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I’m not above the law, the law is above me…

Why did I hurt so bad, yet feel so good..?

Damn it..! I should have kept my mouth shut, why do I always do this..? When will I learn..?


I rolled my eyes, “look bitch, I don’t give a flying fuck about you, the manager, or anybody else in this fucking piece of shit restaurant.” I was getting loud now, “I paid for my shit, I put up with your shit, and quite frankly this place is SHIT..!”


“Mara, please calm down. She’s only a waitress,” Monica said.


It had started as a fun girl’s night out; Reyna, Diana, Monica, and me. The plan was --- catch an early movie (which we did), get some dinner (did that also), and go dancing (we never made it.) I’ve always been a little too opinionated, and loud. Sadly I usually don’t give a fuck whose feelings get hurt, and to be honest I need to change I’m well aware of that… My flirty smile and good looks have gotten me out of serious trouble before, but I know it won’t always be like this.


“Ma’am if you don’t calm down, I’m going to have to call the cops” the waitress hollered.  


I laughed “Call them bitch! Go ahead call them!” I threw my hands up in the air, almost daring her to do it.


“I’m out this bitch, girl you know I’m on probation.” Monica looked worried.


“Cula (pussy) screamed Reyna.


“Ay Reyna that’s not fair, she’s on probation, and I can’t get in trouble my dad will kill me!” Diana chimed in.


I threw my hands up in the air again, and then placed my hands on my waist. “So that’s that then bitches? Go on then git, fuck you guys! Go!” My head was shaking from side to side; I must have looked like a bobble head.  


Monica and Diana made their way out of the restaurant leaving Reyna and me inside, still talking shit to anyone who even looked our way; daring them to step up to us. A couple of minutes later, two officers came into the restaurant; one African American, the other Hispanic. I’ve always been a sucker for a man in uniform, and this wasn’t going to be the exception.


“What seems to be the problem ma’am?” The African American cop asked the hostess. The whispered to each other for a while, while the Hispanic cop talked on his radio.


The cops came over and separated us. The African American took Reyna outside, and the Hispanic took me over to the bar area.  


“What’s your name ma’am?” He asked.


“Ziomara” I replied.


“Ok Ziomara, what seems to be the problem?” He smiled.


“Well, you see, what had happened was. We was eating, and then we drank, but just a little bit. Then that bitch was all you know up in my face. I wasn’t going to take that shit, then…” I started crying “I know she told you everything, but she’s lying. I hate her!” I was sobbing now.


“Please calm down ma’am” He smiled again “I need you to calm down, and repeat your statement. I didn’t quite understand.”


I just looked up at him and wiped my eyes. He was standing tall in front of me, at least 5’11, 200lbs, muscular build, short black hair, big blue/gray eyes, thick juicy lips, and a beautiful set of teeth. He was gorgeous! I felt like a fool, I was drunk, crying, my hair was a mess, my mascara was running, I was a hot mess.


“I’m sorry Ziomara but I’m going to have to take you in for public intoxication. Place your hands behind your back. You are under arrest, anything you say can and will be….” He whispered my Miranda rights in my ear and sent shivers down my spine.


I said nothing, what could I say? He was right. Shit I was scared, my dad was going to trip. I would never hear the end of it… We walked out of there; he was standing behind me, holding me by the handcuffs. I caught a glimpse of Reyna fighting with the other officer as he tried to push her inside his car. I couldn’t help but laugh, that crazy bitch! We reached his Yukon, and then I felt it … his hand traced my ass all the way down to my crotch, as he pushed me up. Now I know my tiny black dress didn’t leave much to the imagination it was only long enough to cover my big bubbly ass. Come to think of it, I think my dress is really a blouse, but I’m tiny I can pull it off. I looked back at him in disbelief, and then I lost my balance. Unable to hold on to anything I fell backwards, he caught me midair.


“Are you ok Ziomara?” he asked “Seems that these stilettos are a little high for you.” He laughed.


“NO, officer the problem is not my shoes. You grabbed my ass fucker!” I yelled.


He ignored me and pushed me back up into the truck. I sat down and he reached in and tugged at the seat belt. Gently rubbing my breast with his forearm, my nipples instantly became erect. He finally got the seat belt loose and pulled it around me, his face close to mine. He smelled so good, his breath so fresh. Mmm I wanted him. I felt my pussy getting wet.


“So, Ziomara… You ever been arrested?”




“I find that hard to believe sweetie, you are a feisty one!”


He was smiling; the fucker was trying to be cute. He has me handcuffed in the back of his Yukon, he was taking me to jail, and he had fondled me. Yet he thought he was being cute… Well actually he was. I couldn’t help but smile back and blush a little. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that this guy was gorgeous and in uniform; but I was horny!


“Ziomara how old are you?” He asked.


“Uhmm old enough…” I realized he hadn’t asked me for ID.


“Old enough to do what honey --- smoke or drink?” He grinned.


“Both.” I replied in my best bratty attitude.


“Ok, hon just relax.” He was looking at me through the rear view mirror.


He went for his radio and pushed it to talk to the operator. He said a bunch of stuff, mostly gibberish to me; I do remember the last part though he sad “I’ll be back on in about an hour, please mark it as a 10-7B”


“Ziomara, since you’ve never been arrested… and I certainly don’t want to tarnish your good record” he looked back at me with lustful look in his eye “I have a proposition for you.” I didn’t answer; I just kept looking at him. “We could go somewhere and take care of this.”


