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I'm a prostitute : visit 78

He took me to his apartment and fucked me. He was a good man.
It was a cold day and I was with this thirty year old man. He was tall, short black hair, a little light beard and through his fit clothes he seemed to have a nice body like hard workers. We were walking or I should say that I was following him.

I was wearing jeans and blue top with a jacket. I was shorter than him, blonde hair, 34C breast; an average hot woman.

We entered in an old building and walked to the lift, he pushed the button, but lift wasn’t working.

“Fuck! Not again… we will have to use stairs,” he said and I followed him.

His room was on third floor. I entered in the room after him and looked around; there was a small bed with a night stand, a chair, an old cupboard and some other furniture. Adjacent to the room there was a small kitchen and the other door was for the bathroom, I guessed.

I put down my handbag on the chair and sat down on the bed. He went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses of some drink.

“Thank you,” I said holding the glass and looking at the picture at the night stand.

“Wife?” I asked as I saw a woman standing next to him in that picture.

“Sister,” he replied finishing his drink.

I finished my drink too and handed him the glass. I stood up and started undressing. I took off my jacket and hang it on that chair and then I took off my top, but when I was undoing my bra… I felt his hands on my back.

“Let me do that,” he said and undid my bra.

“I like undressing women,” he added and I turned to face him.

“Oh! Sorry,” I said as I had ruined things for him by taking off my top and jacket.

“No, its okay… I should have told that before, but still not too late,” he replied and we both smiled.

He looked at my face and then down to my 34C size tits.

“You have beautiful tits,” he said and I felt his hands on my tits.

“Thank you,” I replied letting him play with my tits.

His hands were moving all over tits. He was rubbing my nipples, cupping my tits and squeezing them gently. Then his hands moved down to undo my jeans. He undid the button of my jeans, and then went on his knees pulling them down. He pulled down my jeans to my ankles and helped me step out of them.

He looked at my red panties and then looked at my face telling me how beautiful and hot I was looking in them. He felt my pussy through my panties, and well… his touch was making me wet so he could feel that through my panties too.

“Please, turn around,” he said.

I did turn around and showed him my curvy ass. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks and then he pulled down my panties to my ankles. I kicked off my panties as he guided me to sit on the bed. He was still on his knees and came to me between my legs.

I was totally naked and he still had his clothes on. I always meet these kinds of men, who love to please a woman first. This time he was less polite and just made me spread my legs and started to eat my pussy. He hasn’t even showed me his cock and he was ready to make me cum. I was enjoying the way he was licking my pussy and I lied down on my back letting him just eat my pussy.

Now that he had made me cum once, he stood up and said, “Can you undo my pants? I like it when women do it for me”.

“I would love too,” I said giving his a warm smile.

I sat down again in front of him and I could see the impression of his hard cock in his pants. I undid his pants and pulled them down to his thighs, following that I pulled down his underwear too and helped him to get out of them. While I was pulling down his pants and underwear he took off his shirt.

Now we both were naked, I was wet and he was hard. We were still in same position; me sitting on the bed and him standing in front of me. I grabbed his cock, looked at him in the eyes and started to suck his cock. He had an average cock and very hard.

I kept sucking him and also played with his balls a little. I licked that hard shaft and teased him with my tongue. I showed him my skills to please a cock orally. After few minutes he made me stood up and bent me over the bed. He was going to fuck me from behind and I was ready.

He held me by waist and guided his cock in pussy. I felt it going deep in my pussy and I spread my legs a bit more. He started to fuck me I don’t really enjoy all the time with clients but let’s just say that day I was horny too and he seemed a nice man treating me good.

“You can spank me if you want,” I said but I myself wanted to get spanked.

“You want me to?” he asked.

“If you like,” I replied and – spank – I felt it on my ass.

He spanked me a couple of more times and that just made me feel so good.

“You are so hot, and your pussy feels so good,” he said and kept fucking me.

He pulled out his cock and asked me to lie down on my back. I did and spread my legs for me. He came over me between my legs and again pushed his cock in wet pussy. I grabbed onto his shoulder and let him fuck me good and hard.

I was ready to cum and his deep strokes made me cum with in minutes. I moaned loud and I guess it excited him even more and he started fucking faster. For a minute he slowed down and sucked on my tits. I was still cumming and breathing faster while he again started to fuck hard and fast.

After a minute he pulled out his cock telling that he was going to cum.

“Yes, cum on me,” I said and he shot his cum all over my stomach.

He collapsed on the bed next to me while I got up to clean myself. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself. When I came back he was still naked lying on the bed. I sat down for a while and then started to get dress.

I was wearing my jacket when he got up and grabbed his pants. He took out the money, counted it and handed it to me. I took the money and put it straight in my handbag.

“You didn’t check the money,” he asked.

“I know whom I can trust,” I replied and he smiled.

Before I left his apartment he said, “Thanks,” and asked me if I can come again to his pace next weekend.

I told him that I will try and said, “Bye.”

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