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Iron Lord Part 2: The decisions

Iron Lord decides he acted unprofessionally, but his decisions lead to unexpected results

I woke up first. She was still laying over me in the dark, her breasts firmly pressing onto my chest. For a second I was worried, because I generally wake up with a jump from a nightmare, but it seemed she was still asleep. I relaxed, listening to her breath and the sound of waves for about half an hour. I breathed deeply, hoping to trap an essence of her smell inside my lungs.

At first I was completely in a void where nothing mattered. But inevitably, I began to think.

I was supposed to be the professional protector but I had slept with her. And it wasn’t something ordinary; years of surpassed sexual desires had taken over me, causing me torture her in a most pleasant way. Thinking aftermath now, I was surprised how could I actualize the “path” fantasy.

But now my feelings about her were clouding my judgement. And how was I supposed to protect her with a clouded judgement? While what I experienced on this deserted island with her was probably the best thing that happened to me, It was also one of the worst thing that could probably happen to her. Because now, there was no way I would let her in danger, and to ensure this I was going to take precautions which could sometimes be extreme. Most of them she wouldn’t like, as she was a free-willed strong woman. As strong as a woman could be.

I slowly turned aside, gently dropping her to bed. I stood back to the surprise of the sweet aching in my calves. I walked from her hand-made hut to moonlighted beach. I couldn’t resist the call of the waves and found myself walking into ocean. I remembered the movie, “call of the blue.”

Swimming almost furiously, I tried to put my thoughts and plans together. But I still needed her initial response to make any plan. I slowed down and swam towards the beach, where I found her standing naked, shining in moonlight. She was holding a towel in her hand and gave it to me silently. I began to dry myself from my face and as soon as I pressed it towards my nose I was again engulfed in her smell. I couldn’t remove the towel from my face and couldn’t help a strong gasp.

She looked at me with a sad face, walked back and sat on a rock.

“I know what you are thinking.” She said slowly. I couldn’t believe how much sorrow and disappointment her silken voice could carry.

“You are thinking that you acted unprofessional. Well ask it to me! I am also supposed to be a professional thief!”

“But you weren’t trying to robe me… as far as I know that is.”

“Please! I can’t ask any more protection than…” but she suddenly stopped, biting her lower lip. I did not have to see her face to notice the gathering tear in her eyes. She looked away from me.

Not being able to endure her pain, I suddenly walked inside her hut, took my suitcase and walked to my boat.

“Change your place. Keep checking for my mails.”

With that I threw myself to the boat, suddenly turning the engine on and boosting away.

I didn’t know or care where I was headed. I reached mainland docks where I rented the boat. In the first sign of civilisation I headed for a pub, trying to drink myself to oblivion. It wasn’t long before a redhead in mid twenties approached me. It was just as I feared; I was seeing Adrianne’s face, hearing her voice instead of this woman named Katherine. But something was amiss and I knew it was her smell.

I wasn’t listening to her anymore and she knew it. And probably she didn’t care too. The world was getting blurry which meant I was close to death from alcohol, since long time training and experience made me near alcohol-immune. I couldn’t notice when we stood up, who paid the bills, when did I jump on her car, where did she took me… But next thing I remember was her bra. I was on my back in the softest of beds, my shirt was gone, and she was tying my hands to headboard. An animalistic piece inside me wanted to break free but I was so dosed off that my otherwise strong arms could barely swing a little. Her breasts were covered with a high quality red lace worked bra, which hid the lower half side of her seemingly gorgeous boobies. Yet I could still see her erect nipples between laces.

I watched her as she got off bed, swinging an incredibly firm and round ass which again was covered with a red, lacy underwear. She went into the next room and I could hear her speaking with someone. I couldn’t hear the replies, so she was probably in the phone.

She came back smoking, looking at me with a nasty smile. I couldn’t focus on her and in my vision she kept shrinking and rotating.

“Well, It may be fun in fact. You have quite the tools a woman needs. We won’t have the chance after this morning when they…” But she did not complete her sentence.

