Island Holiday For Two Ch 1

By Kandikiss51

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Why was Marcus sending me a plane ticket in the middle of winter?
There are nights like tonight, when I feel so hurt and alone that I cannot sleep. The bed I once shared with my husband, now has one occupant, me. He left me eight months ago, and I am glad. I do not need him or any man to keep me going.

I awoke to the sound of birds singing, and the sun shining thru my curtains. I stretched, yawned, and looked at the clock. It read ten am. I got up, looked out my bedroom window, and noticed there was about two inches of snow on the ground. Its glistening, whiteness, covered the ground like a velvet blanket. I got dressed, ate some breakfast, and like many other days, I went out to the mailbox to check my mail. I wondered what I would be there today; bills, bills, and more bills or something exciting.

I put my coat on, walked out the front door to the edge of the street, opened the mailbox, and retrieved the mail. As I walked back toward the house, I started thumbing through it. The first thing I noticed there was a letter from my lawyer, and one from my best friend, Marcus.

Marcus lives clear on the other side of the state. We have been friends for a long time. We can talk about anything, and he’s a great listener. He will listen, hold me, or if I wanted fuck me through the night, until we are both totally satisfied. He is about my age, a short, muscular, well build man with salt and pepper hair and beard. He had a square chin, and strong facial features, which included as gorgeous pair of deep brown eyes. When he looked at me, they burned with passion and surged right though me to my very soul. Oh he was so handsome, and rugged, just the kind of man I liked. I fell head over heels for him when we first met, but unfortunately he was married. However, he too was recently divorced. In my mind I thought, ‘Wonder if I can nab him for myself?’
My thoughts went back to the letters. I carefully opened the letter from my lawyer, jumped for joy, and shouted hallelujah, because my divorce was granted.

I than wondered, why on earth Marcus was writing me, after all we just talked last night on the phone. I tore open the envelope and out falls a plane ticket, when I examine it, I see my name, and a date, ten days from that day. “Why in the hell is Marcus sending me a ticket, in the middle of winter?”

“To my sexy green-eyed baby,
I know you’ve been through a lot of stress lately and I came up with a marvelous solution. The two of us can fly to a tropical island in the Florida Keys, where we can spend the weekend or more, in my private bungalow. Now before you tell me why you don’t want me to spend this kind of money on you, consider it a gift from me, for your own peace of mind. It’s a place where you can forget that so called ex-hubby of yours. So how about it doll, care to join me for a winter getaway in paradise? I guarantee you won’t regret it and all you have to do is pack a bag. Then meet me at Nashville airport, we will be flying there together.
Love yahs, Marcus.”

I went into the house, and sat down for a moment, too excited to speak. My thoughts were racing through my head a mile a minute as I thought of what we could do together. It made more than my mouth water, and my juices started to saturate my panties.

“Join you, you bet you, I will! It beats looking at these four walls and wondering what tomorrow will bring.”

Since there is no one but me here now to answer too but me, I’ll let my daughter know where I am.
As my mind came back to reality I thought about what to pack. Maybe I’ll go shopping; after all I can afford a new swimsuit and some sexy clothes. I can see the image now; me in an alluring outfit, and my red hair glistening in the tropical sun, it will certainly make him want to fuck me right there on the beach. I assumed it was a private and secluded one or at least I hope so, as I may want to go commando, as well.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. “Hello.”

“Hi baby, its Marcus, can you talk or is this a bad time?”

“Well if you’re worried about you know who, he won’t be coming home ever, my divorce was just granted.”

“Wow babe, that’s great.”
His voice was deep, sexy, and I go so I began talking a mile a minute.

“Whoa Amanda, you need to slow down so I can understand you.”

“Okay, but I’m so excited about this trip! You know something; I was thinking I would like to stay for a week, if that’s okay with your schedule.” I paused, giggled, and said, “Hum, I wonder what we’d do all that time.”

“Well for starters, I own the company, and have good people who can run it when I am not there. So I can be gone as long as I want. The beach is a private, and I can think of a few things we can do, like going without clothing, as we walk along the sandy shore.”

The sexy overtones of his voice made me pull down my panties. “Just a few things huh, oh god, you are making me so hot!”

“You are not the only one hot doll, just hearing that sexy voice of yours makes my pecker hard. However, I’m at the office, and not alone, so it will have to wait. How’s about I email you the details of the trip, plus pictures of the island. Amanda, it will be wonderful to see you again, especially since I do not have a wife to answer too anymore.”
“Yeah won’t it, since I no longer have a hubby to answer too either,” I giggled.

