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Ice Cold to Red Hot

Wife takes care of her needs

                                                   From Ice Cold to Red Hot

Jason was 25 yr old graphic designer for a midsize company in upstate New York. He was with the company for two years and was a very hard worker and pretty much got along with everyone in the company. It was a fairly pleasant place to work for except for Jason’s supervisor Lisa Jones.

Lisa was a beautiful 40 yr old mother of two teenagers. She kept herself in shape with regular workouts in the company gym and watching what she ate. She had reddish blonde hair to the middle of her back and beautiful green eyes. Her legs and her butt were toned from regular runs on the treadmill and laps in the pool. She was also considered a bitch my many in the company. Some would say a bit impossible to please and cold attitude.   Jason was always polite and friendly to her. He worked hard on the project she gave him but she barely gave him the time of day.

The office Christmas party was this Friday.    The work week went by slow but Friday evening finally came around and everyone was looking forward to relaxing having a few drinks and forgetting about work for a while.   There were a few workers sneaking kisses here and there under the mistletoe but it was all in good fun.

Lisa decided to call her husband to see how his business trip was going. While she was taking to him she heard the voice of a women saying “ Hurry up and get into the shower” in the back ground. “That motherfucker he is fucking around on me again” Lisa said as she slammed the phone down. She picked her things and went to straight to the open bar at the party.

Jason spotted Lisa at the bar and decided to try again to get her to warm up to him. Jason tried carrying a conversation with Lisa but he could tell she was not really into it.   He decided to let her be and go and talk with the others in the office.

It was 11pm and the party pretty much ended and many had gone home already.   Jason got in his car ready to go home but it would not start fucking great he thought to himself. He looked for is cell phone and remembered he left it on his desk at work. He went back to the office to get his cell phone to call for help but the building was already locked up for the night. “ Fucking great now what” Jason said. Just as he said that it started to rain “I had to ask” he mumbled to himself. He remembered there was a pay phone on the other side of the lot and ran there as it started to pour. As he turned the corner of the building he saw Lisa’s car there and her car had a flat tire.

He walked over to the car and knocked on the glass causing Lisa to let out a yell and jump in her seat. She pushed the button to roll down the window and Jason said “Need a hand?”   Lisa just rolled her eyes and said “ Gee what do you think?” Jason just bit his tongue and told her to open the trunk so he could change the tire.   Jason had just finished changing the tire and knocked on the window and told her she was all set. He started to walk to the pay phone when she asked him “Why are you still here anyway?” Jason replied “My car will not start and I forgot my phone on my desk”.   Lisa thought to herself for a moment and said “ Hop in I will give you a ride home it is raining pretty heavy.” Jason was wet and cold and did not think twice about the offer and jumped into the car.

Jason told her where he lived and as they started to drive the rain came down even harder to the point they could barely see where they were going.   “I live close by you can wait out the rain at my place and then call a cab home” Lisa said. They arrived at her home it was a big and furnished with expensive tasteful items.   Lisa turned on the lights and said to Jason in a harsh voice “your dripping all over my floor get undressed and get into the shower down the hall and leave your wet clothes on the bathroom floor I will take care of it”.   “There is the bitch again” Jason said to himself guess she cannot be nice for too long.

He went to the bathroom and got undressed and opened the glass doors to the shower. The hot water running down his body started to melt away the cold and stop his shivering.   Lisa walked in the bathroom to pick clothes up and put them in the dryer as she picked her head up she saw Jason in the shower she stopped and stared for a moment. He did not see her cause he had his eyes closed as the water ran down his body.

Lisa stared at Jason’s lean muscular build he had wide shoulders, chiseled chest and, 6 pack abs. She kept tracing his body with her eyes and saw his cock. She started to feel sexually excited looking at him and started to desire him her husband had not touched her in months. As she found out the reason why earlier in the evening her husband was cheating on her again after he swore he would never do it again lying prick she thought to herself.     

She picked up the clothes and told him there were towels on the top shelf in the bathroom closet as she left the bathroom. Jason had just stepped out of the shower and gotten a towel out of the closet and was drying off when Lisa walked in with some clothes for him to wear while his dried.

Lisa came in with some clothes and was now staring at Jason’s naked body. “ I’m sorry I was just drying off “Jason said while trying to cover up. “No it is ok I should have asked if it was ok if I could come in” Lisa said. There was a moment of uneasy silence between the both of them Lisa walked forward to hand Jason the clothes his hand touched hers while reaching for the clothes causing Lisa to gasp. They both wanted each other but to scared to move.

