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I'll give you what you've always wanted.

David visits his old friends in their new house in France. It's time to give them a gift.
“Ryanair flight Foxtrot Romeo five-one-four you are cleared to land runway one seven over.”

The Boeing 737 that had taken off from Stansted curved onto the final approach, the pilot engaged another 20 degrees of flap and the undercarriage lowered with a hum and a clunk Three greens lights lit up on the panel in front of the pilot to indicate the wheels were down and locked and at just after ten to four in the afternoon the tyres hit the tarmac with a squeal and a puff of smoke. The airbrakes were deployed and the engines thrown into reverse thrust as the aircraft braked hard and slowed sufficiently for the Co-pilot to pick up the first taxiway and make the left turn towards the two story terminal building to the east of the runway.

A female voice with a soft Irish accent announced “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dinard St Malo airport, the local time is fifteen fifty one . Please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and seat belts sign have been switched off. May we thank you for flying with Ryanair this afternoon and we look forward to welcoming you back on board in the near future”

As the aircraft came to a halt the co-pilot switched off the fasten seatbelts sign.

Most of the passengers stood up and started to open the overhead luggage racks, reclaiming their carry on luggage, I, however, sat perfectly still and looked out of the window by my seat across the airfield to the slowly setting sun in the west. The doors opened and the other passengers disembarked, as the last few were making their way towards the nearest door, at the rear of the aircraft, I stood up took my bag and walked almost the full length of the gangway to the front exit.

It was something of a ritual for me, I couldn’t abide standing crushed by other passengers whilst they waited to disembark – I was happy in my own space taking my time. I walked down the aircraft steps and across the tarmac towards the arrivals hall. With just my overnight bag I walked directly through the arrivals hall where all the eager passengers now stood waiting for their hold luggage and out into the main concourse of the small terminal building.

I saw Tom and Sue waiting for me by the car hire desk and walked up to them. “Hi, you two, it’s lovely to see you again.”

Tom shook my firmly by the hand “Welcome to our little corner of France ” he said.

Sue, a smile beaming on her face, gave me a big hug and kissed me directly on the lips “Hi you.,” and, unseen to Tom, she dropped her hand to my crotch and gave my cock a squeeze through my trousers “I’ve missed you.”

Tom and Sue were about 10 years younger than me, we had met at a mutual friends wedding and hit it off almost immediately. Tom was a hypnotherapist of very similar build to me and Sue, a petite blonde 5 foot 2 inch sex bomb and with it an accomplished musician. Sue not only had great looks but she was talented too. I hate people like that. Anyway, they had been married for six years and had no children, and had moved out to France about five months ago.

We walked out to their car, parked in the car park just across from the terminal and Tom took by bag and put it in the boot. I got into the back of the car and Tom got in the driving seat while Sue took her place in the front next to him.

The drive to their house in Normandy took about an hour and a half and through the journey we chatted about my children and what we’d all been doing since we had last met, eight months previously in Kent , before they had packed up and moved out to France . By the time we had arrived it was dark and the isolated house was only lit by a full moon in a cloudless night sky. I always love the night sky in remote areas, the millions of stars that make up the Milky Way twinkle bright with no light pollution.

It was difficult to tell how big the house was as the lights from the car lit up a number of outbuildings and storage areas. There were fields all around the house and the nearest neighbour, Tom advised, was three kilometres away.

Tom stopped the car and switched off the engine “You may now disembark” said Tom in his best Irish accent and we all laughed as we got out. Sue opened the front door, which wasn’t locked, and we all entered the house, feeling the warmth immediately after the cold of the February night, a fire burned in the grate and the smell of wood smoke and garlic seemed to fill my nostrils. “This is lovely.” I said as I looked around.

The house was simply furnished and in the main room, where I now stood, the table had been laid for a light supper. Tom pointed towards a door off the lounge as the room where I would be sleeping; their room was at the other end of the house which was the other side of the kitchen.

I was going to take by bag through but Tom stopped me “Have a beer before you unpack,” he offered “you’ve had along day.”

“That would be great, thanks Tom, you’re a top man.” I replied and he went to the kitchen to get a beer. The moment he left the room Sue came over to me and pulling my trouser belt with her left hand pushed her right hand down the front of my trousers, inside my underpants and grabbed my cock.

“Oh, that feels so good babe, I want you to give me your spunk.” Sue purred.

I could hear Tom taking the crown top off the beer “Do you want a Picon in this?” he called from the kitchen.

“What’s Picon?” I asked as Sue continued to fondle my now swelling cock.

