laugh with your friend, but every few seconds you steal a quick glance at me.

After an hour or so, your friend notices you looking and starts to prod you to come over and talk. You steal more shy glances at me, but even with the pressure of your friend you remain at your table, letting a giggle escape those lips.

I finish my drink; my night here at this bar has come to an end. I walk over to your table. I smile and say hello to your friend.

"Hi," she says with a big smile on her face.

"Hello, I have to be honest," I say, in full ear shot of you, "I think I have a huge crush on your friend." I turn and smile at you. I have a hard time not letting a laugh go, when I see you go red in an instant.

Your face is burning, showing the desire you hold inside. A desire I felt the first time you looked at me. I turn back to your friend. "This place is too loud, I'm going to get a coffee across the street. It was a pleasure to meet you both," I say and smile brightly.

I walk out of the bar and over to a coffee shop. I would have loved to hear the conversation you and your friend had. But alas I sit at a small table, drinking my coffee and scribbling in my journal. Ten minutes pass, and the door chime goes off.

I smile and look up; sure enough there you are with your friend. You scan the shop, and your eyes stop and rest on me. You look away, a bit too quickly. The two of you make your way up to the counter, passing whispers the whole way. You get a coffee and sit, not too close to me.

You speak in hushed whispers. Your friend seems frustrated, she gets up. "Fine I will talk to him then," she says, and heads over to me.

She plops down at one of the empty stools at my table. "Hey," she says. You remain at your table, turning redder than I would have thought possible. "She likes you, too." Your friend says.

I smile. "I know," I say softly.

She looks back at you and waves you over. You tremble as you stand up. Once again I wish I could be in your head to hear the conversation. You walk slowly over. You sit down and we all begin to talk a bit. Your friend blurts out, "I want to go back to the club." I can see the anger wash over your face at your missed opportunity to stay here with me.

She gets up and you start to rise. "No way. You stay with the hottie," she says. "As long as you can."

You turn red. Your breath catches as she excuses herself and leaves. You sit, face burning.

I look into your eyes. "Don't be embarrassed. I am intoxicated by you as well." The words hang in the air. I take a sip of coffee. A small dab of milk on my upper lip remains, making me look as if I have a mustache of white. You start laughing, you wipe it off with your napkin.

Still laughing, I smile. "Too bad," I say.

"What’s too bad?" you inquire.

That crooked smile you are all-too-familiar with already breaks out on my face. "You could have kissed that off instead of using that napkin," I say.

I take another drink, this time being extra careful not to get any milk on my lip. I can see a bit of disappointment in your face at your lost opportunity. Although you hide it well the sexual tension can be felt in the air.

"Do you live around here?" you ask.

"Why, what are you thinking?" I ask laughing. Again you take on what seems to be your natural color this evening; red.

"Oh not anything like that. I was just wondering, I have never seen you before, but you seem familiar," you say.

"I get that a lot; I'm an author."

That is when the recognition floods your face. "Lucien?”

"Yes," I reply with a smile. "You have heard of me."

"Yeah, I have heard a few of your poems. You are amazing," you reply.

"Thanks, a lot of people say that, but I just write down what feels right. But I am boring; I want to know about you?" I ask.

We talk for over an hour. "I should probably head back to my hotel," I say getting up.

Still swinging from a wonderful conversation with a guy who actually listens, you say something that you would never say. Something that you would be aghast at if you had planned it. "Can I come with you?" you ask. You expect to turn red, but you don't, for in the last hour you have learned much about me, but more about yourself.

No longer will you be the bud, it is time for you to bloom. "Is that what you want?" I ask, the sexual tension from before rising again.

You smile. "Yeah, I do."

I take the last drink of my coffee, and low there is a small bit of milk on my upper lip.

This time you do not let the chance pass you by. You lean in, maybe a bit too quickly. However in the end our lips meet, and you kiss the milk away.

I stand from the table and put your hand under my arm and walk out to the street. I make a call on my phone and a nice car pulls up to the curb. A driver pops out and opens the door for us. "Did you have a nice evening, Mr. Maier?" he asks as we get in.

"The evening is only as good as the company you keep. My company and evening were wonderful," I say.

The car slips into traffic, and off to the hotel. You sit a bit away from me. A bit afraid maybe, but more excited than anything.

We arrive and go to my suite. I walk to the window and look out over your city.

You scope the room out a bit.

"I don't usually stay in a suite. A bed and coffee machine is really all I need. But the people who had me out for the signing insisted," I explain at the extravagant room.

"Why are you not with them tonight?" you ask.

"Well, I was earlier, but there is only so much 'you’re amazing' 'you’re so inspirational' I can handle. I mean I am glad my work is received so well, don’t get me wrong, but I am just a normal guy. When people kiss your butt too long you have to get away or you start believing it," I say.

