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Island Holiday for Two Ch 2

Marcus told Amanda, Lie on your back, its time I gave you my royal treatment.”
In the cool of the evening they decided to go for a stroll on the beach. Amanda told Marcus that she needed to change out of my short outfit into something more comfortable.

“Ok doll. The maid has everything I requested in a picnic basket all I have to do is get the lantern after all I need to see what I am doing. I bought your favorite wine too, because we celebrating your new beginning.”

She walked over to the closet, and picked out one of my new outfits. It’s a short, low cut, light green sundress that accentuates my big tits. She headed to the bathroom to transform into a sultry angel.

Once inside the door she looked at her bra and panties, and asked herself, ‘why not ditch them and go commando.’ She wouldn’t tell him and let him find out when they are on the blanket.

Marcus knocks on the door and asked, “Everything is ready, are you?”

“I’ll be out in a minute baby, I have to pee.”

When she opened the door, she put her hands on her hips and asked, “Well do you think?”

He eyed her up and down, and licked his lips, “Wow I love a woman with curves, and baby you’re one hot number.” He then walked over to her, took her in his arms, and kissed her hard.

Out the door they went down the boarded pathway to the beach. One there she couldn’t help but ogle at the vastness of the ocean, and starlit sky. Never before has she seen such a romantic sight.

Marcus took her arm, and they began walking down the beach. “I always loved walking on a sandy beach in the cool evening; it helps her unwind. The best thing is the view of the stars, isn’t it breathtaking?”

“Yes it is, I love stargazing.”

They continued walking, without saying a word. He stopped and she looked over at him and he was watching her and drooling like a love-struck teenager.

 “A Penny for your thoughts.”

“I was just thinking how beautiful you are my dear. I do not know how anyone can hurt you like you know who did. I’ll tell you a secret; I want to make you mine forever. You hold a special place in my heart, and I love you very much.”

“Aww baby you always say the nicest things to her, it makes her feel like a woman again.” She placed her arms around his neck and drew his close to her. “I love you, always did.”
“Thanks love. I’m glad I could give you this trip, you needed to get away. Now then, let’s sit down and watch the tide,”

He spread the blanket out as she held the lantern. He then placed it next to the picnic basket, and helped her sit down. He flashed her a devilish grin, “I have to see what we are eating, I wouldn’t want to spill wine on this blanket, because the maid would kill him.”

She sat down leaned over, and kissed him passionately, and giggled. I’m sure you need that light to see more than the wine you’ll be pouring.”

“You know me too well doll. By the way, I’m feeling a little frisky.”

“Me too, what shall we do?”

He pulled her closer and ran his hand down her dress and his eyes lit up with delight. “Aaah someone isn’t wearing anything but a light sheer dress. If I did not know better, I’d say you’re trying to seduce me.”

“Maybe, after all this cool night air and the romantic sights are perfect for making love.”

He pulled up her chin and brought his lips down on hers. She parted her lips and their tongues did the dance of lovers. His hands wandered down to her breasts. He cupped, caressed, and searched for the hardening nipples. She moaned with desire as he began rolling them through the thin fabric.

“How’s about taking the dress off love, I’d love to see you naked under the starlit sky.”

“I will strip if you do,” she purred.

When they broke the embrace, he took off his tee shirt and shorts which was all he was wearing. His swollen dick made it obvious just how turned on he was.

She took off her dress and lay there letting him ogle her nakedness for a moment. Then before he could do anything, she leaned over, and began licking the head of his cock, tasting the pre-cum leaking out of the slit. She kissed the head before engulfing the whole thing as her own juices run down the crack of her ass.

“Whoa honey, stop please. Tonight, I want to be the first to do something. Lie on your back, its time I gave you my royal treatment.”

She lay down and he used one hand to caress her pussy while the other took a hold of one of her luscious big tits. When he brought a nipple to his mouth and started licking, chewing, and sucking on it, she felt the electrified sensation clear to the center of her womanhood. She moaned and reached down to stroke his cock.

