In hot water

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Smoldering straight sex
The water is cascading off my chest, spraying upon your shoulder, drenching your luxurious hair, streaming down your temple - as your lips have found my left nipple and teeth gently nibble my nipple. Hot water funnels from my chest upon your blushed cheeks, your eyes almost closed.  Your left hand cradling my firm, muscular butt as your delicate, yet eager, petite right hand is constantly caressing my rigid lower back.

My soft and full lips are playfully nuzzling the top of your left ear, occasionally I order my tongue to languish at your earlobe as I flood your neck with my own warm and excited breath. My right hand is massaging your shoulder and neck while my left hand is cupping your own very desirable derriere…

I now know you are wondering, perhaps even longing to place my supple, firm cock in your mouth, as much as I wish to lavish your pussy with subtle kisses, fueling your own passions with our own mutual lust.

You can feel my manhood throbbing between us now as we soap each other’s shoulders and backs and become erotically acquainted in my steamy shower stall.

I've not felt this anticipation for quite a long time and my eagerness to please you is causing me to shake and tremble with a mix of apprehension and lust.

During our rinse, you've been gently stroking my large manhood and we've continued to kiss each other lightly and teasingly. Once we're clean and very turned on, we shuffle out of the shower and half fall, half crawl towards the queen-sized mission style bed in the middle of my room.

Lying beside each other, still wet from our shower, we continue to passionately kiss each other, allowing our hands to explore each other’s curves and creases.

I can sense your heartbeat increasing as you can feel my own breathing increase. I slide down from your wonderful mouth and linger at your neck as you recline back onto the stack of soft pillows. Your exquisite ass sits atop my special pillow. Your hungry pussy elevated ever so slightly…beckoning me. Your smooth legs, slowly beginning to part. You've guided my right hand to your clit and you're gently showing me how you like to be touched.

Pausing ever so slightly just atop your trimmed vulva, I feel myself quiver with excitement and anticipation. My cock is simply throbbing against my stomach, as I struggle to remain under control with you…

Pausing at your tender breasts, I lick and lather your exquisite cleavage, as your left hand begins raising and pushing your left breast towards my hungry mouth; you approve of my technique.

I've slipped first one, then two fingers into your tight, slippery vagina and I sense your legs parting ever wider again; your right thigh coming to rest against my pulsating cock, your slender hips beginning to gently thrust - as your forefingers, never leaving your clit, move to a slow steady internal pace, beginning to provide yourself those feelings again, all over your body, vibrating outward from…

Your eyes. Watching all of this, from over your breasts and down your torso - taking in the view, as I bring my index finger to my mouth from your labia…and taste you for the first time!

I watch as you literally swoon with delight, when I smile my lusty grin. Your face seems contorted, with your teeth clenched behind pursed lips, your eyes are wide, watching me...tasting you!

We are going to love this with each other.

My right hand moves up your tummy to just near your breast as I slowly maneuver down your tummy, sprinkling you with luscious wet to a stop directly above your gorgeous, trimmed vulva. You’re still gently stroking erect clit, as I pause to worship your lovely pussy from a scant few inches. Alternately watching your eyes and the your fingers as you masturbate. I am entranced. I sense your legs raise and lower your calves upon my shoulders; my left hand is palming your right outside thigh. You have me hypnotized…

You suddenly feel my hot, moist tongue land upon your reddened outer labia as I lap slowly within your innermost thigh. Working my way into the top creases of your lips and sucking gently, I dive my tongue into your depths and taste what is all of you, baby…I am breathing you…tasting you…loving this all…

Open your lustful eyes, babe, and watch me relish your femininity with my fingers and my lips and my tongue…with my whole face!

I gently press my arms against your trembling, yet energetic legs, forcing you to keep them spread for me, as I bathe your entire pussy with my breath. Licking you with my warm saliva, my rasping and probing tongue...

Suddenly - you gasp as you feel - is that one…or two? My fingers, slowly spreading your labia and being inserted within you!  You are so tight, yet so wanting me…


I know you're enjoying us by the moans I'm hearing and the way your hips have begun to really move. I can also feel your legs begin to come together around my shoulders…I look up, over your still masturbating fingers and directly into your electric, lust fueled eyes. 

You're nodding your pretty face as if to encourage me to continue, though you needn't, I'm enjoying you too much to quit now. I just want to help you come - with my tongue.

Will you allow me to bring you close to ecstasy?

