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Into Night

I discover something dormant inside me during a hot encounter with a stranger
Monday Morning

She walked into the cafe today. I'd never seen her; she must have been new. Truth is, I couldn’t even believe she was real. Like in a movie, I did a double take, had to rub my eyes. She couldn’t be older than twenty, ten years my junior, but carried herself with a confidence and grace that caught my attention right away. She sat across from me at another table, pulled out a tattered French Lit textbook and started studying, her silky brown hair falling around her face. I couldn’t help but stare as she pushed her hair behind her ears, deeply focused on her work.

From behind my laptop, failing to focus on my article due in a few hours, I started sneaking glances, unable to stop, really. My eyes took in every detail. Delicate fingers absently stroking her soft lips as she lost herself in the book; the smooth curve of her collarbone dipping into her simple, sexy white blouse, the top buttons just opened enough to reveal the top of a black lace bra. Then down to her taut legs emerging from a black skirt, her inner thighs rubbing together while she shifted in her chair.

She must have felt my eyes trained on her because after a few minutes, she looked up, and before I could look away, our eyes met, and locked. It was the first time I felt my heart jump in a long time. I was hit with that familiar stirring in my chest, radiating throughout my body. God, so good, such a welcome change from the constant heaviness. A twinge of sexual desire beneath it all, long overdue from the pain of my recent breakup. My cock come to life, its length, firm and hot, pressing against my thigh, repressed need coming to the surface. I hadn’t allowed myself to even entertain sexual thoughts for weeks, but in that moment it all came flooding back, hard.

I need her. 

The thought came to me like a surprise visitor. Something dormant was working its way through me, a deep longing emerging. We held each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever. Maybe just seconds. But enough. A mutual recognition. She finally flashed the sweetest, sexiest smile I’ve ever seen. I returned it, trying to restrain, wanting stay in control, but probably failing. If I had been her age, in my former overwhelming shyness, I probably would have looked away immediately, and that would have been it. But I had spent too long being too polite. What did I have to lose? She smoothed her skirt in a modest, endearing gesture, and got back to her book. I managed to settle in and continue working on my article. When I looked up, she had left.

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about her, couldn’t ignore the lust. My desire, which had seemed to all but disappear over the last several weeks as I dealt with the aftermath of my failed relationship, was suddenly set to a hair trigger. During my shower that evening, just the constant stream from the showerhead felt like a thousand light caresses over my cock, causing it to become a fully erect, throbbing rod in seconds. I couldn’t stop thinking of pressing her against a wall, sliding my hands up under her skirt and over her hips, pulling her into me; feeling her tight little body press against my chest. I was overcome with desire as I traced a finger over the tip of my cock. I took a glistening drop of precum and rubbed it over my now swollen head. It felt so hot in my hand. I needed to stroke, bring myself off. It had been so long.

Propping one arm against the shower wall, I used my free hand to work my shaft over, lightly and teasing myself at first, then with growing urgency. As I imagined fucking the object of my desire senseless from behind, I gripped and pumped harder. After a few agonizing moments of pleasure, I let go, spurting several long, warm jets of cum against the tiled wall. I nearly collapsed in the wake of that long awaited release. 

I need her.

Tuesday Afternoon

She came in again today. I was in my usual spot, and she took her same place, too. I had dreamt about her all night, and got restless sleep, at best. Could it be that she seemed disheveled as well? Whatever it was, there was a clear aura of sexuality, much more present today than yesterday. We shared another smile – sending pangs of desire to my heart. I continued to steal glances – a tighter shirt this time drew my attention to the clear outline of her perfectly shaped b-cup breasts.

