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Iron Lord

An ex soldier remembers what life is about in the arms of a beautiful thief.
This was no good, no good at all. She entered my life so unexpectedly, so forcefully, so inevitable that after returning home I felt like a ruin. And that’s me, so-called Iron Lord. Yeah me, the one who is barely conscious now, almost in the limit of alcohol toxicity, with another full glass in his hand. Didn’t even know what I was drinking.

I betrayed. I betrayed myself, my rules, and my code of honor. How could I make it with a customer?

Yet still when I remember the events, I notice there was no way to avoid this.

I have seen war, I have seen blood – some of it was mine- and I have seen dead people… Dead, innocent people. Both shaken and set with these sights I left the army, to build my own security company: Iron Wolves. I trained my staff personally, with every kind of knowledge my army training gave to me.

You can’t stay unchanged after you see what I saw. You can’t start a barbeque party behind your house, smile into faces of your guests. The smoke makes you remember, and you can’t laugh when you remember. Psychiatric help… my ass… The only way to forget is to get brainwashed, which I don’t want. What I’ve seen made me the Iron Lord, leader of Iron Wolves. How many lives I saved after that?

With crust-like memories forming a confining armor around me, I had forgotten –no, I had given up- my humanity, to preserve others. This sacrifice was what made me… Me.

But she was like rain water finding its way through earth, through the shell of the world, through kilometers of solid rock, to reach my almost extinguished core.

Adrianne La’fevre. She was a thief. Contacted me via mail. She had stolen a very important crystal from a palace in France, replacing it with a fake. After a week she posted the original back.

“Life is a joke, I know I am different from the others; I can even empathize them and see why they hate me because of the things I do. Why can’t they do the same? I am a kleptomaniac! Just a simple kleptomaniac!”

She was caught. They made her choose. She was either going to work for them or she was going to prison forever. Governments sometimes needed to steal things which they officially couldn’t request. Mostly documents. Mostly from press. Sometimes as counter-blackmail.

Negotiations. If she was caught in action, she was just a rogue, a thief. If she was not caught, well… she could rest until next assignment. This was like a gift for her indeed, like the government decided to create positions for klepto’s.

After her last job, she was being threatened – she was somehow identified. She requested protection from government – to be refused of course. She was good at her job but not “that” important for them. She ran to an island, and sent me the mail asking for protection service of my Iron Wolves.

“I have talked to some of your customers. You have… good references!” she wrote.

Obviously not something I would normally accept. But I felt something familiar in her sentences. They were crafted with an intelligence and sense that I knew… from myself. When I read her sentences, I felt like I was not the last member of my species anymore.

So I made excuse of the money she offered – which was huge- and decided to pay a visit.

And in this visit she conquered me. Unchained me. Revived me.

She was waiting for me in the small wooden wharf, standing and looking towards my boat in a way that looked like she was rising from the waves. She was in a white cloth I couldn’t identify from distance. It floated in the wind like a cape down her legs, but it wrapped her up over her shoulders strongly. Sun was behind me, so she must have seen me as a black figure with bulky outlines standing in the boat. But sunlight hit her directly, painting her in orange. Like another sun rising from beneath the island.

I stepped on the wharf; she reached for my hand and shook it gently. Spoke with such a voice that gave me the first punch in the stomach. It was like… iron wrapped in silk. Strong, soft…

“Welcome, Iron Wolf.” A small touch of French accent. Intentionally.

She was in the same height with me. About 1.75. An oval face and full lips in a natural purplish pink, waiting slightly ajar between sentences. Her dark hair was bunned up and was still wet, complementing her chestnut brown eyes, hints of some green and some gold embedded into them. An inspective look, with a roguish smile. Incredible amount of self confidence. Thin and long neck, a pulse that can be seen. I wished I was a vampire. I knew the sinking sun would kill me instantly, yet still I would choose to be a vampire, to get one bite from this neck.

Beneath the semi-transparent white… cloak… I could see she wore a white bikini, outlines of her body being the second punch. Elegant, slender, perfect. Still slightly obscured by the cloak, her sight touched the huge, rusted machine inside me called “fantasy.” I could barely speak.

