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In the Bed of My Chevy Truck: The Beginning

It was a very warm starry night and the moon was full and blue. Jessica and I laid in the bed of my Chevrolet truck holding hands. She was smiling and gave me glances in between looking at the sparkling sky. We could hear the waves of the ocean beating down onto the shore in the distance.

Jessica's smooth tanned legs jutted out from under her shorts and her bikini top hung loosely from her breasts. Nothing was showing, but gave a lot to the imagination. All the bikini top did was basically cover what little she had anyway. When she was on her back like was now, her breasts molded into her body and disappeared. But I loved them.

When she was upright, her breasts fell to normal position and were so perky and small, she never had to wear a bra. But she did because she felt like she needed to do so; even though she was twenty-two and wearing a bra made for a sixteen year old girl. I knew she wore one because of wanting to feel like a real woman.

I had news for her, she was plenty woman and more.

"Mmm, this is so peaceful. I could lay with you in the back of your Chevy every night, Lowell," Jessica said as she wrapped her silky arms around my bare torso.

"Oh Jess, you feel so good next to me. I could stay like this with you all the time and never get up."

"I hope you know how much I love you, Lowell. I've never felt this way with another guy. You make me so happy. I don't want to ever lose you."

"You won't Jess, I promise. You will be stuck with me forever," I said and Jess leaned up, smiled, and untied her bikini top and threw it to the front of the truck's bed.

Her perfectly round pink nipples were already hard. The blue of the moon highlighted them nicely. I reached up with my hand and took her nipple between my thumb and index finger and rolled it slightly. Jessica moaned deeply and bit her bottom lip at the same time. Her other breast was firm and its nipple was just as hard as the one I was tweaking. It was calling out to be sucked.

I leaned up and took it into my mouth. It was hot and sensitive and caused Jessica to utter, "Oh fuck, Lowell!"

"I love pleasing you, Jessica," I mumbled through nipping on her hard aroused center peak.

The heat from her hard nipple upon my lips had my cock springing to life. I felt it twitch inside my swim shorts as Jess leaned down to kiss me, forcing my lips to part from her nipple.

Jess's breasts pressed upon my chest softly as her lips touched mine. The firm suppleness of them floated evenly on my equal torso to her small mounded one. She moaned as she felt her hard nipples rub against my hot skin.

I ran my hands up and down her back as she kissed hard against my lips. The swoops and slopes of her slender body felt good in my hands. As I ran them over the round contours of her firm ass, she moaned even more, especially when I slipped them just inside her shorts to feel her firm bare bottom and squeezed slightly. She always loved that.

"Mmm, I wonder how hard I'm making you," Jess said and she slid her hand down and inside the front of my shorts. I was only half there, but with her hand teasing my manhood with soft brushes, I knew it would not be long until I was straight up.

"Hmm, you're almost there. I know how to make it rise to full attention!" Jess said and leaned up, kneeled between my body, and proceeded to come out of her shorts.

As Jess unzipped her shorts, I saw the meticulously trimmed triangular patch covering her mound come into view. Now I knew why she had not taken off her shorts as we had walked and sat on the beach earlier. She was not wearing her bikini bottom.

She slid her shorts down her long tanned slender legs until they were at her ankles and came out of them easily, throwing them over my truck's bedside. The sensual pleat perfectly formed between Jess's legs hid what was inside them. Her personal divide folded in on itself to form a line that was evenly vertical. I loved that about her.

Jess, in all her nakedness, crawled down to my level and pulled the string tying my swim shorts to my waist. Wrapping her fingers around the elastic waistline, she pulled them down. My semi-soft state popped out and twitched slightly as she pulled my swim shorts all the way off and tossed them over the side of the bed of my truck to join her shorts on the ground. 

Then Jess straddled my waist and lowered herself down over my cock. My cock sunk inside her perfectly formed pleasure pocket nicely. The warmth of her hot fleshy fold enveloped me with precision. Instantly, I lengthened all the way as her moist cleft slid oh so slightly over my round ridges.

"Mmm, see, I told you I knew just how to make you hard!" Jess announced and smiled down to me.

