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Iron and lace

His bed was perfect for it – cast iron head and foot board: intricate, and strong.

He thought I needed to get more in touch with my dominant side, and he wanted to just kick back and enjoy my explorations. Not thinking, not planning, just experiencing, and letting me use him. He wanted me to take control, to be the aggressor.

So, with his encouragement, I tied him, spread eagle and naked, to his bed.

When I was done I stood there, considering ... still dressed in my black garter belt, black lace thong, and black balconet bra. My eyes met his, while I stood there, sucking innocently on my little finger thinking about what I might do.

I ran my fingernail briefly back and forth across my bottom lip, then my hand drifted down to my breast, his eyes following every movement, waiting for what I might do. My hand stopped its decent, and my nails dragged across my hardening nipples, scratching every so lightly through the lace that held them bound. I pinched and pulled on my nipple, slowly advancing towards the bed. I stood beside the bed for a moment, hesitant.

I crawled onto the bed, kneeling between his spread legs, running my hands across my tummy, feeling my own skin. Then I leaned forward, hands on his muscular thighs, feeling the hair, the muscles beneath. Running my hands up to the top of his legs, then back down, just enjoying.

Slowly I lean down, and lick my tongue over his balls, and up over his slowly hardening cock. I love taking a soft cock in my mouth and feeling it grow, and this is precisely what I do now.

I spend some time with just the head of his cock in my mouth, enjoying the soft feel of the silky skin under my tongue. One of my hands is around the base of his shaft, slowly twisting and pumping a bit, then drifting down to squeeze his balls, roll them around in my hand, loving the movement, the feel of them so heavy.

I slide more of him into my mouth, feeling him hit against the back of my throat. I am enjoying the taste of him, the feel of him, and the power of having him completely subject to my control. I suck on him, roll him around in my mouth, enjoying the taste, the texture. I flick my tongue against the underside of his shaft. Enjoying hearing the sounds of his breathing, speeding up, getting louder. I slide my mouth back up to the head of his shaft, then back down, taking him into my throat this time, swallowing to work the muscles of my throat against him.

I feel his balls just start to tighten, and I back off, holding his balls in my hand, but not touching his cock at all, just watching him as he struggles to control himself. I flick one fingernail hard and fast across the head of his cock, totally shutting down his impending orgasm. I smile innocently at the look of total shock on his face.

“ I learned that from my doctor friend Anna”, I say with a smile, my eyes wide.

I stand up and back slightly away from the bed. I reach behind me and undo my bra, my tits pushed forward as the black lace falls away from them. I slide my hands down and remove my thong as well, but leave the garter belt in place.

His hard cock is lying up along his lower abs. I climb back on the bed and straddle him, and it twitches, reaching towards me the way his bound hands can't. I reach one of my hands down, running one finger in the wet folds of my cunt, playing with myself while I kneel, hovering over him, his eyes fixed on my hand. I add a second finger, spread my pussy lips wide, and lower myself down so that his cock is nestled in the folds of my pussy.

Slowly, watching his face, I start to rock gently along the length of his cock. I feel the veins rubbing my labia, feel my clit sliding along, feel the little “speed bump” as my clit slides up over the base of the head of his cock, and down again. Eventually when I reach the top I pause there, rocking and circling, his cock trying to find its way inside me. I don't allow it; I keep slowly rocking my clit against his head instead, and lower one of my tits to his waiting mouth.

He devours my offered breast like a starving man, sucking and biting my nipple. It's almost like he seeks to punish me for the frustration he is feeling. What he doesn't know me well enough to realize yet is that I like it rough, and the feel of his teeth is driving me faster towards my own orgasm.

I speed up my grinding against his cock, sliding myself up and down the length of his pole faster and harder now, grinding my clit hard against him, until, screaming out, I cum in a rush, my juices flooding out over his rock hard cock.

Gasping and whimpering, I slow down again as I come down from my orgasm, while his hips buck up underneath me, trying to find his own release. I rise off him, and see the confusion and torture in his eyes.

I reach down and grab his rigid cock in my hand, and simply hold it. He looks at me and simply whispers “please”?

I stare at him for a moment longer, then rise up, line the head of his cock up with my soaking pussy, and slide him inside me. When I hit the bottom and feel his balls snuggled up against my ass, I stop moving, just enjoying the feeling of his big cock stretching me out and filling me up. He is trying to move his hips to fuck me, but I meet his eyes and shake my head “No”. With a look of pain, he stops.

Slowly, still holding his eyes with mine, I lean back slightly, and reach one hand down. One finger goes to my still sensitive clit, and starts to trace lazy circles around it. He is clenching his jaw now, breathing hard, nostrils flaring, but trying so hard to behave. My finger speeds up on my clit, pressing harder, flicking back and forth, working it just the way I like, and I rock against his pelvis, moving his cock inside me, as I build up. I start to cum, still working my clit, my muscles clenching against his cock, and it is too much for him, he cums as well, shooting load after load of sweet hot cum inside me, his hips rising off the bed as he tries to drive deeper inside me.

As we both finish, I collapse down on top of him, spent, still impaled on his cock. We are both soaked with our combined sweat and the juices of our sex. I reach up and untie his hands, and he wraps his arms around me as I nuzzle into his neck.

“Well”, he whispers. “I think I am going to like your dominant side.”

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