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I Want....

A short story of a lovers needs and wants being fulfilled.
I want you kissing me. Everywhere and anywhere. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth, while your hand strokes my body. I want you to take my shirt off and attack my chest with kisses, nips, and licks. I want you to carry me to a bed and throw me down on it. Then I want you to take my pants off. I'll ask you if you're hungry, and you'll smirk and push the lace of my panties aside and delicately rub your tongue over my clit before attacking my pussy with fierceness, both licking and sucking me. I want you to take your fingers and shove them in me while you suck on my clit. I want you to eat me out until I cum. Directly after that, not wasting any time, I want you back on top of me kissing me so I can see what I taste like. I want to take your shirt off and rub my hands over the tenderness of your muscles. I want to feel you smile into the kiss. I'll take your pants off, and grab you through your boxers. I'll bite my lip and act like this is my first time. I'll rip your boxers off and stroke you until you're hard. Then I'll put you in my mouth and suck and lick you, until you're groaning. While I'm sucking you, you'll unhook my bra and let it fall to the floor, palming my tits. When you're just about to cum, I'll stop and you'll push me down with a passion, ripping my panties off and pushing into me. I'll cry out in ecstacy, and you'll groan, feeling the tightness of my pussy. You'll thrust in and out, in and out, in and out. I'll clench my pussy walls against your dick, and you'll moan. I'll switch positions and ride you, screaming the whole time. I'll turn and let you fuck me from behind. My pussy is dripping around your cock, and I can feel sweat dripping onto me from your chest. I'll yell out that I'm going to cum and you'll throw me back down onto the bed, pushing back into me, and taking control on top of me. You'll watch my face and know immediately just how close I am. You'll be so close to me when I give in, and you'll feel me clench tightly against you as I moan and cum for the second time that night. While I'm cumming, you'll kiss my neck and groan as you feel me begin to come down from the high you caused. You'll give me a break by stopping all movements and kissing me passionately. When I wiggle under you, you'll take it as a cue that it's time to move again. You'll slowly begin thrusting again, looking directly into my eyes and seeing nothing there but lust and love. You'll smile, and in almost silent whispers, tell me you love me while pecking my lips. You'll continue fucking me, and slowly I start to see how close you are to cumming. In almost the same instant, I'll realize that I'm getting close too. You'll tell me that I need to cum, I need to cum with you. You'll put your hand down and rub my clit while you're fucking me, and I'll feel myself climbing that steep edge once again. You'll smile as you feel me cum. You'll tell me just how responsive I am to your touch while I cry out. Directly after, you'll feel yourself losing it, and you'll begin to orgasm. I'll watch your face and smile as I see it contort in ecstacy, and hear your grunts of approval. Finally, I'll feel your dick twitch and you'll cum. Slowly you'll come back to me, and you'll kiss me. You'll hold me close in your arms and I'll know that you'll never let me go. I'll wrap my arms around you, and you'll kiss the top of my head as we both drift off into slumber.
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