But what happened next really floored me. While we each worked, playing our game of passing flirty looks back and forth, I noticed under the table where she sat, her skirt slowly riding up, exposing more of her upper thighs. It took me a bit to notice, but her rocking motion seemed almost intentional. The she stopped. Her legs parted. A sliver of red fabric became visible, and her legs kept spreading apart. Her hand crept down and began stroking the innermost part of her thigh. I was absolutely transfixed. My face flushed, and my cock grew stiff, straining against my jeans, pressing, then retreating, then pressing back harder with a mind of its own. Pleasure radiated throughout my body. I had to stop myself from drooling onto my keyboard as her hand kept rubbing, caressing her leg. Her middle finger ran over the center line of her panties, pressing in and neatly outlining her pussy lips. She edged her finger back and forth over the lace pattern, pressing and releasing as she did. I almost came right there, no hands required.

I looked back up and saw her face was flushed as well, and our eyes made a direct connection just as she brought the finger up to her mouth, giving it a long, slow suck. She smiled again, and raised her eyebrows as if to say, “What now?” Not only did she know I was watching, it was clear she wanted me to know. This wasn’t some puppy dog game. This was high-stakes poker. Was I willing to play?

My mouth was dry. I felt like I was on some kind of sexual drug. I was compelled to do something. The first thing that came to mind: You’re a writer. Use your words. There was that inner voice coming out again, encouraging me to push my boundaries, to emerge and just fucking act. I decided to listen. I pulled out a sheet of paper and scribbled out a note as fast as I could.

Beautiful nymph:

I am in absolute lust. I can’t stop staring. You know it, and I know you want more. So I accept your challenge. If you are ready to play, then I want you to go into the bathroom right now, remove your panties, and leave them on the floor in full view. Be sure to stroke your pussy first while you’re still wearing them. I need you to get them nice and wet for me.

How naughty do you want to be?


Before I could lose my nerve, I quickly folded the note, got up and walked by her table, dropping it squarely on her open textbook. As soon as I did, I had to take a walk around the block. Once outside I became sick with panic and doubt. So many thoughts racing through my head. What the hell was I thinking? I could walk back in and be arrested on the spot! So stupid, so very stupid. After much deliberation, I decided the best thing was to go back and get the note, try to explain that it was never meant for her.

But back inside, she was gone. Her book was there, still open. But the note was out of sight. I went back to my seat, devastated. I was sure she was on the phone to the cops, reporting the pervert at the coffee shop. The evening news would show up any minute. I figured my best option was to pack my things up and get the hell out before things got bad. As I was sliding my laptop in its case, however, a note dropped on my table. I looked up and saw her walking away from me. She looked back over her shoulder and gave a devilish grin.

I nearly tore the note in half trying to unfold it. On a sheet of notebook paper were the words:

Done. Go look.

I want to be naughtier than you can imagine.


My hands were trembling as I read the note. I stared at it for a long while as I let the words sink in. Relief turned to a deep, aching desire. I knew I had made the right choice.

Quickly as I could, I slipped inside the restroom and shut the door, locking it behind me. I scanned the floor. My prize lay crumpled on the floor, dead center. I smiled. This naughty little girl had done it. I couldn’t believe it. I bent down to pick up the red lacy pair. A dark spot stained the crotch, still wet. I brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Her rosy musk filled my entire body and I moaned involuntarily. I wanted to cum in those panties right then and there, but I held off, instead opting to return to see what might happen next.

When I stepped out, the pair hidden in my back pocket, she seemed to have left for the day. Another quick exit. When I moved to my table to grab my things, I spotted another note tucked into my laptop case. It read simply: Your move, followed by a phone number, followed by the letter J.

Moments later, I sat in my car parked on a quiet street nearby, breathing ragged and short. My balls so heavy I couldn’t hold back the load churning inside them. My cock was rock hard and begging for attention. So I pulled out the still wet pair of panties, unzipped my pants and used them for my stroke rag. I shot a massive, hot load into the red lace and groaned out loud as I did, not caring if anyone on the street could see or hear me. I picked up the number from the passenger seat, staring at it. My move.

My sexual needs had taken on a new urgency, and I couldn’t stop. Something this girl had awakened in me was hot, powerful, more than a little bit dark, and unwilling back down. 