“Nice to meet you, Adrianne. You have found quite a good place to hide. Maybe you won’t need us at all.”

“I doubt so. Thank you for coming personally. Please know that if we cannot negotiate, I will change my place so sharing the knowledge of my whereabouts won’t earn you anything but probably angry customers.”

“Understood… I wonder: how did you mail me from this island? It’s completely… deserted and untouched.”

“I have a vehicle with necessary equipment.”

She linked arms with me, in a natural, gracious move that I couldn’t catch. With a gentle force she made me walk near her, towards a small bamboo hut in the beach.

“Let me invite you to my house and offer you a drink.” She nodded the hut.

“Made it yourself?”

“Yes. It took a week.”

I felt dizzy for an unknown reason. It felt as if there was a big helium bubble inside me, moving randomly, ruining my balance. For a second I thought I was somehow poisoned, somehow she delivered a toxin without my notice. After this I noticed her smell. Mixed with brine of the sea, an unexplainable smell. I was sure I had never smelled something like that before. It was shocking because of this; like seeing the rainbow, getting on a roller coaster, or being shot for the first time.

“Sorry for the dull place.” Entering her hut, she made a gesture to show her furniture: a camping bed, a bull’s eye lantern, a huge suitcase. All in the ground.

She sat on the bed and made a small tap next to her, advising me to sit. I did so. She handed over a bottle, full of… water. I did not drink it.

I had many questions to ask, but I did not know where to begin. She seemed to be trying to find a good spot to begin too. I checked her thoughtful face, her lips, and her eyes. Her one bare leg was out of her cloak when she sat, long and smooth, open for my inspection up to her butt. Something deep inside me began to stir, something I had forgotten was even there. My eyes were locked to the point where I could see the junction of her leg and her ass from side. The curvature there was… pure beauty.

Luckily she was lost in thoughts, and did not notice my gaze, and I found enough willpower to look back to her face. Just as I decided to speak, she found where to begin.

“I now know I have made the right choice by calling you.” She threw a quick gaze to my figure. “You really look like a bodyguard, without that idiotic face.”

I knew what she was talking about.

“I know what you mean. The standard huge-gorilla figure that you can see in the movies. Obviously great strength and a bottom level IQ thanks to steroids. A biceps that looks like it can crush a bowling ball. As if it could stop a bullet!”

“Yes exactly.” She replied “You know there are many ex-soldiers like you out there with private security companies.”

“I know there are many, but they are not like me.”

“Yeah? What’s the difference?”

“I have seen war. I have fought the war. Most guys out there you mention were already high ranking officers without any field experience. Filled with theories and completely without experience.”

“Well, your website did not mention about any war.”

“I don’t want to use the war as an advertisement tool. I don’t even want to remember it.”

“Then how I am supposed to know you are not lying?” She asked, leaning back on her arms, stretching her both legs forward, putting them on top of each other. Her eyes were narrow now, ready to judge me from the answer I was about the give. I resisted the call to look at her legs.

Instead of talking I stood back, turned to face her and took out my jacket in one move. Dropping it I reached for the clutches of my bullet-proof vest, and let it slide down to my feet. I finally took out the inner sued. She was watching with a slight trace of curiosity in her eyes, but when she saw my body, embarrassment was clear.

Without saying a word she stood up, took a step towards me as if sliding. Right in front of me she dropped to her knees, carefully inspecting the scars.

“How… how did this… How did you survive this?”

I told her the story. Somehow I went into details that were better buried deep. Normally I do everything to keep them away from my mind, but I didn’t feel bad telling them to her. In fact I felt relaxed, as if the poison inside me was leaking away with each word.

She listened to the story with a great empathy, turning into the boy, commander, me, sniper and the doctor along the way. Biting her lower lip, she touched my stomach. I was tightened instinctively. Her fingers stopped for a second, than began following the traces. Her touch was shocking, taking my mind to another realm. Her movement was graceful and tender, yet still inspective, first upwards, towards my chest, then lower, till where the wound gets lost under my jeans. Watching her kneeled in front of me, feeling her breath in my stomach, her bun almost begging me to reach and grab it, press her face –which was few inches away from my organ- towards my body, finally awakened the monster. I felt my tool crawling upwards in a vipers speed.