She approached close, leaving her cigar to an ash pit over the night stand. She landed her hand on my scarred chest, carefully inspecting the scars but also caressing me. I couldn’t ignore the brightness in her eyes, and the lust evidencing itself in her bite at her lower lip. She slid her hand down, directly entering under my jeans, to find my not-so hard manhood.

“Now now, It seems I couldn’t arouse you eh? It’s clear this is not the full length of it.”

With hasty and seemingly inexperienced set of moves, she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off my legs. Then she jumped onto bed, splitting her legs to my both sides and landing on her knees, with our underwear being only barrier between my dick and her cunt. She moved her hands back, freeing her bra which she threw to the other side of the room.

Her tits were not small by any means and yet they still looked firmly attached to her body, without even the slightest clue of sagging. She moved her hip, rubbing her crack to my rapidly growing bulge. I could feel she was shaking. Something in her excitement told me she was really inexperienced in sexual encounters. She increased her pace, moaning and gasping as my hidden manhood touched and massaged her vagina, stimulating her clit along the way. I could feel her inner thighs touching on my body getting warmer. She landed both her hands on my chest, throwing her head and red hair back, jumping on me over her knees, trying to satisfy herself with our underwear on. She kept doing it for a few more minutes and I now could hear a wet voice between her moves.

She suddenly lay over me, sliding down her underwear as I guessed she was going to do. She became upright again, now feeling my cock better and getting more and more excited and vigorous. I could feel her moisture and warmth working through my boxers, causing a sweet ache of desire on my dick. But it didn’t take long for her to decide she wanted to make it to the end.

She stood back, slid my boxers off me and began staring at my tool.

“Oh my god. Wow… You are… A real man! It’s a real shame…”

She gently took it to her hand, slowly rubbing it from bottom to top. Instinctively she kissed it, moving her mouth up and down a few times. She was clearly inexperienced but her excitement was somehow contagious. Seeing her beautiful face, big green eyes and lustful lips behind my now wholly erect cock also enhanced the excitement. She tried to take it into her mouth a few times, making me feel her tongue lashing under my dick, but she gave up when she couldn’t take it as deep as she dreamed of.

I looked at her one last time, she was almost skinny but yet again full on hips and tits, and with her tanned skin and beautiful face, along with her long, curly red hair she was a real sight to behold. Effect of alcohol on me seemed to become stronger because she was smelling like Adrianne now too. She was so beautiful that she could have been a model if she was not an agent. Yes she was an agent and all the clues were so obvious to me. The phone talk, inexperience, half sentences, the style she approached to me, her car… everything.

While she was trying to satisfy herself, I was slowly breaking free of the miserable knot she made to tie me. I was just about to achieve this when I heard a “whoosh” and then a “thump!”, and she fell over me.

“No one steals from me!”

“Wha… Adrianne!”

I saw her standing near the bed with a pan in her hand. She drooped it to ground and stared at me with that roguish smile back on her face. She was wearing a black leather jacked, a tank top that left her belly open, and a black mini. She also wore black leather boots reaching up to her mid-thigh. Her full, purplish lips flew like butterflies when she spoke.

“Now now, what do have here?” She checked me from top to toe. “You really got excited by this bitch?” She prodded the poor, unconscious girl with her foot.

“Not quite…” I hated myself for going to direct defence. “I had to act as if I did, to gain time.”

“Yeah… Gain time. But you are now tied at the bed helplessly, completely subject to my mercy.”

“I’m happy that I am.”

“You shouldn’t be. You just left me in a deserted Island.”

“This doesn’t seem to stop you.”

“Nothing can stop me!”

She slowly began to undress herself, beginning with her black leather jacket. She then removed her tank top, revealing her breasts directly. Under the dim light from the other room, I could see her nipples were gloriously rigid on her small, firm boobs. I remembered how it felt to touch them, and my manhood throbbed. She noticed.

“Looks like Iron Lord needs attention down there.”

When she jumped on the bed to sit on me, splitting her legs apart, her leather mini slid up her thigh to reveal there was no underwear. For a second I could feel the touch of her hot cunt on my stick, but she quickly raised her hip to prevent more contact. My hip miserably raised to find back the hot spot.

“Not yet. Should I remind you how you tortured me? Well, you are about to reap the thunder!”

