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India Lover

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We flirted for a long time before it became reality
This is a true story about an encounter I had with a coworker from India.

She started managing our support team in early 2008. We immediately hit it off. We communicated often. She found herself up late at night just so we could chat. We decided that we should be really good friends, but probably should not tell many people about how close we got. We just had normal conversations over a few months, then it happened. I had an opportunity to visit India again in April of 2008. We started chatting even more. She asked if I could bring her a few things from the U.S.. She wanted a T-Shirt and a swimsuit. Since I had a girl friend, I had to make sure I could get these into my suit case without being caught. I went to the store about an hour before heading to the airport and picked up some sexy underwear and a white swimsuit. I was very anxious the entire trip. I was not sure what was going to happen. I was hoping for a lot, but had no way of knowing for sure.

Almost 24 hours later, I landed. One of my other team members met me at the airport. We talked for a bit and he said he would contact me the next day. It was 1 am, so I headed to the hotel. I slept hard for a while to be awakened by the telephone. It was her, asking how my trip was. We talked for a bit and then she said she might visit me later in the day. I did not go any place. It was Sunday, so I just relaxed. About 6 that evening, there was a knock on the door. It was her. She was much smaller than I guessed, but most of the women at the office were small. She hugged me and we sat and chatted. I could tell she was nervous, and I tried to get her to relax.

My cock was already hard, but I did not want to push my luck. She stayed long enough to have dinner with me. I could not take my eyes off her. Her breasts were small, hidden by her outfit. I wanted to take her right then, but I didnt want to scare her away. When she got ready to leave, I asked her for a hug. She was hesitant, but gave me one anyway. I made sure my hard cock was pressing against her belly. She did not say anything, just that she had to go.

The next day it was business as usual at work. She was in her normal Indian dress. We had coffee. She never mentioned anything. I was somewhat disappointed, but I just let it go. My boss was there, so we left work together and had dinner at the hotel. About 9 I heard a knock at the door. She was back. She came in and we sat down and talked for a while. Then she asked if I minded if she had a shower. Of course, I was okay with that.

She was in a long time. When she came out, she was dressed in one of the hotel robes. It was not tied. I stood and took her by the hand and led her to the bed. I was surprised to see her pussy was shaved smooth. I lay next to her and rubbed her body. She kissed me, but not a deep, passionate kiss. I rolled her over on top of me, letting her slide down to where my cock was resting between her legs. She pulled me over on top of her. I took her legs over my shoulders. She said no, I would rip her in to. I’m about 8” long 2” thick. I asked if I should use a condom and she yes, that she did not use protection.

She closed her eyes as I pressed my condom covered black cock against the entrance to her pussy. I tried to suck her nipples, but she pushed my head back up. I pushed forward, she was tight, really tight. I held pressure and the head popped in. She jumped. I stayed there until I felt her open her legs wider. Then I pushed forward, then pulled back. It took me maybe 15 minutes to work all 8 inches all the way in.

I finally felt my balls resting in the crack of her ass. I started with a slow rhythm, and she responded. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her cervix. She did say much. She just rammed her pussy up against my cock. I knew she was into it when she put her heels on my ass and pushed me harded into her body. Her body stiffened as she came. It was a good thing since I was not going to last much longer. I pushed hard and filled the condom with cum. I could feel her pulsing around me.We lay there for a while. She said she had to go or her husband would wonder where she was. She dressed, kissed me on the cheek and left.

The next day at work, business as usual. No hint that anything had happened. We had coffee and she just smiled. Unfortunately, that night she came over and had coffee with my boss and me. She left on one of the three-wheel cabs, calling me later and saying she wished that she had come back. I told her I wanted her to. But she could not get out. The next night I was leaving. After work, some of us went to the beach and walked around. I went back to the hotel to pack. There was a knock at the door and she walked in. She immediately asked if she could shower, and I nodded.

When she came out, I was on the bed naked, my cock poking at my belly button. She lay on her back and pulled me to her. I asked if she wanted me to use the condom and she said no. She said that she would keep checking. If she got pregnant, she would have sex with her husband and tell him it was hers. As I lay on top of her, she took me in her hand and rubbed the head up and down her slit before pushing me to the wet spot. I pushed and she gasped, she was just as tight as before.

I took it slow. This time her eyes were filled with lust. She was moving her hips around to get me in deeper. She said ,“You are so big.” I smiled and with one last push I was buried once again balls deep in her pussy. I could tell when she was ready. I pumped her pussy, long slow strokes. I felt her muscles spasm, but I did not stop, I kept going. Her tiny nipples were hard. She looked at me and smiled again.

I fucked her hard. You could hear the flesh slapping. When I felt my balls begin to churn, I told her I was ready. I asked if I should pull out, again she said no. I pushed all the way forward filling her all the way. I am sure I pumped my cum directly into her cervix. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around me. She did not release her grip until my cock stopped pulsing. I stayed inside her until my cock got soft.

We talked more, about sex in India, the differences between there and the U.S. They are there to satisfy the husband. Their needs are not usually met. I had wanted to taste her pussy, but she would not allow it on either occasion. We watched as my cock slide from her now gaping hole. My cum leaking to the bed sheets. She really wanted to stay the night, but I was leaving in a few hours. We still chat today, but nothing is said about our adventures. She told me she would always remember our time together. Turns out we hit the cycle right, my swimmers did not get to the eggs.

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