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Instant Message, Instant Sex

I saw her eyes, and wanted to chat, it quickly turned into a meeting for sex

In the world of cyber space there are an unbelievable amount of things one can do, explore, and investigate.   I have found answers to simple and complex questions, made purchases and sales of treasures and keepsakes, and found a great number of friends in a wide variety of sites.   My favorites are the ones of “adult content” and have become obsessed with chatting on line at all hours of the day and night and enjoying text type cyber-sex with the people I have met there.


That brings me to the “meat” of the story you are about to read, since it was on a “horny wives” sight that I met Carol.   I was just doing a basic search and came across this photo of the most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen, they were set onto a well tanned frame and there were these luscious lips with dark hot red lipstick…needless to say I had to click to see more.

As I read her profile info it told me that she is 32 years old, married, and that her hubby is a cross country trucker, rarely home, and never has the energy to have sex, much less get her off.   She lives only about an hour away from me, so I click to send an instant message, seeing that she is on line.


After I type in a brief intro of “Hi, I’m Gerald, MWM, horny 24/7”to get her attention I waited to see if she’ll connect and chat with me.   I watch patiently, knowing that this type of IM takes a bit to get hooked up, and then saw her profile picture appear in the corner and a message in reply to my own reading “Hi, Carol here, how horny are you?” I’ll attempt to show the text as it read on that fateful day.


G:   I’m ALWAYS horny, just can’t get enough to satisfy me


C:   Oh, me either, what are you in to


G:   I love making a woman cum over and over


C:   Really, how u gonna do that


G:   Since I’m not there, I can tell you a naughty story to get you hot if you want, for now…


C:   OK, what kind


G:   Tell me a fantasy, I’ll do the rest


C :   hmmm, what do u men


G:   well, just let me know what kind of story u want, A date? An adventure?   Sex? Erotica? Romance? Just give me an idea, and I’ll write it for you.   You can jump in and let me know if it is right as it progresses.


C: never done that before, u hav a cam?


G: nope, don’t need one,   words are enough to get ladies off, if they are the right ones have some pics I’ll share if you’d like tho


C:   Kuel, lemme see


So, I clicked on the photo share icon and loaded up a couple of pics of me in the buff, one showing off my joystick, up close and personal


C:   WOW, is that really you


G: yep, little old me


C: it’s huge


G:   not that much , only 10”


C:   where do you live?


G:   in OK, maybe an hour from you


C:   wanna get together 2nite


G:   we just met, you sure you want to do that?


C:   Hell YES, I’d like to get a taste of that monster


G:   hmmm, kind of quick, but why not, let’s meet half way, there’s a motel on Hwy 69 in Siloam called *********


C:   OK, I’ll get dressed and meet you there in an hour


G:   meet me in the restaurant, OK?


C:   You better be ready.


G:   We’ll see.   Got a cell phone?


C:   yeah, need the number


G:   Nope, snap a picture of you naked in the mirror and load it on here for me


C:   Perv


G: LOL… maybe, but I want to know I’m talking to you, not some little girl looking for excitement on line, or worse, a cop


C:   OK, hang on


I waited while Carol did what she needed to do to accommodate my request and about three minutes goes by before I see a photo appear on the share screen of her naked body, smooth shaved mound, wonderful breasts with her face in the reflection as well.


C:   can u see it


G:   oh yeah, I’m getting hard just looking at it.   See you in an hour.


C:   Be redy, Im hot already


So, I jump through the shower, put on a pair of khakis and sport shirt, go commando for the freedom, and head out the door to my SUV.   I stop by the local liquor store and pick up a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of tequila on my way to Siloam in case we need refreshments.   The drive seems to take forever, but I filled my time with music as I thought of this chance encounter and what it could bring.   I manage to keep my cock from being hard the whole trip, but rub the length of it occasionally to remind it of what’s coming.   I arrived at the motel and went in to register and get a room, in plenty of time to make it to the restaurant before her arrival.   I found a table near the front of the place and a seat facing the door and ordered a cup of coffee, she still hadn’t seen my face, and thought I would be in control if something was too weird.