“Amanda, I just had a thought, we can act out one of our favorite role-playing scenarios, like father and daughter.”
“Oh my god, the mere thought of you doing that, makes me want to masturbate right now.”

“Hold that thought you sexy thing, remember I’m busy at work. How’s about I call you later tonight about eight, when I know I am alone, and we can have some hot, sexy phone sex.”

“Okay love, talk to you later on tonight. By the way thanks for the ticket.”

I hung up the phone and headed for the bedroom. I needed desperately to satisfy the hunger between my legs. When I got there I decided to table that thought and go shopping. After all I needed a new swimsuit, some sexy negligees, and sundresses.

I drove to the nearby mall, and took my time shopping. I went into a popular clothing store and told the salesperson I was going to a tropical island for a few days, and needed to buy a few things. She helped me picked out some outfits, and I modeled them for her, and with her advice purchased what I needed. By that time, I was so aroused by that time; I hoped she wouldn’t smell it on me.

She just smiled, winked, and said, “Have a great trip, hun.”

When I got home, I headed straight to the bedroom; as my pussy was aching to be played with. I reached for ‘Peter’, my eight inch vibrator.

I pretended the toy was a man. In my best male impersonation spoke, “Take those clothes off doll; daddy needs some of your hot cunt!”

The fires of passion fueled my actions, as I removed my clothing. I lie back on the bed and let my fingers do the walking. I squeezed my breasts, and rolled, pinched, and pulled at the nipples. Following that, I brought them to my mouth, sucking and biting each one, making my pussy gush with delight. I grabbed my toy, slowly pushed it the drenched folds of my steaming snatch. As I did, I envisioned it was Marcus’s hands, mouth, and cock enticing me.

“Oh Marcus, fuck me!”

I masturbated for over an hour, until I came a few times and was totally satisfied. I then cleaned myself up, changed into something comfortable, and headed for the kitchen, to fix me a bite to eat.

Later on around eight p.m., Marcus called, and asked, “Is your pussy hot yet?”

“Hello you sexy devil, you know darn well it’s always hot when you call!”

“Good, because I’m sitting naked in the den, with my hard cock in my hand, thinking of you, my sexy green-eyed baby. I’d love for it to be in your hands right now or better yet in your mouth, for starters.”

“Mmmm, I love it when you talk like that. If it was in my hand, I’d be guiding it toward my lips, and tickling the end of it with my tongue, as my other hand stroked the shaft, for starters.”

“Oh fuck, keep talking like that baby-doll and daddy will cum!”

“That’s my intentions, damn-it, wish you were here!”

“I know baby, I wish I was too. Just think about it, we will soon be together, all alone, and able to make love in every way imaginable.”

“Sounds like a devious plan to me, and a good one.”

“Aww stop talking doll and suck my dick.”

I spoke into the phone using a soft, seductive whisper. “Our eyes lock, and I feel you tremble, as I grasp your cock and kiss the head. I lap hungrily at the pre-cum that has formed at the tip, savoring its musky aroma and salty taste. I slithered my tongue up and down the shaft, like it was an all day Lollipop. You gasp when I slowly engulfed your cock, sucking deeper, and harder, until my mouth, and my lips touch your pubic bone. I continue sucking it, as my tongue tantalizes the shaft, and my fingers caressed your balls.”

“Uh-uh mmmmm, I wish you were really doing that! God I love the way you describe what you are doing to my dick! Now, touch your hot cunt for me baby, that’s it play with your throbbing clit, and finger-fuck yourself.

“Oh, my god, baby you sure know how to push my buttons. I can imagine watching you stroke your cock. Harder baby, that’s it, mmmmm, yes. Oh fuck, I’m rubbing my clit for you. It feels so damn good, and your baby will cum soon. Oh Marcus, cum with me, I’m so close!”

“Baby, I’d love to be fucking your mouth right now. I wouldn’t stop there either; I would bury this dick in your cunt too. I want to fill it with cum! Are you ready, sugar, ooooh fuck, here it comes.”

“Uh-huh, yes, oh fuck baby, I am cumming!”

It took awhile for us to calm down. We then began to talk about what we could do, besides laying nude on a blanket, on the beach, under the stars.

I drifted off to dreamland, to a tropical island, with warm surf, a starlit sky, and Marcus.

The next day I decided to pack and got so excited during the process that I had to stop to masturbate.

Although the trip was just a week away, I swear each day went by slower than molasses. One night, the following scenario played out it my head.