We can both feel you approaching yet another climax as your femininity is beginning another wave of contractions, gripping my fingers and releasing them, as I continue to thrust my two fingers deeper and deeper inside you, striving to brush your g-spot, just barely out of reach - but close enough to torment you!

Slightly spreading my first two, long, persistent fingers once I’m in you fully, rotating them and massaging you, deep inside. Gently, rhythmically rubbing the inner walls of your tight little pussy.

I feel your hips begin to buck, your hand moves off your clit and…

Both of your hands have now moved to the back of my head - coursing through my hair, and you begin to urge my face HARDER into your vulva, my mouth is kissing you all over your private parts, my tongue, once dancing up and down the entire length of your outer and inner labia, is now directly upon your swollen, buzzing clit.

You are so wet now, smoldering - so very ready to fuck! want me now, don’t you? Are you moist now as you read my thoughts, my wants?  Are they your wants to? Do you long for passion? For tenderness, for my lustful masculine touch?

My hands on your legs, around your supple waist. My fingers through your moist hair?

I'm guessing that you've cum at least once as I felt your body grow rigid and tremble hard...Your hands, once pressing my head downward are now coaxing me to come up for air and you're gently pulling me up and toward you. You're indicating that you wish to be mounted, you want me in you, don't you?

I raise myself up the length of your quivering physique; my hard, throbbing manhood anticipating the glove tight, wet, wonderful warmth inside you. You can feel my large, swollen cock as I slide it’s heaviness upon your right thigh as I lift my lean, muscular frame up your own body…baubles of my pre-cum, moisten the taunt, sensitive skin of your left thigh.

My cock is pulsating with my heartbeat.

“Just how big, are you…Jim?” You are thinking to yourself.

Size does indeed, matter - but I also know how to thrust or hold still,  every thick inch of my manhood, when and where it matters, the most!

I’ve also learned how to control myself. Would you like to discover my secrets?  I can last a good long while, with or without this condom. And I can repeat within minutes of an ejaculation, with an equally lustful and mutually desirous partner.

I’ve managed to unwrap the condom and have unrolled it down the entire length of myself…as your hands have never left my head and shoulders…Do you find yourself wanting to kiss me, to taste yourself upon my lips and tongue, now?

The music which I started on the player, before we entered the shower stall, is still meandering  through my bedroom but neither of us can really tell what songs are being heard. We are both so lost in trying to please each other…This is exactly what I’ve longed for, babe…

I find my pausing just above your left breast and as I lean forward to hungrily suckle upon your hardened left nipple. I feel you begin to roll over to your left, your right leg raising at the knee, pushing me playfully over onto my side - my torso still between your thighs, and all I can do is watch, and follow, as your strong legs lock around my waist. You're forcing me onto my back, using your abdomen and hips!

OhMyGawd - but you are mounting me!

My engaging new playmate; now nestled atop my lap…I can feel the heat emanating from your hot, slick and greedy pussy as you snuggle your calves against my own and lower yourself upon me…

Damn! I love an assertive woman who knows what she wants and isn't embarrassed to take the lead.

I wanted you to control how we will enjoy our first encounter, but now I want to, more than ever…to take you like I’ve never taken a woman before; I need to set you on fire and give to you as good as I’m thinking that…’re planning on giving to me!!!  It’s all about giving isn’t it? Each of us giving; Each receiving, bringing our partner to climax as often and as explosively as possible?

You lean down and into me, and we kiss again as our hardened nipples touch, your curious, probing tongue…Finally tasting…YOU in my mouth, and both of my hands have found your hungry pussy; as I’ve reached behind your small, round ass - and I've now, inserted three fingers just inside your inner labia.

I begin stroking the entire length of your swollen, aching and soaked  pussy, with those fingers. You want my cock in you, I know - but, I want to tease you a little bit first. May I?

I so want myself in you too, babe…but we haven’t yet. I want to enjoy this moment…we will never be here, together again in this moment.

You're rocking back and forth against my sliding fingers, as you reach down to fondle my cock; to place its large reddened head directly onto your clit. Much more than one of your handfuls. Your hands feel so welcome upon and around me. Touch me, babe. Stroke me. Play with me…

Tease me, babydoll.

You begin to masturbate both of us, using my cockhead on your clit.

Mmmmmm...I suddenly feel you guide my cock down the full length of your moist lips. I'm kissing you, probing your mouth with my talented tongue, letting you bite and nibble on it as realize that you've just placed my cockhead at the entrance of your tighter than tight, insatiable femininity.