She was kind enough to pretend not to have noticed the rapidly growing bulge, and she stood back up. Her hand on my shoulder in a friendly manner, looking at her feet as if made a mistake she asked:

“Would like to swim? Before the sun goes down completely? I couldn’t host you as a good landlady!”

She was so friendly to resist or to deny.

“Alright. But this will be a business swim!” I smiled. She answered with a smile too. Hmm... Appealing… So damn enticing smile. “But I have to go grab my suitcase from my boat and wear my trunks.

And I did so. I walked to my boat, took my bag, entered back to her hut, and changed over as quickly as I could. When I walked back out, I caught a trace of red in her cheeks. Perhaps she threw a quick glance through the door while I changed. To return the favor, I pretended not to have noticed. Somehow, something was building up between us silently, and we were pretending childishly as if nothing was happening.

She unbuttoned her cloak up her shoulder, and it slid down to her feet. She walked out of it with an obscene grace. I was staring at two perfect butt cheeks, her white bikini bottom barely hiding the secret heaven between her legs. Sun was sinking directly between her legs and its orange lights somehow sealed her already perfect body to an unresistable call to my manhood.

We swam about a hundred meters into the ocean. I lay back into the water, enjoying her silent company. For a moment I gave away all my stress, all my self control, and sighed. I hadn’t noticed how much I needed a vacation.

“Well ask to me!” she replied, and I understood that I have told my idea aloud. This frightened my and relaxed me at the same time.

“Won’t you ask?” she was staring with only her face above the water. This could have been another reality for presence, where we were nothing but heads floating over water, and I would still desire her.

“Ask about what?”

“Why I keep stealing?”

“I have seen good people doing much more worse things without any better reasons. I know what you are already.”

“What am I?” Curios French accent. Dangerously female.

“A good girl with a bad habit, grown up fatherless, forced to marry with a rich man who drank much and hurt her. Revenge came with the same bad habit, this time returning as a lifestyle. You robbed him to his boxer, and kept on doing so after him.”

She was in a shock now. Yeah, I still have connections and friends who dig up people’s pasts for such details. Suddenly I felt sorry for exposing her past and disturbing her like this. I swam to her; put my hand on her shoulder as she had done to me. She leaned her forehand to my wrist. She spoke in her silken voice again.

“It’s ok. In fact I am happy. I am happy that you saw me as my real self, without any masks, and still came here.”

In a natural way we hugged each other. She rested her chin on my shoulder for a moment. My hands on her waist kept sending me their request to dive a little lower to cup her butt. It’s a good thing that they train you against mental attacks in the army.

I don’t know how much longer we hugged each other like that. Without any clear decision, we began to swim towards the beach at the same time. In shallows she stood on her feet, and I noticed that her white bikini was now completely transparent and stretched firmly on her body. She kept walking towards her towel, and I kept checking her.

Taking her towel she looked at her body for the first time and a small scream escaped from her mouth. I saw her clearly from front now. Her nipples were erect on her breasts, which were hanging on her body with an incredible firmness. White bikini top was of no use to hide them. But further down was the real deal; I could clearly see her vaginal labia. They were small, yet clearly visible, and a small patch of pubic hair was decorating her frontal triangle. She had risen to towel to her breast to hide them, but it was too small to hide her vagina at the same time.

“I… I wore these for the first time.” She was fighting hard to keep her control over her voice. It was a miserable attempt and I loved her more for this. “I did not know they would become such useless when they are wet. I did not need them until now.” Well, this sentence led to me imagining her swimming naked here in this beach, which in turn quickened the vipers re-awakening. Now she was looking at my bulge while I was looking to her cunt.

Her hand went down along with her towel, not trying to hide anything anymore. Small roguish smile returned, together with the reddish color in her cheeks. She was wet, with full lips slightly ajar again. My manhood grew even bigger, and I stopped trying to hide it too. It was about to show its head from the top of my trunks.

She turned and walked towards her hut. I followed.

