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I Think I May Regret This Part 1

I Think I May Regret This Part 1

An older man meets a young seductress

I'm a widower, my wife passed about two years ago after being hit by a drunk driver on her way home from work. We have two daughters who are twenty-five and twenty-two. I live on six acres about thirteen miles outside of town with my two Labrador retrievers. I was thinking about retiring from the utility I worked for after thirty years just before my wife was killed. I went ahead and did it which gave me a lot of time to dwell on my sorrows. We had plans for our golden years together so now I had to deal with being on my own. We had been an active couple, running, biking, hiking, traveling and generally enjoying each other and the world. With her passing, I focused on staying active to help me cope with the loss of my best friend.

So, there you have a little background information on me. Now I'd like to tell you a little story which happened to me this past year. My little tale all began innocently when I decided to take swim lessons for a mini triathlon which is called a "sprint". My workouts and running had slipped with my wife's passing so I decided since I'd done over thirty half marathons and two marathons, I would up my game a bit. I swim as cross training and as physical therapy to strengthen my hips. It just seemed a natural progression to move into triathlons. The pool I swim at offered a ten-week course. It started in February running to the race in mid-May. It was designed to help improve endurance swimming which is exactly what I needed. I signed up for it and not only did I improve my swimming, I got an added bonus.

The first night of the lessons which started at eight thirty I arrived about twenty minutes early. There were a group of four high school kids that were doing maintenance on the locker rooms and the pool area; two girls and two boys. I managed to get into my swimsuit while one of the boys was hosing down the floor on the men's locker room. I hurried to get out of his way and made it to the pool deck where one of the girls was measuring the chlorine in the pool.

I sat down at the opposite end of the bench from her and watched the water exercise class which was in progress. I made a mental note not to leave home so early next time so I wouldn't have to sit around waiting. The girl measuring the chlorine was dressed in a baggy gray sweatshirt which didn't hide the fact that she was amply endowed in the breast department. Her black swimsuit rode high on her hips making her muscular legs look longer than I think they actually were. I noticed some bruises on those lovely legs which contrasted sharply with her ivory skin tone. Her hair was a light sandy brown cut just off her shoulders, it seemed to float whenever she moved her head during the course of her task. I kept my glances short because I didn't want anyone thinking I was a pervert checking out the high school honey.

But, you know I had to look. She was right there and even at my advanced age of fifty-one I still liked to look. She kept fumbling with the small vial that's used to measure the chlorine content of the water. After a few moments of hearing her frustrating sighs, I asked what the problem was.

I happened to have maintained city fountains for ten of my thirty years which were required by the state to be as clean as a swimming pool so, I had an idea what she was attempting to do.

She looked over at me with some frustration exclaimed, "As soon as I put the chemicals in, the water turns pink then clear. I don't know what the problem is."

I just mentioned, "Your free chlorine level is over five."

Her look turned to one of astonishment that I would actually know the answer, "How do you know that?"

The look on her face was priceless. I explained to her what I had done as part of my job when I did work. She nodded her recognition then closed up the kit. She thanked me as she headed off to tell the pool manager. I watched her walk past me grinning as her toned legs carried her into the office. Just after that, our instructor came out to begin our first lesson.

The second week I was early again. At least this time the kid was done hosing down the locker room so I didn't have to rush as much. I took my place on the bench to watch the exercise class which consisted mainly of really old women. This time the girl who had been sampling the water was walking around scrubbing the deck along with one of the boys. She waved at me when she looked over. I politely returned her gesture, smiling as I enjoyed the view. She walked by just as the exercise class ended and I was getting ready to hop into the pool.

With a big grin she greeted me, “Thanks, you were right. There was too much free chlorine in the water. We had to adjust the thingy that doses it."

Smiling back at her, noticing her deep blue eyes, "You're welcome, glad I could help."

"Oh, my name is Renee. Thanks again," she beamed.

"I'm Jay, glad to have helped."

With that, she went on her way and I swam.