“Uh-uh just enjoy what I am doing for now baby.”

His mouth and fingers were revving her motor into high gear. “Oooh darling I love what you’re doing to me, keep it up!”

He stopped sucking her nipple for the moment. In the light of the lantern, he could see her glistening pussy and erect nipples. He licked his lips, and quivered. “Spread those legs baby daddy’s hungry for pussy pie.”

She looked down at Marcus’s naked body, “God, I wish you were mine totally! I hate being alone.’

She loved his salt and pepper colored hair, soft-sensitive brown eyes, and squared jaw. His body had a little extra padding but to her that adds character. His cock made more than her mouth drool. She could hardly wait for it to be inside her hot pussy.

Marcus kissed her and then looked into her eyes. “I know my dick will fit nicely into your pussy, but I want to kiss my way from your sweet lips all the way to paradise first.” He started kissing her leaving a wet trail from her lips to pussy.

She quivered and shrieked, “Eat me baby!”

When he slid his tongue between the fold of her pussy, she thought she’d pass out. Oh, god it had been too long since a man ate her like that. She ran her fingers through his hair pulling him in closer to her steaming snatch.

As he continued tantalizing her cunt, she grabbed one of her tits and brought the nipple to her lips and began sucking and biting it.

When he looked up he stopped eating long enough to say, “Hot-damn sugar, you know I love watching you do that. Keep it up and I’ll just have to slide this dick inside you!”

She opened her legs as wide as they could go and stopped sucking her nipple long enough to squeal, “Fuck me Marcus!”

He rose up and slid the tip of his cock across her drenched slit before entering her. “Dang baby, I’ve never seen you this wet, looks like I not only have a nymph, but an exhibitionist too.”

He asked himself, ‘I wonder if she’d do this during the day?’ “Hey baby, ever fuck out in the open like this during the day?”

She lifted her hips to accommodate him. “I must admit it love, I always did like fucking in the outdoors, at any hour of the day. I’m careful too because I take no chances in getting caught or in trouble.”

The words made him shiver, and he moved and began thrusting his cock in harder, and further. “Ooooh yesss, aarrgggghhh, you’re so tight! How’s it feel baby? I’m not hurting your hips am I?”

“Oh god I love the feel of your dick inside me! No you’re not hurting me baby. Keep it up, fuck me deeper honey I’m going to cum soon.”

Her clit was brushing against his pubic hair making her want to explode with ecstasy any moment. By his breathing, she could tell he’d cum soon too.

“Fuck me baby, harder, deeper, oh yes just like that. I want you to cum, empty your balls deep in my cunt!”

As his cock went deeper she wrapped her legs around his waist. It only took a few more hard thrust for her own orgasm to hit like a slow moving train that just went out of control. The spasms racked her whole body, as the pussy muscles started milking cum from his cock.

They lay there for a moment basking in the afterglow. He then lay down beside her and took her into his arms.

She laid her head against his chest and cried. She wanted to savor this moment forever.

“Aww honey, what’s wrong why are you crying?”

“I’m just letting go of all the things I have bottled up inside me honey. Why or why couldn’t ‘you know who’ be more like you?”

“I don’t know love, but I think he is a total idiot. Seems to me he is more worried about himself than his ex-wife. Hey, I thought we weren’t going to talk about you know who?”

“I know, but I have to let it out, or it will destroy me.”

“I know baby, I have big shoulders, you can cry, scream and cuss about him all you want, as long as it makes you feel better. Please tell me you’re not thinking about going back to him?”

“I’m not; he needs some serious work, and a shrink. Besides I just divorced his ass, it was final the day I got the ticket from you. Enough about my ex, lets celebrate my new beginning!”

“Ok, now dry those eyes darling.”

She reached for the basket and got out the glasses. He opened the wine and she held them as he filled them.

They clinked glasses and toasted, “To your new begins doll.”

She clicked her glass and said, “Correction Marcus, to our new beginning, as I want to be yours forever.”

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