As soon as I entered she turned back and jumped on me, with a feline grace, quickly wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My hands accurately found and grabbed her butt to keep her in place. She locked her feet behind me, and attacked my mouth hungrily. It was over. I could imagine my rules crumbling from all over me, falling into ground like ash. Her tongue reached into my mouth, while my lips enjoyed the meat of hers. The sound of her holding her breath killed all my self control. I tried to do my best not to hurt her when I threw both of us onto her camping bed.

She tightened under my crushing weight for a second, more blood rushing to her face. From this close, the green and golden patches in her brown eyes were clearly visible. Her eyes were talking to me; they were begging me to keep on, to keep destroying her rules just like she destroyed mine.

I decided to slow down a little. My kisses turned into softer, caressing ones. I slid myself slightly to her right, while my right hand touched below her ribs. Ah such a perfect skin… From there, I worked my way up slowly towards her breast, checking her reaction from her kiss. Her lips were opening more and more as my hand went close. I slowly slid the top of her bikini upwards, gently cupping her breast. It was just like her voice; granite solid and silken soft at the same time. I felt the tiny erect nipple right in the middle of my palm. My tongue delving deeper, I slowly squeezed her breast, finally exhausting her off her breath. She had to turn his face to find an opening to breath. I used this opportunity to kiss her neck, and then my mouth began working its way below. When I gave another squeeze which was a little bit stronger, she let out a small moan, which encouraged me to do more. I slid down, reaching for her other breast with my left hand. I moved her tops off her breasts completely. She stretched her arms above her head for me to slide it up and off. This caused her already firm breasts to stretch to a form that stopped my heart for a second. I felt the next pulse deep in my brain. Her purple-pink nipples were calling me to suck them.

And I did so. Slowly at first, torturing her by moving my lips all over her nipples, but not kissing, licking or biting. Just touching her. She grabbed my hair with both hands, trying to direct me to where she wanted. I tortured her more by resisting first, and then doing what she wanted just as she was about to give up.

She was breathing rapidly now, her ribs rising and falling, her body convulsing in small moves of joy. I sucked her neck, remembering my vampire fantasy. She tasted salty of course, but somehow this added to my pleasure.

“Now we will play a game,” I whispered, my face between her breasts, looking up to her face.

Hardly breathing she replied:

“Wh.. What game?”

“A game of memory. I want you to memorize the path my fingers move. This will be important soon.”

Her mind racing with the possibilities of my where my fingers could go and what was going to happen after that, she nodded.

Still lying on her, giving my pressure to her lower body, I touched her forehead with two fingers. From there I slowly descended them following the side of her nose, down to her mouth. I caressed her lips, entered shallowly to her mouth –she sucked them a little bit to drive me crazy-, then near her chin I slid down to her neck, lingering there for a second. Then sliding down and towards the middle, I passed between her breasts. I chose the path to the right, and followed her breasts lower arc to her side. She tightened again, it should have tickled her. Slowly spiraling up her breast as if climbing a round mountain, my fingers reached her nipple finally, pinching it a little, twisting it. At this point her mouth was a little bit more open, her eyes looking but not seeing, trying to guess my next move. I moved my fingers back to the path between her breasts, only to climb to the other one in the same manner. This time I pinched her a little bit stronger, and small sound of pleasure escaped her mouth.

After diving to the path for the third time, I slided down slowly towards her belly. I felt her abdominal muscles tightening below my fingers touch. I rested my fingers in her belly button. After half a second, they keep moving down. She wasn’t breathing now. She knew where the fingers were going.

I slided them under her bikini bottom, getting slower and slower as I got close to the destination. She raised her hips a little with the anticipation of the golden touch, but I disappointed her by sliding her bikini down her legs slowly, my fingers not loosing contact with her hips for a second. She made a quick set of moves by her legs and slided her underwear away completely.

I intentionally changed my expression, looking directly into her eyes unmercifully, I began working my fingers up again. This time she knew I am going to touch her.

In a moment of pure pleasure, my fingers met her vaginal lips. Slowly increasing pressure towards her depths, I touched her wet opening. Seeing her mouth wide open, I began to caress her vagina in a rotating touch, slowly increasing pressure. She was letting out small moans with each breath unconsciously. I did it about for a minute and knew I was keeping her in the edge of something inevitable and promising. I paused a moment and looked at her from top to toe, trying to engrave this sight into my memory.