You join me by the window and in full view of the city you kiss me, the waves of passion flowing between us.

"I can’t believe I am doing this," you say.

"I am glad you are," I lead you into the bedroom.

We sit on the bed and kiss, then we lay down. I brush your hair out of your face, and kiss your neck. Slowly tracing my tongue down to the nape of your neck, a small gasp escapes you.

"You alright?" I ask.

You smile. "Yes," you say and lean into kiss me. I return the kiss, waves of lust flow over both of us as if we are lying in the sand, and every time the ocean crashes over us the desire becomes more and more. I suck on your bottom lip, not letting go of the kiss until I have to.

I undo one of the buttons on your blouse, revealing a bit more cleavage. My lips slowly move down your neck and I kiss the part of skin that first starts to curve into your right breast. Your chest heaves with passion, and you can't help but let a giggle slip out.

Again you turn red, but as soon as I look up you understand that nothing is amiss. I am laughing now, too. The passion broken by humor, we both burst out. We lie there in each other’s arms laughing. We talk for a while in no rush to reignite the passion yet. We both know it is there, and for a while are happy to just be in each other’s company.

You take the first stride this time. You lean over and kiss me, gently brushing your hand up my chest. you start kissing my neck and your hands go for my waist. Pulling off my trademark hoody and t-shirt, I am no muscle man, but you seem very pleased with my chest. I undo the buttons on your shirt and slide your shirt off your shoulders.

You breasts captured in a sexy bra, I try to be dashing, and undo it with one hand. It doesn't really work out; you play along for about ten seconds before bursting out into yet another fit of laughter. "Here let me help you," you say and your expert hands free your body of your bra. I start to kiss lick and suck all over your chest. You lay back breathing heavily.

I slide back up and kiss you on the lips. "You’re stunning," I say with a large smile.

I lean back on the bed and you slide my jeans off. My Scooby Doo boxers once again make you laugh, but when you remove them you stop laughing. No, it is not the biggest you have ever seen, but it is perfect for you. Your lips slide over me in a passionate kiss. I moan and grab the sheets in balls in my hands. A groan escapes me.

I pull you back up to me, both of us only seeing our passion, our lust for each other. Within seconds you lay naked in front of me. I kiss your lips and then slowly baby kiss down your chest in between your breasts. And lower and lower, until I slide my tongue down the inner part of your thigh. I switch thighs and start licking up.

"Don’t tease," you command as nicely as you can. You smile as you hear a chuckle. My breath washing into you. You hand floats over, and your fingers go through and tighten on my curly hair. And then waves of pleasure flow up through you. What you don't know is I am doing a little trick I learned long ago. And you seem to enjoy it, and ENJOY it. And ENJOY it.

I come up smiling. "Let's grab a shower," I suggest. You pop up and I follow you into the bathroom, and you know what? I stare at your butt, smiling the whole way. But you don’t see that. I don't think, anyway.

We get in the shower; it's one of those fancy ones that feels like it's rain. We both run our hair under the water, and then start kissing and touching. We play around again, laughing as much as we are feeling and kissing. But when we get out of the showers, the passion has come to its boil point; right now there is only me and you, nothing beyond these walls exists.

We dry each other off with towels and kisses. Soon we are on the bed and you wrestle your way on top of me. You smile and adjust yourself and then our rhythm begins slow, adjusting to match each. As we learn to move with each other, the pleasure increases more and more. With a semi smooth.... ok, not-so-smooth motion, you are lying beneath me. I give a smile.

"Smooth," you joke.

"Thanks, " I say with a flip of my hair to get it out of my face. "I will make it up to you," I whisper.

I start slow, but I don’t stay slow for long. I move faster, but what seems a bit new to you is me holding your hips and moving you with me. We move in slight circles, and the rhythm and depth is unbelievable. We bring each other to orgasm maybe not right at the same time, but close enough. We lay in the bed, I flip on the radio, and light jazz fills the room.

We lay with each other, sweat and breath mixing together.

"I am going to have to get into that fancy shower again," you say with a smirk.

I smile and kiss your forehead. "Not yet. We are not done yet. Or are you?" I ask.

You dont answer with words, the whole night is charged with many...adventures. All of which I will remember the rest of my life.... fondly.

We wake up in the morning, and we order a big breakfast from room service.

We sit in the fancy hotel robes feeding each other. We get dressed, and I pick up my suit case and journal.

"Am I going to get a page in that?" you ask.

I smile. "Probably more than just one," I reply.

We walk down to the car. We ride in the back and bring you home. We pull in, step out and I give you a kiss on the forehead.

You look up and smile, trembling. "Will I ever hear from you again?" you ask, almost in a whisper.

"You can hear me any time, just listen to my books," I say. I get in the car and fly off to wherever the hell I am going next.

Oh yeah I remember you, I will never forget you.....

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