You've been deprived so long from the attention and passion that you really desire, from a man.

Mmmmm, we’ll both light that match together baby, we'll both fuel the fire.

Show me,  I'm from Missouri! Show me your passion, show me your hunger. Teach me how you like to fuck.

You’ll find me an eager and attentive student and an animalistic, yet romantic and very passionate teacher.

I feel my pulsating cock begin easing into your depths with a very pleasant, slight resistance…like a rigid finger pressing into a vat of warming butter. You stop our progress and shift your hips up slightly, pulling me out of you slowly, and then down again - slowly; you allow yourself to take a little more of me.

Again you stop and repeat this process a few more times, until you've finally managed to take my entire hard length and you feel all of my thickness, spreading you, filling you…easing all the way into your very wet - pleasant, slight resistance.

Your eyes…as you allow me to enter you again. Your eyes...are simply electric! I am finally all the way up to the hilt…within you.

Within you!

I can tell you like this as much as do I when you rest for a moment, raising up almost vertically above my lap, my cockhead which is inside you for this moment, pulsing, needing more of your attention…before you begin to fuck me the way you like to. You have almost made my dick whimper and begin to beg for your grasp!

We both savor the warmth and wetness and tight, firm fit of my handsome cock buried within your beautiful cunt, as your hungry eyes devour the display of my chiseled face below you.

I look down from your sweaty yet gorgeous face towards both of your swollen breasts, your erect nipples mirror my own…slowly I look down the length of your petite torso and then...

We both find ourselves…eating the sight of your trimmed vulva mingling with my own nicely trimmed patch. Your pussy is swallowing my cock and I feel your heartbeat, now!

We are locked, our hardened soft parts fit perfectly…the slight curve of my manhood has positioned my cockhead directly within you, where it feels so nice.

Have you ever been touched there before, I wonder? Have you known the curvature which can rub your G spot you thrust your hips and fill yourself with thick cock?

Your hardened clit, throbbing against my pelvic bone. Your sculpted ass being cradled by my gentle yet confident, masculine grasp. I can feel some of your wetness seeping from within you, sliding down my large, sheathed cock and soaking my naked balls. I close my deep blue eyes in anticipation of your next move.

Slowly you begin to swivel and grind your clit into my pelvis, my cock moving, first gently inside your slick velvet grasp; you begin to gyrate your hips up and down, around, slowly, slowly...building your tempo, increasing my desire to give you the best I have.

Your cunt has tightened around my cock perfectly, I feel my dick being wrenched at slight angles, up and down its length!

To watch your own almost bulging eyes as you lean forward slightly to watch your hungry pussy eating the entire volume of my very turgid cock. My mind, like a camera now. I am learning how you want to enjoy me, and I get to watch you enjoy yourself.

This is how it will always be - for you and I, every time - as if it is our first time together...every time - as if we’ve always been together!

Raising up on my elbows I also get to kiss your taut tummy and linger upon your swollen nipples. I feel you alternate the tempo of your rocking on my lap, swallowing my cock...forty or fifty or…who’s counting – multiple thrusts into this position I feel your internal muscles begin to contract again and caress my entire cock as you're pumping me and your body is aching to cum again.

My hands have gripped your firm ass and I begin to thrust my hips up and into you, as I've pulled you down horizontally to lay upon my warm, well tanned, nearly hairless chest...

You are sucking my nipples hard now as I'm probing your left ear with my warm, wet, curious tongue...My cock is stroking slowly into your still tight, pulsating pussy.

The sound of our sex…is filling my bedroom, our musky scents are filling our nostrils, this is great!

I know you're close to cumming again, and I want to help you enjoy this, so I urge you to roll over into the missionary position and let me do the driving.

Once we're settled upon the mattress, my feet against the headboard, your too fine ass propped up slightly on two pillows; we are in the best position for you to feel my entire length and I begin to move my hips slightly from one side to the other, all while I'm thrusting into you - as if I am simultaneously drilling and swimming within you.

Do you long to explode; to just take what you need? Do you need the worship of a masculine, confident man? Do you crave being relished and cherished for your femininity, in return of the passion you supply?

Let’s play, babe. Hard..! Softly...gently...Wildly!

Let’s learn each other’s movements - teach me how to fuck you, babe, teach me how to make love with you.

Making love, may come soon enough, I’m sure. But you want to be fucked and manhandled, and I am debonaire and roguish enough to oblige you, rest assured!