A little bit angry with my torture, she grabbed me from the wrist and tried to force my fingers into her. I hardly resisted this attempt.

“Well, you see I want to give you pleasure, so you will have to endure. Now that you we have reached our destination we can begin the challenge.”

“Wh… What chal..lange…” Oh how fragile and lovely she was.

“I told you to remember the path my fingers travelled right? Let’s see if you remember them.”

With that I moved over her again, and reached her forehead with my mouth. I began with a light kiss there, slowly sliding down near her nose to her mouth. Her eyes were widened with a slow but inevitable understanding of the things that were about to happen. I approved her imagination by whispering the truth into her mouth:

“This time it’s my mouth that will take the same path.”

She let out a long breath at this moment, I landed a small kiss and my mouth began its journey. Slowly down her neck, towards the path in the middle of her breasts. In a move mixed with kisses, lip touch and licking, I followed the arc to right and began my spiral climb. She held my hair vigorously, her hands shaking with the strength of her grasp and anticipation. I reached the nipple and bit it with my lips, sucking and toying it with my tongue at the same time.


Strongest emotional sound from her till that moment. I dived back to the path and climbed to the other one spiraling again. This time I used my teeth too, slowly pulling the nipple up, and caressing wetly after with my tongue. I could see she was about to lose control. Too bad. She had to endure more.

And I slided down to her belly, diving my tongue into the knot there. Again I slowed down when I am about to reach her pussy, but diverted off the path in the final moment. She tried to pull my head back to spot, but she gave up in a second.

My mouth still on her flesh I whisper

“Yes, dear, be patient, and be rewarded…”

I moved down my kisses to her knee, and began climbing up again. I kept touching her burning flesh with my tongue, and as I crawled up I used more of it to stimulate her. I threw a quick glance up, to see her face behind her breasts. Her eyes were closed; her lips were even fuller, her mouth open wide with a silent expectation. Arms stretched up to add more tension to body, increasing pleasure and perfecting the sight for me.

My mouth reached there finally. She let out a strong moan this time, using her last strength to grab my head and push my tongue deeper. I licked her slowly at first, from the bottom of her scratch to the top. Then I pushed the tip of my tongue just a little bit inside. She moved her hips to take the most pleasure from my tongue but I was cruel. I raised my head back after another, strong lick.

“I see you remembered the path very well. And I hope you still remember.”

I stood up, taking a step towards her face. I slided down my trunks, and my huge erection swinged up and down a few times. Her eyes are wide open as I brought my huge dick closer to her face. Well, even i was surprised to see the normally dormant organ back in his glory.

“Final tour.” I whispered.

I saw her hand reaching for her vagina, but I grabbed her by the wrist.

“Wait, my dear, and I will reward you.”

With that I touched her forehead with the tip of my dick. Slowly down I slided near her nose, and when I reached mouth, her tongue lashed out. It stroke me directly by my brain. I lost control for a second and paused there, and she grabbed my penis, licking it from bottom to top. She then put her mouth to the base of it, holding it inside her lips from side. She slowly slided her mouth towards the tip. I felt my organ pulsing in her palm.

“Truly IRON lord.” She murmured; squeezing the thing in her hand. I somehow found enough power to keep up with my schedule. Holding her hand inside mine, I freed the rock-solid meat, and moved it further down in its path. Precum was already shining in the tip of it, and left a trace when I slided it down the path between her breasts. She reached and pressed her tits from both sides to squeeze my dick between them. I felt their softness and their embrace in my stick. Yet I moved down, began the spiral climb, supporting it with my hand. She was biting her lower lip strongly and I could see her ready to burst.

On the top of her breast, the flesh knot under the head of my penis contacted her fully erect nipple. My most sensitive area was rubbing against her most sensitive area and we both moaned. This was probably the highest heartrate I reached. Keeping up my with my path, I climbed to the other breast and repeated the process. Her flesh was hot under my organ, which kept becoming harder and harder.

When I moved down to her belly, I decided to torture her:

“You remember where this road goes? I want you to dream of its final destination.”

