In the Bed of My Chevy Truck: Jess Cums

By SensualDesires83

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Jess's body was so warm under mine as it always was. So nice and firm, I always felt good when I was on top of her. We seemed to fit each other like a hand to a glove.

Her hair was splayed nicely around her head as she laid in the bed of my Chevy truck. The dark brown color of it blended into the light green tint. The moonlight highlighted all of her features and made her soft skin glow nicely.

I kissed down Jess's neck and she tilted her head so that she could feel every little sensual peck. Her skin was moist and supple and tasted of heavy cream flavored with vanilla. The taste mixed well with my tongue buds and I wanted more.

I ran my mouth lower and as I licked between what little cleavage she had, I cupped both of Jess's breasts with my hands. Jess's body shivered from my touch. Her breasts were firm and her nipples hard and erect. The warmth from them felt good on the palms of my hands as I squeezed Jess's small mounds with gentle pressure.

"Oh Lowell, your hands feel so good. Don't stop!"

As Jess finished saying that, I moved my mouth over one of her small mounds and licked across the hot centered peak that brought it character. Jess immediately tensed her body and bit her bottom lip to hold in a shriek she knew she would make.

Nibbling on her stiff nipple, I continued to press into her other breast with my hand, but I explored her body with my other. This caused her to sigh heavily as my hand ran across her sensual curves en route to the area that gave her the most excitement. There was no doubt Jess knew what I was doing.

I switched breasts and began sucking on the free one as my hand found Jess's soft dark covered mound between her legs. I circled over it with my finger, feeling each strand slide between my digits. Her mound was warm and soft and I loved how she moaned as I felt it. A few more strokes of my fingers slid over it before I took my hand lower.

As I moved my hand lower, I began to kiss Jess's breast with a light touch. When my fingers found the tender fold of her sensual being, I slid one through it slowly. It was warm and damp and ready.

"Mmm, Lowell, you know just how to touch me!" Jess exclaimed as my finger slid down through her division.

"You are so wet Jess. I love how I make you that way," I said as my finger dangled slightly inside her hot sexual entrance. I had to feel just how wet she was inside, so I slowly pushed my finger inside Jess's pussy.

Immediately, Jess gasped as my finger slid into her hot moist tightness. She was wet to the point of dripping and as tight as a clamp binding two pieces of wood together. Still, that did not stop me from moving my finger in and out of her hot pink love chamber.

Jess moaned deeply and moved her hips as I fingered her personal opening. Every time she wiggled her body, my finger went into her deeper. This made her whimper with even more pleasure.

With slow strokes of my hand, I entered and exited Jess's natural warmth. She made little sounds of enjoyment the whole time, never wavering from making some type of tone. The sounds she was making, made me want to please her even more. I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. I felt her pussy loosen slightly as my finger sensually invaded her personal slice. I knew what would obviously send her over the edge though.

I pulled my finger out of her now even wetter sexual place and began to kiss down her body. I cupped both her breasts as I did. The one my hand was on and which my finger had been inside her, glistened with her moisture that had collected on my finger. Her hard nipple shined so splendidly in the light of the moon. It was so lovely. Jess was so lovely.

I found her navel and circled around it with the tip of my tongue. Jess let out a slow sigh and that gave me the opportunity to open her tanned legs. I removed my hands from her small perky frontal lobes and spread her legs evenly.

As I did, Jess mumbled, "Oh God Lowell, you're going to..."

"Taste you," I interrupted and immediately placed my mouth over her hot clit and sucked it inside.

It was too much for Jess. Her body began to tense and shake. She closed her fingers and made fists with both hands. Jess began to breath with shallow breaths and she curled her toes and that was enough to send her over the edge.

Jess took a deep inhalation then let it out slowly as she let the orgasm overtake her. I felt her clear cum flow out in a slow trickle as I flicked the tip of my tongue over her hard clit fast and furiously dragging her orgasm out as long as I could.

Jess just simply whimpered as she let the spasm envelope her in waves of spectacular wonder. She did not yell out, yell my name, or anything out of that nature. She just let it out in a joyous sensation of love. That's how I knew I was showing her how much I loved her.

Jess finally relaxed her body and I crawled up beside her. She stretched out her body, her long legs looking so soft and tanned against the bed of my truck, and her breasts flattened into her body naturally; only her nipples stuck out in erotic fashion. I knew they would return to normal the more I consoled her now sexually satisfied body.

I turned Jess on her side to face me as I wrapped my arm around her. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her.

"Lowell, I love the way you love me. No other man has ever shown me love the way you do."

"And no other woman has ever loved me the way you do Jessica. My heart belongs to you."

Jessica smiled once again then closed her eyes. I pulled her even closer and held her tight.

Together, we fell asleep naked and sexually satisfied in the bed of my Chevy truck. It had been a great night. I was sure it was going to be a great morning when we awoke. I knew that I would not be the only one ready for the sunrise.