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In The Booth

I grabbed his tie and pulled him toward me, in the peep show booth.
After many months of nothing happening in my marital bedroom, I began to feel an intense urge to be sexually desired. I thought of looking around my small hometown for satisfaction, but frankly I knew I wouldn’t trust anyone to keep quiet about the indiscretion I was hoping for. Instead, I continued with my own toys to please myself. That can only last so long before you long for the feel of skin.

For years, I kept in contact with a beneficial friend from my past. In my single days, we spent a lot of time together and enjoyed our sexual trysts. I began to share my frustrations with him. Our emails went from chatter to complete eroticism. From many miles apart, we were affecting each other just the way we did before I moved away.

I was planning a trip to visit my friends and family in my old stomping grounds. When I told John of the trip, I knew it would be difficult to stay away from him, especially if my dry streak continued. As the time for my trip neared, I decided to make plans to spend the night with him. Our emails discussed and fantasized about what would happen that night. I was turned on at the mere prospect of having one night where John and I could be what we once were, together.

We both counted down the days.

I arrived home on the 4th of July. Both John and I were preoccupied with family obligations and could not even say hello to each other. The next morning, I had to see him. We met at a spot we used to frequent. To me, the spot had changed. Almost unrecognizable from the place we used to park and make love in his car.

I parked my truck and got in his car. I hated to admit I felt weird. I knew I didn’t belong there. After some chatter, we seemed to pick up where we left off. John started kissing and touching me. Even his slightest caress turned me on. I am not sure if it was the lack of being touched for so long or the fact that I knew what he could do. I basically let him do what he wanted, until he reached for my clit.

I stopped him, unsure if I was ready for that. Noticing that I was allowing him to touch anywhere else, he didn’t give up. That turned me on, John seemed to ease me into it. As he continued to kiss my neck and play with my breasts, he made me want more. The next time he went for my clit, I spread my legs as if it was an automatic response. He smiled at my wetness, played in it before tasting it on his fingers. I kept a poker face and just let him be.

As he started to rub, I could feel myself wanting to loose control. I fought the urge until I felt his fingers inside me. Purposefully keeping quiet, I gave in to the feeling he giving me. He began to rub my clit quickly and harder. I tried hard to hide the fact that I was coming.

It was almost the release of my juices made me see clearly. He wanted to continue and I wanted to fuck him, but something was stopping me.

Clearly frustrated, we left each other. Only to remember that in a few short days we’d be spending the whole night together.

I went on to visit my friends and family over the next couple days. John was always in the back of my mind. I noticed that in my head, I was going back and forth if I could really spend the night with him. I began to feel guilty over the man who was at home waiting for me. Since no one knew of my intentions, I had no one to talk to about it. I needed to air out my feelings. I needed to be honest with John. I knew he’d understand. I called him and asked him to meet me. We met halfway between our locations. This time he got in my truck.

He thought we’d be going somewhere to finish what was started the other day. John had no idea what was really on my mind.

“I need to talk to you.” I saw the color drain from his face in disappointment, almost like he knew what would follow. “I can’t talk to anyone else, but I have to admit, I’m on the fence about being with you. It’s literally 50/50. One minute I want to and the next I don’t think I can. I’m not sure what to do.”

John sighed. I felt bad for disappointing him after many months of virtual foreplay.

“I do understand.” He went on to advise me and remind me about what I wasn’t getting.

Then he said the one thing that I didn’t realize would help. “I already have the room reserved. Please come. If you get there and you realize you can’t do anything, that is ok.”

He reminded me of our long history and the friendship that is between us. “I would be happy just to have you there to talk, even if nothing else happens.”

Almost as if pressure was released, I felt better. We began to chat, small talk, but I knew he had to go back to work.

“Where are you going now?” John asked, assuming I was off to another visit.

Being the type of relationship we had, I knew I could be honest with him. “I am going to buy some new toys. Most of mine are getting broken by too much usage.” I laughed. John shook his head in understanding.

“You want to come with me?” As soon as the question came out of my mouth I wanted to take it back. I didn’t know why I asked.


I can’t say I was shocked when he answered so excitedly. The idea of him going with me did turn me on. I knew I was playing with fire, but because of our conversation I wasn’t worried about anything happening.

I had a certain store in mind, but didn’t remember how to get there from where we were. It had been about 5 years since I drove around that area. As always, John gently directed.

This particular adult store was 2 floors. The first floor was full of toys, outfits, and private peep shows. The second floor was filled with movies. We walked in like friends, as if it was no big deal. We started to walk around and look at the selection. Being there around him, looking at all the vibrators and dildos, started to turn me on. I could easily fight the feelings. After finding the particular toy I was looking for, I excused myself to the bathroom.

“Hey hun, you don’t want that bathroom. The women’s bathroom is through there.” He pointed to the back.

I had never been back there, but I knew what was back there. It was all the peep shows. I left my toy on the counter and walked back. John waited for me. Beyond the doors, it was dark. Enough lighting to see where you were walking and the booths with doors. I could hear movies playing and a woman getting off. I continued walking looking for the bathroom. I came into a large room with a pole on the stage. Still didn’t see the bathroom.

