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Andrew knows how to treat women, and it shows.
Inspired by Mazza’s “Perfucktory” and written as a companion story.

'Almost there,' he thought. He could feel it building.
Andrew went into his signature move, his closer. He knew it was time after he saw her signs. He felt the nails, waited for her to pull her knees up and jam her heels into his butt. Of course he already had her near the edge, and when he’d told her he was close, he knew it would push her closer. Sure enough, just as he started his closing move which consisted of sawing his cock into her rapidly until his belly slapped wetly against hers, her hand went straight to her clit.
He had his head down, concentrating on giving her his usual great performance, just the way she always liked it. He was closing in on his climax, assured now that she would cum when he did. He’d brought her all the way up, like he always did.
He grunted at her, letting her know he was almost there, too. Then he was momentarily distracted by her pulling his head down. 'What? What does she want now? Tit sucking? Again? We did that already, at the beginning! What, are we starting over? Not now, not when I’m this close!'
His body danced back from the edge, but he was a sensitive man and a skilled lover, so he maintained his focus through her distraction, shook off her hand and climbed the rest of his journey to his pinnacle.
He exploded inside her, groaning and momentarily unable to focus on anything but his straining cock, feeling the release rush through him through several jerking, spastic thrusts. His body went rigid and stiff and then with a huge release of breath he dropped his weight down on top of her, exhausted and spent.
He felt her fingers stroking his back, telling him how good he was, what a stud he was. 'And still am,' he thought, 'she must have cum while I was.' He took another deep inhale and rolled off to the side, slipping an arm under her.
“It was great for me too, Lou,” he smiled, tugging her body in close to him. “I love you, baby.” He pulled her head into his shoulder and growled deep in his throat and his breathing eased, smoothed and deepened. 'Fuck,' he told himself as thoughts slipped away to become dreams, 'I’ve still got it. I rock her world.'

In the morning, he slipped out of bed before her, as he always did. He grunted and groaned a little as he climbed out of bed with his boxers crumpled and bunched up in his crotch. He scratched himself and made his way to the bathroom.

After his morning constitutional, he stumbled to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee, then sat at the table and scratched his crotch some more. 'Should have wiped myself off before going to sleep,' he thought. He flipped on the kitchen television and caught the recap of the games from yesterday. He had watched two of them, spending most of the afternoon in front of the set, pausing it for beer runs and making a couple of sandwiches between games.
As he poured his coffee he snarled a little to himself, at Louise and her cleaning. She'd come through the den with the vacuum while the game was on again! 'Jesus it was like she didn't care sometimes, or wasn't paying attention, running that damn thing while he was trying to watch.' It was a wonder he hadn't been too pissed off to fuck her last night night. He looked down at his crotch. 'But you took care of business, eh, you old dog?' he told his tool, grinning. 'A little housecleaning never stops you!'
She'd made it up to him, though, taking away his empties, although he could have done without the huffing and puffing. Did she think he didn't notice her, trying to make it up to him? Walking in front of him, blocking his view, clanking the bottles with an awful din that was almost as bad as the vacuum. But, good guy that he was, he didn't make a stink about it, even when she made a show of wiping the rings off the table.
He'd taken it all in stride, accepting her unspoken apology, and returning the favor when he went in to make his sandwiches between games. Of course she'd played dumb when she’d seen the stuff out on the counter and called him from the kitchen.
"I left it out for you," he'd explained, like she didn't already know. "I didn't know if you were hungry yet, but if you were, I saved you the trouble." Of course she'd made another show of banging things around to let him know how grateful she was.
She really did try his patience sometimes, with her shows of acknowledgment and affection. 'Couldn't she just say “thanks,” and “I love you,” and be done with it?' But he didn't hold a grudge, it wasn't his way. And to make sure she knew he was thinking of her, he took an empty coffee mug from the cabinet and left it on the counter for when she woke.
There was a time he used to bring her a coffee in the morning, maybe slide into bed with her and maybe even give her a quickie before his shower. But these days she'd just roll away from him; he figured she'd rather sleep, so he left the mug on the counter for her and went to the bathroom for a shower.
He didn't bother closing the door as he stepped to the toilet and unleashed the big dog, hanging it out of his boxers as he sipped his coffee. As his bladder emptied, additional pressure moved to escape as well, and as the gas announced its exit he heard his name from the doorway. The rest of Louise's sentence was lost under the sound of his flatulence. He turned to her, smiling over his coffee mug and, still pissing, gave her a grin. He knew she was checking out the magic wand that had brought her so much pleasure last night. He winked at her.
"Morning, sweets," he called. "Last night was killer, eh?" He lifted an eyebrow, but her expression stayed flat. He smiled to himself as she turned away. 'Still in dreamland, remembering,' he thought.
After his shower, he returned to the bedroom, humming a song that had stuck in his head. Louise regarded him from where she was finishing making the bed. He whipped his towel off and gave her a good look as he turned to the dresser. He dried himself as he pulled underwear and socks from the drawers and tossed them to the bed. When he turned back, she was picking up the clothes from last night and carrying them to the hamper. He tossed the damp towel in the general direction and began to dress. Once he had pulled his underwear on, he looked up from where he sat on the edge of the bed.
Louise was displaying that inscrutable expression she sometimes gave him. He looked back at her, thought about it, and smiled as he stood. 'What a dumb ass I am!' He walked to her, and kissed her good morning, pleased to see that she was holding the mug he'd left out for her. She did love it when he went the extra mile for her. 'It's the little things that matter.' 

