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I'll fix more than just her wireless connectivity

Colleen needs her wireless issues fixed, as we begin our affair
It started out as a typical weekend, woke up Saturday morning to the bright sunshine with my wife still sleeping next to me in bed. We had our coffee and breakfast on the front porch a little while later, along with some light conversation.

While we were sitting there, our neighbor Colleen walked out on her front porch wearing sweats and a t-shirt. Colleen is a single woman, about 5'10" with long sexy legs and overall a nice body. She and I have had episodes of flirting and touching during outings with all the neighbors, that always seem to go unnoticed.

Just a few weeks ago we were all at a baseball game, and Colleen was sitting one row in front of me, and one seat over. While my wife was up getting a beverage, Colleen turned around and started lightly rubbing my leg which caused me to jump slightly. She grinned with that incredibly sexy smile she has.

Anyway, during our typical good mornings and some conversation, Colleen mentioned she was having problems with her laptop connecting to her wireless network and asked if I would come over and take a look at it. After my wife and I got our routine Saturday morning going, I grab my laptop and head over to Colleen's. My wife heads out to run some errands. Colleen opens the door with her hair still tied up in a towel from her shower, wearing khaki shorts and a clean t-shirt. I head to the back of the house to her home office, while she heads back upstairs to finish getting ready.

A few minutes later Colleen comes down to the office and offers me a drink while I'm working. As she walks in the room, I look over my shoulder to see she's no longer wearing khakis and has changed into a very short pair of shorts showing off those long sexy legs. I take my time checking out the wireless issues, while she gets us a couple of waters - after all it is still morning.

Across from her desk is a sofa chair and ottoman. Colleen walks back in the room and hands me the water. I turn around to talk to her about what I've found so far, and as she sits down on the edge of the ottoman I notice the soft edges of her labia peaking thru one side of her shorts. These shorts leave nothing to the imagination and I can see she isn't wearing panties.

As we continue talking she notices I am constantly looking down between her legs, as I'm just hoping to catch another glimpse. She also notices the bulge starting to build in my own shorts. At this point, she leans back to rest on her elbows and spreads her legs open a little further letting me get a full view of both sides of her labia separated by her shorts.

Colleen smiles and asks, "Do you like what you see?"

Me looking up and down her long legs, I respond in a sly low voice, "Yes of course," as I reach down to massage the front and back of her calves. I move forward onto the floor and start working my way up the front of her thighs as I hear her breath a quiet moan.

At this point, time is flying by and I know if I don't get to it, my wife will probably return home and stop by to see how I'm doing.

I move my way up her body lightly running fingers across her pussy as I go further pushing her t-shirt up and resting my hands on her hips. I lean forward and kiss her as she grabs me and shoves her tongue in my mouth. It's exhilarating, and I can't believe we've waited this long for our first kiss.

I lift her shirt up to find she's not wearing a bra. Colleen has beautiful boobs that are just enough for a handful. I start kissing down the left side of her neck, across her shoulders and find myself sucking on her tits. My erection continues to press against my shorts, while she runs her hand across it and gives me another sly smile. As I continue kissing down her body, I hear her breathing getting heavier while she rubs her hands on my shoulders pushing me to continue my pursuit further down her body.

As I reach her navel, I kiss across her waist using my hands to reach inside her shorts as I start pulling them down. Just as I get her shorts down past her clean shaven pussy, there is a knock at the front screen door. Colleen quickly pulls her shirt down and pulls her shorts up to go answer the door, to find it's my wife asking how much longer I would be working.

As my erection subsides and I face the laptop to appear to be working, my wife walks into the room. I explain that I'm almost done and make up an excuse for the work taking so long. She's oblivious to the fact that anything physical has just taken place between Colleen and I. I tell her I'll be done in a few minutes, as she heads home to unload groceries and make lunch.

Colleen walks back into the room and we embrace finding our tongues in each others mouths once again. I stop as my erection starts to swell again, stating I need to get home.

Until next time, when we can find another reason to spend some time alone.
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