Island Paradise (Chapter 1: Lost And Found)

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A woman's encounters on a mysterious island.

This completely original work of fantasy, contains collaboration and creative input from Tanwen Hatheway.

It is centred around the adventures of a woman trapped on a mysterious island, and what she encounters there!

Island Paradise

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Waking, upon the beach, looking toward the tropical sea, you check your bearings. You have no idea how you arrived on such a remote island. Surveying the horizon, you turn about and notice grass under the trees and decide to walk in-land.

After a short walk through the forest you find a lagoon, underneath a waterfall of crystal clear water. You step into the pool and bathe a while. The cool shimmer counter-balances the warm, soft, sun-kissed feel of the beach, and you relax in the shallows. You taste the water and find it cool, refreshing and pure. Away from peering eyes, you remove your dress to better test the waters.

You return to the beach to dry off, and no sooner than your feet hit the dry sand does a gust of hot wind from the shore hit you, removing the last drip from your nubile form. Having replaced the dress, you walk in-land once more, encountering a stream of rock pools. You try the fizzing water, and liken it to the jacuzzi that one time you visited the spa. Having already bathed, you continue up-hill, trying the exotic fruits of the trees, finding them both filling and beautiful to the taste. Upon reaching the summit, you find a cave in the red rock at the corner of the island. A short distance inside, you find a bed of hollowed-out timber, laden with furs and feathers from the teeming wildlife outside. You take a nap and feel refreshed from the walk from the beach.

Stepping outside once more, you return to the lagoon. At the water’s edge, a handsome, yet savage-looking stranger, stands hunched over unaware of your presence. You approach slowly, to find he is completely naked, fishing with a spear.

Continuing cautiously, you notice he catches a fish. You sniff the air, only to recognise his deep manly scent, combined with spices of the island laced with the sweat of his labour. You draw in front of him, eyes drawn to his; you lick your lips, a hand outstretched. Reaching his frame, your fingertips touch his chest. You look up, asking for permission, as his hands join yours. Emboldened, your hands slowly fall towards his waist, as your lips reach his strong jaw, tracing towards his glistening smile, his hand finds your hair, gently brushing your scalp, sending a surge down your spine, making you quiver.

Gently pulling back on your hair, tipping back your head, his tongue jerks out, tracing a hot line down your exposed throat to your collar bone, where he nips gently at the hollow base of your throat. Finding hot-spots you didn’t even know existed wish his tongue, your scent triggers from below. Taking in the scent, he scans your body for his next point of exploration.

Untying your simple shift dress, allowing the material to fall off your tender frame, he grips your hips before the garment reaches the beach floor, pulling you in tightly to his muscular frame. Grinding back against his loins you feel his colossal member rising to meet your skin.

He reaches behind you, finding your cheeks, grasping them with his giant hands. They encompass the entire thing! Lifting you up by them, your eyes become level with his as he reaches his full height, and he draws you into the kiss. Your lips play with his, barely touching them, before you loosen his hands, dropping to the floor, as you walk away.

He lets you get a few paces, playing along with your little game, before you find yourself flung into the lagoon as if you weighed nothing at all. He laughs; a deep joyful laugh. But soon concern hits his face, as he spots you floundering in the water. He dives in, fooled by your acted vulnerability, bringing you up into his arms, and carrying you to the water’s edge.

Your eyes closed, you sense that he draws near, his muscular form bearing down on your tender body, as the waves lap your lower lips. His head comes close and you feel his breath on your skin, inches from your face. You grasp his manhood at its base. It grows in your hands, at a seemingly impossible rate, you open your eyes, but all you can see is his lips, meeting yours. His tongue darts across your teeth and his heavy balls rest upon your thighs. He comes up for air, giving you a chance to finally breathe. Again you look down, and almost faint on the spot as you witness his manhood, in its fully swollen glory, hovering inches from your face.