“… What do you mean” I asked bashfully.


“Well Ziomara, we’re both adults… I think you’re hot, I know I’m hot….” He sounded quite confident.


“Ok, let’s do it” I replied nonchalantly


We drove the rest of the way in silence; I didn’t know where he was taking me. I looked out the window and saw the familiar “red lights” we were heading for “South Mountain” mmm my cootchie tingled. We drove up to the first rest spot; he parked his truck crossing off the entrance and turned his lights on. Hmm if I didn’t know better I’d guess he does this often.


“Ok sweetie, hey can I ask you something? I just got to know.” He smiled again.


I smiled back and said “Shoot.”


He laughed “That’s not something you want to say to an armed officer princess.”


I just rolled my eyes and whispered “Whatever.”


“Where are you from?”




“I knew it, damn! Where from? What part?”


“Near Culiacan”


“No, shit? I’ma call you Culichi then”


He got out of the truck and went to open the door for me, unhooked my seat belt and helped me out. He reached around to take off the handcuffs, and I pulled away.


“Leave them on.” I said.


“You are kinky; we’re going to have some fun then.” He grinned.


We walked over to the cement bench. He picked me up and sat me down on the table, spread my legs and licked his lips. I know he could see the wet spot on my red panties. My pussy was hurting, dripping wet, just begging for attention. I looked up at him and gave him my sexiest bedroom eyes; and naughty smile. He reached down and moved my panties to the side.


“Mmm thick and juicy mami, just how I like it”


He sat down in front of me, spread my legs wider and began to nibble on my crotch without removing my red panties. I immediately started to move my hips, and arch my back. His hot breath and the fabric of my panties were driving me wild; I could feel my orgasm building up inside me. He reached around me and lifted my ass off the table; and removed my panties. He reached under me again, pulled me closer to his mouth and started licking my slit up and down, gently licking my throbbing clit. God, it felt so good; he then dug his face into my sloppy pussy and sucked on my clit, mmm with his lips around my clit and his tongue flickering against it, I reached my first orgasm. My legs shook violently, and tighten around his head. His gripped my ass and refused to let go, my pussy felt like it was on fire! I kept cumming, my whole body trembled, my cootchie shivered, but he wouldn’t let go. I lost my strength and collapsed on his hands.


“I never had a girl do that before, that was awesome!” he exclaimed.


He placed my ass on the table again, and started gently spanking my swollen pussy, sending me into a state of pure euphoria. I was sweating now, my teeth chattering, my body tense; orgasm after orgasm escaping my body. His massive frame hovering over me. Obviously amazed by the fact that my pussy kept squirting this sweet clear liquid all over his hand. He didn’t seem to mind though; he had this glazed look in his eyes. He unbuttoned his pants with his free hand and started stroking himself. Every now and then rubbing it up and down my slit to help lubricate. He dragged me to the other edge of the table, and pulled me up, only to turn me around and place me face down on the table. My legs dangling down and my hands still in cuffs behind my back. He spread my ass cheeks, and rubbed my starfish with his thumb. Then without warning he spanked my ass hard. I cried out, and he did it again. This time I took it like a big girl, and only bit my lip. He spread my legs again and placed his head near the entrance of my awaiting vagina. I could feel his head throb in anticipation.


“You ready mami?”


“Yeeeess, fuck me already!”


He pushed in with all his force, he wasn’t too big, but the force in which he penetrated me made me squirm. With his hands separating my ass cheeks, he penetrated me in a hard, steady pace. His hard dick exploring my insides my pussy tightening around his aroused member.   He let go of my ass, and tugged at my hair, arching my back, and biting my neck.


“I bet you’re flexible too huh?”


I nodded and he pushed my legs up on the table, kind of making me do the splits. Leaving my sloppy pussy on the edge of the table and spread wide open for his enjoyment. His dick made its way back in, this time fucking me in a slow steady pace, shallow penetration, hitting my g-spot just right. It didn’t take long for my squirting to begin. With every stroke a squirt followed. His uniform now soaked. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and I was completely exhausted. His fingers dug into me, followed by the hot sticky goo flying towards my hair. His legs gave out on him and he collapsed on top of me. I was unable to breathe right, but with my hands behind my back I couldn’t do anything. I started to feel faint, almost at the verge of passing out. He must have felt it, and immediately stood up. Letting the air back into my lungs…


“Well honey, a promise is a promise. Where can I drop you off?” He smiled.


“Nowhere, I’ll call somebody.” I answered.


“Oh come on, don’t be like that.” He pleaded.


“I said I’ll call somebody! FUCK!” Here I was in the middle of nowhere, with a guy I didn’t know. Doing the exact same thing I always did.


It’s time to stop I thought to myself. I can’t keep doing this… That day I vowed never to have meaningless sex again. I walked down the side of the mountain until my phone had a signal, tears running down my cheeks. My mind thinking back to all those times I had fucked some random guy just to get that cheap thrill. Why did my body enjoy the abuse, the humiliation… Why? Why did I hurt so bad, yet feel so good. Why..?

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