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In the Kitchen

That day was all about teasing but the tables had been flipped over...
That morning I had gotten in trouble. What else is new? I probably spoke too loud, repeated a question too many times or said something that pissed him off. I usually always do something to piss him off. Funny thing is I don’t know what it is until I see the consequence. But whatever it was this morning he was pissed at me. So my punishment was not being spoken to or acknowledged for the rest of the day. That’s fine I needed some me time anyway.
I decided I would take a shower. Anything just to pass the time would’ve been great.  As I stepped in the water scorched my back and I shouted. This shower is always too hot. I turned down the temperature and began to let the warm water take me away. The streams massaged my neck and back as chills went throughout my body. Yes, this was nice and very relaxing. I then took the washcloth, lathered it up with soap and began to clean my body. Starting with my large supple breasts, I cleaned myself for what seemed like hours. The soapy cloth made its way down my stomach, to my special place, down my legs and beyond.  I almost forgot where I was.
After my sensuous shower I proceeded to my room. I was soon brought back into the house by the blaring television downstairs. I lotioned my body and proceeded to put on panties when I had a very naughty thought. I was going to show him what he couldn’t have for a while. I put on my barely there royal blue dress and the sexiest bra I had. With one final look in the mirror, I smiled at myself as I devised my plan.
I sauntered down the stairs and into the living room. He was in the spot he’s always in by the foot of the stairs. I felt his eyes check me out as I continued to the sofa across from him and turned on a movie. Across the Universe, it was already recorded, was on. As I watched the movie I pretended not to acknowledge his obnoxiousness. His loud laptop battling the sound of the television, his blatant ignorance of me, and his energy really peeved me. If he thought he was getting any of this, he was dead wrong.
With the movie almost over I decided to make lunch. I got up and sauntered into the kitchen. I began to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With the bread on the countertop and the sandwich halfway complete, I saw him walk into the kitchen with that hungry look on his face. I slowly bent over into the fridge to get the jelly when I felt a hand reach up my dress. Just who did he think he was? I wiggled free from his groping and continued over to the countertop. As I spread the jelly onto the remaining free slice of bread I felt his hand creep up my dress again. “You’re not wearing panties…” he whispered gently in my ear.  Much to my dismay my body decided not to go along with my plan.  I began to get really wet as he fondled with me and my back arched my ass into him. I kept thinking, “No, he doesn’t deserve this!”
His thick fingers slid up and down my slick slit and I moaned to myself in guilt. I was letting go. He knew how to get me going and I hated him for it. He then inserted his finger into me and I tensed up around it. What happened next made me loath him. Teasing me he rubbed his rock hard erection all over my wetness and I ached with anticipation. He pushed the hem of my dress up over my hips and ass then I felt his member push up into me as a loud, forced moan escaped from my lips. Damnit! This was not going well. I was putty and all I could think about was him fucking me with that great cock of his. I even curved to it now.
My face contorted with pleasure as he slowly pumped into me. We’d never gone this slowly before and I was enjoying it very much. He was in me for so long it seemed. That warm full feeling I got whenever he slid back in was so erotic to me.
Then he whispered in my ear, “On the floor.” I obeyed and made my way to the hardwood. He knelt down in front of me, spread my legs slowly and entered me gently. My muscles tightened around him as he worked his way in and out. I felt myself getting even wetter. Slowly he pushed his giant fucktastic cock inside me all the way to my hilt. I bit my lip in need as he gripped my breasts increasingly harder. I knew what this meant. He was about to go faster. “Oh Steven…” I moaned lustfully. Everything about this felt right but it wasn’t. He didn’t deserve to have his way with my tight, wet pussy. He didn’t deserve to play with my big, soft breasts. He’s a fucking jerk.  
I could tell that this would be one of our short and sweet sessions as he started to impale me faster. My ass squeaked as it slid on the floor while he gripped my breasts. He was hitting all the right spots and I felt him grow thicker inside me. Catching my breath I grabbed his arms like I always do. I almost hit a high note as I gave me 9 more deep rough thrusts and he was spent. I felt him cum inside the condom and he pulled himself out of me. My kitty was pulsating. I just lay there on the ground for a second and then rose to my feet. We were done for the day. He is a jerk, but he's a jerk that fucks me better than anyone else I can imagine.

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