Despite my darnedest, I never arrived right on time for the class. I'd take my seat on the bench while patiently awaiting the exercise class to end. Each week it seemed Renee kept getting friendlier and friendlier. She'd say hi and talk for a bit about swimming along with whatever else was on her mind. I listened and made polite conversation.

The fifth week we repeated the bench scene but this time out of the blue she looked over at me, stretched out one leg after swinging it slightly towards me, "See my bruises?"

"Huh?" I looked around to be sure she was talking to me.

"Bruises, on my leg. I play rugby for the girl’s high school team."

I looked at her leg wondering if I was being set up for something, "Those are some nice ones. Did you win?"

"Yes, we did," she beamed, sticking her rather large chest out.

Trying not to stare at her legs for too long because the way she had turned offered me a delightful view of her vagina pressed tight against the fabric of her swimsuit. I quickly looked away fearing a prolonged stare would result in an erection in my tight tri-shorts. Luckily the exercise class made a huge splash with one of their moves and my attention was diverted.

She closed her legs resuming her sampling duties.

I looked back over noticing she was focused on her work, "My girls didn't have rugby or lacrosse when they were in high school. They played on the state championship softball teams."

That got her attention back to me reigniting the conversation.

"They were in high school then? They must be like old now."

I laughed, "Well yes they are older than you. They are twenty-five and twenty-two. My oldest pitched and the younger played center field."

"I'll be eighteen next month. What are their names? I think I've seen the trophy's in the display case."

"Darlene and Cheryl Sessions," I proudly proclaimed.

Her face scrunched up a bit as she thought, "Okay, I've seen their names on the trophy, I think. I swim and play rugby. I was doing gymnastics until I had a 'growth spurt' as my mom calls it."

I deduced that her 'growth spurts' were covered by her sweatshirt. I kept silent not wanting to offend her or be accused of being a dirty old man if that was the current term for lusting after a younger woman. But I imagined they were pretty impressive on a soon to be eighteen year old.

She continued, "Have you ever watched rugby?"

I thought for a second, "I watched "Invictus", that's about all the rugby I've seen."

She shook her head grinning, "You should come see me play. We have games on Wednesdays after school. It's pretty exciting if I do say so myself."

I was about to answer when my instructor came out to start the class.

I replied, "I might, I need to go now. Take care, Renee."

"Okay, Mr. Sessions. Have a good swim."

The following week I didn't put much thought into being early. I was beginning to enjoy talking with Renee despite the difference in our ages. We again discussed high school sports with her insisting I come out to see her rugby match the next day. I was hesitant at being an unrelated older male watching high school girls rough and tumble with each other. She convinced me it was no big deal but I was still unsure.

I thought about it during my lesson and every waking hour on Wednesday up until thirty minutes before the match. I decided what the hell and drove over to the high school. I was a bit late for this one due to my misgivings about being there. When I saw them starting I noticed there weren't many adults there at all. No wonder she wanted me there, they needed support.

One of the things I know about rugby you need to get the ball over a goal line in order to score. The other is it's a very rough game which was evidenced by Renee's bruised legs. They used the practice football field so there were no bleachers to sit in. The girls weren't as beefy as I had imagined. Renee must be unique in her built. Most of them were average built, normal looking high schoolers similar to my girls way back when.

Renee was on the sidelines when I first arrived. When she saw me I got a very enthusiastic wave hello. I waved back then took my place among the other adults watching. I wondered if any of the other adults were just there as a favor to a player and not related to them. I managed to blend in easily since there were a few older adults there. I walked up and down the sidelines applauding when it seemed appropriate with the fans of our team.

For the next eighty minutes, I felt my middle age father juices flowing through me once again. My competitive spirit resurfaced as we scored goal after goal. Watching all those high school girls running and piling on each other felt a bit dirty yet exciting at the same time. I did happen to strike up a conversation with one woman whose daughter was on the team. She asked who my girl was which evoked a blush from me as I tried to come up with a believable answer. I just told her Renee was a friend of the family and I was just passing by when I saw the game going on. We talked for the remainder of the game with her explaining the rules to me since I was completely ignorant of the finer points of Rugby.