I saw a guy in a DJ booth and decided to ask for directions. To my surprise, when I came around the corner of the booth, there was a half naked woman standing there. I asked her where the bathroom was, she smiled, touched my shoulder and pointed to the woman’s door. It was the only door not labeled.

The other two doors were open with small beds in side. I could just imagine what went on inside there. I was getting more turned on.

After leaving the bathroom, I walked back to John slowly, trying to check everything out. I glanced in a booth and saw a porn movie playing. I had a sudden urge to show John what I saw. When I found among the isles of toys, he was on the phone. I couldn’t help but brush my breast against his arm and start rubbing on his chest. He laughed at me and put his arm around me.

“Come on,” I whispered. “You have to see this.” I felt like a kid in a candy store. I could tell John was on a business call, which made me brush against him harder.

John got off the phone. “What?” he asked.

“You have to come see this. There are private booths back there where you can watch movies. I even found some half naked girl!"

His eyes widened. I took his hand and forced him to follow me.

We made it to the first booth and I went in first. I felt over taken by my own horniness. I went all the way in the booth as John just stood at the door, not knowing what I wanted. I didn’t know what I wanted. I thought I just wanted to check it out. He stood at the doorway just looking at me. “What?” John repeated.

I grabbed the tie around his neck and pulled him into me. We started kissing and it was getting hot very fast. John stopped to lock the door behind him. We continued kissing and caressing each other. I noticed my hand was still wrapped in his tie.

All the sudden I felt like everything in life disappeared. All my problems, everything at home, nothing but what was in front of me existed. All I could think about is how good he felt against me or how good it felt to have him touch me. I wrapped my arms around him and brought him as close as I could.

“If you are going to be in the booth, you must put money in!” We both heard the strange voice scream out.

Realizing the tight hold I had around John’s shoulders, I let him go. We both looked at the TV screen. I noticed the volume and channel buttons. Under the buttons was a place for dollars. John dug in his pocket and put some money in the machine. As the porn started on the screen, John turned his attention back to me. He had me against the wall and started kissing me again.

The idea of his pinning against the wall was turning me on almost as much as the kissing. He began to play with my nipples through my strapless shirt. I let my head roll back as I pulled the top down. I exposed my tits to allow him to do whatever he wanted. He drew his mouth to my nipples and began to suck. My head rolled back and hit the wall. My ponytail was in the way of being able to comfortably lean my head against the wall.

I let my long hair out of the ponytail holder. My breathing quickened when I felt John’s hands touch my clit through my shorts. I propped my leg on the small bench to give him easier access to my pussy. This is exactly why I always thought John was so good. He paid attention to my sounds and non-verbal cues. John moved my shorts and slid his fingers inside of me. I could feel how wet I was.

When he moved his hands back to my tits, he leaned his pelvis into me. I could feel his hard cock against me. I was lost in the booth, lost in my own desire to have him inside me. I wanted to feel his cock slid into all my wetness. With that thought I rubbed his cock through his pants. He went back to rubbing my clit.

I loosened his tie so I could kiss his neck. I kissed his ears, gently biting on the lopes. Moving my mouth down to his neck, I wanted more. I had to have more. I moved my mouth to the front of his neck, bringing my mouth up only to kiss him again. I could feel him starting to back off, as if he was going to stop. I pulled him back in and started to unzipper his pants.

The booth asked for more money. Digging again, John put more in. I grabbed his cock and continued to stroke it. He started to back off again, I knew it was because of our earlier conversation and he didn’t want to force me. I was doing the forcing here. I broke my mouth from his and looked down at my shorts. I unbuttoned the top button. John took the hint and helped me take them off.

Once my shorts were on the floor and my strapless shirt was around my waist, he touched my clit one more time. He leaned his cock into it, rubbing my clit with his head. If he didn’t fuck me, I was going to scream for it. I ordered him to sit on the small bench. I climbed on and slipped his hard cock into my pussy.

My heart was racing with desire, I could barely keep my noise contained. I rode him, enjoying the feeling and the power of being on top. I got up and turned my back to him and sat on his cock again. The rocking motion with his cock inside me felt so good. I wondered if I was too wet for him to get any traction from my pussy. I felt John’s hands come around me and cup my breasts. It felt so good that I could feel my wetness multiply. We were so good together.

I kept riding as long as my legs would let me. They were shaking from me being so turned on and the physical activity of what I had been doing. It had been a few years since I had done anything like that. I didn’t want to stop, I wanted his come inside me, but my legs were about to give up on me.

When I stopped, John could tell I was shaking so bad I was going to fall over. The booth was too small to do any other position to finish what we started. We both stood up panting.

The next day we were due to spend the night together. John kissed me again. “We’ll finish this tomorrow.”

I don’t know why I stayed quiet. I wanted to finish then. As I drove John back to his car, I hinted at my willingness to finish what we just did. Still shaking while driving, I said, “You could get me to go anywhere now.”

John just laughed. I assumed he had to get back to work.

We kissed goodbye, looking forward to the next night.
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