She kissed me, just by using her lips at first. She patiently caressed, sucked and massaged my lips with hers, then slowly she began to introduce her tongue. This kissing would already blow my head off, but her smell made the things worse. Yet I wanted her to take her revenge on me, so I used some of my willpower to resist.

“You are not coping” she said. She took the almost ending cigar from ash pit, took a final deep breath, and blew it to my face. I was not a smoking fetish, indeed I hated cigars; but this sight was something extraordinary. Her pure, naked beauty along with her unbelievable face was like a dream. Her boobs, with her ribs showing off a little in under them, her flat stomach and smooth skin was the sum of all the hopes a man could wish. And the smoke was just virtualizing the air which she inhaled, blessed with her inner self, and exhaled to bless me too. She slid down a little bit, leaning front.

She began kissing my chest, following the scars. She kissed and sucked my nipples which evoked a sudden and new kind of excitement in me. I noticed my breathing getting deeper. She kept following the scars which trailed along my chest much like a “P”, the bottom of it reaching to the base of my cock.

“Hmm, you sure know where this path leads right?”

She was referring to my torture of her, but I couldn’t answer. I just locked my jaws to keep my will steady. I was burning with the need for her which drove me crazy. If I broke free now, I could be so harsh on her.

Misreading my reaction, she believed her torture was working and she moved her hot wetness of her mouth to the base of my cock from my groin. Her kiss was sending waves of burning energy beneath my skin, reaching every cell in my body. I couldn’t help but groan. She moved even lower, first kissing, then sucking my balls. This was happening to me for the first time, and it was much stronger than the blast that gave me the scars. I howled wildly. Her torture “was” working now.

Knowing it, she kept sucking my balls strongly, which gave me pain and pleasure at the same time. Her right hand was on my cock, slowly rubbing it. But she was careful not to touch the head of it. She slowly began to alternate her sucking between the base of my cock and my balls, and each time she sucked it closer to top. This was her torture now, taking forever to reach to top. I looked down to see her bun swinging behind my huge dick, her hand at the bottom of. I heard wet, sucking sounds and hums from her, cracking my iron will.

“Oh god Adrianne please do it!”

She giggled and said: “I want to give you pleasure, so be patient honey!”

These were my words to her yesterday when I tortured her. I played along as if I had given up, my head falling down back to cushion.

But she was no more merciful than me, getting to next stage where she kissed the fleshy knot under the head of my dick. She kissed again and than sucked it beneath, causing me to growl in pleasure, swaggering under her control. She kept torturing me like this for about thirty seconds, after which she took the head of my dick to her mouth. Her tongue began to work its magic, lashing and licking the head, probing the most sensitive spot in my body. My cock ached with the need to enter something, but she kept working her tongue for longer and longer. This gave the final blow to my resistance, and I suddenly grabbed her by her head, pressing her down, forcing my cock towards her throat. For a second she resisted, taking support from her hands on the bed, and tried to speak with her mouth full.

“Wef yow hanns fwee! Ow my gow!”

“Yes my hands were free and you are going to pay for what you mercilessly did to me. Now suck it Adrianne or I’m going to die in this bed!”

She obeyed, but I didn’t remove my hands off her head. She was very good at what she was doing, I could feel her mouth walls and tongue squeezing my cock while she sucked and moved her head up and down. I grabbed her bun, and couldn’t stop myself from pressing her head deeper and deeper each time. She tried to lower the amount she takes by taking support from the bed again but it didn’t work as she planned because the bed was very soft. Than she grabbed the base of my dick between her sucking to use her hand as a limiting factor. I could feel her saliva oozing down my dick. This awakened the unstoppable monster inside me, which carried the power of many years without any sexual saturation. Feeling the strength of my needs, she removed her hand again, and I pressed her head harder down. She took as much as she could, up to the point where I could feel roof of her mouth where it is soft, and her throat on the tip of my dick. We halted in this position for about a second, which was my last chance to give it up and free her from my grasp, but I couldn’t. I could have done that if she didn’t torture me the way she did.