As she walked through the door, I recognized her immediately; her eyes were just as beautiful in person, and ablaze with the lust I knew she must be feeling. My cock started swelling as I looked at this gorgeous woman, long shapely legs, really athletic figure, and dressed in a low-cut lightweight summer dress and low heels, here to only do one thing….


I stood up, part way, and gestured her to join me and said “Hi Carol, long time no see” She walked over to me and stood by the table looking down at me.   “You’re older than I thought, but that’s OK, let’s go.”   I stood and motioned for her to go first, but as I did she looked down at the large bulge in my pant leg and giggled softly before turning for the door.   I tossed a few bucks on the checkout counter for my coffee and told the cute young clerk to keep the change.   We walked out of the restaurant and I took her hand in mine as we walked to the room.


I unlocked the door and let her enter first, I followed closely behind, turned and locked the door, now alone with a new “friend”.   We didn’t speak, words were not necessary; as I turned back towards the room she threw her arms around my shoulders and planted a hot wet kiss on my mouth.   My arms surrounded her torso and my hands flew instantly to her fine round ass.   In the next few moments we had succeeded in groping each other’s bodies as our mouths locked in passion and our tongues explored the depths of them.


She pulled at my shirt jerking it up and over my head and reached for the button on my pants.   I stopped her by pulling up the hem of her dress and raising it to her shoulders.   She reached behind herself and unzipped it so I could pull it from her.   Oh my, she was totally naked under it, how great is this I thought to myself as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.   I kicked off my loafers as she pushed my pants down past my hips and let them drop to the floor.   My swelled tool hung before me, I’d swear she was drooling, but then so was I.   I kicked the pants to the side and wrapped my arms around this beauty; our mouths collided again in passion and lust.   This time my hands both went up to her 34 D tits, cradling them with my palms and rubbing her large hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers.   Her squeals of joy were loud as she felt my cock harden and rise between her thighs; she started moving back and forth along the growing length and girth of it as it rubbed her petals and clit.   Our bodies were in total sync with each other; our hearts raced as we explored the passions of the moment, our panting breath bid us to go forward as I pressed her body to the wall by the door.


She laid her head against the wall as I continued the pumping motion of my cock between her sweltering thighs, and as her moistness turned to spurts of sweet nectar flowing across the shaft I reached down and parted the petals of her flower.   Her clit was huge and rigid as my fingers rubbed it, her vagina wet with anticipation of my penetration.   I teased her for only a few moments and slid the head of my tool into the wet canal of desire.   Slowly I gave her more of it, 4 inches, then 5, and found a pace that seemed to make her tremble the most as my thrusts became faster and stronger within her.    She groaned loudly as we gave ourselves to the pleasures of the flesh.   I lifted one of her legs to my hip and pushed deeper into her wet pussy, thrusting harder, making her whimper at each panting breath of air she could take in.   She held tight to my shoulders as she raised the other leg to my waist and tightly wrapped both around my torso, and began to give equal force with each of my thrusts deep in her tunnel.   She flooded me suddenly as she screamed "Holy SHIIIIT" and her juices covered my mound and balls before rushing downward to my ankles.   One final push and I let my own creamy white nectar spurt deep within her drenched hole.


I carried her to the bed and laid her down at the edge, and pulled my cock from her.   Her coos of satisfaction and my labored breathing filled the air with the sounds of fulfillment as I stood before her, still between her shapely legs.   She was an angel lying before me, the look of contentment filled her expression, truly a beautifully sexual being, and we had found each other only a cosmic instant before by chance.


