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Island Holiday For Two Ch 3

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Marcus and Amanda discovered there was still unbelievable strength in the ‘power of love.’
Amanda could not believe she just told Marcus she wanted him forever. However the more she thought about it the more she wanted it; he was all she wanted in a man. She wondered if she was to direct, after all he was just coming out of a divorce too. She threw caution to the wind and blurted out. “Oh Marcus, I love you, I have since the first day we met.”

As they finished the first round of making love on the beach, Marcus lay there thinking about what she had said. He had wanted her for his own for a long time, even when he was married to that bitch of a wife. Could his dream, become reality, only time would answer that question? .

He pulled her close and uttered, “Amanda, I love you and have for a very long time. However, let’s just enjoy each other for now; there will be time for serious thinking we were not making love.” He kissed her softly, and laid his head on her right breast. He then took the nipple into his mouth, bites it lightly, and then began sucking it. After several minutes, his dick started to harden once more.

“Mmm, Marcus, I love a titty man, your making my pussy throb. Are you ready for round two?”

Marcus rose up, kissed her hard, and said, “I’m always ready for round two, this time, I am going to eat your cunt, then fuck that cute, hot, ass of yours.”

He slid down her beautiful body until he was between her open thighs. He then took her clit between his lips and flicked it with the tip of his tongue. When the juices started to gush from her hole, he dove into her pussy, like a puppy on a bowl of milk, lapping up their combined juices. .

Amanda shivered she loved it when he ate her pussy, especially after they fucked. She continued pushing the wetness into Marcus’s mouth.

When Marcus’s tongue teased her ass, probing and seeking entrance, she moved her hips wildly. By the way she responded he knew she loved anal.

When his tongue entered her anus she screamed, “I am going to cum if your keep doing this, Marcus, fuck my ass!”

“Now how can I resist such a tempting offer my dear?” Before she could say a word he lubed his finger with her cunt juices, and then slid one, then two in her pulsating anus. He continued to finger her anus, as it slowly relaxed, as his other hand torment her swollen clit.

She started to quiver and knew another earth shattering cum was on its way. She grabbed her tit, bit her nipple and she trembled so hard she almost knocked Marcus from between her legs.

He stopped fingering her ass, rose up, grasped his rock hard dick and shoved it deep into her cunt. Her muscles milked his meat hard, but he did not want her cunt. “Daddy’s going to fuck you ass! Like no one has ever done before. “

He ran his lubed cock across her anus, teasing and then just slid the head in, then stopped, to give her anal ring time to adjust to his member.

She screamed, “Oooh fuck, don’t stop, I love what you are doing. Fuck my ass Marcus!”

As her anal ring relaxed he drove his cock in slowly in then out again, putting a little more of his shaft inside her hot ass with each thrust.

She pushed her hips toward him with his next thrust driving his dick all the way in.

He leaned forward and kissed her hard. “Darling I am not hurting you am I? I can quit if you want?”

She kissed his back hard, teasing his tongue, then cooed. “No you are not hurting me at all. It feels so damn good! Oh, by the way, I am going to cum.”

He told her he was too; they kissed hard. They moved like a well oiled machine, both climaxing harder than they had ever done before. They did not notice the blanket was a mess.

When they were done, she saw she was lying with most of her ass on the sand. “Oh-my-god, that was awesome. I think we’d better head back to the cabin, I need a shower now, because I have sand on my ass.”

Marcus helped her up and asked, “Would you like some company in the shower my dear?”

Amanda giggles, and reached and put the items back into the picnic basket, while he got the blanket. “Sure, it saves on water. I had great time tonight sweetie.”

“I did two, never knew you were so kinky until now, we will have to try this again,” he laughed, “In the sunlight, after all this is a private beach, no one here but the two of us.”

“Oooh that will be fun, maybe we can go skinny dipping, and fuck in the water.”

