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In the House of Madam (Part Two)

Steven discovers a different side to one of Madam’s assistants
When the session had ended, Cassie and Melina took me up to the top floor of the house. A door was unlocked and I was led into a simply, but comfortably furnished bedroom. Apart from a large double bed with an iron frame, there was a bedside cabinet, an easy chair and a low coffee table. A number of books and magazines were scattered around the room. A half-open door from the bedroom revealed an en-suite bathroom. The room was tightly shuttered from the outside, giving no indication if it was night or day, and a lamp on the bedside cabinet provided the only illumination.

Once the girls had left and locked the door, I went into the bathroom. It was far less sumptuous than the one that I had first showered in, but the centre of the room was dominated by a large freestanding bath. I ran myself a deep hot bath, climbed in and lay soaking for a long time. As I luxuriated in the bath I replayed the events of the afternoon. I had experienced tie and tease sessions before, but not like these girls played them. Their expertise was astonishing, their ability to keep me from coming almost beyond belief. And the orgasm itself had been a mind-blowing release. Like no orgasm I had ever experienced before. Would I ever experience another like it, I wondered?

Eventually, I climbed out of the bath, towelled myself dry and returned to the bedroom. The bed had no quilt or blanket, but the room was comfortably warm. Slipping between the sheets, I soon found myself drifting off into a deep sleep.

I was awakened by the sound of the key turning in the bedroom lock. The door opened and Cassie appeared with a tray of bread, cheese and fruit. She also had a bottle of red wine and two glasses. She set the tray on the bedside cabinet and beckoned me to share the food, before pouring us each a glass of wine. We sat together on the bed savouring the meal, and chatting rather aimlessly about nothing in particular, before Cassie rose from the bed and spoke.

“You must be very stiff and sore after your session this afternoon Steven, so I wondered if you would like me to give you a massage.”

“That would be really welcome Cassie”, I replied.

Cassie stripped off her vest top, and jeans revealing the skimpiest red thong as her only remaining item of clothing. She slid the thong down her legs and stepped out of it before going over to the bedside cabinet. After removing a bottle of massage oil, she indicated that I should roll onto my front and relax, before kneeling over the small of my back. A generous pool of oil was applied to my neck and upper back and she set to work.

I felt a warm glow of relaxation wash over me as Cassie’s expert fingers softly kneaded and caressed my shoulders, neck and upper arms. After a while, however, I was conscious of her shifting her position so that she was now kneeling to one side of me. She continued to massage my lower back, then my butt, tops of my legs and finally worked her way down to my ankles. We said little, but my contented murmuring must have indicated that I was more than happy just to soak up her comforting strokes. But just when I thought we might be nearing the end of her session, Cassie said, very softly:

“Now Steven, I want you to kneel up and bear your weight on your elbows and knees.”

I did as Cassie had requested, finding the most comfortable position by settling my head on my hands. Whilst this was happening, she disappeared into the bathroom and for several minutes I heard the sound of running water. When Cassie returned, she again knelt to one side of me, parted the cheeks of my arse and slipped a warm, damp towel into the crack so it hung down to the root of my cock. She massaged me gently through the towel and before the warmth had dissipated, the towel was removed and I felt warm oil being dripped onto and between my buttocks so that it ran down over my anus and onto my balls. At the same time, I was also aware that Cassie was adding another generous quantity of the oil to her hands.

Cassie began by placing her thumbs either side of my anus, before gently pulling them apart. This motion was continued horizontally, then vertically and finally on the diagonal, with Cassie timing each stretch to my breathing. She then moved on to putting her palms together and sliding them down my crack, she repeated the motion quickly, then slowly, varying the pressure, sometimes straight and then with a gentle waving motion, before switching to caresses with just two fingers of each hand. With her hands working in opposite directions, she ran her middle and index fingers over my anus, sometimes lightly, and then with firmer pressure, judging my reaction and changing her strokes accordingly. Next it was the turn of her thumbs, circling my arsehole, gently stroking at it, then letting the pad rest as though she might enter me. But the pressure, although firm was not enough to open me up. With her thumb still lightly pressing, she bent down to me and whispered:

“And now Steven I need you to breathe deeply, but slowly, relaxing your body on every breath.”

Mesmerised by her actions, I did just as I had been told, while she re-positioned herself between my legs and placed one finger on my anus. Cassie applied only the very lightest of pressure, but whispered to me that I should draw her finger in. I was inhaling and exhaling deeply which allowed me to pull the finger inside. She paused to let me get used to the sensation, before repeating the process and passing the second point of resistance.

Gradually my slow, deep breathing allowed Cassie to move her finger deeper and deeper inside. Once inside she began to explore my anus until her finger settled on my prostate, which she massaged with slow stroking movements, varying the pressure according to my response. Then Cassie placed her thumb above my balls and began to massage me both internally and externally at the same time. She reached underneath me with her other hand and began gently stroking my balls and the root of my cock. I was lost in pleasure, waiting for the motion of Cassie’s hands to bring me to a climax. But then, quite unexpectedly, she stopped the massage and asked me:

“Would you like to fuck me Steven?”

“Of course, Cassie, why wouldn’t I?”