So I both pressed her head down more, while I also raised my hip, forcing it deeper into her. I felt her throat opening aside slowly, and my dick entered the most hot, wet and tight opening a woman can offer. Slowly splitting her throat I groaned with the most powerful of pleasures that can be dreamt of, and she made a sound which could have been a muffled groan. I checked her face in panic, fearing that I have hurt her. Her eyes were shut strongly, but her face seemed otherwise peaceful. She foiled my fears by taking it deeper into her throat, her lower lips reaching my balls. She then began to move her head up and down, without letting my cock’ s tip out of her tight throat. It was a deadly pleasure, sending gigatons of atomic energy into my body. Imagining what it could look like from side pushed me over the edge, and my cock throbbed under her throats squeeze, to shot it’s load directly into her. I gasped at first than groaned and howled wildly as my body spasmed, my calves shaking miserably yet still forcing my hip back and again deeper into her, while my hands pulled her head wildly to my genitals again and again. Feeling her wet, hot mouth all around my dick was irresistable. With each convulsion I sent another stream of semen into her. She was letting out muffled shrieks which got lost under my wolfish howls. I had just fucked her deep throat. I had just fucked her head. Probably I was the luckiest man alive on the whole universe.

My orgasm finally ended, and I pulled myself back while I forced her head up. She made a delayed sound of choking, and I could see lines of saliva still connecting my dick to her mouth. Her face was red with what I did to her, and she was breathing heavily.

“I… I… I’m sorry Adrianne, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

Trying to catch her breath she spoke.

“Why the.. hell are… you apo…logizing. It was….” She paused for a second for some recovery. “It was really disturbing at first, but after passing… my throat it became something else. I could…. Feel it throbbing under my squeeze, and when you came into me… It was… Unbelievable! … I have heard some girls .. talking as if it was the … best thing in the world and I couldn’t… understand them, but now I do.. It was so exciting to give you… such a pleasure… To know I gave you pleasure… I was fingering myself and was about to come just before you exploded into me!”


“Yeah! Really. See?” She walked on her knees towards my face, her right hand still on her pussy, pushing her vaginal lips aside with two fingers. I could see the moisture and secretions all around her pussy and even in her fingers. I couldn’t help myself and grabbed her butt with both hands, pulling her close to me, my tongue directly entering her.

“Awwwhhhh.. Yes… Awhhhh, no don't pull it back. I like your teeth on my… ow yes! Like that.”

She was talking about my tongue driving deeper into her. She was getting more and more wet as I licked and tongue fucked her. The fragrance here was deadly toxicant for me, causing me to lose control again. I became harsh and sucked her clitoris, biting her vaginal lips in every chance. I instinctively brought a finger from behind her, and pushed it inside while I kept sucking and tongue lashing her clitoris.

“Awh… Yes… Yes! It was unbelievable… the way you exploded… you came into me!”

She was moving her hip in a great coherency with my double treatment, and looking up I could see she was holding her breasts, squeezing them hardly. With a final convulsion her vagina tightened around my finger, and her joyful screams filled my world. A rain of climax juices fell on my mouth and cheek, which I greedily sucked from her vagina. She kept shuddering again and again until her orgasm slowly faded out. She threw herself near me and lay over my arm breathless for moments.

I watched her, and again understood that she was somehow special for me. She was absolute beauty, with her elegant figure, smooth skin, deadly smell and an angelic face. Her breasts were a joy to watch in different positions, I remembered how they filled my hands. And a second later I moved a hand to cup one of them, squeezing the nipple between my fingers, pulling the whole tit up. She opened her eyes a little bit and threw a questioning look.

I felt the excitement growing back inside me when I saw her flat groin, long and shapely legs still in the sexy leather boots. I stood on my knees over the bed, rolling her face-down. I positioned myself between her legs, forced them apart with my knees and leaned back a little to check the sight. I pulled her hip high and held her there till she kept it there by support from her knees. She was moaning with exhaustion and anticipation. Her head was on the cushion, looking left and laying her bun to right.

But the sight of her back… It was painfully hard to resist the call to fuck both holes roughly. The upper one was promising a tighter pleasure than her throat with all its brownness and sphincter lines. It was perfectly placed in the crack that separated the fleshy, white ass lobes. The lower one was glistening with moisture and spasming slowly, making me remember her control over her vaginal muscles.

