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Im Always Down for an In-Between Class Quickie

hot, sweaty sex in an empty room at school
My heart quickens as I take your hand and lead you down the empty hallway. You glance over at me with a suspicious smirk, a knowing glint flashing across your eyes. I return your smile and continue towards my intended destination. After a brief inspection of the surrounding hall I see nor hear any sign of others in the area of the building. I reach out and push the lounge room door open dragging you inside. An enthusiastic smile beams across your face as the door swings shut and I approach, backing you up against the counter.

My lips press to yours as your hands grope eagerly at various strategic locations on my body. You can hear my subtle moans as I feel the hardness in your pants pressing firmly between my legs as I press myself against you. A few seconds later my shirt is raised and your mouth is covering my breasts with hungry, wet kisses. You take one nipple between your lips, sucking briefly before turning to the other one. My hands grasp and pull at your hair and I raise a leg in order to permit you access to my freshly moistened hidden regions.

Scrambling to push the fabric of my skirt out of the way you press a hand firmly between my legs feeling the intense warmth permeating through my little white panties. You can also feel the effects of my juices seeping into the material, creating a damp sensation as an indication of my level of lust. I grind myself shamelessly against your hand as I suck at your tongue with my hungry mouth. You can feel your cock straining against your pants, aching to be freed, experiencing solace in the knowledge that it soon will be buried deeply in one of the tight, wet holes in my body.

Suddenly you grasp my shoulders forcefully and spin me around. My shaking hands grasp the edges of the counter for support then you twirl me so I'm facing the mirror. Watching you kiss the side of my neck as you slide your hands down my arms. Then you drop to your knees, I glance back nervously at the door, knowing that it could swing open at any minute. Hurriedly you push my skirt up, bunching it unceremoniously around my waist as you take a brief moment to admire the way my ass looks in those tight little white underwear. I arch my back a little more, causing a little crease to form between my round cheeks and you lean in to cover my backside with soft kisses. I toss my head back both with pleasure and in anticipation as you tuck your fingers into the elastic waist band. The cleft between my cheeks slowly emerges as the white panties slide down over my ass and down my legs. As soon as I'm fully exposed, my back arches and I stick my ass out towards you, eager to feel your hot wet tongue on my quivering pussy.

"Mmmmmm " I let out in a slow, sensual moan as I feel your tongue part my swollen pussy lips and slide inside my hot little hole. You wriggle it around inside me, eliciting more moaning as you reach up between my legs to give my sensitive clit a two-fingered massage. My juices soon soak your lips and you plant your mouth around my wet opening, revelling in my taste. You replace your tongue with a couple fingers as you work your way upwards, landing soft, wet kisses up the back of my thighs and over my creamy white ass. You know I can sense what is to come and I wiggle my hips in anticipation as you drive your fingers forcefully inside me.

Oh my fucking god!" I exclaim through gritted teeth as you maneuver your fingers around inside me. You can feel your dick pulsing within your pants as we continue with this incredibly dirty experience.

You feel my dripping hole contracting around your fingers as my first orgasm ripples through my body. I let out a restrained cry of pleasure and you feel my juices running down your hand. Overcome with lust I pull your dripping fingers from my pussy and spin around to glare into your eyes with a fiery lust as I get into the squat position and take your soaked fingers and guide them to my mouth. I slowly lick them down, then up before taking them into my mouth to suck any remaining juices off.

You stand and I stay dropped in a squatting position before you. I frantically begin to undo your pants. Seconds later your pants are around your ankles and your rock hard cock is firmly within my grasp, just begging for relief. Without so much as a glance up at you, I open my mouth and swallow the length of your dick with one thrust. You gasp with surprise at the suddenness and place a hand on the counter to brace yourself. As my lips drag back over your shaft and your dick reappears, I look up into your eyes. I maintain eye contact as your swollen head pops from my mouth and I begin to tease the tip of your dick with your tongue. Flicking it over the tip of it and circling my tongue around the head of it. I run my nimble tongue up and down your shaft before lifting your cock and sucking your balls into my warm inviting mouth.

I return my lips to your dick, sucking in unison with my pumping hand. You breathe deeply and try to hold back from cumming too soon. That task, however, becomes even more difficult as I reach up and begin to play with your aching balls, fondling them with my talented fingers. My pace quickens and my head is now bobbing up and down filling the small room with a wet slurping sound. Behind my tightly sealed lips you can feel my hot little tongue swirling around your hard shaft as my hand leaves your balls. And I know as much as you would love to have me continue my oral assault, you can't wait much longer to get your straining cock inside me.

Forcefully, you spin me around and push me over the counter as I let out an amiable gasp. You take your glistening, wet dick in your hand and run it up and down my swollen pussy lips before pushing it up inside me. My head is thrown back and my hair splashes down over my shoulders as you bury cock to the hilt in my hot, wet hole. In and out you plunge, your hips slapping violently against my ass. You reach out and grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back, so you can see the look of ecstasy on my face as you continue to fuck my tight little pussy. Letting go of my hair you then take a hold of my fleshy ass cheeks and lewdly splay them wide, exposing my tiny crinkled hole to your view. Overcome with lust, you wet your thumb in your mouth and proceed to press it to my tight anus.

"Yessss," I hiss through clenched teeth, encouraging you to force the wet digit into my asshole. With two holes now filled, I begin to buck my hips and moan uncontrollably. I reach between my legs and give your balls a grateful caress before turning my attention to my clit, which I begin to strum with short fast movements of my dexterous fingers. As my moaning becomes louder you clamp a hand over my mouth to prevent any passers-by from hearing my moans. My body begins to quake and I squeal into your hand as I approach climax. A few seconds later my body is racked by a violent orgasm and I press my ass back against you, forcing your cock even deeper into my sopping wet pussy. As my cries of pleasure turn to gasps of relief you remove your hand from my mouth allowing my head to drop.

"What now, Audrey?" You ask, your dick still firmly embedded inside my shaking body.

"In my ass. Now!"

You're taken aback by my slutty boldness, but quickly remove your cock from my pussy eager to sample my other hole. My back arches as I thrust my ass out towards you in an invitation. My tiny pink star soon disappears from view as you press the head of your swollen dick to the strangely enticing hole. I let out an incomprehensible sound as you press forward, piercing my tiny hole with your rigid cock. Inch by inch my impossibly tight hole swallows your shaft, gripping tightly with every thrust. You're almost half way in when I begin to wiggle my hips in an attempt to engulf more of your dick. You pull out slightly only to drive back in as I grip the counter in front of me with whitened knuckles. In any other situation you would proceed slowly and with caution, but your excitement overtakes you and you start to fuck my asshole harder and harder as I moan for more.

My hand returns to my clit as you increase the tempo of your thrusting. My breathing is coming in long labored gasps matching the speed of your pumping cock. Suddenly you feel my asshole clench and constrict your shaft, trapping it halfway inside my anus as I scream out in agonizing ecstasy. You fight against my tightening ring, struggling to push more of your dick inside me as my body quivers in the wake of my second orgasm. As the climax subsides my asshole relaxes and you resume fucking me with renewed vigour, going faster and faster until you can feel your balls tingling with impending release. You fuck my ass until you can hold back no longer, I can feel you tense up behind me and your cock spasm in my ass. You pulled out of my ass and I could feel a steam of your cum run down my leg. Now that were finished we both slide to the floor. You drag me close and kiss me on the lips.

"Thanks," I say smiling widely. "I needed that."

You laughed "No problem Audrey, anytime."

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