Tuesday Night

That night, I was unable to sleep, my thoughts restless and scattered as I weighed my options. I knew what I wanted to do, but I had backed down since yesterday afternoon, after mixing my cum with her juices inside her panties. But midnight came, and my resolve quickened.

As I lay in bed, the wet panties beside me, my little gift, I formed a plan. It was late, but I had to act. I grabbed my phone off the bedside table, pulled up a blank text message and entered J’s number. With a deep breath, I forged ahead.

Me: You ready to play some more, my hot little slut?

An agonizing pause. Time stopped. Then:

J: Yes. I’m yours.

My heart started beating again. Good start.

Me: Good. I came into your panties today.

J: I was hoping you would.

Me: I need to see you. Tonight.

J: Tell me where.

Me: Come to the Green Room. One hour.

Another long beat. Would she agree?

J: K


The Green Room was an all night dance club, always pretty busy but with plenty of hidden corners and discreet booths. I had enjoyed my share of hookups there over the years. It would be a perfect spot to test the waters; to test her limits, and mine.

Inside the club, dance music, an almost sinister techno, filled the space. My senses engaged and I felt like I was on fire. I ordered a whiskey at the bar. I scanned the crowded floor, but no sign. I turned back to the bar, and caught sight of her silken hair, obscuring her face in the mirror behind the bar. Like an apparition, suddenly she was standing right next to me. I turned to look at her in full. A tight black mini skirt clung to her thighs. Bright red lipstick highlighted her seductive mouth. Big round eyes, a deep chocolate brown stared up at me seductively. A tight tank top clung to her slender, althletic body. We shared a knowing smile.

“What are you drinking?” I asked.

“Tequila,” she said in a cute, girlish tone that betrayed her youth she had been able to offset by her sexual confidence. Hearing her voice only made her hotter, this young girl testing her limits, and bringing something out in me I never would have thought possible.

I downed my whiskey and ordered two shots of Patron. I savored the burn, which immediately led to a pleasant buzz. I nodded to the dance floor, and walked toward it. She finished her shot and followed me.

Our moves were tentative at first. My eyes stayed locked on hers, and the tension melted as we moved into each others space, ever closer. My arms encircled her waist, and her body pressed into mine, so that I could feel her perky tits on my chest. She was absolutely radiating heat from her small frame, just as on fire as I was. Her hands moved to my upper chest and she dug her fingernails in, sending signals straight down to my cock, which began to grow stiff.

My hands continued their exploration. Over the small of her back, down to her ass. It was incredible to be finally touching this hot little goddess I had been fantasizing about for over a day and a half. Her head cradled into my chest as I squeezed her tight, round ass into me. She kissed my neck playfully. I could feel her hot breath over my neck. So I took her face into my hands, holding her gaze. Electricity flowed between us. I leaned in for a kiss, savoring the moment for as long as I could. Our lips locked, warm, wet and urgent, a promise of what was to come.

Finally breaking away, I turned her around and pulled her ass into my cock that was now at full attention. I ran my hands down over her stomach, tight as a drum, pushing her top up to feel her bare skin. I continued up, up under her shirt and over her bra, kneading her soft breasts, pressing the lace into her skin. She reached her own hands back to grab my ass, encouraging every move. I pulled the top of her bra down to pinch her nipples and roll them between my fingers. They stiffened at my touch and she moaned. After a few moments of teasing, my hands worked their way back down to her hips, leaving her bra pulled down just over her nipples so they would stay exposed.

This time my hands wandered to the front of her skirt. They traveled back up over her thighs, and then between them. I was surprised and delighted to learn that this kinky little girl wasn’t wearing any panties. She shivered against me when they reached her smooth pussy, and I delighted in the wetness that began flowing from her slit. I used her own slick juices to massage her clit, as we swayed in time to the music. She leaned into me, exposing herself further. I was dimly aware of the others around us, but mostly I was lost in her body. If anyone was staring, neither of us could be bothered to notice. I wrapped my free arm around her chest, kissing the back of her neck. She melted into me, moaning. She was mine.

