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I take control

This is my first story, so please write me and tell me what you think, Thank you.

I open the door to our apartment. Suddenly my back hits the wall, I hear the door slam shut, and a set of lips are on mine. I can see this is going to get rough.

Body flushed against mine, tongues wrestling with each other, rabid breathing. Lips still on mine, I go airborne, then I am flung onto a bed. I bounce once with my boobs flying up, I could tell he liked that seeing the lust in my eyes, he's always liked that.

I don't wear a bra, as my breast are nice and perky I don't bother with one. He takes off both my shoes and socks. Holding my gaze, he kneels down in front of me and kisses my ankle then kisses the instep of my foot. Still holding my gaze, he gives me his wicked smile and takes my toe in his mouth and sucks. I gasp and pull him up to me to kiss me again. His hand goes up my leg, and starts rubbing my pussy through my clothes, he then slides his hands inside, and rubs my clit. I moan in his mouth which makes him push harder against me. He pulls of both my leggings and panties to gain more access. He slides a finger in going deep inside. I arch my back and push further down on him wanting more. He slides back out and in again finger fucking me. Before I could go over the edge, he stops. I give out a growl as to why he's stopped, but then I soon found out why.

He trails his hand up my stomach and reaches my breasts to pinch my nipples. He gives my butterfly kisses starting from my stomach going upwards, until he latches onto my nipples and starts suckling me. I arch my back moving into him, urging him to suck harder.

He pulls me a little forward to take off my top, and pushes me back down to the bed. He starts kissing me, then working his way down to my jaw, down to my neck down back to my breasts. Then down towards my belly, circling my belly button with his tongue. He goes further still, but he stops again, prolonging the anticipation, knowing that I want this so bad, he deliberately holds on for longer, teasing me with his hot breath. My pussy is pulsating, waiting for what its been longing for.

He kisses me, I nearly come right there and then, but I hold it in. He licks my clit sending a shiver going up my spine. He begins to suck on my clit. I'm moaning, he likes the sound as he delves deeper like he couldn't get enough. I'm thrashing on the bed, he hold my but to get deeper still and to keep me from moving away. I can't think straight, it's over powering, this pleasure is running through my body, taking over it, feelings exploding in my mind. A kaleidoscope of sensation- penetrating every corner of my mind. I'm reaching, I'm nearly there, I can feel his tongue fucking me. It's unbelievable! I let out a load scream, while I'm seeing colours. I'm floating on a gentle sea, floating back down to my body.

I lie there panting, trying to get my bearings together, my hair is stuck to my forehead, sweat is sliding off. I look down into his eyes. I know he wants more, I drag him up and kiss him,. I can taste myself on him. It sparks up the lust that is already within, I push him down onto the bed.

My turn.

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