Lisa’s head was spinning she thought to herself I am a married women with two children he is 25 and I am 40 this should not be happening. Her needs and desire were taking control. Then the sound of the other women calling her husband into the shower was playing in her head. Fuck it she thought he is out having fun and the kids are out with their friends it is my turn to have some fun. She leaned in and kissed Jason. Jason returned the kiss and dropped the clothes and his towel and pushed Lisa against the wall.   Jason pressed his hard cock into Lisa’s stomach while she raised a leg and wrapped it around his waist.   Lisa broke away from the kiss “I want you to fuck me” she said.

She took a hold of his cock and said “Follow me” as she led the way to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Lisa sat on the bed and brought Jason’s cock to her mouth taking half of it into her mouth causing Jason to moan. Lisa started to suck on his cock while her hands where on his ass trying to take more of it into her mouth. Jason wrapped his hands in her hair telling her how good she was. She kept sucking his cock Jason felt his orgasm approaching “I’m going to cum” he said. Lisa heard him but did not care she kept sucking him until he filled her mouth with cum she swallowed all of it hungry for more.  

Lisa stood up turned around “ Unzip me” she said. Jason unzipped her as Lisa let her dress drop to the floor. Jason was surprised she was not wearing panties just a black lacy bra. Jason turned her around and pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs she was shaved smooth and her pussy was already wet. Jason licked the insides if her thighs licking his way to her waiting pussy.

I need to cum NOW ” she said Jason pushes his tongue into her wet pussy and closed his mouth around her pussy causing Lisa to moan. Jason was surprised at how sweet her pussy tasted and how wet she was. “Make me cum please make me cum she said. Jason removes his tongue and pushed 2 fingers in searching for her g-spot. Lisa gasps as Jason’s fingers found it “ Oh God yes” Lisa said. Jason continues to rub her g-spot and then decides to suck on her clit to stimulate her even more. “ Oh fuck yes don’t stop don’t fucking stop” Lisa said.   Lisa’s closes her thighs around Jason’s head as her hips began to buck.   Jason continued this as Lisa’s filled the room with her moans of pleasure. “OH FUCK YES” Lisa said as she came in Jason’s mouth.

Lisa pushes Jason’s head away and looks him in the eyes and says “ Fuck me now”.   Jason does not have to be told twice as he sat up and brings his hard cock to her waiting pussy. He trusts his cock into her “Oh fuck ahhhhh” Lisa moaned.   Jason fucks Lisa with hard deep strokes. “ Your cunt feels so fucking good “Jason says as he continues to fuck her.   Jason takes Lisa’s legs and pushes them back pressing them to her chest so he can fuck her harder and deeper. “OH GOD YES GIVE IT TO ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER” Lisa screams encouraging Jason on.   Jason turns Lisa over and he pulls her over and raises her ass and shoves his hard cock back into her waiting cunt. He wrapped his hand in her hair pulling her head back fucking her like a bitch in heat “ This is what you want tell me” Jason growls at her. “ Oh yes I want it don’t stop please don’t stop” Lisa says between moans. Jason slaps Lisa’s ass then again harder and again “ Yes use me do what you want with me” Lisa said.

Jason holds onto Lisa’s hips and fucks her hard, fast, deep as she screams and curses in pleasure. Their bodies were covered with sweat the room is filled with the sounds and smells of raw sex. Jason pushes forward causing Lisa to lay flat on her stomach as Jason drives his hard cock into her repeatedly with everything he has.   Jason’s balls began to tightened he felt his orgasm approaching. He reached out for the headboard for leverage to drive himself harder and deeper into Lisa. Jason did this for another minute and finally erupts filling Lisa’s pussy with cum.

Lisa could feel Jason cumming she could feel with every hot spurt of cum deep in her cunt which sets off her on orgasm. “ FUCK YES” Lisa screams into the pillow as her body tightens up under Jason. Jason felt a bit dizzy after such a strong orgasm and layed down next to Lisa as they both tried to catch their breath. A few minutes went by neither say a word. The room smelled of sex.

Lisa looks out the window and realizes the rain has stopped. A wicked grin came across Lisa’s face as the wheels in her head started to turn. She rolled over and said to Jason “The rain has stopped you could get cleaned up and call a cab and go home or I have a better idea”. “ What idea is that?” Jason responds.   “ How about we continue this say on the dining room table where my lying cheating bastard of a husband is going to eat his Christmas dinner” Lisa said while looking like the cat that just ate the canary. “ Talk about a 180” Jason said “ What do you mean?”   Lisa asked. “ Usually you barely give me the time of day now you’re asking me to fuck you on the table where your husband is going to eat his Christmas dinner”. Lisa puts her finger over Jason’s lips and said “ Shhh do you want to talk or do you want to fuck?”                                 

                                                          Which do you think he picked?

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