“Try it,” said Tom, “If you don’t like it, then I’ll drink yours.”

“Ok” I replied.

I heard the lid of a bottle unscrew and liquid being poured into a glass followed by the sound of fizzy liquid being added.

I now had a full erection and Sue was on tip toe starting to kiss my face as she rubbed my shaft.

“Sue,” I hissed at her “Tom will be back in a second, stop it.”

Sue looked up at me “I’ll have you later then.” She winked and pulled her hand out from my pants.

A fraction of a second after Sue’s hand had left the top of my trousers Tom was back in the room “Here you are, enjoy.” He said and handed me the glass of foaming beer.

I took a drink, the taste was pleasant and I nodded to Tom “Thanks, this is perfect.”

“You’re welcome.” He replied and excused himself to go to the woodshed to get some logs for the fire.

Once again I was alone with Sue and she was smiling that smile I’ve seen so many times, the demons of lust were filling her brain and I felt slightly nervous.

I took a seat at the table and held my beer tight as Sue pulled up a chair and sat next to me. “So,” she asked “are you still single?”

“I am,” I replied, “but actively looking for someone to share my bed. There’s a young lady in Holland who I’m hoping might agree to become the next Mrs. Chatto you know.” And I winked at Sue

She laughed, “Same old story every time.” She teased.

I drank more of the beer and we talked about my plan to look for a house in Normandy and what we would be doing in the morning. Tom and Sue had agreed to take me to visit the local land agents as property in France had become cheaper and it was very much a buyer’s market.

I finished the beer and nervously waited Tom’s return. The front door swung open and Tom came in with a large basket of wood. “Here we are,” he said, “That should keep us warm this evening.” Tom poked the fire and flames started to lick over the almost burned out logs, he threw two new ones on and they caught and started burning in a couple of moments.

“What a lovely fire,” I said, “I’ll just unpack my bag and freshen up. Give me ten minutes.” I took my bag into the guest room and unpacked quickly putting my spare underwear and shirts in the top left drawer of a chest of drawers and hanging my spare trousers in the wardrobe. There was a small sink in the corner of the room and I peeled off my shirt, filled the sink with hot water and taking the bar of soap washed my face, hands and under my arms. There was no towel.

I went to the door and Sue was sitting cross legged in front of the fire. “I forgot to bring a towel can I…”

“I’ll bring you one, hang on.” Said Sue and leapt up and hurried off towards the Kitchen.

A minute later she knocked on my bedroom door and, before waiting for a reply, walked in. I was standing by the sink in my underpants. “You’re looking good.” she said as I turned to take the towel from her.

“Thanks,” I replied “I’ve taken up badminton and it helps keep me trim.”

I turned back to the sink and started drying my face, I felt Sue’s hands on my bum. She squeezed them gently and I heard her purr.

“Sue,” I whispered so that Tom couldn’t hear me “I’m going to have to fuck your brains out if you keep flirting with me.”

“Oh please,” Sue whispered back “Give me you hot spunk.”

She laughed and left the room. I dressed and rejoined Tom and Sue in the main room.

We chatted again and I told Tom that I’d been learning some blues licks on my guitar. Tom was a good guitar player and we had enjoyed many evenings of good food and music in the time we’d known each other. We were very similar in terms of artistic ability and the friendship we had was deep.

Sue prepared a light evening meal and Tom opened a bottle of wine. We sat down and laughed, ate, drank and enjoyed a lovely evening together.

At the end of the meal I cleared the plates and Sue followed me into the kitchen to make the coffee.

“So, do you want to fuck me tonight babe?” She said rubbing the front of my trousers.

“I’d love to,” I said, “but Tom might object.”

“Object to what?” It was Tom standing in the doorway.

Sue looked at me and then at Tom.

“I just asked David if he wanted to fuck me tonight, and he said you might object.”

The silence in the room was palpable.

I looked at Sue unable to believe what she had just said.

“Of course I won’t object,” Said Tom, “It sounds like a lovely idea.”

I now looked at Tom unable to believe what he just said.

Sue took my hand and pulled me through the kitchen, into the front room and towards the guest room. “Come on big boy, we have permission to shag.”

What on earth was going on?

Sue pushed open the door to my room and pulled me to the bed. For a small woman she was remarkably strong when it came to doing something she wanted.

She turned to face me and started to unbutton my shirt and, when that was removed, she turned her attention to my trousers. I love it when a woman is dressed and she undresses me, it’s guaranteed to give me an erection. Sue had me naked in about a minute and a half and purred as she cupped my balls in her left hand.

“Get on the bed” she said.

