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I Told You I Quit

"That's it, I quit." I sighed, my sighing breath continued until Ryan, my partner, cleared his throat.

"You quit? Just like that?" his eyebrows arched as I kicked my shoes off and watched them hit the leg of the bed.

"Yes," I nodded as I spoke. "I'm sick of being treated like some no-purpose bit on the side," I sighed once more as I sat onto the edge of the bed. Lifting both my legs up, I crossed them in front of me.

"Here," his voice broke the hollow silence. His hands reaching out as he grabbed my foot in his grasp, pulling my leg so I was faced towards him. Rubbing the base of my foot, relieving the stress. "You're not a no purpose bit on the side," clearing his throat he shook his head.

"Well I feel it," biting onto the side of my cheek I kicked my other foot out, leaning it against the other.

"You're not seen like that here," his smile was easy, unforced.

"I know," I smiled sheepishly. "I know you don't see me like that." I lifted my foot up and tapped my toe against his nose. "...but I don't work for you." I frowned. My sigh echoed as my head dropped back onto the bottom of the bed.

"Well you could always become my assistant," he said, pressing his thumb into the arch of my foot. I laughed.

"Oh yeah, cause I would look just awesome handing you bricks as you built the wall." I joked. He laughed in response.

Ryan was a bricklayer, an amazing one at that. I was proud of his expertise if I must be honest, I met him three years ago when he was setting out the foundations for my Aunt's
garden wall. They do say you meet them in the best places, right?

"Come on," he said, lifting my foot into the air as he took a leap off the bed. "Do you want to go out for dinner? Or will I have a look in the freezer, I forgot to buy something when I was out." He scratched his head as he clearly pondered an idea.

I lifted my legs up and placed my feet against his chest, he cupped them both with his hands with his face still thoughtful.

"I think we should stay in, stick something on the television and eat something unhealthy out the freezer," I smirked as he squeezed the arches of my feet once more.

"Ow!" I cried.

He laughed as he threw them down onto the bed.

"Or we could go out and spend a couple hundred on a fancy dinner and a bottle of wine," I smirked once more as I looped my fingers over the top of my skirt. I could feel the top of my suspender belt tight against my skin, I yearned to tear it off and let my skin breathe.

"Come on..." I pouted my lips and I sat myself up, lifting my hands up and pulling on the bottom of his tie. I blinked my eyes twice before I got to my feet, pressing my lips into his lightly, like a shadow.

"Mmm..." he murmured, but shook his head as he pulled his face from mine. "You can't get me started and not..." He sucked in his cheeks and tilted his head, his eyes staring intently at my neck.

I bit seductively bit down on my lower lip.

"I'd do such a thing?" I grazed my teeth over my lip as I lifted my hands up and around his neck, pulling and loosening his tie until it fell around his shoulders. "Well," I sighed. I continued to trace my hands around his shoulders before they landed at his chest, I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it back over his shoulders while I grazed my lips across his stomach. My fingers touched down on his trouser zip as I let the weight of my hand slide the zip down, allowing his trousers to fall evenly onto the floor.

"If you even think about stopping now...I'll....I'll..." his eyes fazed like he was trying to think what to say but instead he bit down onto his lip as I placed my hand against his boxers.

"You'll what...?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper.

Before a second had even passed he had leaned forward into me, his hands tearing down my skirt and ruffling my blouse above my head. My hair remained in a tight bun as his hand tugged against it, loosening it but not enough to cause it to drop. Nothing but the sound of our lips touching and kissing filled the silence. As his hand reached down between my legs I felt a sigh release through my lips.

"You're so wet for me already," he smirked into my ear and I sighed, breathing a gasp into his ear and sinking my fingers into his shoulders. With his hands wrapped surely around my waist I arched my back, turning me slowly onto my side and lifting me on top of him. While pressing my lips hard against his I lowered my hand to between my legs, feeling my pussy inches from him as I yearned painfully for him to fuck me. And hard. My hand traced down until I felt his cock twitch excitedly against my finger tips.