When the game ended all the girls shook hands and headed off the field after a brief chat with their coach. I wasn't sure about staying but Renee made a point of getting my attention by jumping up and down while waving at me. I thanked the woman who befriended me, watching her leave with a very cute redhead which she had pointed out as her daughter.

I patiently awaited Renee who helped the coach get the teams equipment together and packed in the school's storage shed. When she'd finished she bounced over to me her breasts bobbing up and down despite her wearing a sports bra, which I assumed all the girls wore.

She looked cute, her face a bit smudged from the mud on the field. Her clothes were stained from the grass and I think I saw a couple more bruises on her muscular legs.

She was grinning ear to ear when she stopped in front of me, "Hi, Mr. Sessions. Thanks for coming out. I really appreciate it."

I smiled back delighted in her enthusiasm, "You're welcome, it does look like a sport for bruises. I don't think my girls would have played it. They weren't into getting beat up like that."

She laughed, "I'm not that beat up but, yeah you do get sore. It really doesn't go away quickly. I'm not that coordinated so a small ball sport wasn't for me."

We began walking to the street and my car. I thought I'd be polite and offer her a ride, "Do you have a ride home?"

She nodded, pointing to a mountain bike locked up against the dugout fence on the softball field.

"I do, thanks. I ride most everywhere. We can't afford a second car so I rely on my bike to get around town."

She unlocked her bike, wrapped the lock around the seat post then donned her helmet, "I hope you enjoyed the game, Mr. Sessions."

"I did, Renee. It was interesting. That lady I was standing with explained a lot to me."

"Oh, that’s Mrs. Carmichael, her daughter, Amber is a friend of mine."

She mounted her bike about ready to pedal when she said her final goodbye. I told her I'd see her at the pool next week. She smiled and stood on the pedals, her firm rear end facing me as she rode off. I shook my head and told myself I had to quit thinking like that. With an almost thirty-year gap between us, what could she possibly find attractive about me?

The next week at the pool was pretty much like all the others. Renee and I talked for a bit while she worked and I waited for my class to begin. This time, however, she sat up in the stands and watched as we went through various drills designed to increase our endurance. When it was over I saw her leave via the spectator door. I didn't think much of it at the time.

The class ends at nine thirty in the evening and there's never anyone hanging out in the parking lot when we leave. But, this night there was Renee leaning up against my truck's front fender.

I greeted her wondering why she was still there, "Renee, what's up?"

She looked a bit distraught, "Mr. Sessions, hi. I got a flat on my bike and was wondering if you might take me to my house with the bike. I noticed you have a truck so I hope it's okay."

"Oh, sure. No problem. Let me help you with it."

I opened the back of the truck. Together we slid her bike in and shut the tailgate. I walked around with me opening the door for her. She gave me an odd look but got in and thanked me.

I slipped into the driver's side, turned the ignition and asked, "What was that look for?"

"What look?"

"When I opened the door for you. You looked surprised or something."

"Oh, I've never had a guy do that for me. I usually open them myself. Sorry, I didn't mean it as weird or anything. It was nice of you."

"Thanks, I normally open the door for a lady. My wife would usually open it herself. If I got the chance, I always opened it for her."

I started the truck, then asked for directions. She told me the street and number so we took off in that general direction. I recalled the general location so she guided me when we got close to a turn. She mentioned she had gotten a block away and heard a loud pop. She didn't really mind walking and she could have left her bike at the pool. She took a chance I'd say yes and was glad I did. She would have called her mother but she was out. Her father had been gone since she was a baby and her mother's choices in men weren't the greatest.

I just nodded and agreed with her as she talked. I felt a bit sorry for her and her father for missing the opportunity to watch her grow and be a part of her life. We arrived at her house and she told me to pull into the driveway. We got out, unloaded the bike and I waited until she opened the door to make sure she was safe. The lights in the house were off so I stood by the front end of the truck and waited. She flicked on a couple of lights once inside then came back to the door. I waved and said goodnight but she motioned for me to wait. She went back inside for a moment then walked back out to me.