She sat up on the bed and reached for me, my orgasm had left me a bit withered, but still fairly erect as she took the shaft in her hand wiping the juices of our sex from it and put it to her lips to taste our combined nectar.   She reached to her pussy and scooped some of our cum from her inner labia, it filled her hand as she offered it to me and I licked it clean.   Our taste was enough to bring my dick back to full size, and as she looked at it, leaned down and drew it into her mouth.   Her tongue had talents that were beyond belief, she cupped the head of my massive cock in her tongue and used the tip to tickle the edges of my bulbous head, teased the remnants of foreskin left after my circumcision as a boy.   Her hands grasped the girth of my tool and began to stroke the shaft from base to tip and back again. My body wracked with spasms of pleasure as she brought me to the brink of orgasm only to pause before continuing to torture me.   She went on for 15 or 20 minutes without giving me the release I needed so desperately, looking up at my face the entire time.   I watched as she cradled and fondled my balls, was in awe that she could have half of my tool in her mouth and still have both hands stroking it in sync with her tongue teasing me the entire time.


My grunts and moans were growing louder as she taunted me and then allowed me to explode into her mouth in waves of cum as she swallowed over and over.   I pulled my cock from her mouth and fell onto the bed beside her almost totally spent.


As I awoke from the stupor I watched as Carol walked to the bathroom, and heard the shower come on, and the curtain close as she entered.   I followed the trail of dripping nectar she had left on the carpeting.   I could see through the translucent curtain as she stood under the strong stream of water in the shower, and watched her silhouette as she rinsed the cum and fluids from her loins and thighs.   To my amazement she began to pleasure herself, fondling one of her nipples with one hand as she rubbed gently on her engorged clit and flower.   I watched as she threw her head back and heard her moan with relief as she brought herself to another orgasm, pumping her canal with her fingers.   My cock was at full attention as I slid the curtain open and entered the shower.   She smiled as she turned to look at me, I returned the smile and put my hands on her waist embracing her.   I turned her to face the hard pulsing stream of warm water and slid my hand to her shapely mound, my other found its way down the crack of her ass and began to rub circles around her sphincter.   She leaned forward and put her hands on the wall of the shower, the water beat down on her lower back just below her tail bone as she parted her legs for me to continue my advances. She flinched as I pushed the tip of my index finger into her tight poop shoot, it was way too dry to go farther, so I held it there only flexing it to arouse her further.   I pulled my finger out and pulled her back from the stream of water. She leaned farther over to reach the wall and her cheeks parted before me.   I ran my hand to her pussy and found some of our juices still lingering within the walls of her canal, scooped it from her and smeared it onto her sphincter, pushing my middle finger in as I did, up to the second knuckle.   Her body tensed and she moaned “yes, I want it, finger me there.”    I pushed harder into the tightness of her ass with my finger, finally getting it all into the opening and began pumping it in and out as it accustomed itself to the abuse.   My cock was throbbing as she got more and more aroused, her cunt dripping with the wetness of her joy, so I guided the purple head of my cock to her pussy again.   This time I was not as gentle as before, I shoved 8 inches into her on the first thrust, she doubled over and held herself up with her hands on her knees.   One hand on her hip, one finger in her fine tight asshole, and I rammed my cock in and out like a madman, she screamed aloud as she came again, even harder than before, and then fell forward in exhaustion, ripping my tool and finger from her, thankfully I caught her before her head hit the enclosure.   She sat on the floor of the tub, turned to face me as the water streamed across her shoulders and back, and watched as I masturbated to complete my own orgasm.   As I got closer to the climax she leaned to me and asked me to cum on her face, closed her eyes and felt the spurts of creamy cum splatter onto her cheeks, forehead and lips.   She licked the cum from her lips and leaned back her head to allow the shower to remove the rest.


We rested a few minutes before turning off the shower, drying off and returning to the bedroom.   The smell of sex filled the air as we lay beside each other naked and satisfied.   I arose and dressed a few minutes later.   I said “sorry, I have to work in the morning, so I have to go, but stay and rest, the room is taken care of”   She smiled up at me, still nude and still had an expression of contentment as she replied “Thank you, my husband never fucks me like that, ummm, when can we get together again?”   I smiled smugly and said “send me a message when you’re ready, I’m always horny, 24/7” and left.


As I walked to the SUV I thought to myself, holy shit, what a fuck, I’ll be sore for a week.

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