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She struggled, trying to regain control of her hands so that she could slap him, but he guessed her intention and held both hands above her head, making her arch upwards. He pinned her hands to his office door; she opened her mouth to protest and he lowered his head, shushing her with his own mouth. She struggled against him, refusing to respond. There was no way she was going to kiss him back. She bit at his lower lip, hard, thinking it would make him release her; far from it. In fact, it made him even more determined to make her bend to his will, and he changed tactic, biting at her lips, too.

He pushed one hard thigh between hers, tilting his pelvis so that she could feel his erection. Then, still holding her hands in one of his, he eased his free hand between their bodies and unbuttoned her shirt while his tongue was still in her mouth, arousing her. She flushed as he pushed his fingers under the edge of her bra, pulling the cup down to bare one breast and her nipple tingled where he touched her. He made a small sound of triumph in the back of his throat as her areola puckered under his fingertips, the nipple hardening almost painfully. And as he did the same to her other breast, baring and teasing the nipple with his fingertips, she couldn't help responding, growing warm and wet and puffy between her legs.

As if he could sense it - or maybe even scent it - he slid his hand over her bare stomach, deftly undoing the button of her jeans. He lowered the zip and pushed his fingers under the edge of her panties (lime matching set), cupping her delta for a second, before delving further, parting her lips and rubbing her clitoris. She couldn't help but moan, deep in her throat. He continued the slow torment. How did he know that she liked fighting him, that she liked it rough, especially when she was in this kind of mood.

He bent his head, this time sucking one nipple. Her knees buckled slightly, as his teeth bit gently into her flesh. She forced herself not to cry out in pleasure, holding her body as tensely as she could; he guessed and changed his approach, his mouth softening and coaxing, the tip of his tongue teasing her nipple. He released her for long enough to blow on her spit-slicked skin and she couldn't suppress a shiver. She felt, rather that saw him grin and take her nipple back into his mouth, sucking hard. And when he put his hands back down her jeans, she was even hotter and wetter.

She took control. He shivered slightly when she dropped to her knees in front of him but made no sound. He let her pull his pants and scants down. Slowly, she brushed her hair back from her face and looked up at him, holding his gaze. Then she ringed his shaft with one hand, cupped his balls with the other, and lowered her head, swirling her tongue round his glans and lapping at the small bead of clear moisture in the eye of his cock. She started to suck him in earnest, taking him as deeply as she could and caressing his balls, setting up a swift counterpoint between her mouth and the hand still ringing his cock. He bucked his hips slightly and she motioned for him to hold still. She knew how much effort this was costing him, and redoubled her efforts to make him lose control. She started teasing the sensitive ridge with her lips, increasing the pressure until she felt his balls lifting and tightening. She was ready for the jet of creamy fluid and swallowed deeply, holding him in her mouth until he stopped throbbing.

He smoothed the cheeks of her arse then reached one hand between her thighs. He hoisted her onto the edge of his desk, spreading her legs wide and she felt his tongue parting her labia. He sucked her clit, varying the speed and pressure and arousing her until she almost came. Then he slid his finger into her sex while working on her clitoris with his mouth. She could not believe how good it felt, how he drove her to the limits of her control. It was forbidden territory, but she couldn't help herself.

She wanted to feel him inside her and told him so. She gasped and opened her eyes as he pushed into her, sliding easily into her silky, wet flesh, filling her to the hilt. Her own excitement was mirrored on his face, and he began to thrust hard, cupping her buttocks and pulling her against him to maximise the penetration. She wrapped her legs around him, tilting her pelvis and pushing back against him. It couldn't be wrong, she thought. All that mattered was the way his body possessed hers.

He groaned as he reached climax and at the same time she felt herself rippling around him, her muscles contracting sharply. He didn't stop though, he continued touching her, caressing her, refusing to pull out of her. She felt him softening and then he bent his head to kiss her, still playing with her nipples, and she felt him grow hard again inside her.

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