She walked up to me thanking me for being such a nice guy, kissing my cheek in the process. Her breasts brushed up against me dashing my nonsexual thoughts about her for a brief moment. I told her she was welcome and I didn't mind helping. She smiled back at me asking if I were going to her game the next day. I told her I guess I could which made her face light up. She thanked me again and made her way back to the house. I almost felt as if I was dropping her off from a first date. I had that nervous feeling in my stomach which hadn't happened to me in eons.

I got back in the truck and waited until she closed the front door to head back home. On the drive home I mulled over what had just happened. From her being at the pool watching me to me leaving her house. Maybe she thinks I'm interested in her. Maybe I'm just a nice old guy. Maybe I shouldn't go to her game. Maybe I'm thinking too much. I wasn't sure about any of this so I decided to not go to her game.

Tuesday's lesson time arrived. I took up my usual position on the bench waiting for it to start. Renee was there but she pretty much ignored me going about her duties. I did get a look now and then which seemed like more of a scowl and certainly not the bubbly greetings I had become accustomed to. I shrugged it off as a teenage girl's fickle mood trying not to make matters worse. I smiled at her with no effect so I just sat there and looked around.

After the lesson, Renee confronted me in the parking lot.

She stood next to my truck, arms crossed, "Mr. Sessions, I missed you at my game. Why didn't you show up?"

I thought for a second, "I had to deal with a sick pup. Sorry."

Her expression quickly changed from her stern look to one of sympathy, "Oh no, I'm sorry. Is your doggie okay? I thought maybe you didn't like me anymore."

"He's okay. I think he ate something he shouldn't have when we were out walking. Being a lab, he thinks everyone wants to pet him and everything else is food."

She smiled, "I'm glad he's okay. Are you coming to tomorrow's game? I didn't play so well last week. I like when you're there."

"I'll try. I can't promise I will."

She moved closer to me. I looked around the parking lot to see if anyone was watching us not knowing what she might do. Luckily everyone had left and we were alone because the next thing I knew she was kissing me with all the passion her sweet little ass could muster. At first, I was shocked then as my dick stiffened I began to enjoy the feeling of her body against mine.

That brief moment was halted suddenly by my conscience. I broke from her embrace, "What's up with that, Renee?"

She licked her lips, "Didn't you like it?"

I stammered a bit, "To be honest, yes. I did. But, you're seventeen and I'm fifty-one. It's just not right, Renee."

Pouting, she gave me a look that didn't help much, "I liked it. I like you and I'll be eighteen soon. You look like you're at forty something in case nobody has ever told you that."

I thought for a second, "No, I've never been told that, but thanks. You're sweet but you should get home. I'm sure your mother is worried about you."

She pouted at the dismissal she had just received, "Mom is out with Leon again. She'll probably stay the night with him; she took a small sack with her."

"Well, it is getting late and good girls shouldn't be out running around town on their bikes this late."

"Aww, you think I'm a good girl. I like that," she giggled.

Right then I knew I was in trouble.

"Yes, I think you're a very good girl. That's why I don't think you should be out here this late."

With an impish look she bit her lower lip, "Would you give me and my bike a ride to my house, Mr. Sessions?"

"Of course, let’s load it up."

I loaded the bike into the back of my truck, walked around and opened the door for her as she patiently waited.

She smiled, "You know Mr. Sessions, a girl could get used to this."

I looked at her as I held the door open for her, "Renee, it's how women should be treated with respect and courtesy."

As she slipped into the passenger seat she replied, "I guess Leon doesn't respect my mom much, he never opens the door or anything close to showing respect."

I gently closed it after making sure she was inside. I walked around to get in, shaking my head at her last statement. Yes, I'm old but manners are manners.

When I got in I noticed she'd scooted over a bit and I thought, 'here I am talking to her about respect and I'm thinking how I'd love to get her sweet ass naked, I am a bad man.'

As I started the truck I looked over at her, "I'm sorry Leon doesn't respect your mother, I'm sure she's a nice lady."