I sat on the bed and swung my legs up so I was on my back. Sue undressed in about thirty seconds and jumped onto the bed next to me.

My hands started stroking her shoulders, soon moving to her beautiful breasts and across her flat stomach. Her hands were both holding my cock, rubbing it hard.

My hand now reached her pussy and I felt the wetness immediately. I traced the slit with my index finger before pushing it gently into her cunt. “You’re one wet young lady.” I said.

“And you’re one stiff old man.” She giggled.

I slipped a second finger into Sue’s cunt and she moaned, I started to pump her love tube with my fingers, feeling the juices run down my hand to my wrist.

Sue looked me in the eye “Will you please just get on and fuck me David?”

“And just how would you like me to fuck you Susan?” I teased.

“Deep, hard and in the doggy position,” she said “and make sure you come inside me” she added.

I reached into my bag for a condom and started to break the foil. “Here,” said Sue, “give me that.” I gave her the condom and she threw it across the room. She looked me in the eye and said

“Tonight you go bareback.”

“Are you sure?” I said.

“Honey, you’re going bareback with me for the next seven days!”

With that she got on her knees and dropped forward onto all fours, her bum towards me. She spread her legs slightly and I could see her pussy open, begging to be filled.

“Sue,” I said, “If you really want me to fill you then move to the edge of the bed and I’ll stand up behind you.”

She reverse shuffled over to the edge of the bed and I stood behind her. Her pussy was just a fraction higher than was comfortable. “Open you legs a little more.” I asked and as she did her pussy fell to the perfect height.

My cock was now at the entrance of her wet cunt, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on to me forcing my cock deep into her cunt.

“Oh my God,” Sue cried, “Do that again!”

I withdrew and once again positioned myself “Ready?” I asked

“Oh fuck yes.” Sue replied.

Again I pulled her hips to me and slid my cock deep into her cunt “Again!” cried Sue.

After the fifth or sixth stabbing I started to pump her cunt with my cock, a regular tempo with my balls slapping against her mound of Venus with each in-stroke.

I was fucking Sue hard and the sensation of sex without a condom was awesome.

“Give me your spunk babe.” Sue cried out

Suddenly I was aware that Tom was in the room. He walked around in front of Sue and I saw he too was naked. He climbed on the bed as I pumped into Sue’s cunt and knelt in front of her. “Suck my cock now.” He commanded and Sue opened her mouth taking his semi erect cock deep into her mouth.

I was totally concentrating on fucking Sue, she was sucking Tom and he was watching me as I shafted his wife. I felt my spunk gathering for release and my legs started to shake. I always produce more spunk when I stand up, I don’t know why, but it also gives me the biggest orgasm.

“Oh fuck Sue; I’m going to give you my full load.” I cried out.

“Give it to me now!” she begged and I felt my ejaculation trigger. My cock jerked as the first jet of spunk left for Sue’s womb; again and again it jolted as stream after stream left my balls. I counted eight, it may have been more, but it certainly wasn’t any less.

Sue started to cum on the third or fourth squirt, and Tom wasn’t far behind, filling Sue’s mouth with his spunk.

Sue swallowed Tom’s load and, as she collapsed, exhausted on the bed, my cock dropped from her cum filled cunt. I looked at Tom and he looked back at me. I smiled, he laughed. “That,” I said, “was fucking awesome.”

“It sure was,” said Tom, “come on, let’s get a coffee”

I didn’t bother to wipe my cock, Tom and I just walked out of my room naked and settled ourselves down on two leather armchairs in the front room. We could hear Sue moaning on the bed in my room.

“Coffee?” Tom asked.

“White, no sugar please mate.” I replied.

Sue re-appeared, still naked, as Tom was walking back into the room with my coffee.

“Where’s mine?” she asked.

“Still in the pot, are you ready for one?” replied Tom.

“Yes please.” Sue said and came over to my chair and sat down on my lap.

We were all naked and enjoying the glow that follows sex and the warmth of the fire.

“That was awesome. Thank you so much.” I said to Sue.

“You had better get used to it.” She replied.

“What do you mean?” I said

“We’ll be doing that twice a day for the next seven days. Morning and night”

“That sounds like my kind of holiday” I said. “Is there a reason for the lack of condom?”

Tom had entered the room and before Sue could reply said “I’m infertile and Sue desperately wants a baby”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

“And you David, are going to give me one.” Sue said grinning from ear to ear.

“It will be my pleasure.” I said now grinning at Sue.

“Bloody right it will.” Said Tom.

Once again laughter filled the room.

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