I spied a booth with a privacy curtain in a far corner off the dance floor. We weren’t nearly finished, and I wanted more. The urge to take her, to feel her submit to me grew ever larger.

“Come with me, little girl,” I whispered into her ear. I led her over to the booth, and slid the curtain closed. I pulled her in close to me.

“Not wearing any panties?” I asked sternly. “You must need that pussy licked.”

She nodded. “Yes,” she whispered.

“How bad? Tell me.”

“So bad. I’m so horny and I just need to feel your tongue on my…on me…please?”

After all the boldness she had displayed, I found her hesitation to use a dirty word endearing. But I wanted to hear it, so I pushed back. “Where do you want it? Tell me.”

She faltered for a moment, then quietly: “On my pussy.”

“Sit on the table,” I commanded. She climbed up with her legs parted. I spread them further apart, then reached around to hike her skirt up over her ass. My tongue parted her lips, and I took a few long, slow licks over her slit from bottom to top, pausing at her clit to suck on it, taking it into my mouth and rolling it over my lips. So sweet, so hot. She moaned and lay back, and her pussy grew wetter. My cock was digging into my pants almost painfully at this point. I just wanted to pry it out and fuck her with wild abandon, but I held back.

I continued to take long, luxurious licks, delighting in her yelps and moans. After a few minutes of working her pussy, I looked up, locked eyes with her, and licked my index finger seductively.

“You ever have a finger in your ass?” I asked.

She shook her head no.

“Then I’ll be gentle…for now.”

I leaned back in to continue working my mouth all over her pussy. A small puddle of her juices had collected on the table, dripping out and still clinging to her outer lips.

I pulled her ass under and further in toward me. Using my now wet index finger, I began working the opening of her tight, virgin asshole, stroking it lightly while continuing to tease her clit with my tongue. She let out a deep groan of approval. I pushed further in with my finger, ever so slowly, and the groan became a cry of ecstasy.

“Oh my god…” she whimpered as my finger penetrated further inside, my mouth moving nonstop over her pussy, flowing freely now, lips open and red. Her body shuddered against me as a violent orgasm spread from her pussy outward through her body. After the wave of her initial orgasm, I was able to slide my finger further inside while I increased the intensity of my tongue over her clit, flicking faster and finding a rhythm with my finger inside her.

She cried out as another wave hit her, and then another. Her pleasure only seemed to increase her desire for more.

“I need your—I need it,” she said breathlessly.

“What do you need?” I pressed. “Tell me.”

“I need your…”

“Go on.”

She mustered up the words with renewed confidence: “I need your cock.”

I sat back in the booth, unbuckled my pants, and slid them down with my briefs. My cock sprang out, fully erect and pulsing. Her eyes were fixed upon it, her mouth open slightly. My eyes narrowed.

“Come and get it, you naughty little girl.”

She brought her knees down onto the padded booth and sat over my legs. I ran my hands over her firm young body, tracing and memorizing every detail with my fingertips, savoring the control I felt, and her willingness to submit. I peeled her shirt off, practically tore off her bra. I needed her naked and vulnerable before me, needed to take her firm tits into my mouth, hungry for her exposed flesh. She brought herself forward, and rode her slit up the length of my shaft, coating it with a trail of wetness as she did. I rocked my hips back and forth, which brought the underside of my cock head over her clit, then down into the opening of her pussy, then back again and again. The teasing was driving me insane, bringing my desire to a new level. I needed more.