She just sat in silence for the ride to her house. We arrived and we went through the same routine as last time with me making sure she got inside safely. With a sigh of relief, I took off back home, glad that this was the last swim session and wouldn't have these awkward dealings anymore.

About two weeks later on a Sunday the "sprint" I'd been taking the lessons for finally arrived. I was fairly nervous never having done one before but it was well organized and easy to follow the directions. I had told my daughters about it but they had previous plans and couldn't make it. The swim came first and I managed a pretty good time of just over nine minutes for the five hundred yards. The bike portion went fairly well on my mountain bike. I passed two people dealing with flat tires feeling sorry for them as I rushed by. The run was where I figured I'd make up any time and I did. The 5K was a breeze since I'm used to running half marathons; I crushed it with an eight thirty pace. I watched the results on their computer in a little kiosk they had set up. I typed my bib number into the computer and noticed I was in first place for my age group. I kept checking it over the next hour and nothing changed.

Just before they closed up the bike corral I went to check it one last time. I walked over from the grassy area I was lounging in after eating their post-race fair. I spied Renee hanging out near the kiosk. I walked over saying hi to her before checking my standing. She was dressed in short shorts which showed off those muscular legs rather nicely. Her bruises had cleared up from the last time I'd checked them out. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail which swished as she walked towards me beaming with a huge smile. Her smile wasn't the only huge thing about her, those breasts which were covered in a tube top jiggled and bounced with each step. I noticed a few heads turning as she passed them to join me.

"Hi, Mr. Sessions! You won your age group! Congratulations!" as she opened her arms wide to hug me.

I blushed a bit then hugged her hoping the stirring in my shorts didn't reveal itself to anyone. She hung on me a bit longer than I thought she should have and whispered, "See, you did better than men half your age, Mr. Sessions. I've missed you."

She released her delightful grip on me then showed me the lack of bruising on her legs which felt very awkward standing there with me gawking at her bare legs. But, I guess people figured she was an athlete and athletes do those kinds of things.

I congratulated her and we went to check one last time. Yes, she was right; I did take first in my age group overall not just the mountain bike division. I was shocked, to say the least. My run time is what did it thank goodness. I was jazzed.

I got my little best in age group medal as Renee looked and applauded. I was congratulated by most of the men and women from the swim class and I thanked our teacher for helping me reach beyond my goal. Renee walked with me as I packed up my bike in the truck telling me all she'd been up to in the past couple of weeks she hadn't seen me. I was polite, taking interest in her meanderings and made a few comments. We said our good-byes and I headed on back home.

I arrived home, put my equipment away, then opened a beer to celebrate. I took a few pictures of my medal, showing off on Facebook to all my friends and family. I was about to hop into the shower when the doorbell rang. Both dogs who were sleeping in their beds jumped up barking. I was down to my shorts when I went to answer it. Much to my surprise and astonishment when I opened the door, Renee was standing there. I looked around and saw what I guessed was her mother's car parked next to my truck.

"Renee, what are you doing here?"

She giggled and said, "Mom is with Leon and she left me the car, so I thought I'd come over and congratulate you."

Standing in the doorway with the dogs behind me wagging their tails I replied, "I thought you already did at the race."

She looked down, "Awww, your puppies are so cute. Which one got sick, poor baby. They're so cute!! Can I pet them?"

"Um, yeah sure, the yellow, Buster got sick, Sadie is fine." I opened the door wider and they barged past me as Renee bent down to pet them.

She giggled as they licked her face and wagged their entire bodies as Labs do when excited.

"How did you know where I lived?"

She looked up at me, "Silly, it's on the swim center records and you kinda told me where. My friend, Amber, you remember her from Rugby? She lives about three miles down the road from you. We've driven by here a lot, I just didn't know it was your house. You can't see it from the road, you know."

The dogs had enough of being silly and headed out to the yard to do their business and sniff the new car. Renee stood back up turning half way to watch them bound off. Her turning gave me a profile shot and it was all I could do not to drool. Her breasts must be magnificent I thought to myself as I stared. Then she turned back catching me gawking.