You look up into his eyes, mesmerised, transfixed, and dripping with excitement in anticipation. He grins, knowingly, anticipating your next move. Your hands drop to his balls, caressing his massive globes, as your tongue tickles the enormous head of his penis, sending a wave of excitement up his spine, and eliciting a drop of pre-cum onto your lips. He moans, and arches his back, as you sit up in front of him, reaching at full stretch to encompass the length of his tool.

You kneel, and administer to his need, soaking his head and shaft with your saliva. He bends down, placing a hand on the back of your head, showing his appreciation and goading you on. His other hand finds itself between your thighs, forcing a moan to escape your lips, as it works its way around your engorged flesh.

Arching your back toward him, you rise. His member springs up, level with your aching nipples. He flicks them, causing a shot of electricity to bounce around your nether region. As his hands and mouth brush across your body, you swoon. He catches you, and raises you up, placing your legs on his shoulders. You roll forwards onto his tongue, as it jolts forth towards your awaiting pussy. His hands hold your hips firm, but you flail wildly as his tongue shoots inside your lips, curling onto your g-spot and pressing down with incredible ferocity.

Realising the impossibility of this simply drives you hurtling on towards a climax, and soon your juices are flowing freely onto his waiting face. He doesn’t miss a single drop.As you begin your slow descent, his arms lift you off his shoulders, and his face rises to meet your eager bosom. Before you know what happened, the head of his cock has somehow passed yourlower lipsand you find yourself impaled on his monster cock. You place your arms around his shoulders for support, your legs dangling over his arms, as he fucks his cock into you with his hands, inch by inch.

Your eyes lock with his, looking for mercy or compassion, but all you find is hunger, need and longing. The heat of your bodies rises up all around you and threatens to overtake you. Calming yourself, your inner muscle relaxes, and you drop a few inches at a time, almost bottoming out. In a moment of panic, you clutch closer to him, before he plunges the rest in. His head butts against your cervix, but he doesn’t stop there, and soon his massive balls begin slapping your labia as his cock lodges deep in your cervix. Fully engulfed in his manhood, his hands rise up, and begin thrusting you up and down on his impossible shaft, harder, faster, stronger. The ceaseless assault continues on your well-lubricated gash, building and driving you onward. Already your next crest seems impossible to stop and you gush, but his cock still remains lodged deep inside your drenched pussy, merely increasing the pressure inside the chamber.

His grunting increases, your moans become screams, sheer delight, agony and ecstasy, rolled into pure orgasmic pleasure. Then you feel it, near the base of his cock, swelling outwards, upwards and surging up his shaft, tingling everything it touches on its way. As you feel it surging up his length, he lets out a thunderous roar, as his hot oozing cum blasts into you. Even as his roar dies down, his pulsing cock continues to fill you with its cargo, still thrusting hard into your aching pussy, crashing his massive balls on your pelvis with every stroke.

For seemingly minutes, his orgasm continues to subside, but all you now feel is the next orgasm after the next, surging within your own body. Soon enough, these peaks collide and merge into one continuous, mind-shattering orgasm.Wave after wave of electricity shoots in all directions, as your nerve centres try to keep up with the relentless barrage of pleasure being sent around your body. When you think you can’t possibly take it any longer, he walks you, still suspended from his flag-pole, into the lagoon, and slowly walks deep into the water, continuing to pound your pussy as he goes. The cool water soothes your aching thighs,allowing you to crest once more, the resulting pressure finally shooting his cock out of your gaping pussy, shortly followed by a tsunami of your combined juices. His rough fingers flick across your clit at an inhuman pace, yet with the smoothest and delicate of touches, causing you to spasm uncontrollably as your orgasm continues unabated.

Whilst your orgasm continues to slowly fade, his lips move to meet yours. As they touch, you wake, surrounded by the furs of the bed in the cave. You begin to wonder, was it just a dream? You stumble your way to the cave entrance, your legs loosely behaving their master, as the waft of prime roasted steak crosses your nostrils path. Rubbing your eyes, you look from the fire, to the handsome, yet savage-looking stranger, tending to the boar on the spit. He looks up and grins, a hearty grin.

To be continued... ;)