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Identical Twins

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A Slut of a Housewife on Holiday Opens her Legs
They were identical twins. One was Paul and the other was Gary, this much I know, but if you asked me which one was which I'd be at a loss to say.

OK, it's sunny Queensland, hubby is off on some golf course doing what he loves the most, chasing those little white balls, and his sometime loving wife takes a trip to the local club to sit with the oldies to play bingo, with little success.

It's approaching lunch time now, I'm on the club's wide terrace, and the view of the beach and the sea under a flawless sky is well worth the price of an orange juice with ice. A hot December wind is annoying but tolerable .

The two happy go lucky holiday makers, cracking stupid jokes and clowning around who eventually come to rest at a table near mine, had to have been inured to the stares of strangers because of their close similarity in looks and dress. In what seemed to be a well worn approach they used the fact that they caught me giving them a close scrutiny to announce, "We're identical twins, haven't you seen any before?"

Well, that was the intro and before I could give the ice in my glass a good rattle they were at my table and making themselves at home. I'm a fucking paragon of politeness, so I won't bore you with the details of our small talk. I come from down there, and you come from over there. I'm Anna and you're Paul in the dark green polo shirt, and that's brother Gary .

They were slim, in their thirties, but balding, so had shaven heads which suited them nicely . A tad younger than this housewife milf, which only added to their charm I must say.

When their eyes go down to your crotch every other second it doesn't take a world renowned psychic to fathom their thoughts [ during the other second they're assessing your bra size ].

Now we're up to the point when the chit chat turns blue.

OK, I'm satisfying a curiosity but I had to ask . Did they swap girlfriends and was the deception discovered ?

Yes, but it was only successful to begin with. The more time the girl or girls spent with them the easier it became to tell them apart.

Paul in the green polo, taking deep breaths and looking slightly constipated, leans forward to whisper. They love nothing better than sharing the same girl.

I brazenly quiz them on this.

Yes, they love a threesome, altogether, not a stitch of clothing on, romping freely on the bed, happy to take turns ploughing the same furrow, unperturbed by whatever juices may flow.

I tell them it's a lot of fun being with two guys at once who are not afraid of each other's erections. I hear ya, says one. Amen to that, says the other.

I stand up. Time to go, boys. Pleasure meeting you. Hubby will be back from his dreary sport shortly. Gotta run.

"See you again?" says one of them , fingers crossed I imagine.

I walk away, then turn back. "Will you be here tomorrow? Same time?"

Stupid question I know, and the answer, well I don't have to tell you that.

They were renting a caravan, as we say, or a trailer, as you might say, for their fortnightly stay in the summer sun. A mere ten minutes by car up the coastal road.

So, this is it.

The very next day I'm the back seat of their auto, taking a look at the clouds that have rolled in overnight, saying, "Hey, this is indoor weather, get off that beach!"

I forget who was driving, and who was in the back seat with me, feeling relaxed and free enough to run his hand up under my summer dress. By the time I had unzipped him, bared his cock and stiffened it suitably we were braking before their well appointed abode.

The thoughtful fuckers had taken the time to purchase as requested a good bottle of aged tawny port for their slut of the day. I drinks nothing else, well, maybe a fruitwood wine, but let's not get into that.

So I take a few good sips as they strip away whatever meagre clothing they threw on this morning. I must say they were truly identical. The cock on the left was a perfect replica to the cock on the right. And they didn't flinch when I drew them both together so I could suck real nice on them.

Looking up I see them together, arm around each other's shoulder, skin to skin, grinning like satyrs, loving their blowjobs.

First step is my pleasure.

One sits on my chest to rub his thick circumcised joystick around my face while I experience the dreamy softness of a tongue lapping at the gate to paradise. I take my time to study a hard muscle of manhood, with licks, sucks, and caresses. The head is bulbous, the shaft thick and a little scar running down it that my lips have to know.

When there's semen on my face, brother has to take a look. I pull his head down, I have got to know, will he kiss these sticky lips ? He does, tasting what I taste. A loving kiss too, lingers wonderfully.

I'm fucked, a few heartbeats after the kiss has faded. Slides in so embarrassingly easy. His piston pumps strongly, mechanically, condom free and joyous. While I luxuriate in the sensation of it other hands play with my tits and nipples. My hand is placed on a cock, not flabby but firm. It's been but minutes since it spurted , and I know it's owner is proud of its virility.

What more is there to say ?

They called me a whore, a slut as they used me. Doggy, cowgirl, you name it . They filled my hot cunt with seed. Both of them came three times .

I was pleasured and pleased. They acted as one, so similar were they. And , so obvious even to me, it was their preferred method of getting off. To see their naked bodies touching, without a second thought, hungry for the same tunnel . I have to say it was orgasmic.

Did I cum ? You bet I fucking did .

Where was hubby ? Perfecting his swing, the moron .

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