I leaned in and whispered into her ear while grinding my head into her clit once more, “Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Oh yes, please fuck me. I need it so bad,” she replied with a long and slow moan. I grabbed her hips and lifted her, impaling her pussy over my stiff cock as she sharply drew in her breath. She was already so wet that I had no trouble slipping inside. I pumped her body up and down over my cock, using her as my fuck toy. She bounced on it, from tip to hilt as I gradually built up speed, slamming harder and harder. I could feel every nerve ending of my cock lighting up, her slick pussy massaging my shaft and pushing me into overdrive. I nearly came, but managed to push the orgasm back, deep inside. The pleasure was so intense, but I didn’t want it to end.

To catch myself, if only for a moment, I stood up, bringing her with me while still fully inside her, and sat her back on the table. When I pulled out, she leaned back demurely while I took her in from head to toe. Her skirt was pushed up to her stomach, bare pussy pink and open, legs dangling, high heels grazing the floor. She looked back at me with a strange combination of sweet innocence and burning desire. Her hair was a hot, sexy mess. I’ll never forget the image of this savage beauty who was discovering a power of her own.

“That all you got?” she teased.

I pushed into her body and kissed her deeply. “Fuck no,” I said.

Without another word, I spun her around so her hot little ass was facing me. She leaned in and sprawled over the table while at the same time presenting herself to me, opening herself up once more for me.

After taking another moment to savor the beautiful sight of her open lips glistening before me, I let myself go, ramming inside of her, fast and hard, bucking her against the table while I pushed into her soaked pussy. She whimpered and braced herself against the table. My cock was electric, on fire, heavy and engorged. My eyes locked on her tight opening, stretching to accommodate my girth. I couldn’t believe how wet she was, creaming around the base of my shaft while I kept up my relentless pumping.

I was wild, uncontrollable, and it felt so good. My nails raked across her back while I fucked her, my hips slapping into her ass, my balls swinging heavily between her legs. With each thrust my hot little nymph cried out with a series of moans, growing louder as I thrust harder. The thumping techno matched our rhythm and filled my ears, hot, dark, sweaty, and alive. Though our booth was separated from the main floor by a simple velvet curtain, inside it felt like we were a world away from everything, and could be as loud and nasty as we wanted. And we were.

She pulled away, this time catching me by surprise, then turned and propped herself up onto the table, knees up and heels against her ass. She looked wild and possessed. “I want to see you. I want to see when you cum inside—”

I didn’t let her finish. I was on her, climbing on top of the table and pushing her back, taking her like a wild animal. I bit her neck, pinned her arms against the table, and thrust deeply inside, my thick cock aching for release. Our movements were feral and ecstatic, matching the frantic pace of the music. Our bodies mingled, slick with sweat and sex. A white-hot heat overtook me. I shook, spasmed, and came with the force of a freight train, as hard as I ever had in my life, rocketing rope after hot rope of spunk inside her sopping pussy, which met each thrust with a deep contraction. We held onto each other for dear life, screamed like no one could hear, and fucked like it was our last chance on earth.

Coming down, I still felt her fingers digging into my back as sensation returned. She continued convulsing uncontrollably for a time with aftershocks of pleasure, pinned down but not yet done. I held her close as she quieted, cradling her in the afterglow. Even the music had taken on an ethereal quality, as if mirroring the arc of our night. Finally, she lay quiet and limp. Still we held on.

The whole night felt so surreal. We had exposed each other, taught each other, done wildly inappropriate things, and yet I didn’t know more than the first letter of her name. I managed to wrangle my clothes eventually, and went to the restroom. She agreed she would do the same.

In the bathroom, I splashed water on my face, and regarded myself in the mirror. Something was different. The weight of weeks of worry and doubt had for the moment vanished. I felt new, whole, and now curious about this mysterious girl. I wondered if she felt the same.

But when I got back to the booth, she was gone. No trace, no note, even the fluid evidence cleaned away as if nothing had happened. I lingered for a long time, a blank slate, dumbfounded by the events of the last couple days. I was changed. I was ready to move on, ready to begin living again, ready to be open to another person. Eventually, I went home and slept, soundly and deeply. I never saw her again.

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