But she knew this was her last chance to speak and instead of answering me she chose to express her own feelings.

“Oh my god… I feel it… crawling upon me and …this drives me mad! ….I’m gonna cum as soon as it …touches me there…”

With a smile I completed the descent to her knee. I took my position, leaning on my hands in both sides of her head. I moved my hips to slide my cock up her tight. Her mouth went open when my dick was about to touch her pussy.

She split her legs wide open to ease the entering. And… The touch. I was unimaginably strong. She moaned out, her hands reached my back, her nails piercing my skin. She pulled me to herself, and threw herself up to me in the same time. But I managed not to enter her completely. For a moment, it was just the head of my dick wrapped in her tight entrance section. She let out a scream of pleasure and I could hear how she begged me to pierce her completely in her voice. I slowly pushed my enormous cock a few millimeters more. I could feel her wet walls of flesh squeezing it down there. I pressed a little bit forward and she finally bursted in a spasm.

“Aaaaawwww I’m cummmmhhhh” she couldn’t complete her sentence because the ruining orgasm was taking her over completely. I knew what to do instinctively. I waited for a few seconds and enjoyed her convulsions of climax, and when they were about to fade, I suddenly moved a little bit more forward. I felt my cock half buried in her. Yet this final move brought back the pleasure again. I moved back a little and forward again slowly, but this time I went deeper. Another set of spasms hit her and she screamed. Her fragrance which dazzled me in the first place was now something even more toxicating, with her vaginal juices flavoring it even more.

“Mwaaaahhhhhh aagggaaa aaaaaarrgghhh”

Her cunt tightened again, squeezing upper half of my penis, bringing me close over the edge. I understood that I was not going to be able to hold the load much longer, so I decided to fuck her straight. I pulled back a little, only to push it back a little bit deeper inside. With each move I felt my dick splitting her cunt’s tightened flesh more apart. A wet, obscene sound was accompanying my moves.

Then with a strong pull back and thrust, I pushed myself inside her. It was completely inside and I could feel her vaginal lips in my balls. Without pulling back, I moved my hip in circles, forcing her walls apart. Her nails buried deeper into my skin, and another scream and another strong spasm shook her. She wraps her leg around me and pulled me more into her by my ass. I could feel her calves tremors in my back. She wriggled with joy under me.

Than I started the rhythmic pull and push. I moved in a rising speed and her moans slowly became part of her breathing again. It’s impossible to describe the pleasure sounds she made, and impossible to tell the effect her swinging bun in coordination with my pushes. I was also about the come. I forced myself to keep the motion up enough to build her fourth orgasm, and I seemed to succeed. Towards the end though, I grabbed her by the waist and threw myself back, instantly bringing her up and myself down. Her breasts bounced with the action.

Now she was in control, moving up and down in her choice of speed and I helped her by moving my hips up and down and holding her by her waist. I could see my dick disappear into her as she moved and I could see her breasts bouncing in their firmness. Her beautiful face shining with the start of her fourth orgasm, she began to get more upright first, than her back arched. I pushed myself in with a series of final strong thrusts and I blasted into her, my scream like a wild wolf. I felt her cunt squeezing my dick again; it’s wet and hot walls embracing me. Her screams mixed onto mine, and hearing her made me lose my self. I pulled her even stronger to myself while I squirted more and more into her, hugging her close to me, her face a few inches away from mine. We shared our faces of pleasure for a while and then she kissed me. Her tongue filled into my mouth, and I sucked it. She tightened her vaginal muscles and more I spilled into her.

I fell back and she layed over me, exhausted.

I could feel her heart racing against my chest. She was radiating a heat that diffused through me with each breath. I could still hear some small moans, like dots in the ends of sentences. No, more like commas, promising an infinite pleasure in her arms.

I removed the buckle from her hair and it fell over my face. I was sure. It was something about this smell. This smell was something that made me remember my youth, my days before the army. It made me feel innocent again. Innocent and youthfull. This meant… heaven for me.

I caressed her hair and her back for a while, listening her breath as she fell asleep over me. She murmured something to my ear but I couldn’t understand it. Trying to make myself a mental note to ask her when she awakens, I fell asleep too.

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