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Initiation into being the naughty little maid

becoming a maid and a sex slave was a fantasy I never dreamt of
  I remember with a small satisfied smile that summer month I spent working in a bed and breakfast in Transylvania.
  I had met Felix online in a chat room while feeling bored and horny one morning at home.
  He opened up a private chat and soon we were chatting away and he was asking me more and more personal questions like my body measurements, then what colour panties I was wearing etc. I enjoyed every minute of it and answered his questions honestly with a """lol at the end of my sentences so he knew I was enjoying the line of talk and was encouraging him on.

   Felix was 57 and I was 18. This really turned me on as older men had been my fantasty since I started having sexual thoughts and had taken to masturbating in my room at night.

   I did eventually have a sexual encounter with an older man, my dads friend when I was 16 and it was everything I imagined it would be.
   I had deliberately flirted with him as soon as I saw that glint in his eye when he looked at me after my shower one night and it didn't take long before he had me on my knees sucking his cock.  It was awesome!  Just so horny and it makes me wet to this day when I think back to it.

    Anyway, Felix as it turned out owned a B&B in Transylvania and was looking for a young girl to work there for the coming summer as his present maid was going off travelling for a while. He wanted someone who would fit in, and have the same sort of openmindedness that she had with his guests, who were mainly golfing groups and skiers.
    I told him that this sounded like just the thing for me as I was getting really restless and wanted a change.
    We agreed to meet but there was a problem, he lived in London and I was in Scotland.
    He decided to fly me down to him and arranged a room for me in a hotel, saying he would pick me up at the airport.

   I told my mum I was going to meet a friend from school who had moved down south a year before and that we had met up again online. She seemed okay with this, busy as always with her own life she was probably a bit relieved I would be out of her  hair for a while!

    Felix was there to meet me and I was impressed with the jaguar we drove off from the airport in. He was quite handsome for a man his age and although he had a bit of a pot belly I couldn't help feel excited about  the fun I would have teasing him and eventually the sex we would have.

   He seemed impressed with me and complimented me on my long thick dark wavy hair and my large brown eyes. He said I had a very natural and sexy beauty and my large round breasts and small hips were every mans fantasy. He told me that the guests at his hotel would find it hard to keep their hands to themselves once they met me. I laughed this off and enjoyed every word he said.

   He took me out to dinner that evening and I wore a short and very sheer black figure hugging dress, with of course no underwear. I wanted to drive him wild and as no one knew me it didn't matter what they thought.  All that mattered was that he desired me and I planned that as the evening progressed his desire would grow and grow.
     He couldn't take his eyes off me all through dinner and kept telling me how beautiful I looked, he told me that he had noticed the waiter thought so too and that he too couldn't take his eyes off me.  Your a very sexy young woman Annabel and I think you know it.

    I laughed and winked at him saying Oh Felix you are a tease.

   I think it's you who is doing the teasing young lady! Why don't we take all this teasing up to your room and see where it leads.

  I agreed and we walked upstairs with him a few steps behind watching my ass with every step I took.

    In my room I couldn't believe how quickly he got straight to the point by unzipping my dress as soon as we got in the door. He slowly began to remove it while I stood still holding my jacket. I let my jacket fall to the floor and didn't try to stop him.

   Soon I stood there naked in only my stiletto heels, I felt ripples of sexual anticipation all through my body and felt my pussy grow more and more moist while my nipples grew instantly hard with the combined sudden coldness and the heightening of my sexual needs.

    He stood back and looked me up and down, I noticed the bulge grow in his groin beneath his trousers but he didn't strip or make any attempt to touch me. I just stood there waiting, wondering what he was planning.
    He walked around me taking in every inch of my body, front and back. He brushed my hair away from my breast and allowed his fingers to briefly carress my skin as he done so. I tingled all over and felt a sudden desperate need for him to take me.

    My juices were really flowing now and I felt that he was in control. This didn't worry me but instead excited me even more and I closed my eyes begging him silently to order me onto the bed and give myself to him. Which I was more than ready to do. I so needed sex now, I would have done anything he wanted.

    Suddenly I felt his gentle kiss on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and smiled. He put his hand down between my legs and felt my moist swollen lips, his finger slipped between my lips and probed inside me ever so gently just inside in no more. I let out a gasp and opened my legs slightly wider, but he removed his finger and putting it to his mouth licked my juices and smiled appreciatively.

    That's enough excitement for now Annabel, as I said, you really are a stunner and I cant wait for everyone to meet you. I think you should have an early night, we're off to Transylvania tomorrow.

   Tomorrow? I asked, amazed. But, but....I couldn't think what to say, and I suddenly realised that I couldn't think of a reason not to go. I did have my passport with me after all and I didn't need to rush home for anything.

    I felt really sad though that he didn't want to make love to me and asked him why?

   I like to take my time with these things Annabel, there's no rush. I want to admire your beauty longer before I ravish you. I want to imagine bending you over a table and taking you from behind,  watch you sunbathe topless by the pool and rubbing coconut oil into those amazing breasts while I stand looking out through a window, I want to watch the guests lust after you and know that I will soon have all that they desire.

    But what if you make me so horny by not touching me that I give in to a guest? I blurted out, feeling still a little hurt.

  He laughed then. a hearty laugh and told me that I was free to do as I pleased.   
It doesn't matter my dear! All the sexier. It would just heighten my desire for you and I would envy any man who had fucked you.

  With that he kissed my cheek and carressed my breasts before saying goodnight, adding he would collect me at 9 am sharp and to ensure I was ready to go.