There was no sudden movement, Cassie just whispered to me to contract the muscles around her finger and gradually eased her finger out from my arse. She kissed me softly on the back of the neck, eased herself down onto the bed and rolled over on her back. I turned and kissed her, gently at first, and then more deeply, before turning my attention to her tits. Working on each breast in turn, I licked and sucked each nipple to erectness, before tracing a line down her body with my tongue, nibbling over her smooth mound and stopping at her pussy lips.

Before going further I stopped and eased Cassie to the edge of the bed, so her feet were just resting on the floor. I then took one pillow and placed it under her head, whilst I knelt on a second between her legs. I kissed her mound and inner thighs for a few seconds, before parting the outer lips with my fingers.

Pressing my mouth to the exposed outside of her pussy, I began to work around her cunt with kisses and nibbles, concentrating on her pussy lips, while occasionally probing her vagina with my tongue. Then I nibbled on her still hooded clit, drawing it into my mouth with the gentlest of sucking motions. My tongue flicked over Cassie’s pee hole, her reaction indicating that was a woman who found this pleasurable. I mixed that sensation with deeper and deeper forays into her cunt. She was soaking and her juices drenched my lips and chin.

Drawing her butt slightly nearer to the edge of the bed, I used a finger to pull back the hood of her clit, revealing a small, pink pearl that I began to flick with my tongue. Starting with light pressure, I gradually built up the speed and weight of my licking. Cassie began to writhe, clutching at my head and begging me not to stop. The licking became harder and faster, my whole focus aimed at delivering Cassie’s orgasm. Then her hands locked my face in place, she arched her back and she came moaning with pleasure.

I paused for a few seconds, but it was only a temporary lull. Soon I was licking again at Cassie’s clit, gently at first but then more vigorously until she came again, saying that she could take no more. I planted a long lingering kiss on her pussy lips, eased her legs up onto the bed, lay beside her and took her in my arms while she luxuriated in her post orgasmic state.

After I had held Cassie for a few minutes, I gently slid my hand down her body and parted her outer lips, moving myself so that I could slip between her legs. But Cassie had other ideas, and raising herself up onto her knees she said:

“No Steven, I am going to take charge now. You just lie back and let me do the work.”

Cassie stiffened me with some skilful handwork, placed her knees either side of my hips and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt. After rubbing the head across her lips a few times, she slowly lowered herself down, enveloping my hard cock with her dripping pussy. After pausing for a few seconds, she began to gently rock backwards and forwards, easing her weight onto her hands. I grabbed her hips and helped her long rhythmical movements as she moved my cock in and out of her cunt from hilt to head. Then she leant back, reaching round to fondle my balls, reducing her movements to the most gently rocking before easing forward to kiss me whilst I fondled her arse and pressed a finger against her anus.

Cassie slowly raised herself up and let my cock slip from her cunt, before turning herself around to a reverse cowgirl position as she slid my cock back inside her. She started by leaning back, making small, gentle rocking motions while she massage my balls and her clit. Then she leaned forward to grasp my ankles, building up to a steady rhythmic motion that took her cunt from the middle of my shaft until her outer lips were just touching the head of my cock. The penetration was shallow but stimulating, and I would have gladly settled for it to continue until I came. Cassie, however, had other plans.

Easing herself up onto her feet and placing her hands behind her, Cassie commenced to bounce herself up and down, whilst I helped her by clutching her buttocks in my hands. Her fitness and strength were impressive; the muscular grip of her cunt on my cock and the vigour with which she rode me were so intense that I knew that I could not last for long. I felt the orgasm well up from deep inside me and I came, shouting Cassie’s name and sinking my nails into the cheeks of her butt.

We lay together for a long time afterwards, kissing and caressing each other before we drifted off to sleep. I have no idea how long I slept, but I awoke to find Cassie sucking on my cock. In spite of the day’s (and night’s) exertions, I rapidly became hard again, as Cassie demonstrated the same skills as she had shown during my earlier session. Working on the head, the shaft, the ridge, taking me fully in her mouth or just tonguing the head and the slit. Although it was a re-run of my earlier experience, this was not going to be tease and denial.

Cassie fixed her lips around the head of my cock and ran them down the shaft, taking all my length in her mouth before coming back up to the head. Starting slowly, she gradually increased the speed and rhythm, using her hands to give extra stimulation. Then she slipped a moistened finger into my arse and within a few seconds, the stimulation of cock and anus together had brought me to a climax.

Cassie must have swallowed my cum, or so I thought. As my orgasm subsided, she raised her head from my cock and bent over to kiss me, parting my lips with her tongue. Astonishingly, Cassie then dribbled my cum from her own lips into my mouth. I was surprised, even a little shocked, but looking back I realise that it was a moment of extraordinary intimacy. We carried on kissing for a while, but then Cassie knelt up next to me and said:

“I am sorry that I woke you Steven, but I have to go soon and I was desperate to give you head before I left.”

“There is no need to say sorry, Cassie, no man in his right mind would have wanted to miss that. No doubt I will be seeing you later.”

“Yes of course, but I have no idea what Madam has in store for you today. She never tells us what the scenario is going to be until just before we start. What I can tell you is that she has an remarkable imagination when it comes to combining pain and pleasure.”

Cassie rose and dressed, picked up the tray and left, locking the door behind her, whilst I was left alone to contemplate what lay ahead.

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