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In the depths of dispair

A ray of hope

My first submission - hope you like

Was it fear or trepidation? His tortured soul had never known love, but tonight. Tonight it may be different.

Although he had never met Susan69, they had flirted over the chat rooms. He had bared his soul, told her secrets he had never told anyone else, including his therapist. Was Susan69 the person who could break him free of the maelstrom of despair? A beacon of hope to light up his darkness?

The taxi pulled up at the address she had given him. He nearly didn’t get out. What would she be like? Would they really like each other? Taking a deep breath he paid the fare and left the car. His heart was pounding as he made to push the doorbell.

He hesitated, but it was no or never.

The beautiful blonde opened the door and beckoned him in. Although the lights were subdued he had his first opportunity for an appraising look. Long shoulder-length hair framed a smooth oval face. She wore a white shirt which indicated 2 nice breasts. A small black skirt wrapped her slim waist and black stockings encased shapely legs.

The effect was immediate, and he tried to seat himself so that the bulge between his legs wouldn’t show. Susan looked at him and smiled knowingly. “I was going to offer you a drink, but I think you need relief. If you don’t I do, I have been waiting for you all day”. Sitting herself beside him she leaned over and began to kiss him. He did not return the kiss straight away. He wondered, is this love, he did not want to be hurt again? But already his defences were crumbling. Susan was not to be denied, and her tongue forced his way between his lips. For a few minutes they kissed, and he began to relax.

“That’s better my love, you were so tense” she whispered in his ear, and then she nibbled the lobe. She pulled back and gave him a long, hard stare. “God”, he thought, “I can’t even do this right”, and tear began to swell up in his eyes.   “Do you love me?” Susan asked. “Oh no, hear it comes”, the voice screamed in his soul, “you managed to piss someone else off”. “Yes”, he barley whispered. “Then touch me, caress me, I don’t break!”

Susan straddled his legs and resumed to kiss him. “What does she want me to do?” he wondered. Hesitatingly he cupped one breast in his hands. “Finally” she murmured. Slowly he started to knead the breast and could feel the erect nipples through the shirt. He decided to chance the next move although the dark voices screamed that it would be a mistake. Slowly he started to unbutton the shirt , and Susan still   kissed him, maybe this was not such a wrong move afterall. With a shrug of the shoulders Susan let the shirt fall to the ground. She repositioned herself so that the breasts were in easy reach of his mouth. Again, slowly he leaned forward and kissed a nipple. A tremor went through Susan’s body and she moaned a little. “Please”, she begged, “they have been hard all day and I need relief too”.

Suddenly she sat up and then helped him out of his shirt. “My turn now” she said with a smile, and she started to lick his nipples until they became hard too. Then her tongue slowly made its way down, exploring the naval, until it reached the top of his pants. “What do I do now?” he wondered, but Susan had already started to loosen the pants. “I want to see all of you”, she said as the trousers unfastened. With a swift tug she pulled down the pants and the shorts in one swift motion. His cock leapt up, and he let out a moan at the release.

  “Hummm, circumcised, you didn’t tell me that!”. Slowly she licked his balls and worked her way up his throbbing shaft. “Time for more of that later”, she smiled.

She stood up, and leaned forward so that her tits swung down. Reaching under her skirt, she pulled the wet panties down. “I think it is my turn”. She sat on the chair and spread her legs.   The dark voices still screamed this was wrong, and his heart still pounded, but the voices were now quieter, and the heart pounded for the right reasons. Susan was beautiful!

He kneeled before her and used his tongue to explore her inner thigh. With slow circular motions he worked his way up to the lips of her cunt. Juices were running freely and he lapped them up. After a while he moved on up to her hard clit. “Yes”, Susan moaned, “but use some fingers while you play there”. Again, wondering if it was the right thing to do, he inserted a finger in to her hole, and began to move it in and out.   “Darling, I said I don’t break, and I also said fingers!” He inserted a second finger. “Is that all the fingers you have?”.   A third finger was added, whilst he tried to concentrate on sucking on the clit at the same time. A little while later Susan’s body tensed and jerked, and she let out a little scream. “God, I have hurt her afterall”, he thought.

“Right, I’m ready”, she said and pushed him on his back. Slowly she lowered herself on to his cock and started rhythmic pelvic movements. But, he was too excited, and after a few short seconds, he began to pant and then his body jerked in release.

The dark voices laughed, he had made a fool of himself. He had given her no pleasure, and he had cum way to early. Already a private hell of ridicule was starting inside a personal prison whose walls were darker and thicker now than ever. “Told you, this was wrong”, “Told you, you would make a fool of yourself”, “Told you she wouldn’t, couldn’t love you”, the various voices taunted.

Susan, just leaned forward and said “thank you my love, I enjoyed that”, which left a small light shining through the walls of his dark soul. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

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