   I hardly slept a wink that night and had the hugest orgasm while masturbating. I fantasised about Felix watching while an unknown man was taking me from behind as I knelt on all fours on the floor, half naked and with my breasts bared to the world.
   I then wondered what life would be like in Transylvania and what would my chores be as maid in this b&b that would soon be home.

   Fekix was there at 9 next morning and soon we were onboard our flight to Transylvania. It wasn't a long flight and we were met at the airport by one of Felix' employees, Cornel.
     Cornel didn't speak any english and so he and Felix chattered away in Romanian while I gazed at the passing sights through the window.

    We soon arrived at our destination on the outskirts of Brazov.   It was a large building, and breathtakingly beautiful. Like pictures I'd seen of large chalets in the swiss alps, and surrounded by pine forest.

   I was taken inside and Felix firstly showed me my room and handed me an outfit to try on saying this was to be my uniform. It was a pretty little shift dress  with a corset type thing that was to be worn over the top of the dress and which laced up the front, pulling in my waist. I liked it, but though it a little short.

   Oh well, I thought with a wry smile, this will definitely raise their pulses.

   I went downstairs wearing my uniform hoping to get Felix' approval but I couldn't find him. The house appeared to be empty.  

    I ventured out through the kitchen area to the back garden to find a lovely big pool and sunbathing area.
   Cornel was there tending to the pool and he looked up when he heard me coming.   His eyes opened wider and his face broke into a huge smile. I smiled back and he walked toward me. He stood before me and nodded his head,s till smiling. He then reached out and slipped his finger inside the top of my dress hooking it around my bra strap and indicated toward it. He shook his head and  wagged his finger from his other hand, suggesting that it was wrong for me to be wearing a bra.

   Oh! I bra? He just looked at me.

   I went back upstairs, removed my bra and looked in the mirror. The dress was almost transparent and my nipples were almost on full display but not quite. My nipples are swollen and stand out like teats, difficult to disguise without a bra, but if this is what Felix wants then I'll just have to go along with it.

   I returned to the pool area and Cornel came to me again. This time he was nodding profusely and smiling widely. He stood taking in every inch of me and then reached out and touched my nipple with his finger tips. He looked straight into my eyes while doing it, probably to see my reaction. I let him. I was curious to see what else he would do. He cupped my breast in his hand and gently massaged it. I smiled and closed my eyes. It felt nice and the sun was warm on my face. We couldn't even communicate as we didn't speak the same language. I found that kind of sexy.

   Soon both his hands were on my breasts, rubbing and tweaking my nipples. I felt his hand slide my dress aside exposing my nreasts. I felt the heat of the sun on them and it felt so good. I kept my eyes closed and found myself really enjoying the experience.

    Cornels hand then was on my thigh and sliding up under my dress. I felt him tug at my knickers and soon they were at my knees while his finger probed anxiously inside my moist hungry cunt. I let out a small moan of sheer joy. I felt so happy and free.

    I opened my eyes and realised Felix was standing close to us watching intently. I thought I would cum there and then. Cornel turned to see what I was looking at and saw Felix too. He jumped back and removed his hands from my body.
  Felix began to talk to him and urged him back toward me. Cornel smiled and almost leapt on me. He took my hand and pushed it inside his trousers to feel his hard, throbbing cock.

    I have to say I was pleased with what I was feeling. It certainly didn't feel like it was going to be disappointing. I caressed his cock and he pulled down his zip and unbuttoned his trousers te allow his cock to spring free.

  I felt his hand on my shoulder then pushing me downward.

    I knew what he wanted from me and I was happy to oblige.  Felix still stood watching.

   I knelt down and looked at Felix smiling.  He looked totally engrossed and excited.
   I reached for Cornels cock and moving my face toward it gave it a little lick. I heard him moan, he placed his hand ont he back of my head and gently urged it forward. I then opened my mouth and allowed him to push his cock forward into my mouth. I closed my lips around him and licked and sucked him slowly until I felt he was nearing orgasm.

   I pulled my face away and looked at Felix, I wondered if he wanted to join in. I was so horny I would have been only too happy to have had two throbbing cocks to play with. But he only stood there, fondling himslef and encouraging me to continue.

I stood up and waited for Cornels next move. He ordered me down again, but this time came behind me, pushing my shoulders forward so that I was on all fours on the cold slabs of the patio.

   I felt his fingers touch my wetness and then his hungry cock try to find its way into my crack. Seconds later he was inside me and gradually built up his strokes to an aggressive and forceful pace. It was ecstacy. With every stroke I felt myself near orgasm and it felt amazing, his cock fucking me as hard as he could, the sun on my bare ass and tits as he jostled my body back and forth, and all the time Felix standing over us watching and gently masturbating himself beneath his trousers.

   I longed to see his cock and feel it in my mouth. The thought of it there and then was too much and I exploded in the most beautiful and erotic orgasm I'd ever had.  
    Cornel followed suit quickly and pulled out of me suddenly before exploding in huge spurts all over my back and hair.

   I collapsed on to my tummy and lay there regaining my breath for a few seconds.
   Cornel re-adjusted his clothing and continued cleaning the pool as if it had been an every day occurrance.
   Felix leaned down and helped me up. He took me upstairs and suggested I should have a shower. He took my dress for the laundry and kissed me gently on the cheek. He told me he was becoming very fond of me already and could see that I was really going to enjoy working there. He said he felt like I was already a part of the family.
  I felt so happy and quite emotional. It felt like the happiest day of my life so far. I had loved every minute of what had happened and knew deep down inside that it was just the start of many more beautiful moments to follow.

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