"I think you're just as excited as I am," I whispered, looking intently into his eyes.

"You know I'm going to fuck you, I want you to fuck me, hard." I continued to whisper as I stared into his eyes, my hand pressing against his stomach as the other finger danced against his cock and rubbed lightly against his balls.

"Come on then," I sighed as I lowered my hips towards him.

"Uh," he sighed, lifting his hands up to hold my face, he rushed his hands through my hair, allowing more of it to fall around my face.

"My..." he began, lowering his hands he cupped my tits and felt as my nipples got harder at his touch, "...naughty...", he continued as he went on to trace his hands down my stomach as I felt my inside twitch at the sensation.

He took a loud intake of breath before he lurched his hips upwards, "Mia." he sighed as I felt his cock slowly pull my pussy lips apart. A light mumble escaped my lips, soon turning into a moan.

"Uh!" I moaned, circling my hips against his. I arched my front into him, lowering my head and pressing it tightly into the creek between his shoulder and neck.

"Ryan..." I moaned into his ear as I felt his cock thrust deeper into my pussy, feeling more wet by the second.

I felt instantly like I was about to come but I knew I couldn't, I tightened the muscles down in my pussy as I felt myself nearing. Ryan moaned loudly into my ear as I did so, feeling the tension down below against his throbbing member.

"Deeper!" I moaned, my face buried more into his skin as I felt his arms curl around my back.

"Oh do it again Mia!" his voice echoed into my hair as I lifted my head up.

"Again?" I asked, my head was fizzing like I'd just ate sherbet. "You want me to do..." I tightened the muscles inside my pussy, the sensation of me pulling him in deeper shuddered through me. His teeth grazed into my shoulder as his hips circled and practically shoved against my thighs.

"Now..." he breathed into my skin, "...only..." he mumbled as he dug his fingers into my bum cheeks, "...only do that when you want me to come," he laughed.

I automatically laughed on top of him, shuddering the vibration of giggles down my stomach and into his cock. His back arched as I laughed, gyrating his hips fast against mine.

"Oh Mia," he moaned, flicking his tongue against my nipple. I lifted my head upwards, the tingling sending shudders through my body.

"Oh." I sighed, grinding my hips against his as I felt him sink deeper and deeper into my pussy.

"Faster!" I heard myself cry as I felt myself burst with energy, I thrust against his cock and dug my fingers into his stomach.

"Oh!" I felt the vibration sink into my stomach, roaring through my skin and tingling through my nipples, the awe shaking through my knees and making my thighs fall to jelly.

"MI..." Ryan puttered, his face buried into my neck as I sank my lips onto his soft skin. His thrusts deepened as I felt his cock lunge in and out of me at a fast pace. The vibration and jelly feeling in all of my body continued, this had to be the longest orgasm I'd had forever. My eyes squeezed tight together as I pressed my lips further against his skin as I grazed my teeth against his shoulders. I felt his thrusts vibrate more into me, the sound of his cock thrusting into me turned me on even more.

"UH!" I moaned, squeezing my insides tight making his cock throb hard and fast inside me before he moaned in unison, arching him himself against me as I thrust against him one more time.

"Yes, that's it," I groaned feeling myself about to come. I could feel the tingles in my build continuously, creating the vibration in my to build up into my stomach and fizzle in between my legs. A moan and cry released from my lips as a squeezed my thighs together.

"Ohhh...." I cried, my fingers digging roughly into his stomach as I allowed myself to drop onto him.

"Woah..." he murmured, a few seconds later. We remained still and silent until he lifted his hand up towards my face, lifting my hair away from my eyes and tucking it behind my ear.

"I don't know where that came from," he sighed against my forehead, "But we need to do that more often," he chuckled into a sigh as I laughed from my tummy.

"Noted." I smirked, sinking my lips into his.

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