They kissed hard, and then walked back toward the cabin. Once inside she sat the basket down and headed for a shower. She had just stripped and was adjusting the temperature, and started thinking of their hot fuck session on the sand.

Marcus threw the blanket down, stripped quickly and entered the bathroom. He could not stop thinking about their hot fuck on the sand.

He helped her into the shower, pulled her close and kissed her hard. “Let me wash you first baby, then you can do me.”

She handed him the wash cloth and soap. As he washed and teased her body, her mind wandered, to what it would feel like to be with Marcus all the time. Could they really be a couple, and make a go at things?

Marcus washed Amanda, and could not help but see that far away wanting look in her eyes. He continued to bathe her as his mind wandered. “I wish this gorgeous beauty was totally mine, and living with me. I could really make her happy.” He did not say anything about it for the moment.

She noticed that longing look in Marcus’s eyes and wondered if he was thinking the same thing she was. However, she did not say anything; there was plenty of time to think about that tomorrow.

They dried each other off, and headed for bed. Both too exhausted to make love again. He pulled her close, kissed her deep and whispered, “I love you baby, and it feels good to have you sleep in my arms.”

She kissed him back then suggested, “Marcus, can we stay longer than two weeks here on the island?”

“Sure doll, we can stay as long as you want.” In his mind he was thinking, it will give me time to really get to know you as we enjoy this island holiday. Maybe I can ask her to be my girlfriend?”

She laid her head on his chest and snuggled up close. She fell asleep and dreamt of Marcus and her, being a real couple.

Amanda awoke with the light of the sun coming through the window. She stretched, yawned, and thought aloud, she must have been dreaming that she was really in Marcus’s arms. That was until she looked over and saw him sleeping next to her. It’s then she remembered the whispers in the night as they confessed their love to each other. Now in the morning light, those words roll like thunder, as she gazed into his sleepy eyes.

She reached over, to hold his body close to hers once more. He moved, and pulled her into his arms. With a sleepy voice, whispered, “Morning Amanda. Oh baby, I love waking up next to you.”

As the tender melodious words echoed through her head, she looked at Marcus, with tears streaming down her face and spoke these words. “Don’t say anything or worry about my tears, let me talk for now. Oh Marcus, my sweet darling, I just realized that right in front of me, is a love, that I cannot forsake. When we made love last night, you made me feel like your woman, and I felt like you were my man too.”

He reached out to her, and she stopped him, “Please, let me please finish before I loose the nerve to say this. “When ever you reach for me, I want to be there by your side, and do everything that I can do to make you feel loved.”

Marcus pulled her close, looked directly into her eyes, with tears in his, and confessed. “Oh my sweet baby, I have been feeling the same way about you. However, I did not know how to tell you, because I thought it might be too soon after your divorce.”

They kissed long and hard, and she dried her tears. “When it comes to true love Marcus, it’s never too soon to tell someone about it. After all there has been no love in my house for over three years.”

Marcus kisses her softly and said,”Amanda, I want to be there for all your tomorrows. When the problems of the world seem to close in on you, and become too much for you to take, I want to be near you so all you have to do is reach out to me. As my arms encircle you, I hope that everything that bothers you drifts away, and a serene feeling comes over you. I want to always be by your side, to love, support, and reassure you---in the same way that you are there for me.

For the first time since her divorce, Amanda truly felt alive, and wonderful. Sure she was heading for something; she had not felt for a very long time; unconditional love. In addition, she was in a place she’s always longed to be, in the arms of a man who really loves her, completely. Sure, she was frightened, and afraid of being hurt again….but deep down she was ready to learn about “the power of his love.”

She laid her head down on Marcus’s chest. She could hear the sounds of his heart beating in unison with hers. As the strings of his heart intertwined with hers, all the sudden things were clear, this is true love. It made all the feeling that she couldn’t go on alone, disappear. In each others arms they drifted off to sleep.

Somehow, in their island holiday for two, Amanda and Marcus discovered in this harsh world, there was still unbelievable strength in the ‘power of love.’

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