Holding her by the pelvic lines both sides of her round ass, I leaned the head of my dick to her pussy, between her lips. She moaned and raised her head by taking support from the bed with her extended arms and hands. She looked back at me, now on all fours, with all the exhaustion in her face, and whispered in her silken voice.

“Fuck me.”

And I did. I slowly slid my cock inside her. I made it as slow as I could, and it took about twenty seconds for my dick to fully split her tightened vagina apart. I remembered how it constricted my finger when I tongue-fucked her.

After waiting a few seconds, I pulled back as slow as I entered. I heard the wet sound of my cocks collision on her walls.

“Ah… I can feel all the muscles on it.” She looked back again.

“Please… fuck me.”

I entered her again slowly, and pulled back as slow. I kept this slow pace as long I could. After three or four minutes, she was letting out animalistic moans when I fully entered her. I increased the pace step by step. All this time I was enjoying the sight of her beautiful ass and back. Now we were on a more natural rhythm, and she was so wet that I could easily slide in and out of her tightened pussy. Each pump caused a small scream in her, and she was inserting small and obscene words every now and then.

“Fuck… Me!... Deeper… Harder!...Smash it!”

And I increased both the pace and the strength. I pulled her harder towards myself, bending backwards with each stroke to enter her deeper. I could feel the wall of her uterus on the tip of my tool. With every pump, her butt hit my groin, and that slapping sound began to mark our rhythm. Years of army training and gyms after retiring had a great impact on both my muscles and my stamina. I was already pumping twice in a second and I could feel that I could do much more speed with much more strength. And she seemed to encourage me towards it.

But before I could pace up, her screams became wilder and lauder, and her head fell to cushion, which only made the sight more obscene for me. Her scream raised into a series of shrieks, and her cunt tightened around my cock. But I didn’t slow down by her orgasm, instead I gleefully increased my pace. Before she understood what was going on she was on her second orgasm, her head rising and falling. Her juices were slipping down on her legs, filling the room with her sweet aroma.

Her legs couldn't support her anymore and she levelled down with the bed, but I didn’t pull back. Instead I made use of the softness of the bed, and slightly adjusting my position I kept fucking her. This new position brought her legs closer, which made her cunt even tighter around my tool. And I could feel her soft ass in my groin. I kept fucking her in this position and she kept having orgasm after orgasm, and her screams never ending along the way. To her surprise, I suddenly threw myself back, carrying her over me in a reverse cowgirl style. But she was loosened to the point that she couldn’t stay upright, so I grabbed her by her tits from behind to support her and kept pumping from below. I used the advantage of gravity to fuck her harder, pulling her deeper and stronger with each move. Her screams were changing into breathing sounds, and she was getting more and more loose in my arms, her bun jumping and swaying around behind her head.

But she was still having orgasms and this was enough evidence for me that she could take more. I brought her to the edge of the bed and I stood aside. My dick and her cunt was in the same level, thanks to the high bed. She was in a more relaxed position but so was I, which made me able to pump faster and harder. Her ass kept slapping on my groin and I was so fast that it became red in an instant. She was letting out long moans, trying to move her hands to stop me, but she was completely melted down. Yet her thigh, her ass and her back was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop. I knew what I did was wrong, but I was giving her pleasure and that's all I needed to know.

I could feel I was on the edge too.

“Adrianne… I’m … about … to … come!”


I pulled out and grabbed her by her legs, rolling her face up. I grabbed my dick, throbbing it vigorously. She opened her eyes slightly, nearly fainted, and just at that second she told it.

“I love you.”

As soon as she told that my first shot flew forth with a howl in my mouth. It flew between her legs, over her belly and tits and landed on her chin. Second one followed it but fell shorter, landing on her right nipple. Other one just below it, on the lower arc of her breast. Another one on her belly, and another on her belly button. I was shaken by pleasure, and finally fell on my knees, my exhausted legs failing to carry me longer. I rested my head between her legs, and whispered into her vagina.

“I love you too.”

I rested my head there till listening her slowly fading moans. But before fainting I made a mental note for myself. I decided how to best protect her from the danger, and I decided to do this no matter how angry she would get.

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