Smiling that impish smile, she asked if she could come in. I quickly brought myself back to reality and shrugged, "Sure, but I'm kinda stinky. I was about to hop into the shower."

She didn't care, slipping by me and into the house as I stood there wondering what was going on. I followed her in, leaving Buster and Sadie to wander and sniff. She headed into the living room looking around as she did. Plopping herself down on the sofa she smiled and told me if I wanted to take a shower that's she'd wait if that was okay. I was still befuddled as to what she was up to. Do I leave her alone on my sofa while I showered or do I get her 'congratulations' now and get her out of here?

I sat down at the other end of the couch and asked, "So, why do you need to congratulate me again?"

"Because I like you. I know you're like my father's age, but you're so nice to me and well I really like you Mr. Sessions."

I was still bewildered; maybe being old and married for as long as I was I was clueless to the hints she was dropping.

"Okay, so you've told me that and thanks. I appreciate that and you're a sweet girl, Renee. But I don't normally have almost eighteen-year-old girls at my house."

"Well, maybe you should and I turned eighteen last week."

With that, she stood up and walked over to stand in front of me. She smiled as she lifted her top over her head exposing the most beautiful, firm, full breasts I'd ever seen. She quickly removed it, dropping it to the floor. Cupping her marvelous attributes, she made them jiggle. Perfect circle areolae surrounding stiff, bright pink nipples greeted me as her top lay at her feet. My eyes widened as my dick stiffened in my shorts. I was dumbfounded, to say the least.

"I've seen you staring at them, now you can touch them if you like Mr. Sessions," she grinned.

"They are lovely Renee, but I couldn't. I'm not a dirty old man."

"Well, if we showered together you won't be a dirty old man, and seventeen is legal in this state but I'm eighteen so it doesn't matter.” Her grin got a bit wider as she reached down to take my hand.

She then noticed the bulge in my shorts, "Oh, Mr. Sessions you are a dirty old man. Let's take a shower so I can clean the dirt off you."

I was torn. Yes, she was a little hottie and I had been lusting after her since I first met her. Now I had to decide if I was going to succumb to my lust or boot that sweet little ass out of my house. I got up and headed to the front door. She followed with a bewildered look on her face which turned to a frown as I grabbed the door knob. With two fingers I quietly locked the door and closed it. Her frown reversed itself becoming a huge smile.

"I think I like you even more now Mr. Sessions," she giggled.

A fleeting thought crossed my mind as I took her hand in mine leading her to the master bedroom. I might live to regret this.

When we entered the bedroom she slipped out of her tennis shoes, socks and shorts leaving them at the foot of the bed. I watched as she wiggled her hips for me lowering her cute little pink panties over her hips, down those delicious legs, and onto the floor. I gazed at her tummy then slowly down to where I expected a full bush but to my surprise all there was down there was a small strip pointing like an arrow to the promised land.

She looked at me as our eyes met, "You like what you see, Mr. Sessions?"

I nodded, "You have a fantastic body, Renee."

She smiled, "Thank you, can we clean you up now?"

I nodded, my hands moving to my waistband to drop my shorts.

Her eyes widened, "Oh no, let me do that for you."

I paused, raising my hands over my head in compliance to this little minx.

She shuffled over, smiling, dropping to her knees, she reached up a bit, slipping those sweet little fingers into my waistband. She maneuvered my shorts over the bulge and down to my ankles. My dick which had been confined in the tight tri-shorts bounced when set free, bobbing up and down in front of her face.

"Wow, I wasn't really expecting this to be so um, active," as she reached with one hand encircling my member with her soft palm.

"He hasn't had much practice since, well, I became single."

"I'm sorry," as she massaged him, placing him between her lovely lips then engulfing him whole.

I nearly had a heart attack. My lovely wife only gave blowjobs the first year we were married. I'd completely forgotten how good it felt. I was now weakening in the knees as she bobbed her sweet face up and down my rod. I was in heaven, naughty, lusty, dirty old man heaven. I placed my hands on my hips and watched her as she devoured me. She licked it like it was a dreamsicle on a one hundred degree day and she didn't want any drops on her new dress.