We were inside the bungalow it was mid afternoon and too hot to go outside. The first thing I would do is tell Marcus to strip while I did the same thing. I paused for a moment; he was going to pass out when he saw my naked body.

“Baby you need to work on a tan while down here, in the nude too, after all it’s a private beach, and no one else is here but us.”
“I’d like that, but I must be extra careful because I burn easily.”
“Hum, I can help there and rub you down with sun blocker. Outside and in too, after all, I do plan to fuck you on the beach too.”

I quivered and watched his cock twitch in anticipation. “What do you want me to do to you Amanda?”

I walked over to the window and made sure the curtains were open. Because I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and the mere thought of one of the staff seeing me heightened my arousal. Following that, I walked over to the bed, and spread my legs.
I motioned with my index finger for him to join me and purred, “Sit on the corner of the bed honey and finger-fuck my hot cunt Marcus!”
“Mmmm, I love it when you talk dirty!”
He sat on the corner of the bed, slid his index finger across my wet slit, and licked it, “Mmm tasty!” He touched me again, moving it in circles around my clit, then downward toward my pulsating hole. He pushed one digit inside me, then without saying another word, latched on to my right nipple, suckling it hard. When he added another finger and began finger-fucking my hole harder sending my arousal into high gear.

“Ooooh, eeeeeee, mmmmm, wow, that feels good! Keep it up Marcus make me cum!”
He didn’t answer, just continued suckling my nipple and ramming my hole. When he took his other hand and began to rub my clit, I thought I’d pass out. Without warning, he bit my nipple.

I climaxed and screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” so loud I thought I’d busted his eardrums.

He held me while the earth-shattering climax over took my body. He then pulled me close, kissed me deep and helped me lie down on the bed.

I breathlessly hissed, “What are you going to do now Marcus?”
“I thought about fisting you but my dick is so fucking hard, I need to fuck that hot-box of yours!”
“Oh be careful, the long plane ride has my hips hurting a little. Remember me telling you that sometimes they hurt and interrupt my ability to fuck missionary style.”

 “Well sugar I have a way to prevent them from hurting more. Lie on your back, and let me slide into you from position I call, ‘side saddle.’ That way all you have to do is place your legs over me as I guide my cock into your steaming snatch. That way your hips would not feel the pressure and if I want, I can rub your clit too.”
“Oh yeah, I love this position because I can play with my nipples and cunt too.”

I moved into position and reached for my hot nipples as Marcus slid his hard member inside me.
“Oh god yes baby, I love watching you play with those big tits. I want to see you suck and bite those nipples too. You know it turns me on more. Does this feel comfortable baby, I don’t want to hurt you?”
“It feels divine. Fuck me Marcus, ooooh yeah, just like that. I want you to cum deep inside my cunt too!”
“Ok doll,” as he began ramming his cock deeper. “Is this okay, I do not want top hurt you baby?”

“No, it’s not hurting me at all, please fuck me harder baby! Ooooh yes, just like that. I love the way you make love to me.”

The two of us climaxed again. I then pretended Marcus was actually there and snuggled up in his arms. I fell asleep while dreaming of sexual delights with him.

The next day I got up early, showered, dressed, and made sure I had everything I needed for my trip. I called a cab, and was soon on my way to Nashville Airport.

Marcus would meet me there and together, we’d fly away to a tropical island, and our special winter getaway. I would be in heaven to be in the arms of a man who truly loved and cared for me, regardless.

He met me with open arms, and a big kiss. “Hello doll, are you as excited as me?”

“Yes, it’s my first time out of the country. I cannot wait to see the ocean view and the island.”

He then helped me check in, went through the security section, and them made our way toward the departure gate.

We boarded the plane, and settled in first class seats, something I never had experienced. We spent the next few hours talking about the sites we could see while on the island. I would be a fun, new, exciting adventure for me.

“So Amanda, have you decided how long to stay on the island?”

“I’m not sure, maybe a week, or until I fuck his memories out of my head.”

“Well I told my office that I’d probably be down here for a week or more tied up in tedious meetings.”

“Yeah, meetings of our hot bodies, sounds like some sort of devious plan to me, one I like.”

“I like your way of thinking doll.”

I liked being in first class seating it was a real joy to be treated like royalty. We snuggled, kissed, and talked the whole trip. By the time we landed and drove to the bungalow, I was ready to jump his bones.

We spent a few days tangled in each others arms, sucking, fucking, and rarely ever leaving the bedroom. As for doing it on the beach, we’d save that experience until it was cooler. I bet the maids had a hard time keeping enough fresh sheets for us, the washer and dryer must have been going non-stop.

The saga continues…….