I could not say anything. I was enjoying the warm moisture of her pussy dripping slowly all over my throbbing muscle. I could feel the inside of her hot chasm pulse and flow around me. It slathered between her outer puffy lips that wrapped gently around my long hardness.

Suddenly, Jess slid herself off of my throbbing cock. I glanced at it as it pulsed with the beat of my heart. It glistened with Jess's sexual juice. Now I knew exactly what it looked like when I was inside her.

Jess then leaned down and licked from my balls, up my hard shaft, and all the way to the tip of my cock. The feeling was so intense, I almost came instantly. Instead, I held it back and moaned so loudly, if anyone was on the beach, I knew they heard me.

"Like that huh Lowell? Mmm, I taste so good on you!" Jess said then wrapped her fingers around my round thickness and started to stroke slowly up and down, using what personal wetness she left on my long shaft as a lube.

"Oh Jess, your hand feels so much like your pussy. Just the right grip."

"I wanna see you cum Lowell! I never get to anymore. It's always inside me when you do. Please, can I make you cum?"

"Keep going Jess and you will. I promise," I said and Jess smiled and began stroking up and down my hardness with a rhythm that she knew I liked.

I moaned every so often as her hands played a soft, but yet gentle grip on my manhood. I was so hard, but felt like putty in her hands. Jess's touch was firm enough to be gentle, yet soft enough to enhance the moment sensually.

Jess laid down beside me as she continued to stroke me with an even pace. She was close enough for me to run my hands through her long soft hair. As I did, Jess moaned a little, but never lost control on my sex. I was even able to lean up and give her kisses. And still, she never let up with her hand on my long hard cock.

Jess started to kiss me harder as she worked my rigid penis up and down. I felt my balls begin to lift and fall with each tug she made. Her lips were fire upon mine and tasted of a sweetness I never got tired of tasting. My balls began to lift higher and tighten as we kissed harder, especially once my hand found one of her small mounds and squeezed. It took her by surprise, causing her to stumble on my hard cock just a little as she moaned into my lips. Still, my cock stood stiff in her paused hand.

Jess soon regained control and stroked my even harder state with the same finesse as before. I moaned as she squeezed slightly, causing the clear pre-moisture to form on the tip of my erection. She saw it and ran her fingertip over it, using it as line to tickle my now sensitive head. The feeling was more than I could take. I took a deep sigh, felt my cock stiffen even more, my balls tightened and almost disappeared into a hidden hiding place, and I curled my toes as the spasm entered the base of my shaft.

"Mmm, I do believe someone is going to cum! Cum for me baby! Let me know I made you enjoy it!" Jess said with a moan.

Instantly, on her last moan, the first jet of huge spunk flew out of my hardness and landed in a long streaming dollop between my nipples.

"Uh huh, there it is! I just love watching and making you cum! It's so sexy seeing you spurt your love liquor all over!" Jess said as I kept pumping out sequential loads of hot white perfection until it trickled out of my now softening cock. I always hated that I went soft as soon as cum had left my cock. But I could not help it. It was the way I was made.

I laid there, still in the bed of my Chevy truck as Jess ran her finger through my cum puddles. As she did, she moaned as she made circles through my now sticky skin. I watched her face as she smiled while playing with my cum. Then she took her finger and licked it. Jess made sure I saw her do so.

“Mmm, you taste so good too, Lowell. You really do love me, don’t you? To let me do these things to you, it’s not just a satisfaction of release, it’s your love you are showing me.”

I smiled at Jess and leaned up and kissed her long and hard. I wrapped my arms around her naked body and brought her close to mine. Her breasts pressed into my chest as I held her close and continued to kiss her.

Then I made my move.

I turned her so that her back landed on the bed of my truck so that my body pressed into her even more. Jess moaned and I felt her body give a little. I took my lips away from her and looked deep into her eyes and said, “I am going to show you just how much I love you. It’s your turn to cum now.”

Jess sighed as I began my trek down her slender tanned body. This was her time now. I was going to make the most of it and please her the way she pleased me. The night was only beginning.

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