After a peck on the lips, he went to the closet and selected a suit and shirt. 'Only a few shirts to choose from,' he thought, and glanced at the shirt hamper, trying to remember if there were shirts at the cleaners. He turned to find her but she'd already left the room. He heard the shower go on. Well, he'd have to remember to ask her to bring his shirts up before he left. He selected the gray shirt, and the dark blue suit.
Once he was dressed, he made his way to his small office to grab his briefcase and saw the sticky note he'd hung from the lamp. 'Shit, my car needs to go to the shop!' He glanced at his watch. No way he could wait for her to get out of the shower.
No problem, he thought, and scribbled a note to Louise, asking her to bring the car to the shop. He dropped his keys and the note near the coffee pot, where she'd be sure to see it. He found her car keys in the drawer, where she always left them, and headed out, whistling happily and slipping into her vehicle. As he adjusted the seat back he marveled at how tidy she kept it.
'Damn,' he added mentally as he pulled away. 'I forgot to ask her to drop my shirts off at the dry cleaners!' He pulled from the kerb and headed for work. 'It's all right,' he thought. 'She can do that tomorrow.'

He turned on the radio and scanned through her preset stations, scowling. As he drove he scrolled to stations he liked better, ones that played real music, and reset the preset buttons. 'She'll appreciate that,' he thought.

At work it was the usual, endless emails chasing suppliers and answering obvious and unnecessary questions from his boss. He was a bit draggy from the beers yesterday, but hey, who expects peak performance on a Monday, right? He begged a few aspirin from his administrative assistant; that was what the secretaries called themselves these days. The girls always had Advil or something for their monthly headaches. She was looking pretty this morning, he had to admit, and he sneaked a peek down her blouse as she fumbled in her desk drawer for the meds.

"Looking good there, Elizabeth," he commented. There were only two things, he knew, that the ladies liked more than being complimented on their looks. One was pretending they didn't like the attention, and Liz gave him that response straight away. The other was being told how hot and sexy you thought they were. 'Hell, every woman wants to be attractive to men, right?'And he was a bit of a catch, for sure, he thought to himself as he ran his hand through his comb-over. As she sat back up he sucked in his gut and winked at her. She handed him the small bottle and pretended to not enjoy the attention. 

"I'll bet you've got something else that could improve my health there, eh, Liz?" he leered as he shook a few tablets out. Her grunting disapproval was just what he'd expected and he smiled at her, knowing she liked this game just as much as he did. Satisfied that he'd made her day, he strutted a little taller back to his office.

Later in the afternoon, when he'd finished his last week recap, he printed them out and went to the printer galley to fetch them. To his great excitement he saw Wanda there, waiting for the printer to finish. 'Now there was a delicious expression of the female form!' He stood behind her as she pretended to ignore him, waiting for his reports which would come out after hers. He looked at her ass in her business slacks, round and firm and, as he saw no panty line, wondered if she was wearing a thong or had gone without today? She pulled a stack of printed sheets off the output tray, rifled through them and sighed, watching the printer churn out the rest.

"Got a long one there, eh, Wanda?" She turned her head only slightly. He nudged her with his elbow. "Probably not the long one you were hoping for, am I right?" True to form, she made a coughing sound and stormed off, acting for all the world as though she hadn't appreciated the attention.

A short meeting with his boss, a conference call that failed to hold his attention at the end of the shift and he was ready to go, wrapped for the day. He reviewed the calendar for the next day with Liz, asked her to make a few changes to his schedule, "There's a good girl, just give them a call, it won't take but a minute or two," and then he was out.

It was almost six-thirty when he got home to find the house empty, and remembered his car. 'Right, Louise is getting it from the shop.' He checked the fridge for something to eat, found leftovers from what Louise had made yesterday, and tossed it into the microwave. While it heated, he went inside to get out of his work suit. He slipped on his old sweats, and a stray concert tee shirt, from some band they'd seen when they were dating. Comfortably attired, he went to the kitchen, retrieved his dish from the microwave, and headed for the den. He was halfway out before stopping and sticking his head back in the fridge.

Perfect. Louise had replenished the beer! He grabbed two and made for the den. He could catch the end of the nightly news and then right into the Monday night game.

On his third trip inside to get two more cold beers he found Louise there.

"Oh, hi, Lou, didn't hear you come in." He leaned into her and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Everything go okay at the shop? With the car?" There was a slight tang in her kiss. 'Some new lips gloss, no doubt,' he thought. She was always buying some new stuff like that. He lifted his eyebrows hopefully, waiting for a response and taking no notice of the way she was dressed or her hair or makeup.

She nodded.

"Thanks, honey, I really appreciate it. Hope it wasn't too much trouble, or caused you any grief." Without waiting for an answer this time he stuck his head into the refrigerator.

"Quite pleasant, actually," he heard her say behind him. "They were very nice."

"Great," he replied, heading back to the den, then reconsidered and turned back to her. She was leaning dreamily against the counter. "Hey, you wanna watch the game with me?"

She gave him a half smile. "No, I don't think so, Drew."

He cocked his head and shrugged. "Suit yourself," he told her, lifting a beer in salute and made his way back. Halfway down the hallway, he called out, "Hey, Lou? Could you bring my shirts up tomorrow?"

He didn't wait for an answer.