I spread my legs more to help maintain my balance as she licked the tip of it, delighting at the feel of it in the middle of her tongue. I could feel her teeth against my skin as she worked her way back and forth over my dick. My eyes rolled back in my head enjoying the sensations she was creating between my legs. I hadn't felt anything like this in years.

After a bit she used one hand to cup and massage my balls, gently massaging them. Then using her fingernail, she traced the swollen veins around the sac and back up the base of my dick. I was amazed that someone so young and sweet had such skill. It didn't take long before I was ready to explode. I told her I was about to cum to warn her. She just continued her bobbing, licking and sucking as if I hadn't said a thing. I placed one hand on her head, the other on the doorway to steady myself as my knees weakened.

Then I exploded; she kept her mouth over my dick swallowing every drop of my sperm free cum. I noticed a bit of spittle mixed with my fluids exiting the corners of her sweet lips. This she took care of with one swipe of her tongue and a pair of those sweet fingers.

She continued playing with me until "Henry", that's what I call my dick ran dry and droopy. My breathing was a bit elevated and my heart was racing almost as much as after the sprint I'd just completed.

She relaxed her hold on me, looking up with a huge smile she wiped her lips with her arm, "I liked that Mr. Sessions, congratulations on first place! Can we shower now?"

I smiled down at her, "That was amazing Renee, thank you. Yes, we can."

She stood up, taking my hand as we headed into the bathroom.

"Oh, mom won't be home until late next week and it's a school holiday tomorrow. Can I stay the night, Mr. Sessions?"

I looked at her, tired with the "Mr. Sessions thing" I thought for a brief second and said, "Sure Renee, you can. But you don't need to keep calling me Mr. Sessions."

She giggled, "Oh, okay, daddykins, oh, Amber may drop by too. We have a paper we need to work on. She wants to congratulate you too."

I opened the linen closet door to grab a couple more towels for her as she turned the water on adjusting it to her liking. I stepped in to join her, she was under the water stream facing me, arched back soaking her hair. Her gorgeous breasts there for the taking. I moved in, slipping my arms around her waist pulling her to me. She encircled me with her arms, looked up and we kissed. This time the kiss lasted for quite some time.

Knowing my water heater, I told her we should soap down and then rinse or we'd run out and suffer through a cold shower. She turned around shutting the stream off and then grabbed the soap. She returned to face me and began soaping me from chin to toe. I stand a good foot taller than she at six feet which put her face in my chest. She delighted in soaping my chest hairs commenting the boys she's been with didn't have any. When she was finished she handed me the soap. I turned her around to start on her backside. I took the bar and massaged her back with it taking my time enjoying the feel of her sweet soft skin. Then I slipped lower to get those lovely ass cheeks all nice and slippery. I held the bar in my hand lengthwise as I wrapped my other hand around her to keep in in place. Then I ran it between her cheeks. Slowly up and down brushing her rosebud as I did. Her reaction was to place her hands on the shower wall and bend forward.

I got into the name thing, "You like that baby?"

She purred, "Yes, daddykins, I do. It makes my kitty tingle when you touch me there."

I moved in placing my limb dick in her crack and began soaping her breasts from behind. She stood back up leaning her head against my shoulder as I applied the soap to her magnificent orbs and tummy. I took my sweet time going over every square inch with both hands, my limp rocket slowing regaining his enthusiasm. I set the soap aside, leaned in to nuzzle her neck as my fingers played with her erect nipples, pinching, rubbing and palming them as she squirmed with delight.

I whispered in her ear as I nibbled her earlobe, "You're a very good girl babydoll. Daddykins loves your sweet body."

That made her shiver, I'd gotten into that frame of mind which seemed at first odd but now seemed appropriate. She squealed with delight as I placed my hands on every part of her I could reach. I thought she was going to cum right there when I moved down her front to slip my hands over her landing strip.

