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If I Had You To Myself

We broke up, but he still wanted me. And I wanted him. This is what we did. True story.
It's 9 am. Mom's still at the barn. Dad's at work.. No one's home but me. And soon, you. We've been planning this day for a while now, we know what's going to happen, and we don't care. No one matters except the two of us. No one else exists outside this bed.

It's dark, but not pitch black. I'm still asleep. You open the front door and listen, smiling to yourself that we're alone. You tiptoe downstairs so you won't wake me. As you turn your head around the corner, you catch a glimpse of me, under the blankets. You can see the blanket has slid down while I slept, exposing my breasts. I lie spread eagled under the thin blanket, trying to stay cool. Your heart starts to beat quicker in anticipation. You're a little worried, but the excitement wins out.

You walk up close to where I lay, and take off your backpack and glasses. You lift up the blanket, and for a moment, you just look. It's been a while since you've seen me naked. But soon I start to stir, feeling a disturbance in my sleep. Quickly you get under the blanket with me before I wake up. But I'm coming to now. And you know it.

You smile in anticipation and put your mouth to my already damp sex. You flick your tongue out, teasing me. I let out a small moan, finally waking up to the feel of your gentle tongue in a place only you can touch. As I wake up, you lick faster, probing and teasing and flicking, exciting me more and more. I start to pant and moan, feeling my pleasure increase. Just when I feel it can't get any better, you insert one finger, and I'm pushed over the edge. I desperately beg for more, more, I feel as if I can never be satisfied. Faster you lick, faster, and finally my pleasure mounts to the highest peak and suddenly, like a tsunami, it crashes to the shore and I shake with the force of it.

I try to slow my breathing and shaking as you slow your licking. Once I'm somewhat under control, I grab your head and pull your face to mine. I kiss your lips and feel myself there. I flick my tongue out to your lips, tasting and teasing. You ease your body between my legs and kiss me firmly, bringing your hands up to touch my breasts. You squeeze, hard, letting out a small moan you can't hold in. I smile to myself and move my face to kiss your neck, and start to pull off your shirt so that I can feel your skin against mine. I throw it away and go back to kissing you. I kiss your neck and nibble your ears, scratching your back as the kissing gets harder and more urgent. We are desperate to feel each other, taste each other. As I kiss you, you slide one of your hands down to my soaking wet clit and rub me, touch me, slip around and insert your finger, pumping steadily in and out. I didn't think it was possible, but my pleasure begins to rise again. As you touch me, I reach my hands down to your pants and fumble around, trying to pull them off. Once they're undone, I struggle to get them down. You feel my struggle and decide to help out. You roll over, onto your back next to me and pull them off. You try to roll back on top of me, but I hold you where you are. I pull the blanket up over my head kiss my way down your chest, down your belly, until I'm face to face with your rock hard cock. I kiss it a little at the head, and I can feel you silently beg me for more. I lick it, then suck it into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head. I pull more and more of you inside my mouth, until I just can't fit anymore. Then I pull back. You put your hand on the back of my head and push my face down, forcing yourself further down my throat. It makes me hot in a way I can't explain, and I let you do it. Soon I start to pick up the pace, and I can feel you getting closer. Before you can finish, I stop and move up to your face, kissing you. By now, you're so desperate to finish that you grab me and roll me over so that you're pressed up against me, missionary position. You kiss my neck and breasts, and suckle them the way you know I like. I twist my fingers in your hair and arch my back, wanting more. You bite and suck at my nipples, hard, alternating between them. I get so aroused that I start to rub myself, keeping up a steady pace.

We can't handle foreplay anymore. You pull back a little and look at me, asking the question with your eyes. I nod, but first reach over and grab the condom sitting on the table next to us. I hand it to you, and you rip open the packet and push it on. I spread my legs and wrap my arms around your neck. And finally, finally, you push yourself into me. I moan loudly, happy to have you exactly where I wanted you all along. Slowly, you push yourself all the way in. It's been such a long time that I've tightened up. But soon, you're there. For a while, we just savor the moment, feeling the intimacy and pleasure. Then you start to thrust. Slowly at first, but forcefully. I moan and pant at every completed push. We're both starting to work up a sweat. As my pleasure once again rises, I start to move my hips in sync with yours, trying to speed it up. But you won't let me. You smile a little and keep it slow, teasing me. After a few minutes, I can't take it anymore. I wrap my legs and arms around you, and roll us both over so I'm on top and in control. You're surprised at my force, but pleased. For a little bit, I stay close to your body, keeping the rhythm slow. But soon, I sit up, tall and proud. You love this position because you can watch my breasts bounce. I sit down on you, pushing you as deep as you can go. I shiver and throw my head back, eyes rolling back in my head. I speed up, pushing you deeper with each thrust. Then all of a sudden, I slow down, teasing you now. I go slow for a little while, then speed up again. I continue this pattern for a little while, bringing you to the very edge then slowing it down. After a little while you just can't take it anymore. You sit up and grab me, kissing me hard, pushing yourself deep inside me. You roll us over quickly, and begin to thrust, fast, determined to finish now. Each thrust is rough and fast, and I can feel that my hips will be bruised. But that's how I like it. I moan deeply, panting and letting out little cries as the wave begins to crest again. You're close too, I can feel it. Soon I just can't take it and I dig my nails into your back, scratching and clawing, desperate to bring you even closer. As the wave crashes down and I let out a low scream, your back arches and your eyes roll back. I clench my muscles around you, squeezing you so it feels even better. Once you've finished, you collapse against me, breathing heavily. I'm shaking from the aftermath of my multiple orgasms. Tenderly I kiss your neck and face, and gently rub your back where I can feel my scratches. Soon our breathing slows and you pull out. You pull off the condom, wrap it back up in the package, and set it on the table, to be thrown away later. I roll onto my side and let my eyelids flutter closed in exhaustion. I feel you spoon up behind me and wrap your arms around my torso. I knit my fingers into yours and smile to myself. I burrow closer to you and let myself drift off, fully satisfied and knowing you are too.

I wake up sometime later and look over my shoulder at you. You give me a sleepy but still knowing smile. You wink at me, and I laugh. I sit up and stretch, smiling at you. I have to take a shower, and I tell you so. But first, I have a surprise for you. I deliberately left it on the table before I fell asleep last night, hoping I would get to use it. You look at the little slip of paper, not understanding. Then I place it on my tongue and you understand. Your eyes widen a little and a smile starts to form on your face, not quite believing your luck. It's a masque flavor strip. Soon it activates and my mouth tastes like chocolate and nothing else. I go down on you again, feeling you already beginning to harden. I lick and kiss you, until you're engorged to full size. Then I suck you into my mouth, marveling at the flavor. I pump my hand and flick my tongue at the head. You timidly place your hand at the back of my head, wanting to face fuck me. I nod a little, showing my consent. Your timidity disappears, and you shove my head down, and I open my throat, fully willing. I still pump my hand and flick my tongue, but now I'm deep throating you at the same time. We pick up the pace pretty quick, and soon, I can feel your orgasm building. I think quickly, and decide to open my throat, and shove you down as far as you can go. You explode, and thankfully all I taste is chocolate. I close my eyes and swallow, knowing you would be extremely pleased by my performance. Once you finish, I lick the last drops from my lips and your tip, then work my way up to your face and wink. The look on your face is one of extreme satisfaction and some surprise. I kiss you, and you seem a little grossed out so I laughed. I kiss your cheek and pat you on the chest, then get up to shower.

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