You are moving your hips really nicely; we are both really getting into this moment. I can tell you really like this, and you can tell that I really know how to fuck a woman just right, too. I merely follow your lead now, baby, only responding to your unspoken commands - for the first time.

I am in total control, allowing you to lead us!

“FUCK ME..!” I growl between clenched teeth.

My face is just above your own…perspiration from my hair..streams down my cheeks and falls in rain upon your heaving tits.

I feel your hands upon my flesh…pulling me deeper into you…squeezing my firm ass, your nails digging into my muscles!

I've increased my thrusting tempo at your urging and find myself once again, almost slamming into you, pelvis to pelvis, my cum heavy scrotum is pounding into your hot, reddened ass cheeks with every downward thrust of my thick cock into your wet and contracting pussy.

My engorged, almost purple cockhead…pushing your lips apart, driving into you, repeatedly, nearly savagely, yet just right!

We've got that rhythm which you led me to!

Your hungry pussy is inviting me into you as your tongue is beckoning me to kiss you deeply and passionately.

“I can cum at any time, babe," I growl, "but I want to come with you...” 

My admittance only serves to excite you further, and we both feel your third orgasm arriving, building.

Your eyes baby…give it away…always those lusty eyes of yours…dilated widely - mesmerized; your lips form an almost perfect oval as you struggle to inhale your breath - between shuddering waves of pleasure. Hormones course the entire length of your near perfect (to me) sexy body - your g-spot being continuously strummed.

I gently urge your head upward and raise myself off of you so you can look downward and see this handsome cock plunging into and out of your equally sexy cunt, hidden somewhat by the slight rise of your vulva above your pelvis. The sight of us fucking drives us both closer to cumming.

“Place your hands here," I barely whisper with some urgency, as I guide your left hand to my full and tightened balls

Your right hand now vigorously rubbing your clit. I watch as if my eyes are glued to this scene, still pumping into you.

Your fingers feeling my cock as it slides by and into your wet, throbbing and oh so tight...Mmmmmmm!

I am timing my own first orgasm to coincide with your next...

Your breath begins to catch and your body begins to tremble yet again; I've slowed my tempo and have gripped myself at the base of my cock to keep myself from unloading until just the right moment.

"I'm cumming...Jimmmmm...NOW!" I hear you half whisper, half groan.

Your fine, lean - so sexy body writhes in delicious ecstasy beneath me, your cunt is wrestling upon my hunk of meat...You are taking me along for your ride!

Your sweet tasting pussy is literally soaking the bed spread with your cum.

“I can't. Hold back. Any. Longer. Babe!” Each of my words is measured by strokes of my cock - into you.

I urge myself to release my grip from around the base of my thick cock. I want you to feel what you have brought from me….feel my surges upon you - through your hand - through my cock - spraying out upon your tits.

I want you to see what you’ve done to me!

Once again, you surprise me as you push your knees together, unexpectedly…forcing the length of my manhood from within you; my right hand moves from your ass cheek and peels off the nearly destroyed condom in one fluid motion.

Your left hand still reaching out and gripping my now convulsing cock. You pull yourself up, with your abdomen into an almost seated position and greedily yank my cock to your mouth, swallowing the first four inches in between your hungry  lips

Abruptly, you release your hold upon the base and underside of my swollen and aching cock.

Three healthy loads of hot semen pulse down the length of my shaft in defined surges as my heartbeat pulses rapidly; I feel my balls tighten further and shrink upwards towards my abdomen.

You can feel my cock throbbing within your mouth too, especially as my cum courses down the length of my shaft and erupts from my sensitive cockhead.

Hot, liquid ropes of pearly seed, exploding into your mouth, painting your throat with my very essence.

Feel it babe - delight in what you’ve done to me!

Your glazed eyes, peering upwards into my own - let me know that you are so into pleasing me...and I am so into you, too.

This only adds to your own occurring orgasm and all I can do is be thankful I’m along for the ride.

Both of my hands caressing your still moistened mane as large drops of my perspiration, falling from my wet temple...cascade down upon your heaving and blushing tits.

“Kiss me…give me your tongue again, babe!"

You are pleasantly surprised that an older man like myself owns equipment which has stayed quite hard after all the orgasms we’ve shared; and you’re also quite pleased that I’ve begun, once again, to slowly massage my cockhead into your sensitive clit, rubbing you in a nice rhythm with the remains of my we both begin to enjoy - you experiencing yet another rippling wave of climaxes.

Addicted already...I need more, of you, soon!