I bent down, finding a soap free spot on her ass and kissed it. My hands traveled up and down her firm quads, the inside of her thighs to tease her pussy. I was about to slip a finger inside when she spoke, "I'm getting cold, can we rinse off and finish this in bed, daddykins?"

How could I refuse?

I stood back up and told her to turn the water back on. She complied and we rinsed off, kissing and fondling as we did. When clear of soap suds we shut the water off then opened the shower door to be greeted by Sadie. She was standing there having come back in through the doggie door holding one of Renee's shoes wagging her tail.

Renee exclaimed, "Not my shoe!"

I told her Sadie just likes to tease with them, she doesn't chew them. She'll take it to her bed and just lay with it. That made my young lover giggle as we stepped out to dry off.

When we were adequately dry, we headed to my bed so I could satisfy her or at least attempt it. She retrieved her shoe from Sadie, petting her in the process then placed both shoes and her clothes on one of the nightstands. After pulling back the covers, she entered my bed laying in the middle her head nestled in the pillows. I stood at the end of the bed marveling at the sight of her. Yes, I am a dirty old man, clean in body but with a dirty mind.

I crawled onto the bed, hovering over her, my arms on either side. Gently resting myself on top of her, I started by kissing those sweet lips of hers as she wrapped her arms around my back. Henry was beginning to stir again as I laid little butterfly kisses over her face, neck and then down to her breasts.

She giggled as I teased her with my lips and tongue squirming with anticipation. When I reached her breasts, I took my sweet time sucking, biting, mouthing and licking.

She closed her eyes delighting in my attention to her breasts. Her body was definitely a temple and I was going to worship it. I maneuvered my thigh between her legs to slowly rub her pussy which I was going to devour in the very near future. I could feel a delightful warmth as I moved my thigh up and down over her.

When I'd had my fill of her breasts, I moved further south licking and teasing as I did delight in her reactions. I scooted down until my legs were hanging off the end of the bed while my face was in the perfect spot to satisfy my hunger. It had been eons since I'd had the pleasure of satisfying a woman with my tongue so I was determined to savor this moment.

I began my licking on the inside of her thighs, up and down their delightful length, slowly as I savored the flavor of her skin. One, then the other, then back again. I don't think anyone had ever done this much teasing to her. She squirmed and giggled as I rounded third and headed for home.

My right hand came up to massage her glistening lips, parting them slightly so my tongue could explore her sweetness. I lapped at her sex for a few moments then inserted my tongue. She gripped the bed sheet and drove her head deep into the pillows as my tongue swirled inside her. I traced the walls of her pussy with it then slid home by focusing it on her clit. She was in another world.

I was "god daddy" or at least that's what she kept saying over and over. I continued flicking her stiff clit with my tongue as she bucked and trembled. My cheeks were now covered with her sweet excretions which I savored. I sucked and licked until she gasped, clamping my head between her legs with those firm thighs. I managed to breathe as she came for me. Her body shuddered and her back arched causing her to practically bounce on my bed.

It seemed to me her orgasm lasted quite a long time. She thrashed about, my head trapped between her thighs. Finally, after one last shudder, she relaxed her grip on me allowing me to breathe more easily. I tenderly licked her pussy enjoying that sweet nectar I'd been denied for so long. Reaching down for me she motioned me to come up to kiss her. She had a dazed look about her while at the same time managing a huge grin.

I slid in next to her to kiss her cheek, as I did she turned her head to kiss me with all the passion she could muster. When she loosened our lip lock and caught her breath she praised my work.

"Oh, my god, daddykins that was amazing. I've never had that done to me like that. I think I love you," she giggled.

I smiled, "I'm a bit out of practice sweetness. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did too."

Then she asked, "Do you have any of those pills that make you hard?"

I sighed, "No, I haven't had a use for them until now. I guess I can call my doctor and get a prescription for them on Monday. Henry doesn't recover as fast as he used to, baby girl."

She laughed, "Henry? You call it Henry? You are silly. I like that. I think I'd like it if you did, daddykins."

I blushed and thought one more time, that I might live to regret this but the moment passed. We lay there cuddling until we both fell asleep, sated.




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